Please help - extremely unstable HP Pavilion dv6-2131so


I have a hp pavilion dv6-2131so ( ; except mine currently has a 120 GB HARD drive), who constantly crashes (blue screen) after various time has elapsed.

It has Windows 7 32 bit installed (not by me) and unfortunately, it doesn't have the original hard drive more (so I have no partition recovery or original HP software or drivers). The computer recognizes even built in camera!
It also has huge problem with the .dat files - almost any time, I have download some sort of program (such as 3D Mark) on official site, it gives me errors CRC.   The computer does not recognize battery, or it does not work (the light blinks as he has been in charge, but nothing more).
I already scanned the hard drive (HDTune), and apparently there is no errors in this regard.

Someone suggested reinstall me Windows 7 (and change to 64-bit), but I have no idea if this will help, or if the computer is worth even maintaining/fixing...

Here are my questions:

1 can reinstall Windows 7 64 bit help?

2. where can I get software and drivers of HP Pavilion dv6-2131so origin?  (If you can't track down drivers for the exact model, as those who must work?)

3. what happens with my battery?

I would be extremely grateful for any help! Sorry for all the different questions - I chose that the laptop freezes Council, because it is the main issue... Here is a link to all my minidump files:


Hi Lirazel...

I'm sorry that you're having problems with your dv6!

It seems that this product has been sold in Sweden... you can find the drivers for it on this page.

I do not see that move to a 64-bit OS will make a difference for you regarding disk errors and blue screens.

The battery may need replacement.  You can see this document for more information.

I hope this helps!

WARNING: I am an employee of HP, but I am not a spokesman for HP.

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