Photosmart P1000 - full of ink, but no printing on paper. Help!

I have a photosmart p1000 which has not been used for about 1 year. I just installed new ink. Printer and go through the print than normal request but no show of ink on paper. It act like it is printing but the paper came out white clean.  No idea why this is happening? Thank you.


Hi - a couple of things to try.  First of all, when you installed the ink cartridges, did the tape covering the ink nozzles detaches completely?  You could remove the cartridges, hold them upside down and make sure that there is no Ribbon left on the ink nozzles.  If the ink nozzles are clear, try the procedure described in this document, simply choose the operating system you are using.

Hope that helps.

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    My black picture is empty (do not know why, do not use photo) the largest on the right side is almost full, but that's the impression not something black.  the colors are very well.   I tried to play with the setting but am at a loss.

    Help, please.  Thank you!


    Welcome to the Community Forum of HP.

    It's just one of those things - you must have all five cartridges to print with that printer.


    The Photo black is not just for the pictures - this type of black is "jet black" and is used for special types of printing needs "black-black" including pictures, graphics and photos.

    Black regular print gray-black, gray, mixtures with other colors and prints some blackish fonts.

    You bought into this concept when you purchased this printer - maybe - not deliberately, but so much.  Additional 'Photo Black' is one of the reasons for this printer is capable of reproducing really excellent color photographic Images.


    The facts about Photo Black

    The following is provided by our own Provost Expert Bob_Headrick .

    The document explains how to use the ordinary black and photo black ink cartridges used in the 7520 Photosmart and printers Photosmart 7525.

    Partial extract:

    The smallest cartridge is the photo cartridge, used for printing of dark areas when the photo paper is selected in the driver, or 'automatic' paper selection is enabled, the media type is detected as photo paper.  It can also be used in some cases when you print graphics on plain paper.  If you are printing on plain paper make sure "plain paper" is selected in the selection of the type of media for the driver.

    Photosmart 7525 may require ink in all colors (including photos and black) to avoid any clogging of printheads.  See here for more information on how the ink is used.  PhotoSmart 7525 is an IIC printer in the terminology of this document.

    Bob Headrick, Microsoft MVP Windows Expert - consumer, HP Expert


    Question about Photosmart 7525 / ink Photosmart 7520 - five


    If you wish, you can buy authentic HP inks from HP:

    HP SureSupply

    The delivery is free - and delivery is super fast, at least here in the USA.


    Drivers and software of printer features complete e-all-in-one HP Photosmart 7520

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  • Nine D110b. Installed the cartridges supplied. Black ink will not print on paper, color OK.

    I just opened and installed the new all-in-one printer of D110b. only the color cartridge is printing on the page.  Using this with an iMac OSX running.  Do you have the utility printer cleaning of the printheads through step 3, but no change.  Audit of the use of ink and black ink is expressed.  But where is it placed?  Please help as soon as POSSIBLE.  Thank you.  (Since this is a new printer, you would think that HP help for free - no luck.)

    I called HP hotline and they get my cartridge black to finally work.  It turns out that the ink inside, since it had been sitting for about a year, has been a bit lazy, and he had to be convinced to enter the tube and print on paper.  Thanks for your suggestions.

  • HP Photosmart Premium C309: blue ink will not print

    I replaced all 3 color cartridges, but also the black with the new HP cartridges but when I tried to print the Cyan (blue) does not print. I tried to print something green on this subject and it printed yellow. The computer recognizes that the new cartridge has been installed. I cleaned the print heads, but that did not help. I printed a page of diagnosis and cyan won't print, even if it does appear that the ink level is declining, although it is not printing.

    In the paper here troubleshooting steps can help solve cyan not print on your Photosmart c309.  Be sure to go through all the steps in order.

  • Photosmart HP 6520: black ink does not print

    I've had the printer for less than 2 years 6520 and black stopped printing. I did all the instructions on the screen for troubleshooting, and still it does not work. If anyone has some advice, it would be appreciated. I'm not wanting to pay a fee to speak to a live person. What happened to free customer service?

