Please help find the driver win 7 for sharp AM-400 MFP

I have Windows XP driver for my Sharp AM - 400 multifunction printer. I tried to install it in different compatibility mode to work on win 7 but without success.  Please help find the driver win 7 for sharp AM-400 MFP. Regarding the LEP

Think that its too old. I think its time to get another printer

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    I got the nexus S smartphone and can not find the driver on my windows vista computer, I want to be able to put my favorite and the music on my new phone, help show the search but no results.

    Thank you

    Hi Michelle,

    What is the model number of the phone you are using?

    You must contact the manufacturer of the phone and locate the Windows Vista drivers.

    For more information, you can consult the following article:

    Updated a hardware driver that is not working properly

    Hope this information is useful.

  • Satellite P300 - 19 H: I can't find the driver ATI 3470 for Win 7

    My model of laptop using VGA ATI mobi 3470.
    I can't find driver for Windows 7 on Toshiba support page. Please help me.

    I'm provisionally with the version of driver for Vista on Windows 7. Is this ok?


    Several models of laptops that support this graphics chip, I recommend that you check the drivers released for other series of laptops equipped with the same GPU.
    As far as I know, these models use this chip:

    Satellite A300 PSAJ4E
    Satellite A300D PSAK4E
    Satellite A350 PSAL6E
    Satellite A350D PSALME
    Satellite P300 PSPCCE
    Satellite P300D PSPD4E
    Satellite Pro A300 PSAJ5E

    Hope that this could be useful.

    Welcome them

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    < deleted by the moderator >


    You can access the following link and go through the steps to get the product serial key Adobe CS 5.5.

    Find the serial number of your Adobe product quickly

    You can also contact us at the Support from Adobe on the cat to be helped in the series license key.

    Contact the customer service

    Thank you.

  • T430s - BSOD (of driver power state failure). Please help identify the driver

    I meet regularly with BSOD on my T430s / Win7 when switching mode standby (Fn + F4). The error message is driver_power_state_failure. This happens almost every day. Driving me crazy!

    I know it's a common problem (I also had with a former T500, but not on T420). After Googling around, I discovered WinDBG and how to identify the faulty driver that is causing the problem.

    However, I could not install the tool - or debuggers package (referenced on, nor the tool set + a .NET framework from the Microsoft Web site. The old guard quit the installer with no message (although the Remove Programs dialog shows the thing installed, it seems to be no program to run), the latter does install without no diagnosis (installation only, tried the debugging tools tried to install the complete package - same result).

    So, can someone please help to analyze the memory dump and to identify the faulty driver? What file is needed for this - the memory full image (from folder/Windows /, ~ 500 MB in size) or the minidump file (from/Windows Minidump file / / /, ~ 700 KB in size)? Or both?

    Help a fellow fan of ThinkPad enjoy his work tool

    Several days after, I don't get BSOD more, even though I kept pushing the laptop "standby mode" on a regular basis, with or without food. Since already BSOD passed almost every day (to, like, try every 3rd or 4th go to sleep) and now there is none, I would try and call this problem is "solved".

    Let's see if just once he returns

    I'm not really sure what has helped exactly - I've only updated (a little) drivers manually (after Lenovo update system running with only a few boxes checked). These pilots were audio, video and network ones. USB 3.0 driver has been updated before, but that alone did not effect.

    I've also updated the BIOS via the Lenovo system update (strange, but it worked, unlike my manual attempt via downdloading non-bootable-CD version of the Lenovo Web site).

    Hope this helps other people are having the same problem.

  • Cannot find the driver of webcam for my Qosmio F60

    My Qosimo F60 (PQF65C-00M02D) webcam is slow to respond to the movement.

    WHERE can I find this driver and how can I reinstall it?

    Qosimo F60 models do NOT appear in the support page?

    > F60 Qosimo models do NOT appear in the support page?
    Qosimo might not but Qosmio definitely Yes.

    Can you please post the link to the support page of tosinba where you try to find your Qosmio model?

  • Help with the driver DvD Ram for satellite P10

    On my laptop (satellite p10) is Windows 2000 Professional running, but the driver DVD Ram of the Toshiba Homepage does not...
    Where can I get a driver that works on my laptop?

