Pirate phone? Sending texts via my #, but not for me

I received a text from an unknown number today - when I went to check what I saw three messages NOT sent by me to the number (see photo). The only other device connected to my iphone 6 is my ipad that was with me all day today. I was in my apartment alone all day and there is no chance that someone could have used my phone to send these messages. My phone has been hacked? What might explain these texts ghosts?

< image edited by host to remove Personal Information >

More info: iphone 6

Software: iOS 9.3.3

Network: Verizon

Please let me know if any additional detail is necessary to determine the cause/fix the issue!


It is very easy to send spam texts and very easy to fake telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. Just delete the texts.

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    Don't like to hear you're seen this issue with your fax. Best Buy reps do their best, they have 1000's of products to know...

    If you do not use the cord supplied HP (which is a 2-wire cord) or the fax hardware test indicates you are not using the correct cord, then we need to purchase another fax machine (fax 2-wire cable) cord

    If the cable you are using is a cord 4-wire (you can tell by the 4 pins on the end) then you will have problems of fax... The extra 2-wire 4-wire cord can cause interference.

    Also... you mentioned that you have changed carriers... If you have a voicemail service active this will disrupt your incoming faxes... There is no work around, you MUST turn OFF your voicemail to receive faxes.

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    Since it is a recent issue, try a system restore to a prior restore point you have been affected by the issue.

    Note: When you perform the system restore to restore the computer to a previous state, programs and updates that you have installed are removed.

    To run the system restore, you can consult the following link:

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    On the older airport, I connected to my printer wireless Brother via an Ethernet port on the router, but now it does not detect the printer. I changed the cables without result. I have finally connected via USB to the airport and wireless printing is restored, but why didn't he see my ethernet port.  The port works because I am connected via a cable to my laptop and it lights up. I have a problem with the port or printer?

    He does not see my printer via ethernet. What gives?

    Thank you


    You have entered the system preferences in printers and Scanners and added to the printer?

  • Homegroup works via Ethernet, but not via Wireless

    My configuration is:

    PC1) Win7 pro Office connected to the wired to NetGear WNR2000 NetGear DG834 router configured as a WAP browser

    PC2) Win7 Home Premium on a laptop.

    With this config. a residential group created on PC1 can accompanied by PC2 and everything works fine on PC2. However PC1 detects any a computer from homegroup.

    Note that all other functions of networking through working groups are very well.

    When I disable wireless on PC2 and connect to the DG834 or WNR2000 by ethernet, everything works perfectly.

    On the two PCs HomeGroup options are:

    Discovery - Network SUITE

    Files and printers sharing - SUITE

    Sharing with network access - SUITE

    Streaming - OFF

    encryption 128 - WE

    Password - OFF

    Windows managed - IT.


    I do not have any antivirus or third-party firewall. Using the Windows Firewall only.

    I tried without wireless security on LAN, as suggested in another post, but it made no difference.

    IpV6 is enabled on both computers (have checked the settings registry and services according to the different posts on this forum)

    It's extremely frustrating!

    A few years later... for the love of someone else with this issue... turns out the driver of my laptop's wireless adapter.

    Once I installed the latest driver from the web site of the manufacturer of the adapter, everything is good.

    Readers who came via MS update, unfortunately, have never had the correct versions.

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