Photosmart Premium Fax C309: Photosmart Fax clear memory

I have an old HP Photosmart Premium Fax C309a. I recently upgraded to an HP Photosmart 7520. Now, I am ready to give my old C309a, but I read the faxes that you send are stored in the memory of fax, and our Fax some of very personal information, such as medical information, social security numbers, etc.. How to clear memory fax BOTH the C309a and the 7520?

PRODUCT: HP Photosmart Premium Fax C309a, MODEL NUMBER: CC334-64001, MODEL NAME: CC337C

Thanks, Dave


Hello daveaz,


then power OFF the printer, wait 30 seconds and then turn it on.

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    With a wireless network test:

    Wireless is on (but light indication only is not lit)

    wireless network card has failed

    "The wireless radio does not work.  Contact Hp support.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you


    Hi smithb2, welcome to the forums there.

    I saw your post on the wireless radio does not not on your model Photosmart C309.

    I did some research and came across this post in the community that seemed to have worked for others with the same problem.

    Re: Without the printer wireless radio does not

    I hope that helps!

    If troubleshooting doesn't help not solve your problem, then I would say call the HP Technical Support to see all the other possibilities for you. If you call in North America, the number is 1-800-474-6836 and for all other regions: click here.

    Have a great Thursday

  • HP Photosmart Premium Fax all-in-One Printer series - C309

    I am interested in buying the HP Photosmart Premium Fax all-in-One Printer series - C309.

    But I'm confused and apparently other people are also confused.

    For example, in the item number 360189568370 eBay, the seller wrote that the C309A "REPLACES PART NUMBER CC335A #ABA".

    However, in this eBay listing, the seller wrote "this auction INCLUDES HP C309A multifunction PHOTO PRINTER CC335A #ABA".

    I've seen similar confusion on other Internet sites.

    Is there a difference between the C309A and CC335A #ABA?

    Is the the latest version of the #ABA CC335A C309A?

    Should I buy directly from HP of course get the latest version of the Photosmart Premium Fax all-in - One Printer series - C309?

    The name "HP Photosmart Premium Fax all-in-One Printer series - C309" is the trade name for the printer, and CC335A is the product number/product code. Both refer to the same device. The description of this seller on Ebay is confusing. But I hope this helps.

    And just like AlmostThere said to have bought the printer from HP directly is the safest way to go.

  • The problems of security of the data during the recycling of a HP Photosmart Premium Fax all-in-One Printer - C309a?

    Given a document photocopied with a HP Photosmart Premium Fax all-in-one printer - C309a can be recovered later from the unit?

    I want to know if it is safe to recycle this unit, which was used to print, fax, scan, and copy documents that may have sensitive data. Some articles and videos on the net, it is clear that some photocopiers are vulnerable in this regard. I appreciate any assistance with this question - thanks!


    Reset will erase everything. Please try: turn the power off, press and hold # and 6 while and for a few seconds after turning it on.

    Kind regards.

  • Cannot copy from the surface of the glass. HP Photosmart Premium Fax all-in-One, model # C410a

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    I can't make a copy of the surface of the glass of the printer. Automatic advance works great, time to take the paper and print a copy. In the past, printing from glass was not a problem. The error message on the printer says "Document Feeder Jam. Reload document, then restart of work. " The problem is that there not be jammed. I raised the lid of the printer and checked the ink cartridges, checked the paper tray and open the access to the rear of the printer.  I have an HP Photosmart Premium Fax all-in-One, model # C410a. All accepted ideas. Right now, I'm ready to start with a hammer.

    Oops, I got typo in my link.  I have the fix above or you can click here.

  • can replace the cartridge of hp564 to 178 hp C410 series photosmart premium fax e-ALL-IN-ONE?

    Can replace the cartridge of hp564 to 178 hp C410 series photosmart premium fax e-ALL-IN-ONE?

    564 ink cartridges are intended for America, 178 ink cartridges are intended for different regions.

    If you have moved to the Middle ease, African countries or CIS get a full set of 178 ink cartridges, then contact HP sopport to reset the printer to accept local ink cartridges.

