Photosmart 6510 "Printer Error" and all lights flash

I have a 1.5 years, Photosmart 6510 B211a who works well. Now, all lights are flashing and or my USB connected PC (Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit), or my iPad or iPhone (OS 7) connected wireless will be printed.

When the printer is turned on it goes as usual, wireless and power light stay on and displays correctly (Apps, Snapfish, Photo, copy, Scan), I can print from all devices.


1. in ~ 5 minutes, no noise, all LEDs (displays the screen "Please turn printer then turn it on again."

2 "(Printer Error is lit above screen, lights beside screen and power and wireless) starts to blink in unison"

printer does not print

3, every 10 seconds, a very low "short moan" noise, like something is trying to move inside the printer

4. when power is cycled it will again be print normally for about 5 minutes and then stop again with flashing lights.

Have you tried the following.

1. hard reset (more than once - fired power and USB)

2. uninstalled and reinstalled software and drivers

For any help or suggestion will be appreciated.

Possible solution

I had the same problem when I moved the printer to a new PC. To end, I decided to change the USB port to which the printer is connected to. well, it worked! Printer now work correctly for wired operation and wireless.

Not sure if I got a bad USB port or that the cable was not seated properly, or if the USB port had no authority to provide the connection to the printer.

Hope this helps someont with this problem.

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    Well, if you haven't tried this and then create a coercive power reset:

    Do not activate the wide (although you can), remove the power cord at the back of the printer. Wait at least 30 seconds, then reconnect the power cord to the printer. Turn on the printer. If that clears up the flashing light/white screen, then try printing etc...

    If this is not the case, see if something visible is originally the error state such as paper jam, odd items in the printer, nothing fancy. Also try to plug the printer directly into the wall outlet as opposed to a look/power surge Strip, or even try a Jack in another room if it is not successful.

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    The steps in this troubleshooting page can help.

  • Photosmart 6510 prints graphics but no text

    Photosmart 6510, SN [edited by Moderator], Firmware Version ESP1CN1244AR, 22093 ID Service, IK number 964, Version of the 028.000.1315 software. 000, Printer Driver Version, Windows 7 X 64 operating system on 2 computers, Windows 8 X 64 on the third computer.

    OK, now for the problem. I tried to print a PDF doc. The graph at the top of the doc printed on the light side, but the text does not print at all. I noticed that the ink levels were low, then bought new carts. Installed the carts, run printhead cleaner, good result mine. tried to print same doc, with the same results. A run the print head alignment. Alone cyan print and error appeared on the printer "failure of the alignment, you can continue, but cartridges are not calibrated for optimal print quality. Press OK to continue', then I tried scanning and printing a photo. the reproduction was excellent, crisp with no descernible color change.

    tried to print a couple of JPEGs from each computer, all good. Now it gets more strange. A ran the doctor Scan and printing of difficulty.

    print the page, the colors are good, anignment box looks good, but missing text at the top of the page. I tried printing doc, txt, pdf files of all 3 computers with no difference. If the pdf file has graphics, print, but not the text. But xls docs will be printed. I tried to print the reports ststus fom and the quality of the front panel of the printer, I me am colored boxes described and filled with color boxes, no text. Reinstalled the software on all computers, no luck.

    Hi Allandane,

    From what you described, it seems to me that the black ink is not working. All black, you can see on pages that are feeling is probably a composite black made up of 3 colors. I can help you with this.

    Please use the solutions proposed in the following document; Printer cannot print black ink or color ink, or prints blank Pages.

    I hope this helps.

  • Photosmart 6510: lines horizontal and top and bottom of page when scanning


    Scans of the bucket of my Photosmart HP 6510 leave a horizontal line at the top and bottom of the page.

    I tried to adjust every page that I scan to align as straight as possible on the glass and this sometimes helps a bit.

    I am able to bypass the lines in culture to, but would prefer to find a real solution.

    Any help would be appreciated because I don't know a lot about the scanners, thanks!

    I've included a sample page below (the mark on the right side is not dirty glass, it has been a staple in the page):

    Welcome to the HP community @lgilb01,

    I wanted to tender hand to respond to your message on the lines that you notice when you scan to scan in your Photosmart 6510 bed. It seems to me that there could be some light enter when performing the analysis, causing lines. If you are only scanning one page at a time, the lines should not appear as they are now.

    Here is a troubleshooting guide for you to try. If the lines do not fade, contact HP directly to see about a replacement printer.

    HP Photosmart 5510, 6510 and 7510 e - all-in - One Printer Series - vertical stripes, lines or scratches in Copies or scans

    Tip: Make sure that the printer is plugged directly into the wall, avoiding bars power and surge protectors. This ensures that the printer is full on.

    Testify of my answer by pressing the thumb in the air below and hit the "accept as Solution" button, if I have you helped a resolution!

    I hope I helped!

