Photosmart HP 5510 - ink cartridge error message

I replaced all four cartridges (used HP replacements) but for some reason any Cyan shows a problem.  I contacted the seller of the ink and returned the cartridge for a new thought, I had a faulty cartridge, today a new arrival and on install the same message appears.  I tried everything I can think of this problem. The really weird thing is that if you replace the complete new cartridge with the old, virtually empty, the message disappears, where the reason why I thought that the problem was a faulty cartridge.  I can't have two defective cartridges so what to do now?

Help, please


HP support were baffled, they sent me a new cartridge, but still no joy so that we had to buy a new printer.
Thanks anyway

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  • PhotoSmart C4385 says color cartridge error message is not compatible, but it worked before

    My PhotoSmart C4385 gives me incorrect error messages.  The most recent one is the "color cartridge is incompatible", but it worked before.

    Hello NancyofMarylandand welcome to the Forums of HP, I hope you enjoy your experience!

    I see that you have problems with ink.  I would like to help.

    I suggest to remove the cartridges and perform a power reset.  Unplug the power cord from the printer and the power outlet, then wait 60 seconds. After 60 seconds, plug back in the printer. Make sure that you connect the printer directly to a wall outlet. Make sure to bypass any surge protector or power bar.

    "I also recommend the continuation of the procedure described in this paper on a ' cartridge Incompatible ' or 'print cartridge is missing, improperly installed, or not intended for your device' Message appears on the computer.

    Good luck and please let me know the results of your troubleshooting operations. Thanks for posting on the HP Forums!

  • Align the PSC 750 printer ink cartridge error message.

    I just replaced only the black cartridge in my printer PSC 750.  (Will replace the color cartridge later as my money allows.) The printer is connected to my laptop, MacBookPro, under OS X, version 10.6 operating system.  After replacing the cartridge, I ran a self-evaluation report.  It seemed to run correctly.  No color cartridge only test model because there is no ink in the cartridge.  Then I ran the process to align the print cartridge which gives an error on the printer.  It displays "error: Align page not detected" when I clearly placed the page alignment on the scanner glass.  Tried this process several times and each time I get this error message.

    Could it happen because I have not yet replaced the color cartridge?  If not, then what?

    Alignment requires the black and cyan (or was it yellow on this model?) part of the color cartridge to print for correct alignment.  If you have an old copy of the alignment page you can use it, although the alignment would be suboptimal.

    Soak the printhead of the cartridge 78 in 1 "hot water for ten minutes and then gently the printhead from drying and put it back in the printer may allow enough ink complete the alignment page.

  • Ink cartridge error message Incompatible J4680

    I just installed a new black ink cartridge in my J4680.

    I had not touched the Tricolor cartridge.

    Now when I open the HP Solution Center software, I get an error message that

    the Tricolor cartridge is not compatible.

    However, the printer will print in color.

    Also, I was able to print an alignment page, but does not have the automatic alignment feature

    When I tried to scan the printed page.

    I need help, please.

    We will reset the printer.  Turn the printer off, press and hold # and 6 keys while turning on the printer.

    Which clears the error?

  • Officejet Pro 8600 ink cartridge error

    one or more cartridges seem to be damaged K.  Message appeared after replacing the exhausted original install black cartridge.  I replaced the cartridge to spare with a new cartridge, nothing helps.  I cleaned the contacts and even replaced all the original cartridges installation, once again nothing is.  This is a wireless printer and PC using a windows 7 Home premium OS.  It seems that a printer problem not connected to a PC or a BONE.  It's the HP printer 2nd I have who has the same problem.  All suggestions except substitute the printer?

    @ REBjr.  -I understand that you are getting the error message on the printer that is related to the print cartridges.  Are you using genuine HP unfilled ink in the printer? I would like to start by doing a hard reset of the product to try to put the printer back into a known working state and try to clear the error message before replacing parts.  Here is a document that provides the steps for the hard reset.  Also, is there residue on the black cartridge?  If so, I would look at this link here. It aims to get a printer ink cartridge error message when you try to install a new black cartridge in the machine. I hope this helps.

