Photosmart 8450: Does the Photosmart 8450 under Windows 7 64-bit card reader work?

Under Windows XP 32 bit card on my Photosmart 8450 network reader appeared as a network drive in Windows Explorer. Now that I've migrated to Windows 7 64 bit I get no network drive and if I put an SD card in the drive I get a 'map' mistake of access on the display panel. It is to be expected with the built-in drivers for Win 7? If so, is there no work around?


Thanks for the reply and sorry for not getting back sooner. Been strongly concerned about the end.

I just find the solution to both problems.

1. the card reader does not accept SD - HC cards. When I put an ordinary SD it worked fine.

2 network drive mapping could not find the printer, even if I can print to it without any problems. I had recently also changed the router and discovered that the IP assigned to the printer was within the range of IP addresses assigned by DHCP. Changed static address to + 1.  Still did not work; posted in printer address was unidentifiable. Sitched printer, pulled ethernet cable outlet, turned on, plugged the ethernet cable. Bingo! The network drive works now.

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    Hi guys,.

    installed Win 7, 32 bit. Installed drivers of the devices of ll, no errors in Device Manager.

    But by Windows session (start / stop) I can only use the O2 card reader (SDHC Sandisk 16 Gb) once.
    No matter if I just pull out the card or use the "Windows cleaner" way to eject of the plateau, the next time this same session if I insert the card, without drive letter is created in Windows Explorer.

    If I look in Device Manager then, an error 38 with exclamation point is presented, based on "pilot has been loaded before but not discharged.

    Then I can just have a glance at the card again if I have first to restart Windows. Becoming a very annoying problem, because I tend to have the laptop on standby, do not close normally.

    Is there advice here?


    Have you tried to update the driver of the card reader? If not you should do this because normally the error code 38 means that the driver can t be loaded for this device correctly. Resettlement should work
    Read here for more details:

    You can download the latest version here: > support & downloads > download drivers

    Good luck! :)

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    Found the answer! I had to upgrade the built-in server to use compatibility mode in IE9. Worked fine in Chrome, so it was not the firewall or network configuration.

  • Driver for the Officejet 710 under Windows 7 64-bit

    Where can I find a driver to run my old Officejet 710 on my Windows 7 laptop?

    It is connected via the Generic USB-parallel adapter.  The connect Windows successfully installed"assumption of the USB printer"but fails to find a printer driver on Windows update.  The Manual Installation procedure (from HP) fails to offer a 710-Win7 driver and a search of the HP Web site also fails to show a Win7 driver for 700 series.  However, I found elsewhere on this forum (link at the end) the procedure to patch a 700 series driver works correctly undet 64-bit, so I guess a pilot must exist...

    Can someone point me to a download?

    Thank you.



    I fear that the 710 Officejet is no longer supported by any superior to XP Windows.

    The document above, refer to the Deksjet 710, which is a different printer model...

    Only printers listed below are supported by Windows7, your printer is not as supported.

    Kind regards


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    How to get the background color of the screen to change.  I went through the customization of themes and custom colors that changed some screens, but not all.  I've recently updated to XP and I find it frustrating.  For example, when you use ITunes, my desktop background is white which is difficult to focus on for long periods of time.  On my XP machine, I was able to change the background of a light gray.  Help, please.

    In fact it's not Windows, it's iTunes.  The latest version is very white (and very hard on the eyes).  It seems just as bad on XP, you probably just the previous version of iTunes before you upgrade.  Unfortunately, Apple is the only one who can change - it program iTunes, and they do not meet the standard rules of "respect the choice of the users!

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  • OfficeJet 4630: anyone can print reliaby with Officejet 4630 under Windows 10 (64-bit) using wireless?

    I have a couple of PCs.

    Both run Windows 10 (64-bit).

    An upgrade from 8.1 64-bit. The other is Windows 7 ultimate (64 bit).

    I bought Officejet 4630 at the end of September.

    So far I have not been able to print from a reliable PC at all.

    Sometimes maybe a page can be printed, but if I try the next page. The print queue seems to get hung.

    Worse, on a PC (Win7 64-bit upgrade), I can not connect with USB at all.

    Immediately after installing the driver, it fails to "print test page"? What gives?

    (I have not tried the USB connection with other PCs through the situation. He's far away and so connected via radio.)

    Strangely enough, it's the HP printing diagnostic seems to work perfectly. It prints the test page.

    But, after a week of Calvary and see how works the test via the web interface, I now have the feeling that

    HP diagnostics program simply sends a command that causes the printer to print a test page to itself, and not

    through the path of ordinary driver through what print ordinary application data. It can be found.

    Due to the failure of printing with a USB connection, I asked local HP support for replacement t

    hinking that unit was bad.

    However, the replacement arrived today, but the same symptom!


    I'm afraid that HP screwed royally here, but worse yet, it doesn't seem to be aware of the problem in the light of some

    Reviews of so-called unconscious support people!

