Photosmart C4580 - fatal error during installation

Today I received my AIO printer and expected (based on all the reviews on the product), it is an easy install and Setup.  NOT THE CASE! I'm going out of my mind and got NO help from HP Technical Support on this issue, even after 2 sessions online and a phone session.  I know it's a DLL problem and a tech tried to tell me it was my installation CD and he would send me a new.

I get about 20% of the way through the installation of the software (with CD and download) and get a 'fatal error' message that says this:

I tried to uninstall, stop, and then reinstall the two albums and a download and get to every time the same exact error message.  Can someone please PLEASE help?

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Waiting for an answer here, I decided to look for other threads and found an answer that worked by Andreas Rosenberg... As soon as I registered the dll mentioned below, I was able to install the software.  I just wanted to post here for other people who might have the same problem can have an answer that might work for them too!

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The reason for the mentioned error is a missing or invalid to Atlant record. DLL.

1.) check if ATL. DLL exists in the WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 directory. If it is missing, you must get it.

2.) register the ATL DLL with: "start |" Run"and type"regsvr32 C:\WINDOWS\system32\atl.dll ".

Try to install the printer software again.

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    I have Win 7 (64-bit) system and can not install the software for my C6280 all-in-One Printer.  I get a message "Fatal error during Installation" and then the software tries to uninstall.  During this process, a reboot is required and then the software tries to install again and it fails.  I'm in a circle without end of the installation-uninstall-install-uninstall...

    How to do this?  I want to uninstall completely all the software associated with this printer and then start over from the beginning.

    The issue that brought this situation was that I was getting the following message is displayed when starting:

    "There was a problem starting C:\users\Myron\AppData\Local\IsolatedStorage\HP\zelqof.dll.

    The specified module could not be found. »

    I guess the missing module would settle if I re - install all software associated with the printer as it is ONLY connected printer (USB) to the PC.

    Hello BigDog5280,

    Welcome to the HP Forums.

    I see that you have a problem with a loop uninstall/reinstall the software and drivers.

    If you have Norton 360 installed, please disable it and restart the computer.  When the computer is back on, try to reinstall with Norton 360 always off.

    Here is a link to a document that is on a Fatal Error ' error 1603. A fatal error occurred during installation "(MSI erreur 1603) poster in HP Software Installation in Windows "

    If troubleshooting doesn't help not solve your problem, then I would say call the HP Technical Support to see all the other possibilities for you. If you call in North America, the number is 1-800-474-6836 and for all other regions, please click here: click here.

    Thanks for your time.



    Hi bob1830,

    Try the next method below and let me know what you find?

    Downloaded and extracted to your system:

    1 download the drivers and full software features

    2. once the download is complete, double-click the file to extract the software.

    3. when the installation window opens, press the Cancel button to stop the installation

    4. type % temp % in the field of race

    5. Locate and open the folder starting with 7z (example: 7zS2356)

    6. right click on the folder and select copy

    7. close this window and all open windows, and then in the Middle the desktop right click your mouse and select Paste. This will move the 7z folder on your desktop.

    8 open the 7z, that you just copied on your desktop

    9 open the Util folder

    10 open the CCC folder

    11. start the L4uninstall.exe

    12. once the uninstall is complete, restart the computer

    13. run disk cleanup from the tools Accessories\ system under all programs folder

    14. download and install the latest version of Adobe flash player

    15 open the 7z folder and then double-click the Setup.exe file that will be towards the bottom of the open window. Follow the instructions on the screen to reinstall your printer.

    Let me know if you are able to successfully install the software and driver and are able to print & scan?

  • HP Photosmart 6280 all-in-one: HP Photosmart C6280 all-in-One error - wstub 197370' «Fatal error during Installation»


    I have a problem with my HP 6280 All in One Printer. There are a few problems and it's really annoying, I wonder if anyone can prove useful please?

    I uninstalled the software and drivers for the Photosmart series C6200 of the site, and when re installation, the software starts uninstalling itself and gives the following message:

    "Error - wstub 197370'

    "Fatal error during Installation"

    And then starts to uninstall the entire software package and then request to restart to uninstall complete.

    Once restarted, the whole scenario goes in a loop that is the uninstall process? Very confusing indeed and have never experienced this kind of problem before!

    All advice is appreciated.

    Best regards, K

    Hi @k_san7,

    Welcome to the HP Support forum.

    I understand that you found "error - wstub 197370' and"Fatal error during Installation"messages when you try to install the software and drivers for the HP Photosmart C6280 all-in-One printer on your Windows PC 7." I would like to help with that.

    I searched our database for "error - wstub 197370' and did not find anything related, but I found some documents related to"Fatal error during Installation"errors." Here is a document that can help - Displays A 'fatal error' during HP Software Installation (Windows).

    I'll try to uninstall the software and printer drivers. Click here if you need help with uninstalling.

    Then I would erase the temp directory.

