Photosmart HP 7520: HP photosmart 7520 error remains after the new cartridges installed

HP new cartridges installed, the error message "one or more cartridges appear to be damaged or missing" yellow cartridge is indicated, two new cartridges have been installed, without success.  Device has been turned on several times but the error message remains the same. The pocket of ink has been packed to remove any residue, did not help.

Hi @gl40,

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  • Photosmart repeated 5514 new cartridge installed alerts when any new cartridges have been installed

    This is a printer newly installed, connected to a MacBook Pro running OS last, Lion. Installation and alignment of the new cartridges went very well, but now I get alerts several times a day saying that a new cartridge of whatever color or other had been installed and I need to align. The printer works well otherwise, but these alerts are a nuisance, because the only way to get them off the screen is to restart.

    How can I get rid of these alerts without turning them off completely?


    I believe that the installation of the latest version of the software published on the website of HP can solve the problem. It's a newer version, and based on my experience it should solve the specific problem.

    Please follow the steps below and check any changes:

    First step: completely uninstall the software by using scrubber

    * Please note that the following steps will delete all HP software installed.

    1. click on menu go (click the desktop, then watch the menu in the bar at the top of the page)
    2. Select Applications
    3 select the Hewlett-Packard folder
    4. double-click on uninstall HP application
    5 follow the uninstall to prompt to select a device to uninstall
    6. press and hold Ctrl + Alt + Cmd keys on the keyboard at the same time as you click on uninstall
    7 approve any prompt to uninstall all HP software.

    Second step: reset the printing system

    * Be aware that reset the printer system will eliminate any existing queue and reset all custom settings driver.

    Click on the Apple menu and then click on System Preferences.
    Select Print & Scan.
    Right click (or Ctrl + click) your product with the Printers list in the left panel and then click on reset printing system.
    Click OK to confirm the reset.
    Type your user name and password.
    Click OK. The printing system resets.

    Step 3: install the latest version of the software

    Step 4: update the latest drivers

    Click the Apple icon, and then click software update.

    Click on show details and be sure to select the HP printer software update 2.9.

    Click on install and provide the details of user when you are prompted to.

    Hope that helps,


  • Error printer mechanism: the print cartridge cradle cannot move

    HP Officejet Pro 8500 has 910g

    The printer will not print: the message is: error printer mechanism: the print cartridge cradle cannot move.  Without the cradle of the cartridge and press ok.

    How free the cradle of the cartridge?  I sent a message to 13:30 and I got a notice that they will contact me within the hour, he is now almost 19:00 and nobody sent me back.  Help

    Try the steps in this troubleshooting page.

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  • Printers HP 7520: Error Message "missing or damaged cartridge" displays when you install the new cartridge.

    When you install a new ink cartridge, we received an error message "missing or damaged cartridge. This was a new cartridge and seemed to be completely inserted in the carrier. There was no visible skin damage to the cartridge. Is there something that we are missing?

    Hi BobbyBaby,

    I'm sorry, you get an error message with your cartridge.  Sometimes there is a problem with the electrical connections and this can be fixed by rubbing and replace the cartridge.

    Here is a document to check that you are not missing anything.

    I hope that this clears the error message for you.


  • Photosmart 6510: Printer not found the new router


    The Photosmart 6510 says that it is connected to the network of law with a beep sound intense, works with a usb cable and print a test without error page. BUT nothing comes out when I try to print something with wifi. It remains in the queue. Print and scan doctor finds nothing. WiFi worked before changing internet provider and so the router (I guess that's the name of the area which gives access to the internet). Tried to turn all market again and reinstall of the printer.

    The supplier offered to modify the number of IP printer, that has not helped. Using Windows 7.

    Any ideas?

    Thought I had answered this, but it is not displayed on the site.

    Now printing without cable USB between the router and the printer. I think it's helped the router to communicate the correct number of IP to the printer.

    Anyway, problem solved. Thanks for your efforts!

  • e all in a single photosmart 6520: 6520 implemented of the ink cartridges

    Hello I recently had a new photosmart printer of hp 6520.  However the implementation of the ink cartridges were not in the box.  I was wondering if there was a way around it or if I would be able to get a new set of these cartridges in order to set up the printer so we can use it.   I registered and installed all the software.  the only thing I don't have is the cartridges of configuration to use it.   Thank you for your time

    Hello! Welcome to the @jbuckley21 forums

    I read your post on how your 6520 Photosmart did not include cartridges Setup. In this case, you will need to contact HP for the Setup cartridges sent to you, to install the printer.

    Please, give us a call:

    Call our technical support at the 800-474-6836. If you do not live in the United States / Canada region, please click the link below to get help from your region number.

