Photosmart C4280: Photosmart Essential 3.5 will not work after the Win 10 update

The Photosmart Essential suite, which includes the scanning software will not work after the upgrade to Windows 10.   There is no message error that pop up or are listed in the event log.  Printing continues to function properly.    If the s/w is not compatible with Win 10 there the other scanning software free that I can use?



Thank you for using the forum.  Think that you are facing the same problems as others with Win 10 updates.

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  • HP C7280 solutions Center will not work after the upgrade to Windows 7

    I was running Vista and connected the C7280 wired and wireless. The last month or so has been wireless without any problem.

    I've upgraded to Windows 7, reinstalled the driver I had, and now when I try to scan I get an error that says: "an unsupported operation was attempted" which appears twice, then I get an error that says "an invalid argument has been detected.

    A window pop up gives then a few measures to try to resolve the problem.

    I downloaded and installed the driver PS_AIO_02_Net_Full_Win_WW_130_140.exe which did not work.

    I deleted the printer of the material then uninstalled the Software Solution Center

    Driver package driver re-installed PS_AIO_02_Net_Full_Win_WW_130_140.exe C7200 and

    dot4patch_reboot.exe installed,

    Stop the printer, it unplugged for a few minutes, restarted the computer, and

    the same errors.

    The driver is a year old, and I can't find a newer version.

    Exit the: 2009-10-20


    The patch is the latest of a few months, but it did not help either.

    " Print Patch HP software when upgrading from Vista to Windows 7

    2009-12-06, version 1.0, 1.22 M
    This Windows 7 fix corrects some of the features of the printer after upgrading Vista to Windows 7. For networked printers, go to for more support information.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Finally, you have this problem fixed. With the support of HP no.

    I installed the software for a HP Photosmart Premium C410 series and it fixes some problems I had with the HP Solution Center, analyses the problems in the C7280 printing software.

    Go figure...

  • None of my videos will not work after the update to version 13.1

    I tried of you tube and I still get "an error occurred trying to come back later ' player will not mount on my homepage that uses silverlight. The two sectors work with Chrome and IE

    Hey delittle632, this is probably due to the recent update of the plugin to version 11.3 adobe flash. It has caused similar problems for many other users (chrome & IE get provided with a different version of the plugin by adobe).

    You can try to remove flash 11.3 of the section of the configuration/program windows downgrade to an earlier version & Control Panel, until adobe fixes these problems.

  • HP250 G3 Notebook: network will not work after the upgrade to Windows 10


    Someone was able to get their network works after upgrade to Windows 10 for their portable HP250 G3?

    I think I have a driver problem. The message I get is along the lines of "impossible to link to network protocols. There is also an "unknown" device in Device Manager. Comparison with Windows 7 Device Manager, I can't understand what it could be.

    Of all drivers not not to work, the network is one of the most important that you can not use the Internet to debug the problem. I have uninstall Windows 10 and Windows 7 troubleshooting. (such a pain)

    So far, I tried to download all the drivers of network you're interested in that I can find on the web, as well as the Bluetooth drivers. I reload once 10 Windows installed and hope for the best. They got the right driver for the wireless network (which works only default with Windows 10 I might add) work, but I think it might be a controller driver that is still missing.

    I found a few sites that have suggested to the registry of hacking. I tried that too, but without success.

    If someone hacked into the problem, I would be happy to help.


    Thanks for posting your concern, and I would like to try the drivers from the following link---

    It didn't help not then write us back with the network card, you can get to the screen of the Device Manager under network adapters, as if from here so we can try searching the drivers from the manufacturer of netwrok card.

    Although I work for HP, but I am personally.

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  • Remote control of my cell phone will not work after the upgrade to Windows Vista in Media Center window.

    I have a Toshiba Qosmio G35-AV600 originally shipped with Windows XP.  I did a clean install of Vista, which resulted in my remote no longer works.  It runs on my laptop. But the contoller stopped working in Media Center window.  And it does not turn off the computer.  So basically so that Vista runs the remote is useless.  I hope that someone a lot smarter than me can help you.  I looked on the forums of computer manufacturers and known issues advice with no luck. I have visited many sites looking for a solution.  Someone has an idea?  This problem is fixable?

    Check again - Device Manager this time select the option for "Show hidden devices'in view in the menu bar."