    1. tap folder in the field "search programs and files".

    2 Select all the files in this folder, and then press the delete key to remove.

    Once removed to close all windows and restart the computer.

    When the computer restarts, download and install the latest version of the software and the printer drivers.

    Here's a direct link to the software and drivers for Windows 7 - HP Photosmart series C6200 full feature software and driversprinter.

    Please let me know if that solves the problem, or if you need assistance.

    In fact, if it helps you to find a solution, please click on the 'accept as Solution' and the 'thumbs up' buttons down below in this message.

    Thank you!

  • Defective JavaScript and cannot be removed or reinstalled, get «fatal error during installation»

    As a result of an error indicating that javascript has not been installed (Internet options/security/scripting is set correctly) I tried to remove the Javascript (before a new installation) but which have resulted in a message: fatal error during installation (probably installshield). I'm so stuck without Javascript and cannot update or delete it.

    I have version 6 update 27 Javascript, Windows XP and Internet explorer 8

    Any help will be greatly appreciated



    You can run solve this link and try to uninstall java and check if the problem persists:

  • "Fatal error during Installation"

    I am trying to remove Apple Mobile Device Support on my computer because my iPod cannot be detected.  I click on delete and it gets all the way to the end before reversing and showing the message «Fatal error during Installation»

    I solved this problem by clicking on edit instead of delete it. Then, when the software uninstall program apple appears, choose Delete. This should allow you to remove the apple software.
    There seems to be a conflict between the program uninstall ASU and windows.
    Please make sure that you clean the registry of unwanted entries before you reinstall the software from Apple. I recommend using CCleaner.
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    Hello epsita esha.

    You can try to use the automated Microsoft FixIt to uninstall programs. You can choose the program you want to uninstall.

    Diagnose and solve the program installation and uninstallation problems automatically

    I hope this helps.

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    I'm sorry, but we cannot help you with problems of Skype in the Vista Installation Forum.

    You can use the Skype Support.

    You will find a link here for their community.

    See you soon.

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    A few days ago MSN prompted me to update my MSN to the latest version. I did and after the update, I noticed that I could not install Live Writer. I tried many times and I'm still stuck.

    I received an error message stating:

    "Fatal error during installation. .

    Please close all other open programs, and then try again. It looks like a another program prevents the installer to work. HR:0 x 80070643 "

    Help, please. Thank you.

    Hello twmagee,

    Since you have problems with Windows Live Writer, it is best to post in the forums of Windows Live Writer.
    Click here for a link to their forum.

    They have experts and available solutions in their forums.


    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think

  • PROBLEM WITH SHORTCUT - fatal error during Installation

    I seem to have trouble downloading anything.  I am trying to download iTunes and after download is successful - I clicked on the icon on the desktop (& Start Menu) and Windows Installer comes up - said his tent to configure iTunes... after a minute or so... appears a fatal error during installation.

    In the efforts to solve this problem - I installed the Windows Installer Clean Up and the SAME thing happens.

    It seems that something is blocking me to download anything.

    All my updates window are updated.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

    Hi 08twinsmom,

    You run the computer as an administrator?

    I suggest you try the following steps:

    Step 1: Delete the Temp folder

    To clear the temporary files folder, follow these steps:

    1. on a computer that is running Windows Vista, click Start, type % temp % in the box start the search in the list and then click on Temp programs.

    2. If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type the password, or click on continue.

    3. on the Edit menu, click Select all.

    4. on the file menu, click on delete.

    5. When you are prompted to confirm the deletion, click Yes.

    Step 2: Check if the Windows Installer Service is started and Auto value

    1. click on start-run, type services.msc, the, click OK.

    "2. when loads Services window, navigate to the" " " Windows Installer Service ', double click on it to open it,

    3 make sure that the "Startup Type" says "automatic"and has begun.» If it isn't, use the drop down menu to change.

    4. If he once said: "Automatic", then click on the "Recovery" tab in the upper part and replace the line "First failure" "Restart the Service", then click on ""apply ', then OK. "

    Now check if the problem is resolved

    Step 3: Put the computer to clean and test start

    Follow step 1 in the link below,

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

    If everything works well after a clean boot, you can deduce that some third-party services are at the origin of the problem.

    Important: n ' forget not the computer to start normal follow step 7 in the link.

    See the link below that relates to a similar question:

    Troubleshoot installation of Intellipoint and IntelliType LifeCam software

    Thank you, and in what concerns:

    Ajay K

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer

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  • HP support assistant, could not be installed error"1603 Fatal error during installation".

    Original title: HP support assistant failed to install

    After the update for hp support assistant failed I uninstalled, downloaded the update & tried to reinstall. It fails to install... network error 1316.A reading from the file c:\windows\installer\hp support assistant.msi. Setup restores the action with error - 1603 Fatal error during installation, see msi.chm or msdn for more information. Help!

