photosmart all-in-one problems 5200 impression with the new Dell running windows 8.1

have a photosmart C5280 All-in-one I used with a computer that is running windows XP, it worked fine. Bought a new computer running windows 8.1, printer don't print very well at all. It prints the page after page, one or two lines of hyroglifics tile view deleted I canceled the print document to stop using paper. I uninstalled the printer software and reinstalled from website of HP software to run with windows 8.1 still does not work.

I think it made me print again. I had to uninstall the full features software and loaded the driver only. I could not full features software to load completely, then I loaded the driver only and it seems to work okay thanks for the help.

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    HP Photosmart all-in-One Printer series - B010

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    Hi yadin7,

    The Photosmart B010 model only offer USB connectivity and does not provide any wired or wireless network connectivity.

    You can find the specifications listed below:

    USB port: Rear hi-speed

    Kind regards


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    You understand that you will not be able to upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7?  He will have to do a clean install.

    The Council supports Windows 7, you can get the drivers here (the chipset drivers should be the first drivers you install after installing the operating system.)


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  • HP Photosmart all-in-one C309a: need help Urgent! -HP Photosmart all-in-one problem C309a Incompatible cartridge - 564 and 862

    Hello everyone.

    I am a happy user of HP Photosmart all-in-one printer and for many years never had a problem.  I always bought new 862 cartridges and it worked fine.  Recently, a friend brought me to Singapore two new series of cartridges, but the owner of the store said this is the new higher capacity cartridges.  I said why not?  Even better, in fact since the printer is a guzzler of ink!

    This is, because I tried to install these new cartridges, I always get the message "Incompatible cartridge" after what, I can't not access the printer.

    Can someone help me solve this problem?  The cartridges are exactly the same, so I suspect its something to do with the chip?  I tried all possible methods such as the re-installation of the cartridges, remove the carriage and re-setup, cleaning the cartridge chip, etc.

    Since I'm brought this printer back from China to Europe, I really need to solve this problem otherwise I'm stuck without a printer.  These cartridges are not available locally.

    I would be grateful any advice!  Thank you.

    Your printer can use cartridges of 864. Unless you call HP and have them reset the printer to your new country, you live. Only then these cartridges can be used if you can find them on the spot. Call HP.

  • HP All in One printer will communicate with the computer.

    Original title: HP PHOTOSMART ALL IN ONE PRINTER C4480



    ·        What operating system is installed on your computer?

    ·        What is the exact error message that you receive?

    I suggest that you follow the steps in the link and check if that helps:

    Printer in Windows problems

    You can also check:

    Printing problems? Try the HP Print Diagnostic Utility

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    After an automatic windows/XP download started what follows:

    All-in-one Brother takes control of the computer, but are not sent or computer will not receive the image to the desktop.

    Also, same unit will receive a fax and normally sends to the computer to the paperport, but now he sends (i.e. "connecting to PC" displayed on the LCD of the brother) to a computer but it can not be found anywhere; so lost.

    Measures taken so far:

    1. Uninstall and reinstall the Brother software, no help.

    2 brother support after an hour said that it is the computer not brother (I believe that good).

    3 System Restore will not work, it goes through the whole process, but said at the end that there nothing; Try again...

    4. in addition, conducted a deep scan for viruses etc, nothing found.

    Any ideas?

    You have posted to a group of Vista, but seem to be using winxp?

    What automatic download? Update history will show what has been updated

  • PSC 2410 photosmart all-in-one PROBLEM

    Hello, hoping someone can help me with this...

    I have a problem with my printer (psc 2410 all in one)

    During a simple formulation document printing, the printer ran out of paper and could not continue printing paper had been completed. I checked for paper jams - there is no. The print job has been cancelled and the printer and turned it over.

    From the market, it seems now stuck - the power button flashing continuously and the display only I get is the 'busy' hourglass icon... no other error messages or beeps. I can hear the printer through movements start, the flow of paper moving and then he seems hang somewhere and made a repetitive thud. This noise stops after about 1 minute and the display and flashing remain.

    I tried the hard reset several times, I even left it the day after. I noticed that the USB cable, jumped, but the printer also shows online on the computer... I tried to a maintenance operation, but he is not letting all through all print jobs. It's happened a few times when starting upwards, but apparently not however resolve no chance this week.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


    The operating system is Windows XP

    Hi samanthapson2,

    Have you thought about upgrading your printer for a newer model. Here is some information that will help you get into a new printer.

    HP trade-in program

    Please contact our technical support at the 800-474-6836. Customer support can also help you to get a new printer. If you do not live in the United States / Canada region please click the link below to get help from your region number.

  • 6520 photoSmart all-in-one: problems of scanning HP6520

    I had issues when I was with Win7-64 bit, but now its even worse since the installation of Win10-64 bit.  I have to open the Setup Wizard to go through the routine of checking on the printer to test the scan to get the scanner to work.  Works very well this way, but such a long way around to just scan of a photo.  Is there something I can do to fix this?

    Have no problem with the impression that he is still printing the 1st page to last although I programmed it to print last page 1 on the 1st last page.  Minor problem. that I can live.

    Welcome to the community of HP @Snooze2978,

    I saw your post on the scanning problems you encounter on Windows 10, and I hope to help you! Let me know a little more on the questions by answering and completing the steps below and then answer for me with the information and we can go from there!

      • How the printer is connected (USB / wireless / wired / Bluetooth)?
      • You can successfully make copies of the front of the unit?
      • Have you tried the front of the printer and the scanner software?
      • Do you receive error messages when you try to scan and if so, what they say?
      • Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software?
      • What firewalls and antivirus software are installed?
      • Have you tried to disable or uninstall the?
      • You have the device connected directly to a wall outlet (avoiding electrical surge bars, etc.)?

    Also I would like to know how you install the software, disks, download them, or running it HP printer install wizard for Windows.

    Thank you!

  • HP Office Jet 5610 all in one does not appear with the fax

    I got a new computer with Windows 7 when I added my printer HP Office Jet 5610 all in one, it does not appear with the fax.  When I tried to install it with the disc from the printer, he Wouln't install.  What is the problem? I really need on the part of the printer fax.


    Try this maybe this will help.

    -Type fax in the research - type on Windows and scan-new fax fax...

  • Photosmart all-in-one 7525: last scan software necessary for iMac running ElCapitan

    I can't activate my HP utility on my mac analysis. I can not scan from my printer on my mac with message that says: it is not connected. He told me to go the Web site and download the latest drivers which I did and installed v12.34.44. I've also updated my imac in updates. Still not able to activate the analysis.

    I can print from my mac to the printer that is not the issue. The issue has to do with the sweep.

    If anyone out there has a solution I'd love to know. Thank you


    Follow the steps below, the same procedure applies for El Capitan:

    Note: if HP Scan is set in the Applications folder, be sure to move to the trash and empty the trash.

    Kind regards


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