  • Not compatible HP Photosmart C4480 printer ink cartridge

    HI - first time here - I have a HP Photosmart C4480 printer and have recently installed a new black ink cartridge - genuine HP 350XL - bought in Tesco and already used a few times.  I printed a page today, and when I went to another printing, the printer says that the cartridge was incompatible.  I had not touched the printer between the prints. I tried out both cartridges and resettlement but still get the same message.  Also tried to turn again printer.

    I could understand if there was a problem with the cartridge and it was rejected as soon as I installed, but does not understand why this happens between the printing of pages.

    Any help would be appreciated

    Thank you

    Here a link to a document that addresses this cartridge error message that you get on the printer. It will give you troubleshooting to try in an effort to solve this problem with the printer. I hope this helps. If you reach the end of the document and have done all the solutions proposed by the document, would seek to substitute.

    If you are still in warranty, HP can replace the printer without cost to you. I'll link the information to get in touch with them below. The link takes you to a form to fill out. Once you fill it and she is treated, it will give you the printers warranty information, a file number and the phone number to call.

    HP Technical Support call case form: & DLC = in & LC = in & Product = 5061082

  • ink cartridge error (failed electric pen)

    Deskjet D4360 printer; 32-bit Windows/vista; request entry/solution for/on "ink cartridge error (failed electric pen)."  new placement of ink cartridge were found. due research: have cleaned the contacts of cartridges (w / fluffy lin distilled water & reinstall cartridge. problem persists)

    What cartridge has been replaced? Make sure the printer is connected directly to the wall jack to make sure that the printer gets enough energy to function properly. Remove the cartridge and inspect the chute. Do you see differences between the two falls as a missing metal PIN or debris in one that is not in the chute on the other? Given that you have cleaned and inspected the cartridges already, I would then try reset the printer the following. No user settings are lost with this reset and they're trying to put the printer back into a known working state and clear the error message.

    To do this reset:
    1. take the cartridges from the printer and close the access door.
    2. If the printer is turned on, unplug the power cord at the back of the printer. Then disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet
    3. wait at least 30 seconds
    4. connect the power cord to the wall outlet, and then again in the printer
    5 wait for the machine to start. Once he recognizes that the cartridges are missing, place them in a moment.

    I hope this helps.

  • without the Photosmart 5510 ink cartridges Control Panel cannot be accessed

    I have a Photosmart 5510 which has no ink cartridge. My intention is to use it to scan only, and I would like to be able to set up wireless. When I turn on the printer, the control panel displays this: "problem of ink cartridges.  One or more cartridges appear to be missing or damaged. Install or replace the affected cartridges. »

    The wireless button or the ePrint button cause anything to appear on the control panel and there is no other options, such as cancel or continue.

    Is there a way to go beyond this message of ink cartridges without installing cartridges?


    In general, I'm afraid the answer is no, as a multifunction device, it requires the ink required to operate the device but there are of the workarounds you can try.

    That there is a problem with one or more of the ink cartridges should be sorted first, the control panel will not answer while the device is in an error state.

    You try to use the computer temporarily plugging in a USB port on the printer.

    If the printer is recognized by the PC in such a State, let it finish its configuration and open the software HP Photosmart 5510.

    Open the utilities tab and click on Setup & software printer, then click on convert USB to wireless and follow the steps on your PC.

    If this success then run a scan of your PC use.

    If it is not detected, which is likely to be affected by the error status of the device, such you will solve the problem first.

    You can follow these steps to solve a problem of cartridge if necessary:

    Kind regards


  • HP Photosmart C5180: get the ink system error message

    Hello: Get an error message 'system ink failure' on the screen, have installed new OEM cartridges

    Hello @crisgroup,

  • Re: 2575 photosmart cartridge Error Messages


    @KittyK, I'm sorry that you are experiencing this issue.

    You will need to put in a color cartridge so that the printer works properly.

    The printer will not process without the black cartridge and the cartridge color TOGETHER.

    Color cartridges mix with black to form a true black color. That's why he told you, 'insert the color print cartridge.

