Photosmart premium all in a defiler of c309a wireless radio is on, but will not recognize network

Using a laptop computer Dell windows 7 with my printer and it works well. All of a sudden, my wireless to the printer indicator is on, but I can not get the printer to recognize the network at all, and obviously can not print from my wireless laptop. Works very well by USB.  I ran all the diagnostic tools on the site of hp, nothing helps... The printer is only 18 months - old do not throw out just for that! Any ideas how to solve this problem? I have reset the router, hard to reset the printer and followed all the steps of the Diagnostics. I'm puzzled!

I feel like a real dope. But this correction is so simple and cost nothing. You need not map the c309A wireless. What I did, is running a network cable to the back of the printer to my router (one of taking four behind) which automatically added the printer to my home network. So all I had to do after is go to the "Add a printer" Wizard on my computer laptop windows 7, let the wizard find the printer, which she did, and it works very well, from anywhere in the House. I don't know why I didn't think this earlier.  I'm not an expert, just do a lot of trial and error and I usually understand. I woke up in the middle of the night and thought of this. Feel really stupid! But what surprises me, why the guy from HP offers this? What is with that?  (by the way, I found the part, but they wanted bucks 48.00 plus 12 for shipping.) What a scam! That's not your job, it's Mr. HP guy?


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