Photosmart 6510 - no computer"found" - "Scan to computer" not activated


With the help of HP Probook, with Windows 7 Professional.  64 bit.

My Photosmart 6510, I cannot scan documents on my laptop. I think that this only started happening recently when I started to use AVG PC Tuneup software, but I have district check if this may be the cause that the scanner is aunable to detect the computer.  I get the following message:

"No computer was found - make sure that the printer software is installed on your computer and that the 'Scan to Computetr' is enabled via the printer software.

I uninstalled the software and reinstalled again.  When reinstall it wonder "Enable scan" I agree.

Previously, the "Enable scan" message popped up whenever I have rebooted, but that has stopped so I think something may have changed.

Any suggetsions would be welcome.

TX, Kurt297


Please, download the following tool and run it on your computer:

Hope he will give some answers if not reinstall full feature software and drivers from following link:

Kind regards.

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  • HP Photosmart 6510 B211a unable to Scan

    I have a HP Photosmart 6510 B211a e-Print wireless printer/scanner, that I use with my desktop version of Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 (Mac Mini) and, with the help of Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac, I use it with my Windows 7 PC.  I am not able to scan from my HP Photosmart 6510 to my PC and not able to scan from my PC to my HP Photosmart 6510.  Moreover, I am able to scan from my Mac to my HP Photosmart 6510, but unable to scan from my Photosmart 6510 to my Mac.  I want to be able to save scans on my PC (and not only on my Mac) and be able to scan from my HP Photosmart 6510.

    Also, I am able to print from my Mac and PC.  The State of the results of the wireless network Test, "no problem found.  Congratulations on the successful your printer wireless installation. »

    "When I try to scan from the HP Photosmart 6510 as a document in the file, I get the error message"Unsuccessful Scan"and"... the States please make sure that your computer is connected to the printer and try again. "When I try to scan from my PC (from measures taken by scan - scan a document or photo), I get a long error message title 'inaccessible Scanner.  I temporarily turned off my Mac and PC firewall, but I always encountered these errors.

    Recently, I changed my phone LAN Ethernet line.  Before this change, I had no problem (at the beginning, when I bought my Mac Mini and Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac, it was very difficult to get printing and scanning to work).  Now I don't know what else I can do other than HP Photosmart 6510 to uninstall and reinstall.  Before I do, I want to know if there is anything else I can do, and if someone else had a similar situation, especially those who use Parallels Desktop 7.

    Good news!

    I was not contacted Parallels, I found another HP discussion not being able to scan.  Embarrassing, I also realized that I never properly uninstalled my printer/scanner on Windows and Mac.  Firstly, I correctly uninstalled (i.e. completely) the printer on Windows and Mac, I reinstalled the printer for Windows using the floppy disk, found the site to download the latest firmware of HP, software and tools of the diagnostic utility (, reinstalled the printer for my Mac, run the tool of diagnosis utlity for printing on Windows (strange that it showed was installed my network printer but gave me an error that it) was not installed, so I clicked 'install'), and finally, I ran the scan on Windows diagnostic utility tool.

    I am now able to print and scan without problems.  Unfortunately, whenever I do a major change (upgrade of Parallels or MAC OS), I must start the process again.  At least now I have the process documented for future use.

    Thank you for your patience and your help.  I am ready to close this discussion as resolved.

  • Photosmart 6510 I want to scan multiple photos and then separate them into albums

    Photosmart 6510, I can scan several photos, then create albums in the files I have scanned in IPhoto. ? I tried it but not able to download individual photos off the coast of the photo I scanned.

    Your welcome Oldpro, please be sure to come back and let us know if this has been fruitful for you. It makes it easier for members of the community who may experience the same issues find a resolution.

    Thanks Al!

  • HP photosmart 6510 e while a scanning problems

    I'm trying to scan a picture to my Mac.  The scan is clear, but missing one side (not the complete picture).  I tried to move the image around the screen area to prove that it is in the right place and it is.  The same phenomenon occurs when you scan word documents too.  It's as if the calibration must be adjusted to get the scanner to scan the entire image.

    To scan I select the following on the printer - scanner, computer, the computer name, print to a file, start the analysis.

