Photosmart HP 6520: HP 6520 scanning in black and white


My HP 6520 scans in color black and white docs.  I read the various messages from others who have similar problems and have downloaded the latest drivers on the Apple site.   When I open the HP utility and navigate to "Scan to computer" and 'Modify tasks analysis' I find the menu only 2 items I can interact with are "Document (PDF)" and "Photo (JPEG).

When I press the button Edit, I get a submenu that I can develop to show the type of device, the presets and exit.  When I select the "show details" button, I get only one bar for me to choose the quality in which items can be scanned.  I don't see the Mode option that should allow me to select Save in both black and white.

Please can you help me with a few tracks here - thanks in advance.


Hi Waterboy71

I carried out the tasks that you recommended and there is a degree of progress, while getting only not in a fully satisfactory place.

Certainly the HPScan shortcut on the desktop icon will allow the scans for color photos but the documents in PDF format are in black and white.

However, if I take the longest walk around the system, select the printer in the printer options and select scanner in that, a submenu opens and I can propose to scan in color, if its for documents or pictures.

Is not as simple as it used to be, as I didn't have to do that before - maybe it's a result of a system of 'upgrade' somewhere along the way.

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  • My HP photosmart 6510e all-in-one scan only black and white.

    How do I change this color scans?

    Just bought. And I can't scan document in color. Only when I use the scan for the photo. But then the scan is very low.

    When you have the answer thank you in advance.

    Kind regards


    The Netherlands

    Hello Jeroen.

    I assume you are using the printer on a Macintosh, envoirnment? Please correct me otherwise.

    The workflow default scanning set up to scan documents in black and white. Be sure to change the settings for scanning to scan color documents:

    If your version of OS X 10.7, be sure to install the critical update below. Skip this step for any other version of OS X.

    Now change the settings of the device as follows:
    1 open the HP utility and select your device.
    2. based on Scan Settings open the "Scan to Computer".
    3. click on the tab scan tasks.
    4. Select the affected shortcut and click on change... (or double-click on the shortcut).
    5. in the section of scanning from an HP device, click the blue triangle to expand the menu.
    6. in the expanded menu now, open the drop-down next to the Mode
    7. now select the color option, and then click OK to save the changes. The next scanned using this workflow is displayed in color.

    Kind regards

  • My HP Photosmart C8180 All-in-One Printer does not scan the black and white film strips or slides.

    This problem occurred recently. Previously, the scanner accepted slides and strips of black and white film and scanned them without any problem. Since I've updated the OS on my iMac (I am currently using OS X 10.6.8), I contacted Applecare because I thought that it was possible that my current operating system might have some incompatibilities with the C8180. 'Expert' AppleCare then accompanied me by a uninstall/reinstall, but it has not solved the problem. AppleCare said then that the problem is no doubt HP hardware failure. I find it quite peculiar since the scanner otherwise Applecare analysis works and there is no problem with respect it print or copy.

    Hi, JAOC,.

    Your C8180 can scan slides or films fixed on the memory card.  This will allow you to test the scanning equipment.

  • upgrade to El capitan now HP Photsmart will only scan in black and white

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    Go to the App Store and try to run another software update. If your system does not automatically detect a new HP update... ?

    Try > erie, 5199461, model, 5199462

    Also have a look at > the basics of the Mac: using a scanner - Apple Support and try to use the Image Capture Scan-ware from HP instead.

  • Scan gives black and white vertical stripes

    I have HP Desjject F4488 connected to my PC with Windows XP PRO. Recently the scanner gives black and white vertical stripes alternating. Download the 4400 series driver from HP site and used. He worked for some time, but giving the same problem again! Can anyone suggest a permanent solution.

    Thanks Travis for the support. Unfortunately, the warranty has expired. I'll wear it to an HP support center.

  • Just bought a B210a Photosmart more impossible to print a picture black and white, green to come.

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    This seems to indicate that your magenta ink is not printing correctly.  Try it troubleshooting steps described in this page.

  • HP Photosmart Premium C309 didn't not printing black and white; Alignment failed; The ink is in cartridges

    could someone help me... Please!

    the documents do not print.

    I cleaned up; harmonized and ink cartridges with ink.

    Impressions of black color in the doc does not print.

    Similar problem had to change print head I kept the old and it very dirty to I will try to clean and keep it for a spare part.  You could remove cartage and try to clean up the background and that could save buy you the new printhead

  • Photosmart 5512: I would like to analyze not only black and white

    I tried to find some configurations but I can not...

    When I try to scan a sheet saying that is an image of the document, it kind of "break" leaves in different documents, and if I say that it is a document, scannner scans in black and white...

    Is it possible to scan in collor and save to the pdf format?

    Thank you

    Hi @Rossinni

    Open your Applications folder, then on the Hewlett-Packard folder.

    Locate the HP Scan icon and move it to the trash.

    Then install the HP Easy Scan application instead, it's the latest version of HP Scan:

    Now, try to scan from the printer once more, in the future any document should appear as color and picture as a full page with no cropping.

    Kind regards


  • HP deskjet 3510 scanning black and white photos

    HP deskjet 3510 printer all-in-one scan computer black and white.

    I want to scan an image is what ever color.

    I don't see anyway to change the color.

