Play Google services are not supported

I have a new droid Turbo 2 and IE Google play Services are not supported by my camera. What is the fix for this problem?


Five representatives of Verizon Wireless looked at the phone scratch their heads. Finally, we went to google game apk download and let him update the downloaded files. All fixed!

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  • Many of my modules are not supported by version 5. I don't want to spend hours on this hunt. I want just the version 4 and stop Mozilla automatically update my computer to v5.

    Google toolbar, etc. are not supported. You have completely disturbed how I do business. I use Internet Explorer at the same time to what you provide me a way to return to V4 and stop upgrading my computer. Not been appreciated.

    Can you please mark it as resolved? Thanks, glad it worked

  • "HP laserjet 1536: HPeprint services are not available at this time."

    Cannot print from document Google Docs on a HP Envy 360 HP laserjet 1536. Gives the error "HP eprint services are not available at this time."

    Problem has been resolved.
    Thank you.

  • In the error message is Vista "Windows Media Player cannot play the file, might not support the codec used to compress the file.

    It worked very well what place please?

    * original title - Window Media Player cannot drive cannot read the file the player could does not load the file or may not support or does not support the codec used to compress the fichier.*


    1. what changes have been made to your computer before the problem?
    2. the problem occurs on a particular file?
    3. What is the format of the file you want to play in Windows Media Player?

    You may encounter this error message for the following reasons:

    (a) the file type is supported by the drive, but the file was compressed by using a codec that is not supported by the player.

    (b) the file might have been encoded with a codec that is not supported by Windows Media Player. If this is the case, Windows Media Player cannot play the file.

    Windows media player will play only the files and videos only if it supports this type of file.

    Please see the bottom of the article that gives you information on the types of media files that supports Windows Media Player.

    If the files are not supported by Windows media player, then you will need to use a few players from third party that supports this file format.


    Using third-party software, including hardware drivers can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the use of third-party software can be solved. Software using third party is at your own risk.

    See the link below for more information on the codec.

    Codecs: Frequently asked questions

  • Copied songs from PC to Blackberry and gets the following error while playing their: "the media playing uses a DRM not supported."

    Hi, I got a black Berry and im tryin to transfer my albums out on it, but on my phone media player it keeps saying "the media playing uses a DRM not supported."  I think its because I did face straight of my albums od cd but how I put them on my phone and this I need 2 do, please help. thanx. XX

    1. What is the model number of this blackberry?
    2. What is the file type or extension of file of these songs?
    I ask you to check with the help of blackberry if this file type is supported by the Blackberry phones. Normally protected by DRM files do not play on all devices that the license is purchased to play is limited to a specific device.
    You must have the Blackberry Desktop Software to transfer files between your phone and the Windows computer.
    Follow the link below to download the software.

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you, and in what concerns:
    Shekhar S - Microsoft technical support.

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  • Reference Dell 15R SE 7520 my downloads Dell said "SERVICE TAG NOT SUPPORTED" need > > > Cyberlink PowerDVD - download Blueray

    I buy dells all the time... and I never had a problem with the addition of a new system for my dell downloads... I even managed to do it with the old system > talk about saving lives, buying used - to find have never used this program... But I have a new Dell Inspiron 15R SE 7520 with a Blueray player. For any types of bluerays play, you must have a program for the codec... My laptop came with Cyberlink PowerDVD, but a hard drive replaced, and I lost the program. My laptop is under warranty... I have the dell USB Pen... I have the Dell Windows 7 disc... I don't have the disc from dell or of the programs and drivers support... "someone said on another post, all on the PEN USB - but I can't understand the use of this on my PC - I tried to boot from it, and she gets all the way to locate road and stop? When I plug in windows 7 - I do not see any program CyberLink... But, for some reason, when I got my new drive, I couldn't figure out how to get the USB pen to work... so I had to use the Dell DVD - The DVD has only the operating system... Went to my Dell downloads and click on my system registry... and I got "SERVICE TAG NOT SUPPORTED" someone KNOWS WHY? Should I call dell and ask them to send me the media? As he sits down, he already bytes > is not able to use the HD 7730 M for video and or continuous... Thanks for reading and I appreciate any help!

