Photosmart Premium C309-g: the drivers and the printer software will not be installed.

My network all-in-one Photosmart Premium C309-g worked very well on my desk until recently, when suddenly the HP software could still see and connect to the printer, but Windows 10 could not. I tried to remove the printer and uninstall all associated software, then tried to reinstall the software. Unfortunately, the installation will not get to the point where it starts and then suddenly disappears with no trace of her still running in the background. I can deviate from the default installation and bring to the top of the page to select the components that I want to install, but when I do the button 'ok' on this page does not work. No matter how many times I click on it, the page remains open and the installation will not so fast. If I click Cancel on this page, it disappears and the installation back to the previous page, where I can choose to continue and happen almost immediately out of sight again. This happens whenever I try to install selected software and drivers. I deleted the printer from the devices page in the Panel, I made sure to this it is not is more listed in the Manager of peripheral devices (printers and imaging devices), I removed the Windows 10 print queue and I deleted all the data of the folder under the Program Files (x 86) HP folder on my hard drive. I also disabled Windows Defender and run the installer as administrator, yet none of these steps help the process at all. I have never, in my 20 + years using nothing other than printers HP, encountered a problem like this. I'm used to receive error messages during the installation of software to fail, but I have never had a process simply disappear from the computer without leaving any trace of never having run. I hope that someone out there has an idea, that I have not thought yet, transferring files to my tablet to print from becomes a pain in the rear.

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Welcome to the HP Forums @GarfieldFan1969,

I understand the printing software will not fully installed for your Photosmart C309 on your system Windows 10, and I wanted to answer with my suggestions for trying to help! Here are my suggestions for you to try. When you are finished, please let me know the results and problems or errors that you may encounter!

First step: clean boot, restart the PC and try the install again.

1. start by typing "msconfig" in the search box of Cortana, and then click MSConfig (run command)
On your keyboard press Windows + R key at same time and type Msconfig in the run window, and then click OK or press ENTER.

2. now, choose Selective startup

3. Remove the check of the Load Startup items

4. click on the Services tab

5. check "hide all Microsoft Services" and then click on disable all

6. click apply , then OK

7 restart the PC and temporarily disable firewalls or antivirus programs

8 run the Installation Wizard for Windows HP printer to install the printer

9 turn on the firewall and start services

Second step: you unregister and re-register the Windows Installer Service:

1. hold down the Windows key + R to fill the box "Run" and type cmd.exe, and then click OK.
2. at the command prompt, type msiexec /Unregister , and then press ENTER.
3. at the command prompt, type msiexec/regserver, and then press ENTER.
4. at the command prompt, type exit and press ENTER to close the command prompt.
5. run the Wizard for Windows HP printer installation

Step 3: run System File Checker Scan (up to 3 times) to repair the corrupted system files:
1. go to start
2. type CMD
3 right-click and run as administrator
4. to check and repair the OS type sfc/scannow (note the space between sfc and ' / ')

You may need to run this upward to 3 times to solve all the problems

When finished, it will say one of three things
Windows did not find any breach of integrity (a good thing)
Windows resource protection found corrupt files and repair the (good)
Windows resource protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some (or all) of them (not a good thing)

Try to reinstall the printer.

Step 4: activate the built-in Windows administrator account


1. first of all, you'll need to open an administrator mode command prompt by right-clicking and choosing "run as Administrator" (or use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Enter in the search box).

Note that it works the same in all versions of Windows. It just search for cmd and then do a right-click on the icon of the command prompt in the start menu or the boot screen.

2. If you are in Windows 8.x or 10 you can click on the Start button and choose to open a command prompt in this way.

3. now type the following command:

NET user administrator / Active: Yes

4. you should see a message that the command completed successfully. Log out, and you will now see the administrator as a choice account.

(Note that this screenshot is for Vista, but it works on Windows 7 and Windows 8 and Windows 10)

You will notice that there is no password for this account, so if you want to leave it enabled, you must change the password.

Try to reinstall the printer.

Testify of my answer by hitting the thumbs to the top slot

Click on the button "Accept as Solution" if I helped you reach a solution.

