Photosmart Premium C309g-m: why the port sometimes numbers show the IP address of the printer?

What is the meaning of the second address below?  In other words, why Windows lists two addresses for the same printer?



Windows check out the unit using the two protocol TCP/IP Standard, as well via the WSD using network protocols such as multicasting additional and Internet Printing Protocol, so the 2nd device detected by its host name and a complete URL.

You can learn more about WSD in the following link:

You can choose a Printers list, it will provide the same printing capabilities, but using different network protocols to communicate with the printer.

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  • Photosmart Premium C309g: What is the shortcut to 'Add a device' for?


    I have a shortcut on my desktop, titled "add a device - Photosmart Premium C309g-m". The shortcut is:

    "C:\Program Files (x 86) \HP\Digital"-AddADevice

    By clicking the shortcut wonder how I will connect the device (USB, network or WiFi).

    This should have been deleted after that I installed my printer? Is it safe to delete?

    Thank you


    Yes, right click, delete.

  • My HP Photosmart Premium is saying "preparing the printer can not be interrupted. Please wait... "What is happening?

    My HP Photosmart Premium is saying "preparing the printer can not be interrupted.  Please wait... "What is happening?

    HP support


    I know that maybe it's a little late to come and see this post was several months ago, but I had the same problem.

    I ended up turning off the machine and opening printer and check the ink cartridges (I had seen just to find the part number for a new cartridge).  I found that the blue cover which snaps into place on the ink cartridges was broken not closed completely.  This has caused the printer constantly tries to go into maintenance mode, but it could never align cartridges.  She also told me that there is a paper jam, even when there is no paper in the machine.  I even let the maintenance run all night without success.

    Once the cartridges have been broken in place and the blue cover has been fully guaranteed, the printer worked.

    above compositions of this thread:

  • All-in-one HP Photosmart Premium C309g-m requires the password wireless

    All-in-one HP Photosmart Premium C309g-m we recently had to ge to a new Westell router for the wireless. the printer connects when we put the password but anytime the commection to the router go out it will not reconnect until the password is released. He seems to forget the password.  System indicates that the software is up to date for the printer.

    Hi ckmcgraw,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support! I see that you have recently changed your wireless router and now when he loses the connection, you must enter the password on your HP Photosmart C309g to reconnect to the wireless network. The reason why this could happen, it's every time, it loses the connection to the router assigns a new IP address, which would require a password for the network.

    You can set a static IP address for the printer, which should solve your password entry wireless every time, he loses the connection. See the steps below:

    • Print a network from the front of the printer Configuration Page. Note the IP address of the printer.
    • Type this IP address into a browser to reveal the internal settings of the printer.
    • Choose the network tab, then wireless along the left side, then on the IPv4 tab.
    • On this screen, you want to set a manual IP address. You must assign an IP address outside the range that the router sets automatically (called the DHCP range). If you do not know the range, change the last set of numbers (those after the last '.') 250
    • Use for the subnet (unless you know it's different, if so, use it)
    • Enter the IP Address of your router (on the Page of the Network Config) for the gateway.
    • Enter for the first DNS and for second DNS. It's Google DNS. You can choose a different external DNS if you wish.
    • Click 'apply '.

    Please let me know the result, I hope this helps!

    Thank you

  • HP Photosmart Premium c309g-m PDF does not print correctly

    Am under Win XP. have HP Photosmart Premium c309g-m; running the last printer driver; printer connected wirelessly, using Adobe Reader  In other words, I'm under the last printer driver and the latest version of the Adobe Reader software.  Everything prints fine except PDF.  See the PDF file in Adobe Reader, the print preview looks good, but I get blank pages on the printer with most of the settings.

    The pdf document is black and white.  I feel better if I say the HP print driver to print color and say the Adobe Reader print dialog for 'print picture '.  The output is readable, but much too weak.  Same results when you run the same configuration of printing on Windows 7.

    HP produces a printer whose driver is able to print PDF documents properly?  If so, I would consider buying one.

    Hi FeralUrchin,

    Thanks for the reply. No problem at all!  I'm glad that the replacement printer works very well.  If you have problems in the future feel free to go on the forum or contact the helpline.  Here is a link for the global coordinates for any future reference if necessary. Click here

    Thank you for being a customer of HP.

  • Photosmart Premium c309g made monitor flicker

    I recently bought a photosmart premium c309g and installed to get to run on my system as a wireless printer.  I use xp SP3 on my operating system.  Since I installed the printer, my monitor flickers and then all the few minutes when the printer is turned on.  I don't have this problem when the printer is off.  It's annoying when I'm working and I need to prevent this.  Any suggestions?  Use the cable usb rather than Wireless Setup?  Other than this issue the printer seems to work very well.