    Contact HP:

    Step 1. Open the link:
    Step 2. Enter the product number or select Auto detection
    Step 3. Scroll up to "still need help? Fill out the form to select your contact options.
    Step 4. Scroll down and click on: contact HP options - click Get phone number
    File number and phone number are displayed.

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    The Photosmart 6510 says that it is connected to the network of law with a beep sound intense, works with a usb cable and print a test without error page. BUT nothing comes out when I try to print something with wifi. It remains in the queue. Print and scan doctor finds nothing. WiFi worked before changing internet provider and so the router (I guess that's the name of the area which gives access to the internet). Tried to turn all market again and reinstall of the printer.

    The supplier offered to modify the number of IP printer, that has not helped. Using Windows 7.

    Any ideas?

    Thought I had answered this, but it is not displayed on the site.

    Now printing without cable USB between the router and the printer. I think it's helped the router to communicate the correct number of IP to the printer.

    Anyway, problem solved. Thanks for your efforts!

  • Photosmart 6510 printing on thick paper

    I am trying to print the map of 240gsm on my Photosmart 6510, which so far has worked flawlessly.

    Just rolls do not seem to be able to take it, but HP confirmed that this printer must be able to take in 280gsm card. The printer doesn't seem to be something print, then tells me I have a blockage, and the card must be withdrawn to the rear of the printer with a few black spots stained on the edge of it.

    I don't really want to pay their support costs HP (I'm outside the warranty period) to solve what should work just fine and is not due to the error on my part.  If anyone has experienced this kind of problem before, and if so, what was the solution?

    Hi people,

    The following table lists the input and output tray capacity for plain paper, envelopes, cards, and photo paper for both the 5510 Photosmart HP 6510 e-all-in-one printer in the series.
  • Photosmart 6510: photosmart 6510 prints blank pages

    Printer was working fine.  Had to change the cartridge. First of all, I didn't have black and now I don't have much color either.  The printer says I had no real HP though now it shows that I do. I never bought my cartridges anywhere but the staples.  Printing October 2012 have changed many cartridges before you buy.  Followed everything I could find.  Still not printing.

    Hi @mjohns390,

    I read your post and see that you can not print in black or color now. I would like to help you today. If this helps you to find a solution, please click on the button "" accept as Solution"" down below this message. If you want to say thanks for my effort to help, click on the 'Thumbs Up' to give me a Kudos.

    Please, try the following steps to see if it will help solve the problem.

    Printer cannot print black ink or color ink or prints blank Pages.

    This document is for the cleaning of the cartridge and the contacts, check the tab on the cartridge and the printer reset. "Incompatible cartridge" or "indicated ink cartridge needs to be replaced" message on the c...

    If the problem persists, perform a power reset. A alphanumeric Code (example: ' 0 x 'r' C2...) ") displays on the front panel when printing. Do not take into account the title.

    This model has a permanent print head, this video shows you how to access the print head, so you can manually clean the printer and soak the printhead, it's my own personal recommendation, not one of HPs, is to use the solution proposed in the following videos.  I suggest only doing this if the printer is out of warranty.

    Once you get to the clock at 3:20 minutes, you can stop this video.

    Разборка HP Photosmart 6510 (disassembly Photosmart HP 6510)...

    This video is for a different model but it will provide the steps to move the print head and cleaning, also if you continue the video it will provide measures to remove the print head and soaking. Play video 01:24 minutes. HP 5510 will not print black and color - print head removed and cleaned.

    If you have completed all the above steps and your product still has a problem, service the product.

    I hope this helps. Let me know how make you out. Thank you.

  • HP Photosmart C6280 prints not Magenta or Light Magenta even with new ink cartridges.

    Our HP Photosmart C6280 has always produced excellent results, but all of a sudden it won't print Magenta or Light Magenta, although they show of 75%.  We even tried to put in new ink cartridges, but they still does not print.


    As OEM HP is responsible for the good operation of the printer and their drivers. Check with
    HP support, their documentation online and drivers and ask in their forums.

    HP - Photosmart C6280 - Product Support and troubleshooting

    HP - Photosmart C6280<- set="" to="" your="" version="" of="" windows="" for="" the="" proper="">

    Support HP & drivers

    Contact HP

    HP forums


    These might help:

    Add or remove a printer

    Solve printer problems

    Open the printer Troubleshooter

    Find the manufacturer's Web site

    Find and install printer drivers in Windows 7

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • Photosmart 6510 print with only black print cartridge?

    Hi, can printing Photosmart 6510 in black & white (not gray, but b & w only) when the black ink cartridge is not empty, but all the other cartridges are? If the color cartridges are not already installed, it will always show b & w?


    The 6510 PS will not work if the color cartridges are empty but the black ink.

