Photosmart 7520: Photosmart 7520 has lost its wireless connection

Our photosmart 7520 used to print beautifully two laptops, but today it stopped printing at all and seems to have lost its connection to the internet.

I tried to remove it from my system preferences, to reset, and when I tried to add it, it was no longer on the list of available printers.

Hello @cornylouise!

Thanks for posting on the HP Forums!

I would be happy to provide you with assistance on the Photosmart 7520 and the problem of communication between 2 laptops.  If the printer is no longer being found by computers, then you can by looking at a slight problem of Wi - Fi.  The first thing I would suggest is the cycle of power cables to the printer and the router by unplugging the power for 20 seconds.  Once the devices back on then see if you can add the printer to laptop computers.

If you are unable to find the printer then I suggest to restore the default settings of network on the printer and it reconnect to the wireless network.

To restore the default settings of the network printer:

  1. To press the Wi - Fi icon at the top of the touch screen to printer
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Tap on restore default network settings and confirm

To run the Wireless Setup Wizard:

  1. Icon press the Wi - Fi at the top left of the screen touchscreen printer
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Press wireless configuration wizard
  4. Select your network
  5. Enter the password and confirm it
  6. Check if the computer can find the printer again

If please, after back and let me know how it goes!

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    Restore network settings.


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    How connect to this printer?

    Try using the path UNC path of the printer in the Add Printer Wizard.

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    Follow the three steps solution given in the link below and see if it helps you fix the problem:

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    I fixed it!

    I couldn't work at all Internet Explore.  I finally installed Superantispyware from a USB pendrive and it ran in safe mode without network.  So I ran Malwarebytes and ccleaner.  After a reboot, everything works great again.  I could install Microsoft Security Essentials and get current updates.  After a smart defrag it turns really well now.

    I was able to make a recovery cd set too.  It will be just as good as if I he burned them on a new computer?  I mean can the data used to make these CDs get corrupted over time?  This laptop is 6 years old.
    Thank you for your willingness to help.
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    I was hoping to go to Windows Explorer, but I was not able to find it. Is it in a folder hidden somewhere?

    Hello David Reed Peterson,.

    Thanks for the return of the response.   Please see the link below to see if any of the listed steps will fix this for you.

    Windows Explorer has lost its "file Association".

    If this started recently, have you tried a system restore to a point in time when it worked correctly?

    System restore

    Please let us know status

  • Time Capsule has lost the Internet connection and DNS servers

    I use a Time Capsule for Time Machine via Ethernet backups for a couple of years, use it in mode bridge taking its Internet connection directly from my router and connected in turn by Ethernet to my iMac. (Most of the time that I also had wifi off on my iMac and took my Internet directly via the TC Ethernet connection.) A few months ago I upgraded to El Capitan, and the TC has lost its connection Internet (flashing yellow). A few days later I drove back to the Yosemite (for other reasons - Mail had gone mad) to restore a backup of the TC and everything was fine again for a few months. It may or may not be meaningful I plugged TC yesterday to new laptop for my wife to support for the first time, and this laptop is running El Capitan. Since then, the TC has once more lost its Internet connection and DNS settings and is stuck on flashing orange. By clicking on the 'Internet connection' status alert, tells me that the TC is not a valid IP address.

    I have reset the TC, repeatedly and reconfigured but all without success. After consulting the other discussions, I also tried giving the unit an alphanumeric name with no spaces & special characters and change the IPv6 "Link-local" configuration only, but this did not affect the result. And I updated the firmware for good measure. Then I unplugged overnight and carried out a full power cycle the steps recommended here, restart the router, TC and the computer (and performed a factory reset on the TC, while the router & computer was turned off). After doing that, the TC has become undetectable by AirPort Utility, until I have reset reconfigured once again, he and ended up in the same place.

    It may or may not be important to mention the following:

    1 when you set the TC after a reset, I repeatedly selected the option of adding to an existing network instead of create a network, but the installation wizard who ignored each time.

    2. in the installation each time, this point, I shows me the following, which seems to suggest that there is a problem but don't say so explicitly:

    I would be grateful for any advice.

    Weird how everything's going well for a few years and then crazy when you have something will change.

    El Capo adds some network problems more... but something could be fundamentally wrong with the installer.

    Your current configuration, it is apparently bridged but cannot get an IP address. The address 169.254 is give it since it's self generated.

    You need to do a manual installation. It simply means the Assistant is unable for any reason to be your network so start over and do it manually of misfortune (wow, or also possible misery, woah being where you are now!) to go...!

    1. I need to know what modem you are connected. Make and model please?

    2. the most important. What is the main router on your network or a modem?

