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I have photosmart C7200 all-in-one series.  I don't know why or how to solve this problem, between each printed sheet a clean sheet is automatically. Help, please


You should get the new button driver if you right click on the printer, and then select run as administrator and select Properties. If you do not find the C7200 PS Series in the printer list, click on "Disk" and find the autorun.inf file in the contents of the CD. Then you will be able to install the driver for the PS C7200 series.

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  • HP photosmart printer will print off browser IE, but not firefox. Is there a solution?

    Just installed new printer wireless HP photosmart C410a. Can get the impressions on the web or off e-mail program in the IE browser, but not in firefox. After clicking the print command in firefox, I get rather the page "send a Fax". Y at - it solution or other solution? Thank you.

    {Ctrl + P}, in the printer - name box near the top of this dialog box, select your HP Photosmart printer.

  • HP Photosmart 5520: HP Photosmart printer streaks

    Hi how are you?

    So I just bought new, authentic HP ink for my Photosmart printer.  It worked perfectly fine before buying the new black ink.  However, now, everything I print has horrible scratches and missing spaces.  The diagnostic test has all the color inks to the fine search, with striated black ink.  It has streaks only in black ink, but regardlress of whether or not I print in black and white or in color.

    I followed all the steps here:, including align them ink cartridges, which runs the test diagnosed, making sure that the cartridge is properly ventilated, etc.  But nothing has helped at all.

    Is there something I'm missing here?  I would like to address this problem, as I just ordered all new ink cartridges!

    Thank you


    It worked perfectly!  Thanks a lot for your help!

  • Windows xp does not recognize the hp c6180 photosmart printer

    My windows xp does not recognize my hp c6180 photosmart printer


    1. were you able to use the same printer without any problems before?
    2. don't you make changes on the computer before this problem?
    3. you receive an error message?

    See the following articles that may help you resolve this problem.
    Printer in Windows problems

    Resources for the resolution of the printer in Windows XP problems

  • My Hp photosmart printer shared 6150 isn't printing. I can print the test page.

    My Hp photosmart printer shared 6150 does not print. I can print a test page. Cannot print from Notepad. Recently reinstalled McAfee security and uninstalled RegCure and Xoftspyware.Failed say error documents. Printer, port, etc. can be found.

    (1) resources for the resolution of the printer in Windows XP problems:

    (2) Troubleshooting for when you cannot print in Windows XP:


  • How to print a 4 "x 5" invitation on my HP Photosmart printer? "

    I have a HP Photosmart printer and changed the settings of the printer to the size of the paper, but it still prints my doc in the middle of the width of the paper 8 ". It should be printing on the right side of the printer where the rnvelopes and the small sheets of paper can be catchy for the printer.  I tried every setting that I know in the printer settings.  What to do next? My computer running Windows 7.

    Too bad.  I found more parameters to select the paper size appropriate under printer 'properties', then selected "features"... success.

  • where can I find the drivers to add the HP Pavilion photosmart printer

    When I try to add my photosmart c6100 for my new HP Pavilion pc, it is not on the list.  I have the disk but it is not for a 64-bit pc.  where can I find the drivers to add the photosmart printer?


    You must select the good BONES of your machine to download drivers and install on your computer:

    Kind regards.

  • How can I set up my iPhone to my B209a PhotoSmart printing.

    How can I set up my iPhone to my B209a PhotoSmart printing. Both are on my wireless network. What app should I use, and how do I configure? Also, I want to print the text or photos.

    I got the app 'eprint & share '.


    How old is your printer? It is in this list:

    You can also this be able to print from your iPhone.

    Kind regards.

  • On my photosmart printer 7515, I get the cartridge problem message and can not solve it

    Have photosmart printer of 7515, operating system windows 7 and I get a message that I have a problem of cartride for all colors, so I replaced all and always get the message and I can't find a way to solve this problem

    After putting new cartridges, have powered the printer off?

    Here is a link that might help with this problem

    Let me know if this can help, thank you.

  • AERO Peek stopped working after a few adjustments with HP to get my Photosmart printer to work

    I just upgraded a fairly new computer of mine from Vista to Windows 7 Professional.  The upgarde went well however the AERO Peek stopped working after a few adjustments with HP to get my Photosmart printer to work.  I tried to make the show thumbnails of running programs to display in the taskbar with no luck.  Any suggestions?

    Hi Lisa52465,

    (Already responded to dadams26 in a separate thread and it fixed the problem beautifully).

    Have you tried to run the Aero Troubleshooter? If this is not the case, try this:

    1. open the control panel

    2. go in the system and security category

    3. go to the Center of the Action

    4. click on the link to solve common computer problems

    5. click on appearance and personalization

    6. Select Aero

    He must either correct the errors problem or the State to determine the cause.

    If the Aero Troubleshooter is not the thing, maybe it's just that the Aero feature has been disabled by the update. Try this:

    1. right click on the desktop

    2 select Customize

    3. Select an Aero theme

    4 see if previews back

    Just for the record, could you let us know if any of the suggested fixes works (and which). If you still have problems after trying the above, could you please come back with more details (if possible).

    > This answer help?  If so, would you please click the green button to Vote as helpful to help future visitors encounter the same problem.

    All the best,


    Sharon Roffey
    Queensland, Australia

  • Photosmart printer b110b head reference number


    Recently, I started facing problems printing with black cartridges. I faced this problem in the past and I was able to solve it by: re-aligningment of the cartridges and clean them several times. This time, this procedure does not work.

    What I've noticed, is that only black cartridges do not work, those who do not color work.

    I also noticed that there is a spill of black ink on the inside of the printer (the rail).