    It can show the unit.

    Other than that, you might be better off trying forums for Toshiba

  • BDP 3100 Youtube freeze and Yupp TV does not work after the last firmware update


    My Youtube app on the Bluray Sony BDP - S3100 drive freezes when I play any video. It says LOADING... and plays the video completely. But the Player hangs and I have to be able to market. This started happening since yesterday is to say 26/06/2013.

    The other problem is with the YUPP TV App.

    After my latest firmware upgrade June 4, 2013 live channels on the YUPP TV app does not work peoperly. It says loading and will market every 5 to 10 seconds. On demand videos are very good. This began to happen immediately after the upgrade on June 4, 2013 (M14. R.0136). but after that, there was a more updated firmware that says that connectivity issues fixed on 08/06/2013 (M14 Version. R.0138). I've updated on my player. Yupp TV questions are still there. YouTube has been fine since then, but then the Youtube above issue started happening since yesterday and I have reported to the Youtube community as well.

    Could you fix Yupp TV, I'm sure that updating the firmware.  Also please check if Yout tube is with the firmware...

    Let me know if you need additional information.

    Thank you

    At least I'm not alone, until a few days earlier, alls well, now, I have the same problem, so that makes three of us.  New default factory setting does not so I think a firmware issue, all other channels & functions outside of youtube look... very annoying

  • Intel WiDi does not work after the installation of update Windows 10 anniversary. X 1 yoga

    I get a message Notification of Windows ' cannot run this application on this PC: Intel WIDI software display does not work on this version of Windows. "

    This message appeared after the upgrade to Windows 10 anniversary.


    Microsoft to Intel Widi support was eliminated in 10 Windows. WIDI has been replaced by an application called Miracast. If you try to run an application depends on Widi, you may need to upgrade the application or to find a new use.

    For more information, see this Intel review:

    Thank you

  • Internet does not work after the installation of updates

    From 2 updates (KB972270 and KB955759) internet wouldn't work once these updates have been installed.  I removed the updates and turned off the automatic update feature.  Periodically, I would try again but the same result.  I'm now 16 updates to download and I tried last night, but once again not Internet... even after manually loading all, but updates 2 above.  I want to keep my computer up to date but can't seem to solve the problem of the internet.  Is there a problem with the Microsoft updates?  How can I fix the problem, so I can update my computer?

    Open Internet Explorer (only) to GOLD . Select CUSTOM and scan: are any of the updates other than KB972270 and offered KB955759?

    NB: If an update of root certificates is listed under the category of optional software updates on the left side of the scan results window, install it to enjoy greater security of IE8.

    If you choose not to install KB955759, you run difficulty he #50326 in to protect your computer.

    Note: I'm not going to tell you it's OK do not install a critical security update. If IE crashes after installation of an update, something is wrong with your computer (e.g., an infection, one or several incompatible modules of the IE; a "horked" install IE8).

    If you install a security update & have a problem...
    Visit the Microsoft Solution Center and antivirus security for resources and tools to keep your PC safe and healthy. If you have problems with the installation of the update itself, visit the Microsoft Update Support for resources and tools to keep your PC updated with the latest updates.

    ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

  • Keyboard does not work after the service pack update

    Original title: keyboard problems

    I installed an update of the service Park on my laptop and now it's like my fn key is stuck. the correct key type if I hold down the fn key.


    Method 1:

    Follow the steps in troubleshooting section and check if that helps.

    Some function keys or keyboard shortcuts do not work correctly on a computer that is running Windows 7

    Method 2:

    Try to download and install the latest keyboard software drivers from the manufacturer's Web site and see if the problem is resolved.

    Updated a hardware driver that is not working properly ' t-work correctly

  • Re: Vista will not start after the installation of update

    About 2 days ago I updated 2 Optional updates through windows update. It was - Input - Synaptics Synaptics PS/2 Port TouchPad
    and somethind to do with sound hdmi (don't know why I got this update ' cos I do not have a hdmi and I accidentally installed it as well).
    After that installs Vista won't start so I did a restore of the system in safe mode, and she came back to life, however, isn't in better shape, will probably not not to install Vista all over again.
    So be careful when you install these updates.

    It's weird that they came with windows update. As much I know usually windows update does not update if not needed harddrivers...