    Please someone with the help on this?

  • try to install iTunes on my windows 7, but get windows installer services are not accessible... pls help

    try to install iTunes on my windows 7, but get windows installer services are not accessible... pls help

    Transfer your question here: ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

  • Google Earth do not support DirectX

    I have installed Google Earth on my old desktop computer running Windows XP Professional. After finishing, I open it, displays the first message, Google earth is not supported graphics card in my computer when I check do not show this message again and the second message appears, "DirectX" mode not supported.
    It gives 4 suggestions for correction:
    (1) set to "True color" (32 bit) color depth in display properties
    (2) start Google Earth after waiting a minute
    (3) close the other applications (especially if they use 3D)
    (4) download and install DirectX 9.0 c or higher by following the link

    Here is what happened:
    (1) I already had the "True Color" (32 bit) value
    (2) tried starting after a minute - same as before
    (3) no other application was open
    (4) downloaded DirectX according to the instructions

    I always get the same error message. I found Googling it might be a problem with the graphics card drivers. I think the graphics card is a 8586 Intel graphics (I hope I got this right!).

    It also makes no difference to the opening of Google Earth, however.
    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    In any case, I try to use the latest version of Google earth, but cannot use it and when I try to installed later in my desktop computer, run windows 7, it works fine.
    I tried to download the previous version of google earth, version 6.2, I can install and use it very well.
    It's that I would ask that this problem seems to be caused by windows, hardwars or Google earth?

    Hi Vidal.

    You can re - install DirectX and then check.

    End-user Runtime Web install DirectX


    For more information, see the links.


    Switching between DirectX and open GL

    Solve the breakdowns and graphics issues on Windows computers.

    Frequently asked questions in Google Earth.

    You can get in touch with the community of Google Earth and check.

    Please update us with the results and we will be happy to help you.

  • install xp instead of vista and now the recovery discs are not supported

    Pavilion Media Center PC m8000

    1. installed XP on my laptop on the desktop that had need of Vista by mistake
    2. ordered the HP recovery discs and now they are not supported
    3. Build confirmed IDS
    4. How do I remove the XP completely?
    5. Or should I forget it and try to activate the XP?


    A ding dong in denver.


    I suggest to perform a new Installation, or if you have a recovery disk, you can perform the recovery of the plant.

    For more information, see these links:

    Install Windows XP:

    Installation and reinstallation of Windows Vista:

    I hope that helps!

  • "' A message keeps appearing in mail box that" community services are not available.

    Original title: what will be repaired community services

    "" A keeops of message appearing in mail box that "community services are not avaIble" still anyone in your organization can respond when it will be fixed

    If you try to access the Microsoft Windows Vista WinMail newsgroups, Microsoft destroyed them a couple of years and they not be "repaired".  Go to tools | Options and uncheck the option to use the features of communities in order to avoid the error message does not happen.


  • I transferred files from my old laptop to my Vista running a new but can't open them as they say that they are not supported

    I transferred files using a windows vista belkin easy transfer cable to windows 7

    * original title - I moved from my old laptop to my new files but can't open them as they say that they are not supported. Some files that I can open it but its just gibberish. Any suggestions would be appreciated.*


    You must have the program, the files were written in vista installed in windows 7 to read

    you do not have file extensions

    read this

    You must have the program installed to be able to read the files of programs

    for example, if it's a .doc file, you installed Word

    .xls, you need Excel

    . PPS, you need Powerpoint


    but fortunately, there are FREE viewers provided by Microsoft for the file extensions above which will save you having to buy Microsoft Office

    Here are the download links for free Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint viewers:

    Word Viewer

    View, print and copy Word documents, even if you don't have Word installed. This download is a replacement for Word Viewer 2003 and all previous Word Viewer versions.