    Try here on Youtube.

    If no joy the printer is toast.

  • Got my photosmart b110a House and it is not printing color? Help.

    Hey I got my printer installation and what not and it doesn't print all colors outside the black, this is a new printer that I did all the normal things, printed report of the print quality 'diagnostic' analysis done through the printer head alignment, went on the media and checked if there is anything that I can do and I was wondering if anyone can help get it you like.

    Hi edward_ormersher & FLOCKY

    You can try to verify that the cartridges are properly ventilated (details here )

    If it does not, then seeing that it is a newly purchased product I would say contact Phone Support immediately.

    Please let me know how you go.

    Kind regards


  • OfficeJet 4500 wireless cannot print bold paper for comics cards

    rumblings of the printer and jump but will print normal paper fine - only growls with a stock of Council and stttutters

    OK, please check your Inbox to private message for options to reset, I send you.

  • My photosmart c309a print or copy black ink. I replaced new w ink but still does not

    I have a mac.  My photosmart 309 c has suddenly will not print or copy of black ink.  I cleaned the print heads, tried to align (not that), went out & soak the cartridge printing and eventually replaced w / new black ink.  Still nothing!  When I print, I get a black ink when I try to align, but nothing.  Color will print.  Same problem when I try to copy - no black but will get color.  What should I do?

    I finally had time today to try the method of back.  It worked!

    I took out the print head, continually ran hot water into the Pan so that the water has never been dirty (about 1 inch of water), has run a small flow of water in the black on the top screen that I determined that I had nothing to lose, gently dried the electrical parts and put it immediately into.  Turned on the printer, he crossed the alignment, etc. and printed black (and colors).  Just copied too dark.  It took me about 10-15 minutes for the whole process.

    Hope this works for others.  Thank you all for the input.

  • How can I get my HP Photosmart P1000/P1100 ink jet printer to work with windows 7?

    Is there a way to get my printer inkjet hp photosmart p1000 to work with windows 7?

    There is no support of Windows for your model, and there has been no full support for XP. If the printer is not recognized and Windows Update can't find anything, you will need to buy a new printer...

  • Ink is full, but the print quality is not good with HP Officejet 7000

    I was printing on CD labels/stickers just now and noticed that even if I chose Normal / the best print quality, the result is always the same: it looks faded, and as if I'm out of ink.

    There are not any warnings I was running out of ink, but I replaced the cartridge anyway. However, print quality has remained the same. Should I set in the settings? Help.

    PS, It might be useful to know that, because we bought this last end of July 2010, we only used two or three times, never until today.

    I hope you help me find a solution for this. Thank you!

    Apparently, the way out is the cleaning cartridge and harmonizing.

  • Photosmart A636 ink I but my printer does not print

    I received an error message stating cartridge jam I did the 3 cleaning level and printer still does not print.  Paper goes through like it's printing but fate HELP empty.

    Looks like you have narrowed it down.  If the followed the cartridge, a new problem should solve the problem.

  • Photosmart C6380 all-in-One: Photo ink instead of printing ink (Dutch HP)

    My printer keeps using ink photo instead of the printer ink, but it seems to me impossible to change. I found a solution somewhere on the forum to check the box "use black ink only" in preferences > advanced > grey but it is not this option in the Dutch version...

    I have already tried several things: cleaning the printerheads, handed over to defaultsettings, try changing preferences with the HP ePrint, printermaintanence of the printingheads and cartridge, etc...

    Please help me to be able to use my printer.

    Welcome to the HP community @IrisvdL,

    I stumbled on your post about how you cannot select this option to print in "black ink only" when you try to change the settings of the printer for you Photosmart C6380 and I wanted to answer. Although I'm not familiar with the Dutch language, I suggest you make sure you download and install the full feature software and driver on your computer to have access to all the options of the printer.

    Click on this link to download the driver and software: series all-in-one printer, HP Photosmart C6300/6324 full feature software and driver

    If that does not give you the option of selecting black ink only, then I would recommend contacting HP directly to see if a technical support representative can connect remotely to your computer to help others.