  • Photosmart 6520 print not in black after I installed the new cartridge.

    I just replaced the black cartridge in a Photosmart 6520, and it will not print in black. Color cartridges print very well.

    Appreciate any help.

    Thank you


    Thanks to YouTube, I have set the printer. The screen under the black cartridge has been blocked. He just needs cleaning.

  • Photosmart Pro B9180: Exhausted ink with new cartridge message

    I had 2 showing depleted, inks Light Cyan and Magenta, so I replaced them both.  After a bit of memorization and re - insert, I managed finally to get the LC to be accepted, but kept showing Magenta empty ink Replace cartridge. Finally I managed to get the printer to accept the cartridge by removing the yellow and magenta and the closing door ink cartridge so this printer it has advised both cartridges where either missing or damaged. I then re inserted the Magenta cartridge and closed the door and waited for the error message about the yellow show and then re-inserted cartridge yellow. The printer then went to the ready state. Hurrah! After a print test sheet and a couple of head cleans and then some photos on plain paper I tried to print on photo paper. At half way through printing the machine stopped and threw the message for the Magenta cartridge is exhausted. I cheated once again the printer twice to remove the yellow and magenta cartridge and put back as before. It has managed to get at the end of printing, which indicated that the heads remain a pure which I proceeded to do. Unfortunately the printer cannot again print throwing up the message that the Magenta cartridge was exhausted and needed replacement.

    After doing a lot of research online, it seems it is a common problem, but what I failed to find are solutions even on the HP forum.

    Is this a problem with the cartridge having questionable chips? Is this a problem with the printer, chiefs or general design?

    I really need an answer that will prevent me from buying inks Dungeon I am wasting money. I have tried all resets as described in other posts here. Unfortunately once the exhausted ink message nothing different pose can be done as the printer all crashes.

    Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

    Hello Jabzi,

    an update on printer problems. Following your last message, that the printer has again stopped work while I followed your advice and tell me the magenta was exhausted that I knew, that it could not be. In any case, I decided that the cartridge must be defective, so I ordered a new one. The next day, waiting to get to the printer, I let on, ran his daily routine of maintenance and the problem corrected itself, is great. I ran a few prints which still showed heavy bands/bad colors, so I ran routines cleaning and alignment that has made the problem worse. What I noticed, is that the banding seemed to be linked to black ink and there are large gaps in the text. I changed the black photo that has been reading about 25% full I had read a similar post where someone had problems with a low black cartridge. I also pulled the print heads and thouroghly them cleaned manually. The two black print heads showed signs of ink muddy accumulate but color heads everything looked very clean. After cleaning and reinserting the heads the printer ran his routine alingment and produces best alignment prints that I had. I then printed the test page, was also excellent showing no missing text and three print heads that fell in fair condition were now show as good. Since then I've produced great prints.

    That I summise from all this is that the problems seem to have stems printheads being blocked preventing ink flow and giving messages erroneous re cartridges is exhausted. Everything that was probably due to the printer being unused and left off for an extended period. Once the heads had been cleaned and enough ink has flowed to purge the ink heads has been lying in it for a period the printer was able to function properly.  At least I now have a spare cartridge magenta on-site as well as a printer to work.

    I hope it's useful to anyone having similar problems.

    Thanks for your help



  • HP Photosmart 3310 printer. Problem with new cartridges hp 363 original.

    I live in Italy and I bought an all-in one HP Photosmart 3310 U.S.. Once the original ink cartridges were being run-out, I bought a complete set of original HP ink cartridges that are new in Italy. Now, the printer screen displays the following message: "Printer set up to use ink cartridges 02" and do not want all works. The ink cartridge, I bought was 363 (n.6 cartridges for all 70 euros!). Please let me know if there is a way to change the configuration of the printer and allow it to work with 363 cartridges instead of 02. Thanks in advance for your answer. I'm looking to pass on your instructions. Best regards. Carlo of Urso

    Of course, I can't speak for cdurso, but for my part, HP refused to help me with the reset of the region. Some representatives of the foreign customer support told me simply repeatedly that my printer was obsolete, and that I had to buy a new one. However, I found a solution very simple to my problem. I simply pulled the chip on the ink cartridge in the region that the printer has been set to, and I stuck on my new cartridge. I think that this would negate my ink level readings, but it allows me to use the printer, which now works perfectly. I just have to ignore the "expired cartridge" message I get every time I need to activate or reset it.

  • Get the error when after the desktop is loaded: "search parameter was a problem and will be shut down."

    original title: definition error according to the office is responsible.

    the search parameter error message had a problem and will be shut down. This happens when startups while remaining on the desktop.