    I think I solved my problem so if someone else knows this. . I uninstalled my printer and reinstalled with a usb cable AND the free wireless/bluetooth still seem functional.  Also, I installed only the software necessary to operate the printer and does not have all the extras that come with the printer.  That seems to have made a huge difference.  No more flickering and the printing speed is much improved with usb.  . . no more print is chess.  I had several people earlier today, when printing pdf files.

  • HP Photosmart Premium C309g-m the wireless to a wired PC

    I have a Photosmart Premium C309g-m connected wireless to the local network, as are also several other computers (Windows and Mac). No problem here, just connect and print very well. I also have an older office (windows) connected the wired access point. How can I get the Office for printing/scanning on this unit? It seems that HP Office software doesn't give me a possibility to have the two devices connected to the access point or the two wireless. It's silly. It is a network printer, and I should be able to just connect at least with its IP address.

    What Miss me?

    What is the model of your router?  Some routers have settings that prevent communication between the wired devices and wireless.  Here Network Diagnostics can help.

  • Photosmart Premium C309G Linux compatible?

    Is the HP Photosmart Premium C309G printer compatible with Linux?  Compatibility Linux is a test before I buy a printer, and I'm curious to know.

    I note that similar (but not identical) model C309A is compatible, as shown here: if the C309G has the same level of compatibility as the C309A, I'll be happy... but it is not clear to me if the C309G can use the same driver HPLIP/CUPS/Linux as the C309A.

    I am an openSUSE user and reasonable familiar with Linux.

    In fact, there are very good support for the C309G.  I just bought a plus earlier today and have set up with Ubuntu 9.10.

    You must use HPLIP.  Ubuntu 9.10 seems to come with the 3.9.8 version.  I manually installed 3.9.10:

    1. go to

    2. Select your Linux distro and version.

    3. for the type of printer, select "Photosmart/Photosmart Pro".

    4. for the model of the printer, select "HP Photosmart Premium all-in-one Printer Series - c309g" (it took me forever to find in the selection list)

    5. click next to download HPLIP, even if she tells you your distribution includes a version that supports your printer

    6. click Next again to download.

    7. click on the button download HPLIP.

    8 follow the instructions ("' sh hplip -", essentially ")

    Do not work as root or with sudo.  You will be asked your password later.  Among other things, the installation script installs all needed packages, including XSane for scanning.

    I really appreciate the support HP for Linux here, and it's one of the reasons why I continue to purchase HP printers.


  • Photosmart Premium c309g fails to print - product number CD055A

    Operating system - Windows 7 Home Premium - Hardware is a laptop

    Error message - Document cannot print

    Changes to the system - None until the problem occurred

    Wireless printing worked very well; then suddenly unable to print.

    1. have uninstalled and installed the printer drivers and the solution Center

    2 solution Center shows printer is connected

    3 analysis function works correctly in scan mode

    4. the ink levels are displayed correctly

    5 scan doctor indicates all functions work correctly

    6 print in Photosmart Office on line Ethernet router to the printer

    7 have you checked the network (domestic) IP addresses; Looks OK, also supported by the fact the remote scan document works

    8 HP update indicates all functions of driver is up to date.

    9. tried to follow all the built in troubleshooting guides

    But, when a test page prints in the properties of the printer or the Scan Doctor (even though the doctor scan gave all the controls green), the test page will not print, and finally the error "Unable to print document" appears in the solution Center. Process seems to timeout and then displays the error message.

    During the process of re-setup the only thing that I have noticed and which may be out of the ordinary, was the printer to be selected was noted as "wired". The installation process then set up the wireless connection and noted that the all-in-one printer has been connected. But so do print function does not work and the remote scan function.

    I see an another item which is strange. Two icons of the printer are set up in the printers and faxes. One is HP Photosmart Premium c309g and HPFDFC41 (HP Photosmart Premium c309g-m). Why two Photosmart devices?

    Followed all the recommended steps. It is interesting to note that during the installation of the full feature printer was still noted as a wired connection. However, the network connection has been implemented and worked successfully.

    Encountered the same problem. State of the document scan and ink has been authorized; but they could not print a test page.

    A ran the doctor printer and Scan; all boxes have been checked green.

    A run the hardware installation wizard. This time the S/W noted that the printer has a wireless connection. The analysis of test ran successfully; but the case of test printing, after several seconds, resulted in a 'document cannot print."  This seemed to be the idea or the "a needle in a haystack" for me, the error was apparently issued on a timeout.