    If someone has this printer works reliably on windows 10 64 - bit

    Please let us know what you were doing. (although the chance that someone with perfect condition watch Forum HP may be low. You are posting and I read this forum because of problems...)

    -How you installed the driver (from which source)

    -which tweaks you did.

    I tried to install the OJ4630_198 and the driver is updated to Windows.

    Windows Update seems to be a little better, but still stuck print jobs are seen after a few

    tests and unnecessary. (Initially because of this apparent initial success, I thought that the problem was limited

    so a PC, but now I think that both PC evenly suffer failure).

    So far, I tried to change the PORT to a fixed TCP/IP address port (which sometimes seems to be feasible: sometimes not.) I was not able to understand why. Maybe the difference between HP driver or Windows update)

    Sometimes after the Ministry of port, the first printing time works, but the

    next print does not work.  It remains in the queue.

    This has been driving me crazy...

    If person not steps forward with the installation of reliable work (10, 64-bit windows), I think I'm going for it back to HP, although the initial cooling period has expired from a legal point of view, I'll see if I can convince the support contact.

    I bought HP printers only over the years. They lasted well and worked like a charm, and the black ink was really nice.

    After that, I can't printers recomment the HP to my friends more.


    [Driver in Deskjet 6980 works for printing with capricious 4630]

    Under improved Windows 10, too!

    I checked it after upgrading my PC under Windows 7 64-bit of Windows 10.

    After a few false starts, however, some programs are missing 'Dropbox' "Norton Internet Security" (?)

    sort: I downloaded the binary Moose and once I let the Installer run again, they picked up the proper

    configuration of the previous installation and started running.

    I needed to tweak 'Register windows' but when I tried to run 'regedit' something 'Extended attributes are '.

    inconsistent"and any program that requires administrative privilege would begin: maybe Dropbox and Norton Internet

    Security has failed because of this issue. Surprisingly, I could fix this by restoring the default Windows theme.

    (In my previous attempt to update, I put it to something Bing, a jazzy theme on the Japanese season, or something.

    Affected and surprising finished showing 'Extended attributes are incompatible' (or you may need to

    reset the sound theme as well. YMMV.) I raised this strange questions after the upgrade just in case

    These problems are related to the Deskjet 6980 under Windows 7 64-bit driver installation before upgrading to Windows 10.

    Somehow, however, the previous installation of the driver instance 4630 seems to have disappeared (maybe I deleted it before

    the upgrade, I don't know.) So I install driver 4630 for * SCANNING * purposes only.

    FAX can wait a while.

    Finally, some working environment for Officejet 4630 with using the Deskjet 6980 driver for printing

    is being created.


  • Photosmart 1215 with Windows 7 64 bit - Windows Update doesn't help not

    I read the other posts on how to install a driver for Photosmart 1215 by using Windows Update.  His does not work for me.  990c does not appear as another pilot.  If try just plugging in the printer and allowing Windows Update to find one that works, it may not.  The photosmart 1215 appears as an icon in devices and printers, but is in the section "unknown."  If its attached... but not as a printer.

    Apology.  It does not work.  Read the instructions carefully......

    Thank you


  • CTRL-Alt-Del does not bring upward management tasks under Windows XP 32-bit

    CTRL-Alt-Del brings up the Manager of tasks under Windows XP 32-bit.  What should I do?

    The other post:

    It's as simple as that.  What should I do?


    Were there any changes made on the computer before the show?

    I suggest you to return the item and set up the computer to use the Welcome screen and check if it helps:

    To turn the Welcome screen on or off

    Let us know if it helps.

  • How to remove the printer driver under windows Vista software

    How to remove the printer driver under windows Vista


    Add or remove a printer

    Solve printer problems


    If you have an error spooler or service use these methods to make them disappear including having to re - install
    the same printer if you intend to remove it.

    Check chan seen message here - one of the highest.

    fixed spooler subsystem app stopped working


    If the above didn't help:

    Use this method to clear the spooler and then uninstall and reinstall your printer (check with the manufacturer for)
    the latest driver).

    Check Mr. Fixits here and if you use the other methods go back and try again later.

    Problems of print and error - a Mr Fixit of printing

    Solve printer problems - a Mr Fixit

    Logon as administrator

    Start - type in the search box-> COMMAND - control to the top of the list and RIGHT CLICK – RUN AS ADMIN

    You can copy and paste each line except those brackets and press ENTER after each.

    net stop Spooler

    (echo suppression of all print jobs)<-- you="" should="" see="" this="">

    ping localhost n 4 > zero

    del/q %SystemRoot%\system32\spool\printers\*.*

    net start Spooler

    (sound Done!)<-- you="" should="" see="" this="">

    ping localhost n 4 > zero

    Another way

    Check the print - DELETE/STOP queue all jobs - then right click on the printer - REMOVAL

    If you use Control Panel - Classic - printers

    Try after unplugging your printer if necessary.