    However, I think that it would be possible to print using only black ink but to do ink in the cartridges of colour as well because in case of maintenance color cartridges to do little ink in the print head maintenance routines.  When the head is friendly if there was no colour ink this part of the print head could heat upward too or overheat.

    Anyway, back to print in black only.  You mention that you do not want t p rint in black and white so you know where to look in the driver to get to this option. Then in Word, Excel or any program, go to the print function.  Click on properties. Click Advanced. You should see where you have levels of gray.  If you clock in the option box should reveal the other options will be "Black Only". Select this option.

    As I said you should be able to print using only black, but you will need the color cartridges ink.

    Hope this helps.

  • HP Photosmart 8450 printing error

    I have installed my HP Photosmart 8450 (using the hp site because I don't have my original installation disk) & whenever I try to print anything (including a test page) I get an error message...

    Or 'Printing on HP photosmart 8400 error series' "S in an error state" printer"" "

    My computers (laptop) operating system is: Windows8 (64-bit)

    I have already tried to "Troubleshooting" & installed the print/scan doctor & he did his work & said there is nothing to detect & I continued with the test & still can't print.

    I know the printer is working because I can put sticks of memory in the printer & print directly from the printer (no pc), but it seems that the computer & printer just are not interconnected

    Hi belleeyes,

    I did some research on these errors and found that they can be caused by cables that are not properly connected, corrupt, drivers, incompatible drivers, the printer settings, missing updates and problems with your printer. I recommend looking for defects found in the link below to fix the problem:


    After clicking the link, read the introduction, then click on step 1. Check the hardware. If this does not help, go to step 2, etc.

  • Lazerjet Pro m1217: Lazerjet Pro m1217 occupied light and warning light flash

    My m1217 LAZERJET PRO was working fine, and then the ALERT and bright BUSY Flash. on every 3rd Flash, the wireless light. The screen says "initializing". I activated the device market several times, but he always does this... I have same re installed the software and tried the help and scan tool.


    Welcome to the HP community!

    I read your post on your LaserJet professional M1217 showing a busy light flashes and the wireless light showing from time to time. I personally think that there could be power fluctuations, and would first recommend ensuring that the printer is connected directly to a wall outlet, avoiding any surge protector bars or blocks, extensions, etc.

    Also, try to update the firmware of the device. A USB cable will need to be connected to the computer during the update. Click on this link to join the firmware download: range of MFP HP LaserJet Pro M1217nfw

    I hope this helps!

    If you want to thank me for my answer today, click on the below!

  • Photosmart 6510 print size is not not to paper size

    Problem: I select paper photo 4 x 6 size when you print from photoshop, the final print has always an empty border 1/2 inch, even during the selection of printing without margins.

    Printer model: HP Photosmart 6510

    OS: Windows 7

    Method of connection: wireless

    Error messages: no error message

    The right driver is not designed to accept custom paper sizes.  You can have the printer to use another driver that supports them well.  I will link to a post with the steps to assign another driver print below.  I hope this helps.

    How to assign other print in different Versions of Windows drivers.

  • Satellite L650 - the on and WiFi light flash

    Hi guys,.

    Recently bought a nice L650 Satellite, I'm having a problem with the first start-up, if I press the button on the WIFI light flash on me and continue blinking at me for about a minute then the machine will start according to the normal, it does the same thing if power is or is not connected to the laptop tried to remove battery and boot comes with power, same question, once the laptop has managed to start itself its fine, I can turn it works like many times I like without problem.

    HELP, no idea what is causing this issue?

    Thank you

    Have you connected external devices to your laptop as external input devices, USB key, etc.. ? If so try to remove them and test it again.

    If Notepad starts after a minute go to Configuration of the BIOS (F2 key) and try to load the default settings.

  • Pavilion DV8225nr: Driver mass storage controller DV8225nr, left of the mouse doesn't work only and standby light flashing?


    1. get a yellow arrow in the device to other devices Manager > mass storage controller. Analysis of the HP online site can not find my computer. When I type the model as a DV8225nr, it is impossible to find anyone. I need a driver so I can delete this question mark. Properties > details > Device ID of Instance is PCI\VEN_104C & DEV_8033 & SUBSYS_309B103C & REV_00 / & 13826118 & 23 4A 4

    2. my daughter uses this computer then maybe via a combination of keys or switch or something (unless it comes to fail), the left mouse button does not work. I have to use a USB optical mouse. Any idea what I can look to restore full functionality of the Mouse/touchpad?

    3. during the night, I noticed that there is a blue light flashing motorhomes from this computer. I think it is when he goes to sleep. No way to stop this flashing?

    I thank everyone's help!

    Kind regards



    You need the driver for this device.

    Have you installed the driver for the touchpad?

    If this does not work, I don't have any other suggestions for you, and I agree with your assumption that it's a hardware problem.

    Flashing light?  Stop the PC instead of letting it go in mode 'sleep'.

    There is no parameters do not have happens.

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