Please add the Silverlight plug-in

I bought the Sony Google TV and the Logitech review so that I can watch my kids play college sports of the network A - Sun on my TV instead of my computer. After connection of two systems, on two different TVs and switching of cable companies to get a faster internet connection just to learn that the product Google TV need Microsoft Silverlight plugin for streaming video to run on the network - Sun. Please add this plugin as soon as possible - there are many families with athletes who buy these products and will be very angry when they find out that it does not work.

If anyone has any information on this topic please reply - my son plays again Thursday.


Thank you for your comments; I hope Sony division of Google TV this will add to his list of things to work it would be an excellent use of the product for parents of athletes who play in a large number of the city games which are only broadcast on an internet video source. If you discover that it is again associated with this topic, please report! Thanks again.

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