    The default analysis workflows configured to scan photo 6 x 4 in. make sure you change the scanning settings to not crop the area swept as follows:

    If you use Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion), make sure to install the critical update below, otherwise skip to the next step:

    Now change the settings as follows:
    1 open the HP utility and select your device.
    2. based on Scan Settings open the "Scan to Computer".
    3. click on the tab "scan tasks.
    4. Select the shortcut Scan allows to analyze, and then click on edit.
    5. in the section of scanning from an HP device, click the blue triangle to expand the menu.
    6. in the expanded menu now, open the drop down next to cultures in and set as none.
    7. click OK and try to scan.

    Kind regards

  • HP Photosmart 6510 alignment Page failure, black ink cartridge not working not

    I'm on Mac OSX using the Photosmart 6510 AIO printer 10.7.4. I had problems before printing (black ink would not introduce yourself, sensor said that there was still a lot) so I ordered new cartridges. I printed a report of quality and the color came out great but black came out uneven. Then I used the align parameter and it printed once more uneven black ink and the screen on the printer read "the alignment page failed. It's frustrating, because the printer was used only at the end of last semester and he has not worked since I set up for this semester. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!


    The steps in this troubleshooting page can help solve the problem.  If it is printing black but spotted I expecially make sure I check the vents and run a cleaning cycle.  If the above does not resolve the issue, see the post here.

  • PES 11, divide scanned Photos is not active

    I scanned a number of photos and when I went in editor > images and divide scanned photos was not an active choice.  It's on the menu, but I couldn't select it.  I scanned a few times to register defining images at an angle just to be sure, it could be detected.  He used to work in PSE 9

    I use a HP office jet Pro 8600 premium.

    OS is windows 7

    You are in expert mode? Many of these detailed features is only available in Expert Mode. Please click on "Expert" tab and see if the menu option is enabled. "

    Thank you


  • Photosmart 6510 - I can't scan, it is installed on an iMac Os 10.7.4 version

    Photosmart B2110a - Mac OS 10.7.4 6510

    I was never able to scan directly, once I managed to make it through the web, but now I don't remember how.

    When I try to scan the utilities he says that it is impossible to establish a connection.

    Hello Cristina2222

    How your printer is connected to your computer? If your printer is connected via the network you may have been referring to the built-in webserver (EWS). To access the EWS you enter the IP address of the network printer in your web browser. Example: .

    Also, what is the exact error you are getting? It is "Unable to connect" or is it a little different?

  • Cannot scan to the computer. Photosmart 6510

    I have just purchase a photosmart 6510 and I cannot scan to the computer.  The printer tells me that I need to activate this via the printer software.  I know that I have installed all the software from the disc supplied.

    I can't find where I have activate the scan of the computer on my laptop.  Support information tells me to click the icon for the printer to my desktop, I do not have!  I tried going through the control panel and impossible to find something there.

    I go in the HP folder in my Start menu and click on scan HP that I get the following message "the machine HP photosmart 6510 series is not found".  I don't have a problem with printing at all.

    Tried to start printing and scanning of doctor and who did not make a difference. (In fact, the scan option came not on it).

    How can I fix this please?  I'm running Windows Vista Home premium.

    Hello.  Thanks for your reply.

    I've sorted really the problem now.  But let me explain what it was.

    I tried tool doctor who recommended you after browsing these forums, without success.  In fact, when I ran the scanner, he told me that he had no problem with printing, but there was no mention of the scanning anywhere.

    In fact, I uninstalled all HP software, removed the printer from my control panel.  Then reinstalled the software from the disc and then installed the printer again (I did things the opposite of the front walkway).  And the scanner function now works.

  • Scanning with photosmart 6510

    I just started using my HP Photosmart 6510, how do I scan multiple pages to my computer documents so that they find themselves in a single file?

    Sorry about that.  Here is a link that should help.

  • Scan of the computer is not activated after reboot

    I have an Officejet 7500 a wireless connected to my network. A Windows XP system installed the management software. I have activated the service computer scan and it works very well. However, the XP system shuts down every night and when it is restarted the computer scanning function is NOT active.

    Is it possible to activate computer scan automatically when the XP system starts? It's a pain in the neck having to open the management console and activate it manually every day.

    Thank you.


    Have you installed the latest version of the software from the website or used the original software?

    The eralier indeed requested software to allow scanning to computer restarting the PC, the latest version of the software allow however to paramantly.

    If you have the original software (can be identified by its black background) uninstall by clicking programs > HP > Officejet 7500 a > Uninstall.

    Then download and install the latest version of the software below:


  • Photosmart HP 6510: HP Photosmart 6510 cannot print in black

    Like everyone, I tried all the reset standard and practices of head cleaning.

    Can anyone send me please the new reset instructions?