    You can find contact information by selecting your region and following technical support after purchase below:


  • Photosmart Premium Fax AIO - rejects Android Bluetooth phone queries

    I tried to send a document created by QuickOffice Pro on my printer HP Photosmart Premium Fax AIO C309a of my Samsung Android 2.3 smartphone series.  The phone finds the bluetooth printer and I select.  The application attempts to send the document to print and it fails with the error "request refused by remote device.

    I thought I could use this printer as a bluetooth device, pair it with my phone and send documents to print.  Is there anything else I need to do to make it work correctly?

    I solved my problem. It print photos, but to print documents, you must install the third-party software, printshare and then buy the Premium key for $12.95.  It does not work on my Photosmart Premium Fax AIO.

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    I have Photosmart Premium Fax c410a printer e - AIO. The printer is connected to my wireless network. I have correctly set up HP eprint and Google Cloud print and can't seem to send documents directly to the printer. I installed HPeprint applications and order of HP printer on my iphone and they connect to the c410 are not able to print. The control printer also analyzes the app, copies and capture page.

    My problem is to install the software of the printer on my laptop running Windows 7 32 bit. I tried to load drivers and software from the CD and HP site, but always get fatal error 3/4 by the intermediary and the restoration. I tried to install base drivers and a complete software package with the same result.  They have a PinternControl for Windows?  It requires no drivers and wireless. Here is a screenshot of the details of the error message.

    Hi gfountaine,

    Windows 7 and Windows Vista allows you to have multiple users share the same computer under their own individual accounts. This allows each user to have their own location on the computer where they can store their personal documents, photos, videos, saved games and other personal data. It also allows the owner of the computer assign some accounts the ability to perform administrative tasks such as installing software, while limiting the capabilities of the other user.

    This tutorial will guide you in creating a new account in Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

    1. Click the Start button. It's the small round button () in the lower left corner of your screen that has a Windows flag on it.
    2. Click on the Control Panel menu option.
    3. When Control Panel opens, you will see a screen similar to Figure 1 below.

      Figure 1. Windows 7 Control Panel
  • Request aiuto Técnico stampante HP Photosmart Premium Fax C309a Multifunzione

    Sono una account, registrata al sito del supporto HP Marina.

    Chiedo con IOC in aiuto disperato tecnico al supporto del Forum HP, per risolvere a problema went stampante HP Photosmart Premium Fax C309a Multifunzione.

    Detto IOC, chiedo, cosa devo fare per sistemare Standard di lettura dei livelli there, e che lingua in italiano, pole mentre in corso stampa, the device in scrittura e parte in italiano e francese in parte.

    Save, a risolvere questo problema.

    United Nations special in pre-empted al supporto del Forum, per aiuto, che mi darete.

    Hi Lety1966,

    Welcome to the HP Forums! I understand that your HP Photosmart Premium Fax c309a is printing partially in Italian and partly in French. I'm happy to help with this problem!

    I have a few questions for you:

    1. What operating system do you use? Windows or Mac? What version?
    2. How is the printer connected? USB or wireless?
    3. What happens when you make copies?

    Hope to hear from you and have a great day!

  • Need instructions for ethernet to wireless for HP Photosmart Premium Fax C410

    The ethernet cable from my office to the printer continues to fall out of the back of the printer if I want to switch to Wi - Fi. I can't find any instructions from the ethernet to wireless access to a printer HP Photosmart Premium Fax C410 already on the network.  It works well with my laptop.  My office has an external USB wireless connection.  The office is a HP Pavillion Elite with Windows 7.

    Hi jlql,

    Follow the instructions in the document below to connect the printer to your wireless network.

  • Why my Kindle fire can not find my HP Photosmart Premium Fax all-in-one printer - C309a with ePrint.

    I downloaded the HP ePrint onto my Kindle Fire (first generation).  The app has been obtained from the Amazon AppStore I looked printer apps for Kindle Fire.  I use the HP ePrint with my iPhone4 and iPad 2 and can print from both of them with her.  Kindle fire can't find the printer on my network wireless using ePrint.  I wonder why this happens when two other mobile devices are easily.  Can someone tell me what I could do in order to access the printer all-in-one HP Photosmart Premium Fax - C309a on Kindle fire?