    Also check the spooler print and its dependencies and addictions Service.

    Print Spooler service

    How difficulty Windows Vista print spooler starts do not


    Check this thread if necessary - to stop and erase the spooler

    and here

    Clean the General corruption and repair or replace the damaged/missing files.

    Run DiskCleanup - start - all programs - Accessories - System Tools - Disk Cleanup

    Start - type this in the search box-> find COMMAND at the top and RIGHT CLICK – RUN AS ADMIN

    Enter this at the command prompt - sfc/scannow

    How to analyze the log file entries that the Microsoft Windows Resource Checker (SFC.exe) program
    generates in Windows Vista cbs.log

    CheckDisk (chkdsk) runs at startup.

    How to run the check disk at startup in Vista

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

  • List of subfolders in the left pane under Windows 7

    A friend told me that in Windows Explorer in Windows XP, it can click on the name of a folder in the left pane (not the arrow or + sign on the left) and the list of the subfolders will open in the left pane.

    He wants to be able to do the same thing under Windows 7.

    Can someone provide suggestions on how to do it?

    Thank you very much!



    Try this:
    Open Windows Explorer and select folder and search options from the organize.
    In the Folder Options dialog box Navigation pane, select the automatically expand to current folder check box.
  • iPhone 4S connects not to the PC under Windows 7 64-bit

    My iPhone 4S does not connect to my windows 7 64 bit PC by USB cable. Several times that no it will not yet recognized, but after several attempts to unplug and plug in the USB cable, it will finally try and download the driver but it says that windows cannot download the driver as the USB device is not recognized! The cable and USB port works perfectly with my iPod Nano and iPod touch, and it's only my iPhone which is problematic! I tried literally everything these forums and Apple forums have recommended, but nothing works. Please can someone help me?

    Hi Daniel,.

    Welcome to Windows 8 community.

    As you are not able to connect iPhone 4 to Windows 7, I suggest you follow the steps for Windows 7, mentioned in the following link.

    If the problem is not resolved you can go ahead and contact support apple technique. Check out the following link.

    Ask the question in the Apple Forums:

    It will be useful.

  • Could not open the Central ring under Windows 7

    Could not open the Central ring under Windows 7

    Original title: program compatibility Application Applications Apps game games Legacy Crash accidents Application Hang hangs

    The site of , it shows that you can install on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

    I suggest that you contact the support ring Central for assistance.

    Or you can post in the Forums of users ring Central.


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    Is it possible that I can install and run MSVC 1.52 under Windows 7 64-bit? I need to run this application to support a number of 16-bit DOS applications and I get tired carrying two laptops in the world.

    He ran under Windows 7/64 PRO XP mode or is the problem more to do with the dilated not supporting 64-bit not 16-bit.

    Thank you

    64-bit Windows does not support 16-bit applications natively.

    Assuming the program works under Windows XP, you can try XP mode since it will run as the 32-bit Version of Windows XP.

  • Former installation problem program under Windows 7 64-bit

    I installed the 64-bit Windows 7, but I need to run some old software, for which I have a CD. (Actually I think it is 16-bit. Well, I know it's a dinosaur, but this is my situation.) Naturally, setup.exe is also 16-bit (perhaps 32 bits, but I doubt it). There is a shortcut to setup.exe on my desk, by double-clicking on it, I get this message:

    The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you are using. Check your computer's system information to see if you need a x 86 (32 bit) or x 64 (64-bit) version of the program and then contact the software publisher.

    He ran very well under Windows XP 32-bit, and I don't remember doing something special for 16 bit then; I know that much. (I'm sure I'd remember something special like that, if I had). Microsoft program compatibility issues resolution isn't going anywhere.

    How do I enter a 32-bit emulator environment and double-click the shortcut (or setup.exe itself) from there?

    Separated from the:

    64 bit W7 run 16-bit programs.

    32-bit W7 can run older 16-bit programs (a little) more

    See and for additional information.

    If you have an eligible version of W7, you may be able to get the program running in XPMode or install Virtual Box and if you run an old copy of XP or W7 32-bit (assuming it's free with a free license, etc.) in that.

    Or maybe make a system dual-boot W732 (or XP) and W764.

    If it is a DOS program rather than an old Windows program, it can run into something like DOSBOX

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    Explorer has stopped working (Windows 7 64 bit TouchSmart 520), it crashes from time to time and the rail of the screen and I can not do or move with the mouse until ' in that it restarts Explorer nothing. And PC and a slow opening nearly two minutes to get a home, then 50 seconds pour office to the Windows Get. Thanks reloaded




    Explorer of the Nations United continues to work (under Windows 7 64-bit TouchSmart 520) it blocks from time to time and tout the screen and block I can so do or move with the laetitia until it restarts Explorer.

    And the pc and lent a L'Ouverture almost two minutes pour get one THEN welcome 50 second pay the arriving to the Windows desktop.

    Thanks for help not CDL

    Double post / Double post

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