playing dvd or cd on tx2-1050ed

I have a touchsmart tx2-1050 ed but after 3 times going back to Hp it still has problems reading dvd or cd. During playback dvd mode full screen (in mediaplayer and dvd hp software to) display the (play/pause forward backward) bar jumps frequently as it should be when you switch to mouse. In the meantime, you see a point to the screen as the mousedot that you see when you bring the pen close to the touchscreen.

With cd or any live music, you often hear ticks or some dips, very shortly.

I am now offered to get a new, but I would like to know if anyone can confirm this problem is not associated with type and that a new will most likely solve this problem.

Unfortunately, another had the same problem. I'm surprised that I can't find people with the same problem, I was now 2 parts with the same problem. I find it strange that a multimedia laptop is not able to read a dvd without problem. Now, I chose another laptop, unfortunately without a touchscreen. Maybe in a few years...

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  • HP 360: new laptop will not play dvd

    Will not play dvd

    I let down, need help on my problem and got access to the HP Support chat where the beautiful Christine took control of my desktop and updated everything that was causing problems - I'm now back in business...

    Thanks for your comments

  • Tecra A2 will not play DVD NTSC

    Hi all







    I think that it s doesn't know is not for you you will need to change the settings in the properties of the CD/DVD player to play DVDs from other regions of the world.

    Follow these steps:
    My computer-> properties of CD/DVD (right click)-> Hardware tab-> properties of CD Player / DVD-> DVD region tab

    Here you can choose country from the DVD.

    But note! You can change these settings ONLY 4 or 5 times (don't remember exactly) then the settings would fix and could not be changed.

  • Re: Satellite 1900-303 won't play DVD

    * Hi all, *.

    I have a Satellite S1900-303 which suddenly stopped playing DVDs.

    * Operating system *: XP Pro SP3
    * RAM: * 1 GB
    * HARD DRIVE: * 320 GB
    * DVD Rom: * Standard Toshiba SD-R2212
    * Chart: * Standard ATI Mobility Radeon
    * Software *: WinDVD 8 Platinum

    The DVD - ROM drive will recognize and play / install from a CD but not a DVD.

    I did all the usual checks:

    The device driver is up to date,
    Device Manager"indicates that the DVD - ROM drive works correctly.
    Tried to play a DVD through Windows Media Player, but the CD & DVD options are 'greyed out '.

    Everyone has a similar problem, and if so, is there a solution to this problem?

    Hey mate,

    How did you check if the device driver is up to date? There is no update driver for all CD/DVD players

    Normally, if CD works fine but no DVD, it appears to be a malfunction of the equipment. Before Exchange you it, try to clean the lens using a microfibre cloth.
    In addition, you need to test if you can boot from a bootable DVD to check if it s a software issue or not.

    As I wrote already in the worst case you need a new drive :(

  • Cannot play DVDs on satellite A110-233

    I can play DVD CD rom and pc games, but he can t normal DVD movies play. I get the following message

    Playback failed due to a problem with the video subsystem. Lower your color depth or screen resolution may determine the message COOL problem.

    I lowered all the settings as suggested and followed all the troubleshooting guides, but still no luck. I m that I have the latest drivers ect, so a bit lost!
    Thanks for any ideas on how to fix.


    I don't have this kind of problems, but maybe you should read this document to understand why this happen.

    If your laptop is preinstalled with original recovery image, that you should be able to watch DVD movies original preinstalled using WinDVD player.

  • My computor won't play DVD in windows media player

    After removal of all views of the files that are missing required that I found that my computor will not play DVD

    on windows media but cds can be played

    This has happened

    Don't know how many times

    == I deleted the files in my downloads Control Panel

    This forum is for Firefox problem, try asking in a general computer forum as Eileen Lounge.

  • My C50D-A-138 Satellite play DVD

    My laptop Toshiba C50D-A-138 play DVD. I have my laptop in May and for the first days I would let me play DVDs but since then it will not play them, it's just noise wurring as if he's trying to open but it used. I tried to download VLC and various media players to see if it would help, but it's not.

    My laptop will play CD and computer games when I put the disc in but when it comes to DVD, they usually open and I don't get a notification to say that there is a disc in. When I enter my PC folder and look at the D drive and it shows the name of the DVD, but when I click it opens in a folder showing a folder of video content and sound (something like that) and if I right click on disc he D when there is a DVD in and click on "open autoplay". , he wurr of for a few seconds then stops and noting happens.