    1. What is the exact error message you get?

    2. have you recently made changes to the computer?

    I suggest you to see the site mentioned below:

    Step 1: Safe Mode

    Start the computer in safe mode and check if the problem persists

    A description of the options to start in Windows XP Mode

    If the problem does not persist in star safe mode the computer to the boot and see if the problem still occurs.

    Step 2: Clean boot

    How to configure Windows XP to start in a "clean boot" State


    I also suggest you to see link below:

    Advanced Troubleshooting for General startup problems in Windows XP

    Note: When you restore the system to a previous state, programs and updates installed later will be deleted.

    Warning: As there is a possibility of loss of data after the upgrade on site I suggest you make a backup before the operation.


    Note:  When checking a disk for errors, if bad sectors si des secteurs defectueux sont are found then the system tries to repair sector. All data may be lost. So make a backup of the data.

  • Error: (Operation Ilegal on object wrapped native prototype) after the new security update

    I have Firefox installed on a HP Presario Quad 64, 22 running the Version to the Windows 7 home page. Firefox has been running and update what I got the last (20130618035212) update published on June 3, 2013, and it installed today. After the installation of the error: illegal operation on the object wrapped in native Prototype) appears several times during the opening and one or two times on each operation, I do it, on any page thereafter. I don't know what the reason for this error, or that the update can be interacting with. I noticed that there seems to be no way to selectively remove a security update of in Firefox it's automatic, I can remove it from windows Add/Remove to see if it is the cause rather than remove the Firefox it's self and re-install. I did have a problem with Firefox for a long time now that I have become much too relaxed in my security, I must admit it took me by surprise. Any help or information would be fantastic.
    Rick M.


    Try Firefox Safe mode to see if the problem goes away. Safe mode is a troubleshooting mode, which disables most of the modules.

    (If you use it, switch to the default theme).

    • You can open Firefox 4.0 + in Safe Mode holding the key SHIFT key when you open the desktop Firefox or shortcut in the start menu.
    • Or open the Help menu and click on the restart with the disabled... modules menu item while Firefox is running.

    Once you get the pop-up, simply select "" boot mode safe. "

    If the issue is not present in Firefox Safe Mode, your problem is probably caused by an extension, and you need to understand that one. To do this, please follow article Troubleshooting extensions, themes and problems of hardware acceleration to resolve common Firefox problems .

    To exit safe mode of Firefox, simply close Firefox and wait a few seconds before you open Firefox for normal use again.

    When find you what is causing your problems, please let us know. It might help others who have the same problem.

    Thank you.

  • Satellite L30 - 10Y: error checking after the 2 GB of RAM


    I have a Satellite L30 - 10Y ^ months ago I walking the RAM 1.5 GB by adding a card of 1 GB of RAM in the 512 MB card provided it worked well.
    I also have walking my son Hi-Grade lapto with exactly the same specifications of RAM that worked well also. So I decided to grade until my L30 10Y with another card of the same specification to bring it up to 2 GB as specified by TOSHIBA.

    I booted the computer to find Hay presto after the message following the start screen appears * "_the file is possibly corrupted.
    The file header checksum does not match the calculated checksum_ "* the computer then froze and I turned it off."

    Controls, I did tried two cards into the two slots without change, 1 card in both slots (an empty) works very well. Other card in the two sons of slots (works Fine) the two card slots in my computer (works very well) all three cards and 512 MB card in the configuration of the slots and cards (works fine). The three cards 1 GB in all configerations cards and slots to the error message and other times 1 long beep and 2 short.
    Yes, the cards have been installed correctly. Impossible to change something to do with the BIOS, even though it may be accssed. Cannot run dvd player although I can select.

    I went back to 1.5 GB and reinstalled all OS the drive recovery Toshiba try all over again the same results. Running windows Vista Edition family Basic, Bios is the last download. RAM is compatible. Cheep Hi-Grade son accepts that all RAM in all Configurations without sentence windows XP operating system.

    Can anyone think of anything either, I have not tried, or I just have to go and by a Hi-grade computer?


    I read your announcement carefully, and it seems that you have checked that everything what is possible
    So in my opinion the two ram modules are not compatible set
    It's the only plausible explanation for this problem.

    AFAIK the L30 - 10Y needs DDR2 533 MHz (PC2-4200) 200 - PIN SODIMM modules.

    Finally the short beeps are coming from the BIOS and it means that the error has been detected.