    You need to update your hardware drivers from the Drivers Toshiba download site and not from Windows update because no one knows if they interfere with the drivers of Toshiba.

  • Forefox will not work after the installation of XAMPP, just repeat me there is already an instance running even if there is no

    Firefox is no longer works on my machine. I'm on vista Home premium 64-bit.

    I installed XAMPP on my pc so I could run wordpress on it. XAMPP installs the server apache, mysql and php on the pc. Once this is done, I discovered that I couldn't use firefox or my windows mail more.

    The two programs kept saying there was already an instance running, even if it was not. I restarted the pc but still had the same problem, so I uninstalled XAMPP / wordpress etc and tried again, still no luck.

    I uninstalled firefox then downloaded again, he always tells me that there is already an instance of firefox running, and it does not start.

    I tried to reboot several times but you can't get firefox to work.

    I solved the problem of mail to rename the windows mail folder, and then import the messages. Maybe something similar would work with firefox?

    Any help much appreciated.

    You have the Firefox icon in your quick launch? Right-click
    on the top, and then select Open a new fenΩtre. Sometimes, it works.
    If it opens, close it by Menu > file > output.

  • Vista will not work after the power to

    I have a HP Pavilion laptop with Vista SP 1 64-bit installed.  Tuesday, April 14 I turned it on only to freeze with in ten minutes after having informed me it had installed updates.  At first, I thought it was a problem with my browser and uninstalled FireFox.  This does not alleviate the problem.  I run my adware and spyware detectors to see if something to eat to the top of the RAM.  All scans were free of malware and it is free of all viruses as well.  It took me three tries to get even the scans indeed the computer would lock up after 10-15 minutes whenever I turn it on.  I thought maybe it was overheating and checked, but the CPU temperature is normal and the fan runs.  I tried a system restore to get rid the updates in case this was the cause of the problem since it had fixed the errors before.  No luck. On the first two tests, he wouldn't even finish the restoration of the system.  I ran the memory controller and it froze and then shut down the computer.
    It crashed last night, while I was running a System File Checker and everytime I try to start it in safe mode, it gets stuck on:
    Support: \Windows\system32\drivers\crcdisk.sys
    After sitting there for sometimes more than ten minutes, it starts as usual only to freeze up again.  I tried to boot into safe mode with network and just Safemode and he refuses to do.  I am very worried that I have a big problem, but I can't stay up long enough to do any in-depth audit.
    All the world had similar problems or might know what the issue could be or am I just screwed?

    Hello brohne,

    Please use the Microsoft Answers form. Because you can run the sfc command or get no results to start in safe mode, I recommend that you perform a repair installation.  This option allows you to repair you computer and all in keeping your documents.  PLEASE SAVE YOUR SYSTEM VISTA FIRST.  The link below explains how to perform a repair installation.
    Thank you for using answers Forum. Please let us know how it works.

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Streets of MS & travel will not work after the installation. Message says reg. Error & re - install. Re-install does not correct.

    What happened the installed program 5 or 6 months ago after a vista update. even after uninstall the program and reg cleaning then reinstall error persists. Very strange for a coflict how MS product.


    1. What is the exact full error message?
    2. Remember to make changes to the computer before the question?
    3. What version of Microsoft streets & trips do you use?

    I suggest you try the procedure described in the link below:

    Error message when you try to use the streets & trips: "your registry settings for this application were not correctly copied.

    You can also check:

    MapPoint / streets & trips / Highway Solution Center

  • Help of blackBerry Smartphones that my curve will not work after I installed an update

    I recently installed an update for my curve. Since then it keeps loading then a white screen saying "error, press any key to return to the configuration of pre" then it turn off then repeats the process again. " I need help because phone is important to my work. Thanks for any help.

    I tried keeping on the battery for 5 minutes.

    Hi scrack

    So if it's during a software device, you can try a fresh reload of your device software to exclude any corrupt device OS. Have a look at how to perform a clean reload of the smart phone BlackBerry using BlackBerry desktop software.


    All you need a PC with Internet connection and USB cable.

    Try it and tell us.


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  • CS6 [will not work after the Cloud]

    I did a test of creative cloud. It has expired. Now I can't access any of my products CS6. Please help what seems to be no mans land. No phone support, no chat online.

    [Title edited for clarity... MOD]

    Cloud of reading takes up for some ideas

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