    I set up the connection on the HP printer wireless and was able to print from my Kindle on it.  However, my iPhone and iPad will be printed on the HP printer via wireless connection.

    I reconnected my USB cable at the airport, but left the WiFi of the HP printer and now I can print from the iPad and iPhone / Kindle.  My Inspiron 1525 PC and my PowerBookG4 can print on the HP printer using WiFi or via the USB connection.

  • Premium Fax e-All-In-One c410: Premium Fax e-All-In-One c410 printing, copying and scanning problems

    My c410 HP Premium Fax e-all-in-one won't copy (white spell page), only prints in faded gray even when the quality is set to 'best', will only print up and part side of page - excludes the middle of the page and analyze only a portion of the document.  A new black ink cartridge has been installed in a couple of weeks.  Supply levels say the black is full, all the color is 3/4 full and the photo ink is full.  The printer has been idle for a few weeks - I had to restart it returning to work, because he wouldn't (and is often not) respond to print requests.

    Hi @14141,

    I see by your post that the copies are to come in white and black is printing in grayscale. I will definitely do my best to help you.

    Please, try the steps outlined in these documents to see if she will help solve this problem. Do not take into account securities.

    Problems print quality setting for the HP Photosmart Premium Fax all-in-One Printer Series (C410a C410b, C410c, C410d, C410e).

    An "Incompatible cartridge ' or 'Ink cartridge problem' message for HP Photosmart Premium Fax e-All-in-One Printer Series (C410)."

    Inkjet printers from HP - "Ox."... «or «C2...» "Error code appears.

    I have also provided a few steps to troubleshoot issues when you try to print from the Mac.

    Fix permissions of the drive on the Mac:

    Close all applications.

    In the Apple menu, click OK, click Applications, and then click utilities.

    Double-click disk utility.

    Highlight your hard drive / partition on the left.

    Click on check and then repair disk permissions.

    Restart the computer...

    Reset the printing system:

    Note: This will remove all printers in the print and Fax/Scan, any printer deleted can be re-added later by clicking the sign plus (+) symbol.

    Click on the Apple icon and then click on System Preferences.

    Click on Printers & Scanners.

    Make a right click (or Ctrl + click) in the left white side panel, and then click Reset printing system.

    Click OK to confirm the reset.

    Type the name and the correct password.

    Click OK to reset the printing system.

    Then click on the sign to add the driver, highlight the printer +.

    Then click the Add button.

    You use genuine HP cartridges?
    What are the ink levels?

    Let me know the results of the Diagnostic print quality report?

    If you appreciate my efforts, please click on the "Thumbs up" button below.

    If there is anything else I can help you, let me know. Thank you.

  • How to send faxes the number of another phone and reprint of the fax from memory

    It is in the subject line

    With the help of Windows XP and a HP Officejet 4622

    Sorry, but you will not be able to reprint faxes from memory. Also, it depends on which printer you have so that the FAX TRANSMISSION FUNCTION. What printer do you have?

  • HP Laserjet Pro M MFP-127-M128: how to clear memory of my device?

    How can I erase my all-in-one memory?  We tried to cancel a fax - does not work.  I tried turning the power off for awhile - does not work either.  There must be a way to delete it.  Thank you!

    Hi @PaxtonMiller,

    Thanks for getting back to me with the model information.

    Here is a document of support which may help the erasure of memory - delete faxes from memory.

    Please let me know if that solves the problem, or if you need assistance.

  • How to clear memory fax on a hp psc 2410xi photosmart all-in-one for security reasons. ?

    Any help with this would be appreciated. I used this years a lot of printer/fax/scanner.

    For individuals and businesses to print/Fax/scaning.

    I want to erase all the memory information before giving it away.

    I realize that it probably only recorded information about the fax memory, but still want to clarify.

    Hi Skyhawk7,

    Check your Inbox to forum for more information reset.

    * If you find this useful or mean please make sure you click on the White Star under my name to give me congratulations. **

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