    I gave the edge to make manual settings a few times. Somehow my instructions for Yosemite/El Capo got lost... I'll try and hunt down them. In the meantime, the basic method remains the same.

    It is not so difficult... You just know where you're going before you start.

    Airtport Utility cannot find airport Time Capsule on one of my Macs 2009

  • 6700 hp officejet premium continues to lose its wireless connection

    My 6700 hp officejet premium continues to lose its wireless connection.  I have to restart the computer to restore the connection.  What causes the lost connection & how to fix it?

    Hi radensu3,

    To what extent is the router of the printer?

    What is the operating system on your computer?

    Launch the firmware according to here

  • Lost my wireless connection yesterday for some reason any.

    Lost my wireless connection yesterday for some reason any.  I could add my router for my devices, but it keeps telling me that my computer has the wireless cut and I need to reactivate it.  I can't find the place where on my computer to do.  Frustrated...

    It can refer to the key combination in the notebooks to turn wireless switch

    Convenience store shows me "Turning on the wireless capability" when I disable wireless with the combination of keys and run the troubleshooter
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    Can anyone help?

    Try it please update driver WLAN.
    Latest version, you can find the portal of Toshiba WLAN >

    If you n t know that you need please exact notebook model poster or the name of the template for laptop.
    This info, you will find at the bottom of the thumbnail of Toshiba.

  • 7520 HP loses the wireless connection. What can I do?

    I've seen lots of talk about HP products, loss of wireless connection.  I have the same problem with my 7520.  Initial Setup is perfect, but he began to lose the connection when it went into standby mode.  Someone at - it a solution?

    On April 18, 2014 (page 11 of this thread), I posted a quick solution. My HP7520 printer has worked on Netgear router WIFI 7550 flawless since then. I suggest you read this post.
    From long experience with HP, I found they have great hardware, but their software has always been dismal. The ultimate "fix" would be for HP address their failure of a software that allows to my difficulty in working.
    A single "tweak" in the router security settings wifi will do. The rest of settings changes other people have suggested are short lived (about an hour in most cases), while they don't be reconnected unless they restart everything. It makes sense because of what is happening.
    The single "twist" parameter should logically point HP programmers to where in the firmware, there is the problem. They listen to? And, really, it doesn't matter on all other settings printer and router. All mine are back to the default settings and it all still works very well.
    Go to a BBQ and stop wasting your time on this issue.

  • with the help of your friends desktop PC running XP has LOST ITS (out of nowhere) unable to recover. sound in the control panel is grayed out. so is audio; "no audio currency found!

    IE and Firefox running.

    Search engines are not the problem. I don't think so. Has also lost its icon in the systray.

    I checked the connections. I have a set of small peripheral speakers: they get power but no audio.

    Try reinstalling the Audio/software drivers from the manufacturers Web site.

    I hope this helps.

  • The unit has lost its way

    Has anyone noticed in 4.04 that unit has lost his ways?

    I have a customer who upgraded to 3.1.5 to 4.04 and the system has lost, he is sorry and happy.

    Is there a local or something please?

    Yes - we have been harassed by applications of 'strengthening' the game fast and make the conversation less verbose. Framework of this effort included the removal of her likes and I'm sorry that was riddled throughout the covnersation. It was pronounced in the notes...

    No, there is not another guest add the return value in.

  • I lost my wireless connection, says no wireless connection available... but they are!


    I use a laptop dell inspiron with windows 7 - I set up a wireless connection with talk talk about 6 weeks - and things has of worked - this weekend the small icon at the bottom of the laptop had a red throug crodd there - when I clicked on "Open the network and sharing Center" he registered the wireless connection, I use and had a maximum strength indicator , but a red cross through the connection.

    I checked the wireless router with my computer pc laptop and work - blaze they work correctly. So I have concluded, the dell laptop itself (which is about 6 weeks old).

    I plugged the yellow wire - and makes hard wired - and the internet works on the laptop.

    Keeping in mind I don't know anything about computers or how correct - can someone tell me if I've lost a program and where/how to find it or not it sounds like a defect on the laptop

    I'll be very grateful for any help

    Thanks domi

    If the Dell is still under warranty, by all means, file a claim and see if a new card does the trick.  It is a Forum of Vista, this is why everything is on Vista - you should have posted in the Forums of Windows7 if it is the OS you use - then the tips and links correspond to your system.  I suggested to contact Dell in a previous post - not specifically for this, but it would have developed in the conversation.

    Even if it is not under warranty, there is a good chance that the card is the problem if the system can connect wirelessly with another device (which means that the configuration is correct and connections work and Vista has no problem with the wireless operation).  If you can, try to make sure you can return it for a full refund if you attach and encounter the same problem.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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