    Testify of my answer by hitting the thumbs below and press the button "Accept as Solution" if I helped you reach a solution!

    I hope this helps you!

    Contact HP:

    Step 1. Open the link:
    Step 2. Enter the product number or select Auto detection
    Step 3. Scroll up to "still need help? Fill out the form to select your contact options.
    Step 4. Scroll down and click on: contact HP options - click Get phone number
    File number and phone number appear

  • HP Photosmart 5514 no black ink printing

    I have problems with my printer photosmart 5514 not printing black ink and the printing of blank pages. I've tried every suggestion of simple troubleshooting and nothing has worked. I have cleaned the printhead to the printer about 5 times, tried to align everything (but the alignment page is not detected), none of my cartridges are empty, and I reinstalled the printer to make sure it wasn't a problem with the connection. I am trying to print word documents or gives me a blank page or a very slight color page and photos are coming very slowly and completely bleached.

    Please help, I don't know what else to try and my printer is out of warranty. I barely used it too so it becomes very frustrating. I would try to take the printhead manually to clean, but I can't go out with a screwdriver.

    Thanks for getting back to me. I will send you a private message, please check the little envelope on the upper right of the forums page to check your Inbox of Forums.

  • Printer driver Photosmart p1000 for windows 7

    where can I get a driver for my Photosmart P1000 for Windows 7?

    Thank you


    I have correctly installed Photosmart P1000 with HP Desk Jet 970Cse driver to Windows 7 by following your steps (part I) and part II; steps, I found to suport-amlabels-for moving item not specified in the list of printers.

    Note: When I used HP Desk Jet 990c (do not use) he connected the printer to the computer but would send paper without printing - DJ970Cse worked perfectly for me.

    Here is the entire process part I, part II, part III.

    Note in part II I was not able to find the right driver, because I wasn't able to do the update of windows from there.  There may be an easier way to do it, but it worked:

    Part i:  (to turn on the windows update)

    1. go on devices and printers.

    2. click on add a printer.

    3. replace LPT1 port USB.

    4. click on windows update (to load the drivers more) - Once loaded - click on HP (Hewlett-Packard not stated), then clickDesk Jet 970Cse

    5. after the directions at the end (not alarmed that the test print does not work - this step is only for Windows Update to register for part II - later allows you to uninstall this printer useless).

    Part II

    A problem that may be encountered during the installation of your printer of labels on the Windows 7 operating system is put in the list of devices not specified, even though you think that you have installed the drivers correctly.

    Now to remove the unspecified list, please follow these quick steps:

    1. From the Windows taskbar, click the Windows, right click on computer icon, and then click Manage . The computer management window opens.
    2. Click Device Manager in the left pane of the computer management window under System Tools. A list of installed devices appears in the right pane of the computer management window.
    3. Right-click of your product in the list of other devices and then click Update driver software . Opens a dialog box to locate the driver software.
    4. Click Browse my computer for driver software .
    5. Click Let me pick from a list of drivers for devices on my computer , and then click Next . The Add Printer Wizard opens.
    6. Under manufacturer , in the installation of the printer driver window, click on the manufacturer of your .
    7. Under Printers , select the driver replacement for the product (listed in the table in step to determine compatible driver appropriate ), and then click Next . Opens a window to update driver warning.
    8. Click Yes to continue the driver installation.
    9. Pull up a document to print, and then select HP Desk Jet 970 CSE (1 copy).  It should display the color and black.
    10. Go to part III delete the first printer installed.

    Your device will now be fully assembled and ready to use.

    If you need any other help or advice, please contact AM labels on 01536 414 222 01536 414 222 FREE end_of_the_skype_highlighting


    Part III

    1 cancellation test print of the first installed printer HP Desk Jet 970 CSE

    2. Uninstall HP Desk Jet 970 CSEdo uninstall (1 copy)

    3 (1 copy) will replace the printer uninstalled.

    I hope you have success faster than I did - it took me two hours to finally combine those two processes and then I also had to restore my computer to a version prior to restart after installing HP 990 C JD.


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