Playlist falls at the end of the folder list after adding a song in latest update

Unfortunately after installing the latest update, when I add a song to a playlist that is in a folder, playlist will reorganize itself at the end of the list of folders. This has not happened before and makes it confusing if I add more than one song to a playlist. This problem is known by developers of iTunes?

Steps to reproduce:

1 create a folder in the form of iTunes playlists

2. create at least two selections to put in this folder

3 drag a song from any playlist to any playlists that have been made in a folder, to the exclusion of the last playlist listed in the folder


Playlist the song was reached the last post from the list within the playlist folder.

Thanks in advance.


This is a bug in iTunes, hopefully be fixed in the next version.  Already pointed out, but he can't help but remind developers via the iTunes feedback page.  Although it is not a "fix", sorting in the folders in the list of reading must be corrected when you quit and then reload iTunes.

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    See you soon


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    Hi j1234567890j - and everyone else that repsonded to the post.

    I also have expierence this problem and as with all those who have responded to this post one lot others that makes me crazy. To make things worse, this problem manifests itself also on open or save file dialog boxes in any application that relies on the Windows file dialog.

    In my case, I also found that the behavior is inconsistent. Sometimes the problem, and sometimes it isn't. -C' is why it is difficult to focus on the behavior and some people are unable to reproduce the problem. So, I think other answers on different computers where this problem cannot be replicated. As a developer, I understand that, since we often have the answer: "...". but it works in my computer... "- and yes it does, because usually a machine of dev/support is implemented for ideal circumstances. I digress...

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    I think the intention of the browsing behavior, it is that when the user develops the folder, it will show as much as possible under folders in view - but I also think it is where there is a bug - or at least where some other parameter has an impact on behaviour. -For some reason, when a folder is expanded the navigation pane only finds the first subfolder and that one--exposes so boring movement of the folder selected from the current position of the mouse pointer.

    Find an answer

    And yes - even if I think that I understand the problem - I agree with everybody elses user experience - this needs to be fixed!

    I'm not sure that a moderator will pick up what this message is marked as awnsered - even if it isn't in my opnion.

    But if someone the fact: I think that provide an option on the general tab of the Folder Options dialog box, a user can turn off this behavior and expand just the folder without attempting to present all folders visible in the navigation pane.


    Andre Coetzee

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    What happens when you try to connect?

    If you are able to connect using the different account, try running gpupdate/force.

    If the problem persists, you can open the discussion on:

    What is responsible technical issues forum.

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    This function returns the Page 11, the page is closed using the Window.Close ().

    It works fine up until this point. Now, there are also by default the value selected in the select list of the newly created object. We made a function for it. But he calls immediately after the outbreak of the updating of the apex does not work because he probably did not updated the list since the back end still.

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    But this event does not seem to be triggered. I've tested in IE and Chrome. In Chrome, it started once, but never after that.

    The relevant code on page 10 looks like this. The refreshBusList function is called Page 11 with the value of the newly created object.

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      newCreatedObjVal = pDefault;
      alert('Refresh completed!');

    I would like to know what we're doing wrong. Is it still the right way to do it? I can't use dynamic actions here because the logic of javascript page is too complicated be properly implemented using the declarative logic like DAs (we tried once and had to leave after a week. has become a nightmare to manage).

    Any help would be much appreciated!

    Thank you!!


    What does setDefault? Have you tested this feature by running it from the console? It doesn't have the required behavior?

    Can what newCreatedObjVal value contain? What is an object? A string?

    Are you sure that the selection list is updated?

    I would also like to rewrite your refresh logic. On the one hand, you declare a variable of global scope: horrible! There is no need of it. You can also control refreshing after a little better by simply acting on it once.

    function refreshBusList(pDefault)
      // not really necessary. But use "var" to declare scoped variables!
      var newCreatedObjVal = pDefault;
      // bind a one time afterrefresh event handler
      // then, trigger the refresh
        alert('Refresh completed!');
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    Thank you



    That's a likely scenario.  There was a 10.1 change that had t be solved with - fPIC, but that latest IDEs use models that account for it properly.

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    If no simple way, want to know if anyone has another different tool or a few recommendations to better highlight what I'm doing wrong.

    Thank you for your review and response.

    You should be able to update with tools - Pages - header & foot-

    Update... It not work for you?

    If this isn't the case, then try to remove from this menu and then re - adding them.

    Tuesday, June 23, 2015 23:55, Fortune Mile [email protected]>

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    I already created personal folders in the e-mail directory and saved invoices etc in there under company names.
    Our computer has been recently repaired and everything had to be saved and re-recorded on it again.
    When we returned there was no personal folders in the e-mail directory more. When I rang the company that fixed to the computer, they said there is no folder saved, so no for them to recover and put back on our computer.
    There are a few very important files in these folders - is possible to find?

    Re: when I rang the company that fixed to the computer, they said there is no folder saved,

    As you say not whay they were "fixing", I'm not sure what they were doing on the computer. If they have reinstalled the operating system, then the computer was wiped and everything has been removed.

    If they saved only the standard Windows folders, then they would not have saved anything another (not Windows) program data, is stored in the Appdata Roaming folders.
    AppData folders are hidden by default, but the technicians should have known this, because it is standard.

    Looks like they did not backup your Thunderbird profile, or emails.
    I came across "technicians" who have no idea that non-Windows applications to store data in the Appdata folder. So why it is always a good idea to make all of your backups yourself.

    You could ask to see what files they saved, but it is possible that they have not kept this information. If they still have this information, then you must find all of the files in this directory:
    C:\Users\Windows user name\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\Profile name\

    If they have not saved your profile and you have not kep a copy/backup of your own profile, then you have a problem.

    Therefore, the two questions you need to ask the people who fixed the computer are:
    Q1: They have completely clean the computer and reinstall the OS?
    If Yes, then you know there is nothing hid on the computer, as he wiped.

    Q2: Can they provide a copy of all records and files that they saved?
    If Yes, then you might look to see if they did to actually backup location:
    C:\Users\Windows user name\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\Profile name\
    It would prove that if they supported these files upwards and if they save them if they were really empty.

    Q3: Specifically - they do backup Appdata\Roaming folder?

    If they do not have to this backup location, then you have lost this information and can take even further with them. I don't know what the contract was with them, but if they lost your data and they're supposed to have everything backed up, so you can use.

    I suggest you check the T & C to see if they do not accept the loss of data, because it is something considered to be your responsibility. If they claim to back up all your files, then the files and folders in this location must have been backed up. Then, they could prove that those files and folders were empty.

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