  • Ink cartridge error: refer to the Documentation of the printer

    I've scoured the forums for a solution to my problem and come up with nothing. I have a HP Photosmart C5250 all in one connected via USB to a Dell Inspiron under Windows 7 64-bit. I tried the reset suggested several times with no ink cartridges does not. I use HP brand ink cartridges. In its current form, I have no need to print anything but I need to scan something into my computer and the error message prevents me from doing anything. I've lived the documentation several times and he told me something that I already have his not know or is not already done.

    Hey SGibbons, lets try the following steps:

    1. without turning off the product, disconnect the USB cable (if connected like that) from the back of the product

    2. remove the cartridges from the product. Wait that a message to insert the cartridges. If you don't see a message in a few minutes, go to the next Ste.

    3. disconnect the power cord from the back of the product. Wait 60 seconds

    4 reconnect the power cord. If the product does not automatically turn on, press the power button

    5 reinsert the cartridges and close the doors on the product. If you are prompted to print a calibration page, do it.  If you disconnected the USB cable, plug it back in the back of the product

    6. try to reprint

    I would like to know if that helps at all. If it does not provide new details or error messages and we'll go from there.

    Thank you


  • The HP printer cartridge error message

    When I try to replace an ink cartridge in my printer Officejet 6500 wireless, I keep getitng an error message that the cartridge is damaged or missing. I tried another insering and got the exact same message. I can't get my printer to accept the cartridge. The cartridge is in perfect condition.

    What exactly is the error message?   Click on the appropriate link below.

    The "print head problem" or "Print head seems to be missing or corrupt" error

    Message "Ink cartridge problem" on the product

  • Photosmart 7520e: black ink cartridge doesn't work on Photosmart 7520e

    Black ink cartridge stopped working.  I replaced the cartridge with a new cartridge, HP 564 XL.  Used printer clean print head and Align tools.  Received message 'alignment failed.  Cartiridges are defined for quality parameters' the printer is off guaranteed so no help from HP.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to do?

    Hi @aquaharry,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support! I see that you have recently changed the black cartridge on your HP Photosmart 7520 and now you cannot print. You get a "alignment failed.  Cartridges are defined for quality parameters "."

    I wish you continue troubleshooting here: color or black ink not print

    Complete all of THE steps and make sure that the cartridges are properly ventilated.

    What are the results, you are FTA now to complete a successful harmonization?

    This is a great question other clients may also wonder; Please click the "accept as Solution" if you think that this message has helped you, or could help others. You can easily say 'Thank you' by pressing the "Thumbs up" icon.

  • HP officejet 7580 print cartridge error message

    I have a HP officejet printer 7580 all-in-one with the error message "the following ink cartridges appear to be missing or damaged. Magenta (M) "I followed the instructions on the HP site troubleshooting, first changing the magenta cartridge, clean the electrical contacts on the print head, then replace the printhead and I still get the same error message.» I then removed the cartridge yellow and still only had the same error message about the magenta cartridge, even after restarting the printer. In my view, that it must be a problem with the software or the chip of the computer on the printer itself. Someone at - it suggestions for me?

    Looks like you did a lot of troubleshooting for the cartridge error number.  The areas of print head and cartridge are separated in the OJ series L7580 printer, so the effect print head not this error.  The error comes from the electrical contact with the cartridge in question, appears magenta of the post.

    Follow the steps described in the document, found here, to solve the problem and determine if the error comes from the cartridge or the electrical system internal printer.

    I hope this helps.

  • HP psc photosmart 2410: align ink cartridges

    I replaced the cartridge three-color No. 57 and the display showed ' align the print cartridges - Press OK to print the Page align.

    I pressed 'OK' and a page was fueled and the printer made looks like fine print, 'impression' was displayed and then he stopped and the same "Align" message was displayed.  I went to this cycle several times and was never able to print an alignment page.  I can't get rid of the message and therefore I can't use other functions; scan, fax or copy.  I can always print pages of the computer, however.  Does anyone know how to reset or escape from this situation?  Help, please.  Thank you.

    Hi @LCWaite

    I understand that you are having problems with your HP PSC 2410 Photosmart all-in-one printer for the replacement of the tri color cartridge. Please use the following document to solve the problem and I would like to know the results of your efforts; Error message: align the print cartridges, press OK to print Align Page.

    I hope this helps.

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