Photosmart C5550 printer cartridges

Printer comes with 99 and 100 cartridges. Also uses cartridges of 74/75. Unable to find explanation in the manual. HP Chat room tells me to use 74/75, switch it to 99 for the best color. Doesn't sound right. I have to keep the 4 available? My impression is text, but I would like to be able to print the best quality photos occasionally. Anyone know the answer?

petercm wrote:
Printer comes with 99 and 100 cartridges. Also uses cartridges of 74/75. Unable to find explanation in the manual. HP Chat room tells me to use 74/75, switch it to 99 for the best color. Doesn't sound right. I have to keep the 4 available? My impression is text, but I would like to be able to print the best quality photos occasionally. Anyone know the answer?

This can be simple or complex depending on your threshold of 'best' of the photo.  I will describe the different cartridges and their uses and then suggest some options.

The 74 cartridge is a pigmented black ink.  It is used for printing text and some plain paper inkjet graphics paper.  It is not compatible with the glossy photo paper and it is not used for printing on these materials.  This will be the best choice for printing text.  Depending on your printing needs the 74XL may be a better choice, it contains about 3 x the ink at 2 x the price.

The 75 cartridge is a cartridge color tri containing inks cyan, magenta and yellow dye based.  It is suitable for printing on paper or ordinary photo media and can print photos respectable.  When you print graphics that the 75 cartridge can be used to print in black in some modes because the point for the 75 cartridge size is smaller that the 74 75 can produce more nice graphics in greyscale as the 74.  There's a cartrdige 75xl that may be more eocnomical according to your printing habits.

The 99 cartridge is a photo cartridge and is exchanged with the 74.  It contains clear, clear magenta cyan and black photo dye based inks.  Unlike the 75 99 cartridge can produce the range of colors by itself, it must be used with a 75 color cartridge.  When you print the photo 99/75 combination can give better results in the light areas sugh as faces and sky tones.  The results can be less grainy than when you use the cartridge 75 by itself.  Then the 99 can be used to print text, it will be a bad choice because the dye based ink is not as good on paper for printing text.

The 100 is a photo cartridge and is exchanged with the 74.  It contains dye based ink black, grey and light grey.  The 100 cartridge can print print B & w. excellent in itself.  When used with the 75 cartridge it can provide better details in the darker areas than the 75 by itself.

Then... the appropriate combinations would be the following.  I suggest you print the same photo with different combinations to see if there is a difference and an advantage for a particular application.

74/75 best text, best for all round impression.  Best on plain paper.  Respectable for photo on photo paper.  Unless you print a photo using one of the other combinations and compare side by side you can think they're perfectly fine.  More economical

99/75 best for printing photo on photo paper.  Less grain than the combination 74/75, this will be more noticeable in clear areas like the facial tones or sky.  Can be used for the printing of the ordinary, but not really optimal paper for this.

100/75 best for B & W photo printing on photo paper or improving color impressions.  Perhaps the best detail can the combination 74/75 or 75/99, in particular in dark areas.

I have a few cartridges 99 and 100, but rarely use while I find the combination of 74/75 to suit my casual photo printing needs.  I see a difference of photos put side by side among the different options, but given one of them autonomous with the fact that it would look fine without a 'better' option to compare.

Kind regards
Bob Headrick, Microsoft MVP printing and imaging

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    To add to what DavidML posted. Here a link to a page that shows how to replace the cartridges of your printer model. It has videos and step by step instructions. I hope this helps.

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    The 100 cartridge is used only for photo printing.  If you do not print photo I suggest remove the cartridge 100 and leaving this space blank.  For the best economy printing on plain paper, you will want to replace the cartridge 99 photo with a black cartridge 96 as well.

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    Hi Gill800,

    Welcome to the HP Forums.

    I see that you are having a problem when trying to change the ink cartridges in the printer.

    Please click on the following link that deals with installing the print cartridges.  Please watch the video that are in the document just in case something is being missed or forgotten.

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    Thanks for your time.

    See you soon,.

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    Dragon fur, I rechecked possible solutions in your response, and after a new test of everything that I had already done, I noticed an alignment test.  That was the problem.  I tried to clean the print heads, as a last resort, on my 4 year old printer.  Solution: I bought a new printer.

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    I had already read and followed everything on the document you provided. I have to go to the retailer, I bought and exchange it. I made sure that the new cartridge was not the same dates as the first. I installed it and it worked fine.

    Again, thank you for taking the time to answer.

