Photostream Apple has stopped working, solutions?

Microsoft looking for a solution, but none has offered.


Hi RUK99,

Thank you for your question to Microsoft Community!

I see from the description of your post, that you are facing problems with 'Apple Photo Stream'.

  1. What exactly do you mean when you say "The search for a solution, but none has never suggested at Microsoft"?
  2. When exactly do you get the error message "Apple Photo Stream has stopped working"?
  3. What operating system is installed on the computer?
  4. What version of Apple application with which you use the Photo stream device?
  5. What is the full error message?

Do not worry! I'll certainly help you solve the problem.

You can check this Apple support link that describes "applephotostreams.exe stops working on iPhone 4.

You can check this article as well:

Photo stream

You can also contact Apple support.

If you need assistance regarding Windows please keep us informed. We will be happy to help you.

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