    Is that the question is specific to HP support assistant?
    Method 1: Run the following fix - it:

    Solve problems with programs that cannot be installed or uninstalled:

    Method 2: Verify that the Windows Installer service is set to automatic, to do this, follow these steps:
    a. Click Start, type services.msc in the search box and press ENTER.
    If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type the password, or click on continue.
    b. in the list of Services, double-click Windows Installer.
    (c) in the properties of Windows Installer dialog box, click Automatic in the startup type list.
    d. click on start, click on apply and then click OK.
    e. start the installation of the software.
    Method 3: Unregister and register the Windows Setup program again
    See the following steps:
    a. Click Start, type cmd in the dialog box, then right-click on command prompt and click Run as administrator
    b. in the command prompt, type the following command:
    "MSIEXEC /Unregister." without the quotes and then click OK.
    Note: Even if you do it right, it may seem that nothing happens, or you can briefly see an hourglass.
    "MSIEXEC/REGSERVER" without the quotes and then click OK. After you run this command, the operation is complete.
    c. try to install the program and check if the problem persists.
  • C309g fatal error during installation

    Used the last full installation for C309g AIO. Under XP SP3. Wireless installation. Installation froze near the end to "product Configuration".

    After about 30 minutes, it is reported in a window titled: "C:\Documents and Settings\ (my username) \Local Settings\Temp\7zS5BFB\hpzsetup.exe"-«Fatal error during installation»

    Then place a file on my desktop that was supposed to fix the problem. But it wasn't only for installation of USB.

    Before that, the printer has been detected. The network is OK. Print 'Wireless Network Test report' shows all pass and no problems found. I can print and scan from another laptop on this wireless network.

    I totally uninstalled all HP software using Panel of control-add/remove, then reinstalled several times.

    This c309g worked at one point.  Also had a C4780 AIO as an old scanner flat 4570c on this network.

    I'm heading for Kodak, Lexmark or Brother.

    Click on the link below to find out how I completely uninstalled all HP "stuff" before you try to reinstall the full package all-in-one.

    He said do not to use the uninstall file - L4.bat, but I use it after the other 3.

    Before doing anything, I used "Revo Uninstaller" (free), instead of add remove, uninstall anything with HP or Hewlett-Packard in the title.

    Takes some time that whenever may require a reboot.

    I have not found all the HP files that are listed in the article, or in "services.msc".

    "Uninstall-L1..." 2, ... 3 and... 4 also require restart when everyone is finished.

    When does all this uninstall must start > run, type %temp%. Select all and remove the mess.

    Now, you can run the installation package.

    My c309g is now operational in printing and scanning. Also the Solution Center is back.

    Good luck

  • hp6500 (E709n) fatal error during installation.

    HP 6500 (E709n) connected by USB to computer Dell laptop running Win7 32 bit.

    After replacing laptop hard drive, try to re - install the software (OJ6500vE709_Full_14 - W764.exe) fails with this message: "Fatal error during installation." without any error code.

    Here are the details of the error report:

    Error Situation code: 11934060

    The following lines were extracted from installation error logs.

    + 00000000000255643648 | s | Now Launching = X:\hpzprl01.exe - inf m

    preload_drivers "-" ", \autorun_usb.inf". XXX f 'X:\hpwins32.dat '.

    -Don't validate no dat"- No. validate

    SetupINFsListedInDatFile failed with fatal error during installation.

    Exit code = 1603

    I tried different profile of Win and cleaning of HP software removal tools.  There is no saving application event log errors.

    Any help appriciated!

    It seems that it is something in the image that is blocking the installation.  I wish that I had a different answer, but it seems you need to rebuild the image.  I'm really sorry.

  • Error 1603. Fatal error during installation. (AdobeColorCommonSetRGB)

    When I want to install adobe cs4 I can't and I have message of this

    Error 1603. Fatal error during installation. (AdobeColorCommonSetRGB)

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  • Fatal error during installation of the software for Officejet Pro 8500 A909g in Windows XP

    This error occurs during the last stage of the installation. I downloaded the latest software from the HP website as well as the supposed "XP Fix", I used the HP service, I used the brush cleaning HP to completely erase the old files and re-installed.  I've exhausted ALL the options on the Web site to correct this. Nothing works. I spent over 8 hours to solve this problem.  My computer guy said it of because the software has been updated to run Win 7 and is not able to access the XP of the software part to make it work.

    Error Situation code: 03867699

    Error Situation code: 24370865 "fatal error during Installation" 'C:\Program HP Imaging\ {F86D9734 - D358 - 4C5B - BC2B - 6D90557FF05B} \hpzsetup.exe' "-adding a device.

    I see other similar messages but can't find an explanation or difficulty.

    Help would be greatly appreciated!

    The only thing to do would be to format and reinstall the OS.  It's a little extreme, but it should work.  I'm sorry, but that's the last thing I know to try.  If you try this, make sure that you back up all your data.  Good luck.

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