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    A question for HP support, or their forums, its their device & software

  • Incompatible error Photosmart 2575 color cartridge


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    Operating system: Windows 7 64-bit

    Printer: HP Photosmart 2575 (Malay), MY65N1119Q, Q7211L

    She needed a new color cartridge and was sold a 344 HP cartridge, who had told him was compatible with his printer and cartridge replaces the original 342. The problem is rejects him by saying that it is NOT compatible with the Photosmart 2575 printer cartridge. I checked online and note HP 344 cartridge IS compatible. I followed the suggestions on the help page, IE. re-installed the cartridge, cleaned the contacts of the cartridge, etc. without result; the printer always reports that the cartridge is not compatible.

    Replacement of the original cartridge (empty) the printer reports everything in order and try to print. Of course print documents of W & B is very good with the place empty color cartridge.

    Everyone knows about this problem?

    Does anyone know if there is a updated firmware for Photosmart 2575? If it is available I have not found it.

    I have to say that I'm pretty bummed. at nearly £ 30 once, it's an expensive way to discover the recommended HP print cartridge does not work!

    Hi Nermski

    Following the advice of HP, I returned cartridge of my daughter to them for a refund. Maybe you should contact them also?

  • Not compatible HP Photosmart C4480 printer ink cartridge

    HI - first time here - I have a HP Photosmart C4480 printer and have recently installed a new black ink cartridge - genuine HP 350XL - bought in Tesco and already used a few times.  I printed a page today, and when I went to another printing, the printer says that the cartridge was incompatible.  I had not touched the printer between the prints. I tried out both cartridges and resettlement but still get the same message.  Also tried to turn again printer.

    I could understand if there was a problem with the cartridge and it was rejected as soon as I installed, but does not understand why this happens between the printing of pages.

    Any help would be appreciated

    Thank you

    Here a link to a document that addresses this cartridge error message that you get on the printer. It will give you troubleshooting to try in an effort to solve this problem with the printer. I hope this helps. If you reach the end of the document and have done all the solutions proposed by the document, would seek to substitute.

    If you are still in warranty, HP can replace the printer without cost to you. I'll link the information to get in touch with them below. The link takes you to a form to fill out. Once you fill it and she is treated, it will give you the printers warranty information, a file number and the phone number to call.

    HP Technical Support call case form: & DLC = in & LC = in & Product = 5061082

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    Moved from feedback

    Original title: printer print

    It is certainly a cause of Microsoft. For support, try or


    My printer takes 350 and 351 ink cartridges I buy from Tesco.  Suddenly, I get the message "Incompatible print cartridge".  A week ago, I changed the cartridges, and they have been printing fine but now this message. No idea what to do next as he completely stopped him.  Any ideas?


    Here is a document that I found that addresses your specific error message, thought it might help:

    Good luck!!

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  • Error message "Incompatible cartridge" on Photosmart C4480 printer


    My Photosmart C4480 printer says "incompatible cartridge" all the time. I recently changed the black boss and after a few prints, he stopped it upward and the message appeared. I tried an another black protector, but it does not help. Don't know what to do. Could you please help me?


    Hello Hakon

    Try to clean the contacts of the cartridge and printer carriage...

    It works?


    Figure 6: cartridge
  • Missing cartridges on Photosmart C4680 printer... It work?

    I have a HP Photosmart C4680 printer that appears in great shape.  It was given to me by a third party.  The two print cartridges and power cord are missing.  I have no idea if this printer will actually print.

    1. Assuming I can start her, is it possible to determine if it will print before you run out and spend the money on 2 new cartridges?
    2. Can I use a power cord to similar research?  I have one who comes from a different model of printer but seems similar.

    Thank you!

    There is no way to determine if the printer print without cartridges from the printer. If the cord will work for the printer you use.

    Let me know how it goes.

  • Streaky printing cartridge Black XL Neuve (Photosmart 7520)

    I installed a new cartridge HP XL Black in the 7520 Photosmart ten days ago.  Today printing black-and-white text I mostly started to become unreadable - scratched, stained, faint - even if the ink level report about 3/4 full for black (of course, the report itself printed with streaks, etc..) I removed and re-inserted the black cartridge to do it has been placed correctly (it was and it is) and then I ran the proper function of the printer cartridges. The print quality report came back fine (including alignment) except that the black box was scratched. After completing this report in print quality, I tried printing text. The first document of a printed page a bit scratched and erratic low spaces; the second time I printed, it's almost unreadable. Any suggestions?

    Hi @witomx,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I want to help my best with your Photosmart 7520 a bit stained black printing

    I know that you have done the cleaning, but I would recommend that you follow through this document to solve print quality problems by following the steps in this particular order should help the black printing normally.

    Let me know if you see improvements or if nothing changes and we'll go from there!

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