Photosmart C4180 all-in-One.

last week the printer does nothing more. the bottom of power blinks all the time and it is not possible to turn on or off. I unplugged the power cable already and uninstalled the software and installed again, but problem not solved. I get the message "the printer is used by the other program. What can I do?



I did and it works now

Thank you very much


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  • Updates from HP Photosmart C4180 all-in-One Printer

    Re: updates

    How download and install HP C4180 all-in-One Windows 7, 64-bit, automatically update?

    The printer works perfectly, made copies, scans and prints.

    Problem is that half of the HP Update message appears saying that "an update is available. I want to download and install it now? "Rest of the message is missing. I want to say a choice of Yes or no. Would appreciate your advice in a few steps if possible, not too technical. Thanks in advance.


    You can try to download directly from

  • HP Pavilion p6780uk: my hp Photosmart C4180 all-in-one will not scan after update to Windows 10

    Not sure if Windows (32-bit or 64-bit) 10

    Welcome to the community of HP, @DavidJ70

    I came across your post about how you are unable to analyze after upgrade to Windows 10 and wanted to answer with my suggestions.

    First run Installation Wizard printer here: use of diagnosis HP for printers HP Windows tools

    After that, the feature complete driver and software must be installed for your printer on your computer. Try to scan the image. If there are problems, let me know all the details, errors, etc., and I'll do my best to help!

    Click on the thumb to below testify my help!
    Click on the "accept as Solution" if I'm you guide to a solution!

    Best wishes

  • HP Photosmart C4180 all-in-one: can't print or scan

    When I want to print or scan the message "cannot print or scan" and "Scanner failure" happens...»

    When I try to print the document will go to half way and then stops, same message arrives...

    If I want to download and print something good, the printer works!... but again if I try to scan something then it does not work...

    It happened all of a sudden, the printer and the computer have also worked well until this happened.

    I may be low on ink, two symbols like a candle flame, are at the bottom left screen, but a copy or scanning must always be possible even if faded, or...?

    Tried unplugging everything, but no luck...

    Can anyone help? Thank you..

    I am an employee of HP

    Since you said you the error message scanner failure, first try to make a copy and see if the belt scanner moves (moves the light) while copying.

    If the light does not move that it's hardware, you will need to service the printer please call hp tech support.

  • Problem cartridge on a HP Photosmart C4180 all-in-one.

    The light flashes and the message says "ink cartridge problem...". Remove and check cartridge on the right... Refer to printer documentation ".» I removed the color and black cartridges and putting back them and the light continues to blink. When I got out them, it seems that I saw little ink below from whence they came. The color cartridge is new, but black is a few months old, but I've not seen a low ink warning. Should I buy one new cartridge black or is - this another problem?

    This gives a test:

    Powered up, remove the cartridges. Ensure not to spill ink where you set the down temporarily. Leave the door open and remove the power cord from the printer, once again while it is still powered. Wait at least 30 seconds, while waiting to see if you can sop delicately part of ink of the stalls with something as a buffer. Then reconnect the power cord to the printer and turn it on. Install each cartridge one at a time, close the lid between each of them and waiting for recognition of each by the printer.

    It is possible that the black cartridge could have sunk to the void, then it can be replaced. It is also possible that the ink flowed could interfere with the electrical contacts, that's why I suggested to clean this area. Hope that helps.

  • What is the difficulty for printer fault General 0x61000f6 for a printer hp photosmart premium all-in-one?

    1 HP Photosmart Premium all-in-One Printer (309 (a)

    2. Windows Vista 64-Bit family

    3. the general printer error 0x61000f6

    4. no change known to printer before developed problem

    0x610000f6 error code is an indicator of a jam of transport in the Photosmart C309a. Please see the document located here for the procedure to help fix a carriage jam.

    Let me know if it helps.

  • Photosmart 2610: Photosmart 2610 All In One

    I recently had to reinstall my HP Photosmart 2610 all-in-one.

    I have the software comes from and installed it.   At the end of installation, I've set up and the printer print a sample page.

    When I went into settings it has shown that a Photosmart 2610 printer has been connected to the PC >

    However, when I try to print anything I get redirected to the "Send Fax" page, and the document will not display.

    Help!   hehehe


    Try to reinstall the software, use thislink to dnload the driver full features and software.

  • HP Photosmart 3110 all-in-one: compatibility Windows 10

    I wonder if HP Photosmart 3110 all-in-one printer is compatible with Windows 10?  If yes how to install the driver (I can't find the installation disk)?


    A basic set of printing and scanning for your printer driver is available for Windows 10.