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    Printing for your operating system software may be available for download on the printer Support pages.

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  • The printer error will not fade

    HP 1350 printer showing jam, it is clear and will be printed test page, remnants of the error and does not print. Printer has been restarted; computer has been restarted. Printer has worked very well so far.

    Hi, ChristineBecker,

    Try the following:

    Right click on my computer

    Select manage

    Click on Device Manager

    Click on the + sign next to the printer

    Right-click on the printer and select uninstall

    Click on the + sign next to the imaging device

    Right-click on the printer and select uninstall

    Click the + next to Serial Bus Controllers

    Right-click on the printer and select uninstall

    Restart the computer

    Windows will reinstall drivers

    Go to the manufacturer's website and search for updated printer drivers

    Message has disappeared?

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    Click on stop

    Wait for Windows to stop the printer

    Click Start

    Wait for Windows to start the printer

    Under Startup type, select automatic

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    Your printer driver should already be included with the operating system, just add the printer.

    1. Open devices and printers, click Start , and then, on the start menu, click devices and printers.
    2. Click Add a printer.

    3. In the Add Printer Wizard, click Add a local printer.

    4. Choose a printer port page, make sure you use a button existing port and the recommended printer port are selected and then click Next.

    5. On the installation of the printer driver page, select the model and manufacturer of the printer, and then click Next.
      Do not choose Windows Update.

    Otherwise the other alternative

    Drivers available at Panasonic (old printer):

    KX-P2023 download

    Download instruction

    1. Download the file in the destination folder, e.g. C:\TEMP.
    2. Prepare the formatted diskettes (3.5 "FD) for each compressed file and insert it in drive A.
    3. Run the downloaded file named "" xxx. "." EXE", then the self-extracting file starts.
      (Self-extracting destination is disk has.)

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    Please remove all packaging from the inside of the printer, then press ok to continue

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    the following cartridges appear to be missing
    align the ink cartridges into the slots

    They are certainly in their slots correctly... I tried to get out them and re - insert, looking for additional packages left on them, turn on/off, clean the contacts, the printer and they still do not work!

    I'm sure that it will not need a service like suggests growth hurt here as its only 24 hours old!

    can anyone suggest anything else?

    Hi, I would suggest definitely contact the HP support by phone for this. Can you please let us know how you get on?

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    Do or not.  There is no test.

    These directions will not work with Windows XP, but it's the right idea.

    She also leaves a file .cmd lingering somewhere on your system.

    I propose the following technique that works for all versions of Windows and will not let any .cmd persistent or other files on your system:

    First to clear the print queue, you have to stop the print spooler service, and then remove all the jobs/print files pending.
    You cannot delete all print jobs in queue so that the Print Spooler Service is running, so you have to stop first.
    To stop the Print Spooler Service, click Start, run and enter in the box:
    Click OK to open the Services Applet.
    Locate the Print Spooler Service, right click and choose 'Properties' and then click on the "Stop" button to stop the Print Spooler Service is running.
    The option "Startup Type" of Service properties print spooler is usually set to "Automatic" (which is now a good time to check it out).
    If the "Startup type" is not set to "Automatic", set the "Startup Type" field to "Automatic" If that is your desire (which now is the time to check it out).

    Do not try to start or restart the Print Spooler Service again...
    Next. remove all updates pending upward and forward to printing from XP.  If they do not print before, you will need to send them to the printer again once things are cleaned in service yet.
    Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the following folder (assuming that Windows is installed on your C drive):
    Delete all the print jobs in queue (select and delete all the files) in the folder if the folder is without waiting for print jobs.  The folder must be empty when you are finished.
    Reboot your system and check the Print Spooler Service again to make sure the Print Spooler Service restarts automatically restart (given that the startup type is set to automatic).
    After the reboot, check again the spooler service for printing and the 'Status' column for the print spooler must be read "started."

    Submit new failure of print jobs.

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    Since the printer has stopped catalogue mid and holding the paper for about 3 minutes before he spits unfinished.

    The job remains in the queue and will not itself should be deleted, so I can not print anything else.

    If I reboot I get sometimes to print a page, but this work is still in the queue until I restart.

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