    Excel Viewer

    Open, view, and print Excel workbooks, even if you don't have Excel installed. This download is a replacement for Excel Viewer 97 and all previous Excel Viewer versions.

    PowerPoint 2007 Viewer

    Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 Viewer allows you to view the presentations of all the features created in PowerPoint 97 and later versions.

    and you can try the FREE Open Office applications game to read these file extensions

    and here's how to set file associations

    How do I... Change file extension associations in Windows Vista?

  • Windows media player.cannot play theplayer file does not support the file type or might not support the codec used to compress the file

    Windows media player

    HI. When I tried to play a movie in my windows media says windows media player.cannot play theplayer file does not support the file type or does not support the codec that was used to compress the file and when I click web help it lead me to windows media player error message met c00d1199 error message when you use windows media player.


    ·         What is the format of the files that you play when you get this error?

    ·         Do you get what this error during playback of all files or a particular file?

    You may encounter this error message for the following reasons:

    1. the file type is supported by the drive, but the file was compressed by using a codec that is not supported by the player.

    2 - the file might have been encoded with a codec that is not supported by Windows Media Player. If this is the case, Windows Media Player cannot play the file.

    You can try the steps and check if it makes a difference.

    a. to determine what codec was used with a specific file, play the file in the player, if possible. When the file is playing, right-click the file in the library, and then click Properties. On the file tab, look at the sections of video codec and Audio codec.

    b. download and install Codecs by clicking on the PLAYER tab and check. To connect to the Internet and automatically download the Codecs of the reader.

  • Error "the dynamic disks are not supported by this operating system." what configuration Raid 0 (striped) readers.

    I have my operating system installed on a single disc, and I bought two additional discs I want to implement in a Raid 0 configuration. I'm going to administrative tools > computer management > disk management > right-click on a single disc and select the new striped volume > add the second drive and fill the dialog box until I get to the part where the formatting is supposed to start. Then I am stopped by an error that says "the dynamic disks are not supported on this operating system."

    Who says that hard drives, I bought are not compatible with vista interlacing or it says that vista can not the striped disks. What is the problem?

    You need to configure raid 0 before installation of win, you cannot "convert" s simple drive to the part of a matrix of blocks.

    In general this is not a good idea to use software raid, too a overload the CPU. If you want to raid, invest in a dedicated hardware raid card, which for a decent cost probably more than your motherboard

  • Tried to open the Excel spreadsheet in Sharepoint, but get the message "cannot open the window because it contains the following features that are not supported by Excel in the browser: sheet Protection.

    I tried to open this Excel spreadsheet in Sharepoint and received the following message.

    "Cannot open the window because it contains the following features that are not supported by Excel in the browser:

    -Protection plate

    You want to try to open the message in Excel? »

    Learn more about the unsupported features.

    YES                       NO

    When I type 'Yes', I had then the second message.

    "To open this workbook, your computer must have a version of Microsoft Excel is installed and your Web browser must support opening files directly from Excel in the browser".

    What should I do?

    Original title: sharepoint excel files


    I have 64 bit explore.  So I guess that the thought is that the error message was generated by the incoming file, as I have other files Excel I can access in Sharepoint with no problem?  I sent the file Outlook e-mail and was able to open it with no problem at all.  .

    Thanks for the information,


  • How to read files torent on windows media player, I downloaded torrent files and wmp says unable to play because he does not support the format and how it has been compressed

    How do I play torrent files and .torrent file to play on wmp extensions, I doown loaded torrent sons and dossier they won't play I get undeclared can not play because it does not support the file or extension or does not know how he formatted or compressed

    Hi tuellahjones,

    I suggest you to update the codecs and check if it helps to solve the problem.

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    I have been using a USB hub recently.  I only have a single reliable USB port (outside), so I plug it into that and into a less reliable port for more power.  Sometimes, it works very well.  Sometimes, the computer can not detect it, and sometimes th

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