    I tried to clean the head printer as advised in the forum:

    but the above does not work...

    I took the printer HP authorized support partner and he told me that the print head needs to be replaced and that they DO NOT have it in stock...

    My question is: what is the print head reference for my HP photosmart b110b and how can I order it?

    Please advise.

    Thank you

    Kind regards

    Fan overall HP

    Hello there HP Global Fan, welcome to the Forums! I hope you enjoy your experience

    I saw your post want to order a new print head for your Photosmart printer. My best advice would be to call HP Support and they should be able to help find the printhead you need.

    Here is their contact information:

    If you call in North America, the number is 1-800-474-6836 and for all other regions: click here.

    I hope that my post helped!

    Thanks for posting and have a great Wednesday!

  • HP 4280 Photosmart printer - print missing or undetected cartridges

    I have a HP 4280 all in one Photosmart printer and Windows 7 Enterprise 64-Bit operating system. I get "cartridges missing or not detected message.

    Since my last re-establishment of this machine (had to reformat the drive to rid other program issues) I was not able to print. I often get a carriage jam message or the mission of ink cartridges or not detected message. No problems with Windows Vista, but now very bad performance.

    I suggest check the link below that you have the latest SW / driver downloads

    If this does not work, follow the troubleshooting transport Jam doc in the link below

  • My photosmart printer of hp c310 want stay on

    My photosmart printer HP c310 keep cutting.

    Contact HP support.

  • Problem connecting to the server, error connection server and printer offline. I have a HP photosmart printer and Windows 7?

    My printer is not printing. It say problem connecting to the server, connection error server and printer offline. I have a HP photosmart printer and windows 7.

    You have McAfee? McAfee has been updated at the same time as the last batch of updates from Windows 7 and it seems to be the cause of this problem for most, if not all, users.

    See the communication from this "criticism" - McAfee

    Some customers may experience a loss of network connectivity and/or errors in McAfee Security Center after a recent update

    You should make the fix McAfee, if necessary. There are corresponding communications for their enterprise products.

    I got McAfee, but the connection has started working again on its own so I thought I was clear of problems. However, when I checked it says he was doing routine checks the updates in vain when I told it to do a manually. So stick with McAfee you don't follow their procedure of fix would have upgraded my PC at risk by not updated and, like other McAfee ads have since explained, the application did not refer to its database of threats correctly [and this could explain part of the variability of the symptoms of failure but all involved loss of internet connection]. Actually, I removed McAfee then installed Microsoft Security Essentials rather & my answer IE is faster I knew it [even though I had the Add-ons McAfee disabled for centuries].

    I had to run the removal of McAfee Development tool a few times before and it caused a problem with the license if the PC was not connected to the internet during the abduction. Due cat of McAfee support reset their files in order to allow the relocation-reactivation. Here is their link cat - McAfee - media contains the link to the cat

  • What is the cost of printing 4 x 6 at home using Photosmart printer?

    I have a Photosmart c410a, with whom I love-hate relationship.

    One thing I hate it's the cost of ink cartridge. HP 564 is supposed to get a return of 250 sheets. I'm sure they have a way of convoluted calculation of performance with prints and notes, because I am never able to print more than 30 photos of 4 x 6 with regular (not XL) set of cartridges HP 564.

    Now, a 4 x 6 print to the Walgreen's costs $.20 if you pick up. It is even less if get you it by post or order a lot. My calculation of back-of-the-envelope told me that printing photos at home using this c410a greedy ink at least not make economic sense. A profit to pay the premium to be able to print at home, however, is that sometimes color Walgreen is really off - on average, c410a produces much better colors - and if can fix immediately if the trace does not match your taste for some reason any.

    So, what is a Photosmart printer comes down to? Not a way to save cost visa-vis premium Walgreens/CVS but paying to be able to get a printed photo when you want?

    Hi again

    I can't try to get some info from c410a PS. That's what I could for the C510 PS just as a reference. I'll dig around to see what I can get for your model...

  • Photosmart 7510: Errors of inconsistency of paper photosmart printer 7510

    I am trying to print my 7510 by using custom paper sizes and get paper mismatch errors.  I use Word for Mac v. 14.4.8 on a Mac under OS X 10.10.2.  I went through all the tips in the HP support pages to try to fix this problem without success.  There is no firmware upgrades or updates of available driver I can find support/HP.  This error is more annoying.  I have not had this problem on my old printers I've foolishly got rid of upgrade to the all-in-one printer. Can you give me any help other than suggests to use the information on the support pages that did not work.  ! have created various paper formats customized in word to see if I could find a magical Assembly which will print and have had no success.  If someone cannot help me solve this problem, it will be the last HP printer that I buy.

    Full of hope for some real help.

    Hey @oldgt!

    Thanks for getting back to me!

    If you see only the media and the quality in the dialog box print, then that indicates that you are using the Apple Airprint drivers and not the pilot series Photosmart 7510.  If the printer does not have the correct drivers, it may not work properly from third-party programs such as Microsoft Word or Adobe Reader.

    To remove and re-add the printer using its drivers:

    1. Click on the apple icon in the upper left corner of the Mac
    2. Click on System Preferences
    3. Click on printers and Scanners
    4. Select the printer and press the minus (-) signs below the list of printers
    5. After removing the printer, click the plus (+) sign below the list of printers
    6. Click "add another printer or a Scanner.
    7. In the add a printer window, select your printer
    8. In the drop-down list 'USE' make sure you only select the series Photosmart 7510 and NOT Airprint
    9. Add the printer and try to print again

    If please, after back and let me know if this worked for you!

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