    I hope someone can help.

    You try to play original DVD or just some kind of course copied movies?

    > When I go into my PC folder and look at the D drive and it shows the name of the DVD, but when I click it opens in a folder showing a folder of video content and sound (something like that)

    This means that the ODD (optical disc) can read the disc (DVD) because the content of the DVD is available.
    The question is: why the software is unable to read the game, the contents of the disc.

    There are a few possible reasons for this:

    (1) the disc isn t out to countries in the region that is defined in the parameters of the STRANGE. The settings can be found: (right click on region D drive properties Hardware tab properties button DVD DVD/CD). In my case the DVD region has been set to region 2. In this case, I can play DVD disc released for region 2.
    _Note: _ this settings can be changed only 4 times. Then it will not be possible to switch to another area code.

    (2) the software you are using is unable to read the contents of the disc. But VLC player is one of the best players available on the market (free) and it should be possible to play almost all drives using this software. However, the preinstalled DVD Toshiba playback software should also read the original DVD discs.

    (3) another reason why the STRANGE can not read the disc correctly, is the dirty laser lens. In this case, it will take to clean the lens of the laser using a fluid tip and alcohol of wadding.

  • Unable to play DVDs on my Toshiba laptop

    I can't play DVDs on my Toshiba laptop.

    It started a few months there with DVD freeze. Now, I am unable to read DVDs at all.

    Tried a few internet solutions. Have also made approximtale six weeks ago and next to the factory. Have installed all Windows updates. Unable to read the DVD. Incidentally can still play CDs.

    Any idea what is the problem and a solution please.

    Thank you very much.


    Can you please tell us what operating system you are using and what model of laptop.

    In any case, if your optical disc drive can read CD but not DVD, it is possible that the driver is defective or the lens is dirty.
    The first time, please clean the lens.

    If this will not help it is possible that ODD has problem with the calibration of the lens.

  • Can't play DVDs on flea market M300? I need drivers?

    I know that user: RachelClark has already posted on the same problem, but I want to know if rachelclark or everyone has understood, why I can't play DVDs on my portege M300? I need drivers? If yes where can I get them? any help/advice would be appreciated.

    Thank you


    Can you please give us more info on the drive on your Portege? The drive is recognized correctly in the Device Manager? What DVD player are you using and you are having problems with the original DVD movies?
    Is just problem with DVD or CD too?

  • Satellite A200 plays not only will not play DVD

    I'm a first time user on this forum so Hello to everyone.

    My problem is that my Satellite A200 of (duration Vista) won't play DVD. When I try I get the following message: "Windows Media Player cannot play video DVDs. You may need to adjust your Windows display settings. Open display settings in Control Panel, and then try to lower your screen resolution and color quality settings. Needless to say, I've played a bit with the appropriate settings and there was no change in the situation. In a response published in another forum, someone suggested that I ditch Windows Media Player in favor of something better. I thought that the alternative program, he has proposed would be free, but it wasn't. In any case, I tried to play the DVD with other programs and received the same basic message. Is not a thing of Windows Media Player, it's a thing of DVD playback. In addition, it does not matter if WMP isn't the BEST DVD player - I just want to play DVD! I wrote to one of support from Microsoft customer care and they wrote in saying that it wasn't their problem. They consider it a "question of material". I don't buy that.

    Just a bit of history - I bought the computer second hand a good friend. Now, I don't ever remember playing a DVD on the computer, which somewhat confuses things for the following reasons. Just after I bought the computer, which is running Vista, I installed MP3 player software which has expressed its disagreement with the CD/DVD drive drivers. What I think is a quite common problem. This time Microsoft representatives were happy to help me and told me to delete two lines of registry keys. That fixed the problem to a certain extent, because now the reader a) still existed and b) could read and play CDs. But when I tried to play a DVD I got the above message.

    So as I said, I never even remember reading a DVD on the drive, I don't know if the problems are related to the problem of shock of MP3 software, although it seems unlikely that they are related. Finally, the computer has been less than a year when I bought it and in all other respects, it has been very well (unbearable slowness of Vista by derogation). Unfortunately the extended warranty is now sold out so I hope this isn't a hardware problem. The fact is that, given that I've never even played a DVD on this thing, and he plays the CD without any problem (in addition, the drive can READ DVD, he can tell me all the chapters that are on a DVD and play the files that he - she won't just play movies), I don't think it's material. I think that there is a current bug.