    Has looked for something else (outside drivers etc.).

    The solution:

    McAfee firewall, after several years, it has failed and has chosen to block the printer communication, while leaving all the rest alone. I had not changed any settings or authorized programs.

    McAfee is no longer with me. Am to assess competitors. In the meantime have enabled the Microsoft Firewall. Can print successfully from the laptop through the router to the wireless printer wireless.

    I know just enough to get me in trouble, so don't know if HP diagnostic tools should have picked up the fact that communications were being blocked or not. But, I appreciate the comments and troubleshooting tips.

    I hope that fixed the problem.

  • HP Photosmart Premium C309g suddenly stops printing wireless

    I recently bought this printer. I've set up to print wireless. I installed and uninstalled twice b/c after about three times wireless printing, it stops wireless printing. Here is the order of events.

    (1) install the software according to the instructions

    (2) test page wireless printing, that always works

    (3) other printing things the same day wireless (works fine)

    (4) try to print something wireless as 2-3 days later

    (5) it does not. Get message of the staing HP Solution Center which is obvious: Document cannot print (duh). Through troubleshooting (Windows help). It tells me to make sure that it is the default printer (it is) and then check if it is online. It is usually not. So I choose to do the printer online (which is a sub-question, and I'm sure is related to the problem, why it keeps automatically be disconnected?)

    (6) attempt to print

    (7) message appears saying that HP Photosmart C309g-m offline (Solution Center)

    (8) read troubleshooting tips (HP Solution Center), which tells me to connect via USB to print (which annoys me because there is no available solution that tells you how to restore a wireless communication between the router/computer/printer)

    (9) which I did the first time around, but find that when I connect using the USB, it prints well. Any attempt to return to wireless printing is reflected in steps 7 and 8

    (10) check the connection of the application printer wireless network printing. Indicates that the printer is properly connected wireless. I know that my laptop is on the same network b/c that's the only one I have and my internet connection is not interrupted somehow.

    (11) get frustrated, uninstall and reinstall the printer

    Repeat step 2.

    This has happened twice already, and I bought it so that I COULD print wireless. He must be troublemaker solution Quen uninstall then reinstall the printer each time that happens (up to once a week).

    I have a laptop computer, a printer and a wireless router.

    have a Belkin g MIMO Wireless router

    I own a Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop

    I have a HP Photosmart Premium C309g (bought less than 2 weeks ago)

    I do not turn off the router or printer. Rarely I have turn off the laptop. Reset the router in the past has not helped. Turning and on the printer or the laptop in the past has not helped.

    Issues related to the:

    (1) how to prevent printing to offline on my laptop

    (2) how to restore communiucation between the printer and the laptop computer on the wireless network?

    (3) how do I keep the communication between the computer laptop and printer (and I assume that the router) to go Bye Bye?

    Thank you


    About what you suggest, the IP address remained the same throughout the facilities and absorption.

    However, I have thought of it. I guess that the wireless connection on the printer. I went back to the office and looked at my network settings. I needed to "find" my wireless signal. The first time that I've refreshed my wireless name does not show upward. I refreshed again and POOF! He was there! So I chose and put in my password (I think that his WPA encryption). When he finished the wireless network connection, it is printed on a network status page. Given that I printed this page so many times already I happened to have an old on my desk. I noticed that the IP address is the same (although today, I uninstalled and reinstalled again) on both forms. Anyway, when I returned to my computer (which is in my living room) HP Help Center had a giant green check mark on it and said that the printer is connected. Then I printed something and it worked! YAY! It would be great if HP put in information on the way to reconnect wireless when you get this message "the printer is not connected. Who knows maybe I needed to evacuate to understand! Laughing out loud

    So for everyone out there, if this happens to you:

    1) go to your printer

    (2) select the arrow to see the next menu. (it should be on the right side of the LCD screen, it looks like a triangle on the side)

    (3) select Setup--> network--> network wireless assistant

    (4) the printer will start to search for wireless networks

    (5) choose your network (or the network you are using...  It should be the same as your computer/laptop is on)

    (6) if it is password protected, enter the password/password

    (7) your printer will print a network status page.

    (8) your computer should "recognize" the printer on the network itself. Your HP help window can display a large green check mark (it's a good thing!)

    (9) print what you want!

    * Note I guess that you may need to do this each time the printer goes into sleep mode. Its not that boring!