    Hi @gpn44,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support!

    I understand you have a print quality problem with printer HP Photosmart 6510. I'd be happy to help you and don't forget to come back to this thread and check "Accept as Solution", if I have successfully helped solve you the problem. If you want to say 'Thank you' to my effort to help, click on the "thumbs up" to give me a Kudos.

    Looks like you did a lot of good troubleshooting already. You followed this guide, Printers HP Photosmart 6510 - printer prints blank Page or does not print black or color ink?

    I can send you the steps to perform resets itself, however, I don't think it will do everything for the same problem.

    The cartridge is either dirty, defective or the print head is clogged. This print head is not removable, customer, but if the printer is out of warranty, you can try the steps outlined in these videos.

    This video shows you how to do a manual print head cleaning. I suggest you to watch the two videos before proceeding and use at your own discretion.

    Video: HP 5510 will not print black and color - print head removed and cleaned.

  • Printer HP Photosmart 6510 sends only encrypted or corrupted my computer .pdf files.

    My PDF editing software cannot read any file produced by scan on my HP Photosmart printer.  Whenever the software displays the following message:
    "Cannot open PDF file for editing, because it is encrypted or corrupted."
    My printer is HP Photosmart 6510 e-All-in-One B211a; Product number: CQ761A #B1H.
    My software is WordPerfect X 5, and it opened to all other documents .pdf - so normal text or tables - I tried on my computer.  All have been opened in a format that can be edited.
    My computer is a HP Pavilion dm4-3050us laptop new, operating in Windows 7 Home Premium.

    Hi mt88,

    If you are looking for editable text scans, you can buy OCR software that will allow you to scan to the editable document.

  • HP Photosmart 6510 series connects to the network and Internet, but not the computer.

    Hey all,.

    I have a desktop H8-1228 and 6510 e - printer.  I got both products at the same time.  I did the initial installation, and everything worked perfectly.  I was able to print of my HP Touchpad (the printer was on the floor and my Touchpad was down.).  Recently, I made a trip for two weeks.  I turned off the printer.  This seems to have been a mistake.  Now, he will only contact my network and Internet, but not the computer.  The Setup program keeps telling me that it is 'Impossible to find the printer' and that he wants me to check the IP address of the printer.  I did this many times by printing the HP's Configuration Page from the printer screen.  I also used Windows "Add a printer" without success.

    I have installed and uninstalled the software several times; every time that remove the icon of the printer and the Standard TCP/IP port in the "Devices and printers" section in Control Panel.  A few minutes earlier, I used Regedit to delete any reference to the series of HP Photosmart 6510 in the registry, believing that it could help my situation.  There can be no. :-(  I did the installation with the same problems that I had all the other times that I tried to install it.

    No help from you the printer experts will be greatly appreciated.  I'm not a novice as you can see.  This situation, however, launched my posterior. :-))

    Hi old_geekster,

    You may want to enable disable all startup programs in msconfig until you are able to access the Web integrated printer server. It seems that there is something in the communication with the printer's operating system blocking. It will most likely software firewall or security related.

    HP has designed a quick and easy tool that diagnoses and solves many problems of printing, scanning and connectivity: The HP Print and Scan doctor. HP recommend you to download and install Print and scan doctor no matter what time you need to solve a problem with your HP printer from the link below.

    I would like to know what are the errors you receive?

  • Photosmart 6510 connect to the new computer with Windows 8

    I have a photosmart 6510 e - all in one printer series.  I just bought a new computer with Windows 8.  When I tried to connect my printer, an error message came up saying that I have to upgrade to Vista or Windows 7.  He does not Windows 8.  Is there a solution?


    Download and install the latest version of the software Windows 8 below:


  • How can I scan with OCR with my hp Photosmart 6510? I want to scan to a text of the parameter file.

    I got a new Photosmart 6510 all-in-one printer. I have the ability to scan to a .jpg file ot a .tiff or a .pdf file - just like the pictures, no form of text that can be edited. On my old photosmart printer (a 2572) I was able to analyze OCR allows you to place the scanned document in a file with the Edition of the text, how can I do that with this new printer? I thought I was adding features, do not remove them. I use the 6510 wireless on a home network. I am also on the Windows Vista system.

    Thank you

    Hi nawa4,

    Software OCR Iris didn't come included with this printer. If you have OCR software installed on your computer, you should be able to scan using this program. If you do not have an OCR program installed you can check the link below.

Maybe you are looking for