    Hi len,

    You can choose "Scan to PDF"? I wonder if the PDF will scan in color. Let me know what happens!

    In addition, instead of scanning from the printers of the unit Panel, you scan from the printer software I was alluding in messages earlier? Scan from the software on your PC will give you all of the scan options.

    Take care

  • I want to print in black and white only on my hp photosmart 6520

    Photosmart 6520 windows 7 How do I put this so it prints only in black and white not color at all times.

    Hi macys.

    Welcome to the HP forums!

    Implemented a Photosmart 6520 for black ink only from your Windows 7 computer? That I can help with

    You will want to start devices and printers (via your control panel) with access to your folder and right-click on your Photosmart 6520 icon and select Printing Preferences. The window that opens will be similar to the display on the left of the screenshot below. On this screen you click the Advanced button, and then you will see a screen similar to the one on the right of the screenshot. There, you go the black ink only setting and press OK. Press and then apply on the previous screen before pressing OK again. The driver will now be on use black ink only.

    Let me know if that does the trick for you!

  • 6520 photosmart all-in-one: can't get Photosmart 6520 to print in black and white only reliable

    I'm trying to get the 6520 Photosmart of HP all-in-one to print only in black and white. I followed the instructions in the manual (go to the preferences of the printer by selecting "Black ink" only 'Print in grayscale,' hit 'Apply' and 'Send'.)

    Now, if I do a table in the word processor Open Office and fill the cells with different colors, they print in black and white. Bonus. This is what I want. However ... When I print a page of Open Office spreadsheet (the ultimate goal), there are all the cells, printed in color of life.

    That is what it is? How can I fix?

    Afternoon @MSWS,.

    I can help you with the printing settings in Open Office.

    It seems that this program has its own options that can bypass the default print settings.

    I found this page of support which may help you with the settings. OpenOffice - control print  

    Thank you

  • Photosmart HP 6520 - print in color, not black and white

    I have had this printer for some time and configure options so that it used only the black cartridge unless I put it specifically to do otherwise when I wanted to color.  It worked well and I could switch between black and white and color very easily.  A few weeks ago, the printer started to ignore the options I would set and printed in color.  I double checked the parameters, and the printer is always set up for black and white, but now it completely ignores and still print in color.

    I tried the settings at the time of printing, and that indicates that the image in black and white, it still prints in color.

    I haven't added any software or made any changes to my pc.

    Can someone help me with this, please?

    Hi Lulu and thank you for the reply!

    I suggest to download and run the HP print and Scan doctor.  Once you have run the tool successfully, try again the configuration in black and white.

    Please let me know the results.

  • My HP photosmart 6510e all-in-one scanning pictures in black and white but the docs are still in color.

    Scan pictures into my a6683w HP Vista in black and white, but the documents still scan in color.

    Hello there ingridt, welcome to the Forums!

    I noticed your post on the scans of your Photosmart 6510, scan to your system from Vista in black and white. I want to offer my suggestions to you to see if they can help you with this.

    First of all, try to launch the HP print and Scan Doctor who is used to fix the printing and scanning problems. You choose the option "Scanning" when the tool is run. It will inform you if the software is completely installed, or if there is a problem, it can not correct. If it detects an error and shows you a red 'X', I suggest then uninstall and reinstall.

    Here are some links to help with uninstalling and reinstalling if you happen to do these steps.

    1. uninstalling the printer software

    2. restart your PC

    3 reinstall: Photosmart HP 6510 e-All-in-One Printer - B211a

    Try a scan now and let me know how make you out!

    Good luck!

  • Photosmart: black and white printing

    I have a HP Photosmart 5520. N set the printer to print in black and white that I rarely need to color option?

    Hi @skeltermac, welcome in the community.

    Thank you access the Forums from HP Support for extra support! I see you want to change the print settings to print in black and white only. I will do my best to help you with this problem.

    You have not mentioned the operating system you use and the settings are specific to the operating system you are using.

    If you are using MAC OS X, follow the steps mentioned in the document to change the print of"grayscale" settings or black ink only:

    If your computer runs windows, follow the steps mentioned below to change the color to grayscale options / black-ink only:

    • On the file menu in your software, click on print.
    • Make sure that your printer is selected.
    • Click on the button that opens the "Properties" dialog box
    • Depending on your software application, this button could be called 'Properties', 'Options', "Setting up the printer", "Printer properties", "Printer" or "Preferences".
    • You can select grayscale or other "layout" option / options 'Colour' or 'Advanced '.

    Please visit for instructions.

    Please let me know if that solves the problem. Good luck!

    See you soon

    Please click on 'acceptable' on the post that solves your problem to help others to find the solution. To show gratitude for my help, please click the 'Thumbs Up icon' below!

  • How to get my photosmart 7525 to print in black and white on a pc

    How can I get the print option on my pc that allows me to choose the color or black and white in Windows?

    Hi ep43,.

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support! I understand that you want the options to change the color printing in black and white on your HP Photosmart 7525. I would like you to follow the steps below on your computer:

    1. go to your Start Menu

    2. Select devices & Printers

    3. right click on your PS 7525 and select Printing Preferences

    4. click on Advanced Options

    5. in the present case under characteristics of the printer, you will have the option to print in grayscale, black ink only or Off (which would by default for color printing)

    I hope this helps!

    Thank you

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