    As the link above provided by @banhien seems to be broken, follow this link to install the printer on Windows 10:

    Kind regards


  • Photosmart 2575 all-in-one

    Hi all

    My Photosmart 2575 all in one printer 'number of copies' is stuck on 8 copies.  I have the number 1 everytime I go to print something. I can't seem to find where to go as she fixed to 1 copy.

    I hope somone out there has an answer.

    Thank you


    Hello RBigTuna,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I understand that the printer is stuck on 8 copies and you want to manipulate parameters. Please see page 73 (76/142) of the product manual to modify and adjust the settings. Please let me know the results. Thank you!


  • Can not stop "auto crop" documents, scan on my HP Photosmart C7280 all-in-one

    I use a HP Photosmart C7280 all-in-one to scan documents.   My OS is Windows 7 64 bit.   I have used this configuration since January 2012 and my problem has just started in the last 30 days.  I did not any changes to the system except for the automatic updates of Windows coming out.

    I unchecked the box "automatically Crop scanned Documents" in the Advanced Document settings, but as soon as I scanned a page, the checkbox appears in the box again (in itself!) and it will automatically crop a bad document.

    No idea why this is happening and what I can do about it?

    Thanks for your help.

    Not really sure what caused it, but looks like the setting has glitched somewhere along the way and will be set when past.  Try unintalling to reinstall a new download.  Let me know what happens.

  • How to install software for hp photosmart c5390 all-in-one on a windows 7...

    How do I install the software for HP Photosmart C5390 all-in-one on a windows 7. I don't have software cd for vista and mac.

    Hi Matt, thanks again for your quick response - which is certainly service 5 stars! Everything works fine now. I just got myself this new laptop - my first HP (Hp Pavilion DV7 6 c 80) and it is excellent, and I'm slowly he get it all set up. I can be naughty and ask you another question? I've (obviously) set up my hotmail on my HP. Do you know how I can remove my files from my old Toshiba Hotmail. I am giving my girlfriend and I want to set up his mail pop3 on it. Whenever I log into windows live mail on the Toshiba, my hotmail more old e-mails coming up on the screen.

    many ways, Ragnar.

  • AirPrint can't find my HP Photosmart D110a all-in-one printer

    I have the iPhone 4 with ios 5.0, and it does not find my printer HP Photosmart D110a all-in-one and an AirPrint-compatible printer. I have everything set up correctly. I have the current firmware on the printer. I feel, keep printing everything wireless, I can print on my printer using the printer email address I put in place. It's just to kill me because I can't get installation to Airprint. I went through all that HP and Apple. Everything I find is for ios 4 and below. Can someone help me?

    It is compatible:

    I can finally AirPrint. When you sent the message on the router, it reminded me to update the firmware. I've updated to the latest firmware of the router, reset the printer and my iPhone, and it finally showed up.

  • HP Photosmart Premium all-in-One Printer - C309g dose it supports eprinting


    All-in-one printer, HP Photosmart Premium - C309g eprinting airprinter support


    Great question, I have attached a link below that shows what printers support missions/ePrint AirPrint.  There is another option for the HP Photosmart Premium so depending on your model, which houses the ePrint and Biz.  There is more information on this subject on the ePrint link below.

    Good luck! & Product = 3793676 & tmp_qt = ePrint & CC = US & DLC = in & LC = in & Submit=.

  • Photosmart C5280: Photosmart C5280 All in One

    I have a new HP laptop and want to use my HP Photosmart C5280 printer all in one with her. I need to know what I should do to be able to use my C5280 with my HP laptop. I need to be able to use it with this phone, but there is not anything showing you what who or where you need to download the files, you need to be able to use the new laptop HP Photosmart C5280. My new HP laptop is a Pavilion with Windows 10 64 bit which was already about this when I bought my new laptop. Any help is greatly appreciated...

    Have you been to the HP here web site?

    Everything that you need.

  • HP Photosmart 5520 All in One printer cancels an order of copy of the glass

    HP Photosmart 5520 All in One printer & HP Pavilion dm1 Notebook PC

    I put a document on the glass of the printer to make a copy. The command is recognized, but cancelled immediately. The first two attempts were given a bit of text/photo about 1 centimeter.

    I used the doctor scanning HP and installed my printer again, but that has not helped.


    Hi RodeDraak,

    Given that the problem occurs when you run a copy, I hope that the problem is the printer hardware not the software on the computer.

    You have the printer connected directly to a wall outlet or is this a surge protector or power bar? Even if you have used a surge protector/power bar this whole time and you feel that this is not the case, please connect to a wall outlet so that we can eliminate the source of energy as the primary cause.

    Issues when connected to an uninterruptible power supply/Strip/surge protector power

    In this document, you will see,


    Questions or problems may arise when a HP LaserJet printer is connected to a UPS (UPS), a power strip or a surge protector

Maybe you are looking for