  • HP Photosmart Premium C309g do not print black ink


    My HP Photosmart Premium C309g (CD055A) will not print black ink even if the cartridge is full. He's going through the motions of printing but the pages come out blank. It prints colors, they are not as dark as before, so I know that black is not working. I have cleaned the print heads, turned off the printer, unplug the printer, restarted the computer, but nothing works. I get colors on the report of the print quality, but the printer status report comes out blank. I bought a new black ink cartridge (564XL) think the previous one was defective (levels showed a 75% ink) but I still have the same problem. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thank you.


    I see you have done some troubleshooting on the issue of the print quality that you are experiencing.  I would make sure you did all the troubleshooting steps available for your research problem in the document following the link.

    Print colors are the colors should not when the C309 Photosmart Premium printing.

    If you have completed all these steps, then I check the status of your printer warranty.  If it is out of warranty, you should consider the solution provided by Bob_Headrick in the thread found here.

    Hope this helps,


  • Extremely slow printing wireless with HP Photosmart Premium C309g-m

    I see extremely slow print speeds when printing from a Mac or a Windows XP system on a new printer HP Photosmart Premium C309g-m wireless. The printer starts printing immediately when I request a print, but it only prints one line. It will take about 15 minutes then to print the rest of the page, each print after a very long break line. Print demo page doesn't exhibit this problem, only documents of programs such as Word 2008, Safari, and Firefox (I tried firefox on PC and Mac) are affected.

    If I connect to the printer via a USB connection it prints very well, so this problem seems to be the only wireless printing.

    Printer: HP Photosmart Premium C309g-m
    Computer: Mac mini (late 2009 model) (also tried a Windows XP laptop, by comparison using the latest drivers from the HP website)
    OS: Mac OS X 10.6.2 with all available updates installed
    Method of connection: cable Ethernet connection to the router wireless
    Printer drivers: version 2.2.1 (Apple provided, drivers HP never installed as system comes with 10.6)
    Wireless router: Apple TimeCapsule (early 2009) 1 TB, honing a/d and modes of b/g on 2.4 and 5 GHz. TimeCapsule is in transition as the DSL modem handles DHCP service mode
    Encryption: WPA2 Personal, no MAC filtering or hide the SSID.

    IP addressing scheme: all addresses are distributed by the server DHCP without reservation of any kind

    The TimeCapsule is sitting three inches from the printer and the printer indicates the complete signal. Connecting the printer to the wireless network and setup of the printer on the Mac went off without a hitch. Only when you print a test document discover us the problem. The wireless network will behave as expected when you access Internet from Mac and Windows devices (tested with a laptop computer Dell XP and a MacBook with OS X 10.6.2), so I don't see any problem with the wireless network together.

    Attempt to use:
    1 reboot and power off, wait, restart the computer
    2 reset the print subsystem, the printer off and on again and reinstall the printer

    3. disconnect the power to the printer and let it sit for several minutes before trying to print wireless.

    None of them worked.

    I don't know exactly what is happening... I'll have to think about.

    Looks like you're running with the current configuration.

    Can we call this resolved?

  • HP Photosmart Premium C309g: 10 Windows printer driver for HP Photosmart Premium C309g

    Where can I find a Windows 10 driver for HP Photosmart Premium C309g printer?  I tried the Printer Wizard and it didn't work.  Thank you

    Thanks, it worked!

  • Photosmart Premium c309g-m: cannot print from word and excel files


    My question previous (25/02/2016 09:44) problems with the HP Solution Center has been resolved today - I can open the program and I can scan.

    But now I can not print word and excel files - the paper is completely empty. I can print emails from google, but they are difficult to read.

    In Control Panel, devices and printers, I have until now had a HP printer: HP0BAC44 (HP Photosmart Premium C309g-m) but now I also have the printer: HP Photosmart Premium C309g-m (Standard). Who would have something to do with the problem? I tried printing from two of them, but the result is the same as mentioned above.

    Can you help me please?

    Thank you

    Peter S.


    Bought a new printer (Envy 5646), and all my problems are solved.

    Thank you

    Peter S.

  • Photosmart Premium C309g - print in color, not black

    I have a Photosmart Premium C309g which, until a day or two before, worked very well. Black ink does not work.

    I tried already. .

    • Change both black cartridges (regular and photo)
    • Cleaning
    • Alignment (when I try to align printer says "Alignment failed."

    Print fine - but not black color.

    Problem happens both when printing from a computer, as well as select black copy then copy - gives only a blank page.

    Printer on a network and is used for both Mac and Windows 7.

    You can give me any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Try the suggestion in this thread to soak the printhead.

Maybe you are looking for

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