  • Error message on the new laptop

    Day 2 of Windows 8 - continue to take me an hour to do what took 5 minutes - main 'problem' is that I don't understand an error at startup - I click on continue and it goes away-while the message is on screen AVG icon will appear in the bottom bar but if I click on cancel or something else (sorry I forgot the other option to continue) new error message disappears and the AVG icon disappears from background.

    If anyone is interested, I copied the error message but it of a long and show below, along with details of my laptop - please put my mind at rest and tell me how to stop the message and put things (what) law.

    Thank you

    Specifications of the laptop HP G6

    HP Pavilion Notebook PC g6 product name

    Product C5J46EA #ABU number

    8 64-bit Windows operating system

    micro processor Intel (r) Pentium (r) CPU B960 2.20 GHz

    6 GB system memory

    slot for memory 4 GB SODIMM Micron Technology 1 1333 MHz

    location 2 2GB SODIMM A - DATA Technology 1333 MHz

    1 Intel(r) HD Graphics graphics device

    card system 56.2 C 1841

    F.14 system BIOS

    1 Hitachi HTS547575A9E384 hard drive

    c: 678.57 GB (637,18 GB free)

    d: 19.3 GB (2.42 GB free)

    audio device 1 IDT High Definition Audio CODEC

    2 audio device Audio Intel (r) display

    power supply electric a/c

    Battery main charge 100% available

    error message
    See the end of this message for details on the call
    just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box.

    The exception text *.
    System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set not absolute instance of an object.
    atAVUS.Form1.Form1_Load (Object sender, EventArgs e)
    atSystem.EventHandler.Invoke (Object sender, EventArgs e)
    atSystem.Windows.Forms.Form.OnLoad (ByVal e As EventArgs)
    atSystem.Windows.Forms.Control.CreateControl (Boolean fIgnoreVisible)
    atSystem.Windows.Forms.Control.WmShowWindow (Message & m)
    atSystem.Windows.Forms.Control.WndProc (Message & m)
    atSystem.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.WndProc (Message & m)
    atSystem.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.Callback (IntPtr hWnd, Int32 msg, IntPtrwparam, IntPtr lparam)

    Loading assemblies *.
    Assembly Version:
    Win32 Version: 2.0.50727.6387 (Win8RTM.050727 - 6300)
    Assembly Version:
    Win32 Version:
    CodeBase: file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86) /AVUS/AVUS.exe
    Assembly Version:
    Win32 Version: 8.0.50727.6387 (Win8RTM.050727 - 6300)
    Assembly Version:
    Win32 Version: 2.0.50727.6387 (Win8RTM.050727 - 6300)
    Assembly Version:
    Win32 Version: 2.0.50727.6387 (Win8RTM.050727 - 6300)
    Assembly Version:
    Win32 Version: 2.0.50727.6387 (Win8RTM.050727 - 6300)
    Assembly Version:
    Win32 Version: 2.0.50727.6387 (Win8RTM.050727 - 6300)
    Assembly Version:
    Win32 Version: 2.0.50727.6387 (Win8RTM.050727 - 6300)
    Code: file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System.Configuration/
    Assembly Version:
    Win32 Version: 2.0.50727.6387 (Win8RTM.050727 - 6300)

    JIT debugging *.
    To enable just-in-time (JIT), the .config file forthis debugging
    application or computer (machine.config) must have the
    jitDebugging value set in the section.
    The application must also be compiled with debugging

    For example:

    According to this site, it's the update anti-virus designed to help keep AVG updated and current.

    However, I wasn't able to find information about it on the site of AVG. Therefore, I don't know if it is officially included in the module use AVG or a third party. You can try to run without it for now and see if AVG updates or not. If Yes, then you are good to go. If this isn't the case, then I would say that it is an official part of AVG and that AVG may have to be uninstalled and reinstalled as a whole to resolve the error message.

    It may be interesting to send a request by email to know if you need AVUS AVG.

    It seems that some use AVUS universities to keep their anti-virus up-to-date based on this and it looks like they use with AVUS Sophos. If it's the same AVUS, then it more than likely is not part of AVG.

  • Remove the error and check the time cartridge after replacing my black cartridge in my HP 7200 printer.

    After replacing my black cartridge in my HP 7200 printer, it says remove and check right cartridge. It also says this if I put the old cartridge in. Worked well before ink has low cartridge-more

    Cartridge OT:Ink

    Hi Jim,.

    I understand how it could be frustrating when things do not work as expected. Please, I beg you, don't worry I'll try my best to resolve the issue.

    What operating system is installed on the computer?

    I suggest you try the steps from the following link:

    Error message: remove and check ink cartridges

    Hope this information is helpful and let us know if you need more assistance. We will be happy to help.

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