    If someone could shed some light on this matter, I would be eternally grateful!



    Hi mate

    I m using the VLC Player as well.
    I m totally happy! It s for free, it s small, don t need a lot of material resources and manages almost all file formats.
    That s awesome!

    I totally agree with you. VLC Player is more than recommended!

  • Satellite A100-998: Vista - cannot play DVDs with Media Player and WinDVD

    I just upgraded my Satellite A100-998 to Vista. Nothing but problems. I can't play DVDs with Mediaplayer because my "video card does not meet the minimum memory requirement of 64 MB of RAM video.
    He tells me to update the video driver or install a new video card.

    I can't use Intervideo WinDVD to play discs because wnaspi32.dll is missing. I can download it on the web, but it becomes just as much as my office. Anyone know where I should put wnaspi32.dll and how much?

    Someone had this problem? How did you solve this problem?

    Thank you.

    First of all, I must say that I haven't noticed these issues after the installation of Vista. I installed it on the A100 and everything went correctly
    I put t know if you use a graphics driver right but necessary for correctly working Vista.

    The user Scooby1966 has posted a nice Vista tips:

    By the way: is the file wnaspi32.dll driver ASPI Nero burning application could install it. If you use Nero try to reinstall this app

  • No sound when playing DVDs on my Satellite 1900 102

    I have no sound when I try to play DVDs. I don't have windows media player. I get a good picture but no sound. I can perfectly play CD audio and other computer cd
    Anyone know what I do?


    Well, it sounds your need a good codec to play DVDs. As far as I know if you want to watch DVDs with Windows Media Player you need a special codec. Have you tried to watch DVDs with other software that is of InterVideo WinDVD? Try it.

    Good bye

  • Want to play DVDs on Satellite A40-151

    My d drive plays music CD but dvd makes just one beep do I need to play dvd CDs

    I'm a bit confused of m.
    You ask: what do I need read CD DVD

    You want to play the DVD or what?
    I put t found information on Satellite A40-151, but on the A40-141
    But I guess there is no difference between the models of theses.

    However, according to the news reader supports these media:
    CD - R (RW), CD - RW (read/re-write), CD,
    DVD-ROM (read-only), DVD-R (read only), DVD - RW (read only), DVD - RAM (read-only)

    Don't forget that you put media to DVD + t use because these DVDs are not compatible
    Also if you want to watch DVDs you must use an application like WinDVD or Power DVD, etc.

  • Drive DVD - RW external USB HP cannot play DVD movies

    I bought a HP touchsmart computer laptop and a DVD - RW external USB HP drive.  I can burn disc and play music, but cannot play dvd movies. It worked fine with my dektop, I could play movies with windows media player.

    Anyone with a solution?

    I downloaded VLC player now its working!

  • trying to play (DVD movie) on labtop

    I'm stuck on what to do next. We have just received this high laboratory of the page, I tried to get Windows Media player, but it did not work.

    Please help me with step by step how to start.

    Thank you. C BASS968

    I'm stuck on what to do next. We have just received this high laboratory of the page, I tried to get Windows Media player, but it did not work.

    Please help me with step by step how to start.

    Thank you. C BASS968

    I can only imagine you can run Windows 8.1?

    Windows 8 / 8.1 cannot natively read DVD-video.

    You could install Media Center...

    Add Windows 8.1 Pro Pack or Windows 8.1
    Media Center Pack for your version of Windows 8.1


    For DVD playback... the free VLC Media Player
    may be worth trying...

    (FWIW... it's always a good idea to create a system)
    Restore point before installing software or updates)

    VLC Media Player (32-bit Version)
    (works on XP, Vista, 7, 8)
    (the name of the file to download is: vlc - 2.1.2 - win32.exe)

    (FWIW... it's always a good idea to create a system)
    Restore point before installing software or updates)

    VLC Media Player (64-bit Version)
    (works on XP, Vista, 7, 8)
    (the name of the file to download is: vlc - 2.1.2 - win64.exe)

    Playing DVDs in Windows 8 with VLC Media Player

Maybe you are looking for

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