    Hi Val,

    The correct driver for your laptop running Wnidows 2000 should be version and is available for download from the Web from Toshiba website.

    I presume that it is the one that you tried, so I don't know what you mean when you say that "it doesn't."

  • where can I find the driver from wacom for illustrator to remove it

    I have a problem with a driver wacom said Illustrator it's inconsistent, no longer need the Wacom tablet, I uninstalled the software, but it is up to the start, I looked everywhere for this driver in plug-ins, but can't find it, can someone help me?

    Please post a screenshot of the error.

  • Where can I find the driver UMAX Astra4100 for Windows7

    Software driver for UMAX Astra 4100. It does not work in Windows 7. I need this software please tell me where I can find this?

    If this manufacturer of scan produces no win7 drivers is not a.

    You can trial , but the cost is not much different than buying a compatible device win7 all-in-one

  • Where to find the driver Hotkey Utility for Satellite M115-S3094


    recently bought a Toshiba Satellite M115-s3094 laptop and you want to install the utility driver hotkey.
    Can't find it in the download from toshibas support website.

    Thank you

    Satellite M115-S3094 was designed for the American market.
    Each Toshiba laptop with the 5 at the end of the model number is a laptop Toshiba us and is why we search the Toshiba site we needed software.

    Good luck

  • Indefinite flashvars, complete the relevant code block, please help find the prob

    I can't get the flashvars read properly. What is the problem with that?

    I have: var paramObj:Object = LoaderInfo (this.root.loaderInfo) .parameters;

    In javascript, I have this:

    var flashvars = fv;


    Alert ("FV =" + FV) gives: fv = "" UN = test & pw = 123wi & roomname = test ' "


    swfobject.embedSWF ("IC_Broadcaster.swf", "flashContent", "100%", "100%", swfVersionStr, xiSwfUrlStr, flashvars, params, attributes);

    But in Flash, trace gives no defined for the flashvars.

    Flash lines are in the class by default/hand file /:

    package {}


    public class ic_broadcaster extends MovieClip implements {IC_IChatter}


    private function init (): void {}


    var paramObj:Object = LoaderInfo (this.root.loaderInfo) .parameters;

    If (debug > = 3) trace ("IC_Broadcaster: init: paramObj ['a'] =" + ['a'] paramObj);

    print the undefined:

    IC_Broadcaster: init: paramObj [a '] = undefined


    FV var = '-' ";". "

    for (i = 0; i


    var key = urlVars [i];

    var val = urlVars [key];

    FV += key "=" + val;

    If (urlVars.length > i + 1) fv += "&";. "

    IVA Key = val;



    var fv = {};

    for (i = 0; i


    var key = urlVars [i];

    var val = urlVars [key];

    FV += key "=" + val;

    If (urlVars.length > i + 1) fv += "&";. "

    IVA Key = val;


  • Help to find the driver for Satellite 1800 412

    Friendly day time dear administrators of a forum and participants, help find the driver for toshiba broadcast s1800-412, in advance thank you.

    If there is a possibility to send on an email [email protected]


    He's a guy of the user forum to ;)
    If you want to accept that a notice of a simply common Toshiba laptop user then got to this site:

    Choose the Archive Satellite Archive Satellite 18 *-Satellite 1800 412

    Enjoy ;)

  • How to find the driver of modem of Toshiba Satellite U305-S7432 for Suse operating system?

    Hello friends! I have laptop Toshiba Satellite U305-S7432. I use the Suse operating system. But my OS couldn't find the modem driver. Where can I find the driver of modem for Suse OS? How can I solve this problem. Please help me. ?:|

    Best regards. ;)

    Hey Buddy

    Unfortunately, it seems that Linux is not supported by Toshiba and so there is no Linux drivers published on the page of the driver.

    If you need some drivers, I would recommend looking at the sites of chip manufacturing.

    But visit these Internet sites about Linux on Toshiba laptops:

    Welcome them

  • Retired HP Pavilion a6000n PC and can not find the driver for Network Card card do? Download Driver?

    Gradient of the Visa OS came with the PC for XP.  Installed new HD and partitioned drive so there is no pass file.

    I found that it is management of network integrated 10/100 Base-T interface but cannot find the manufacturer to use it Web site.  In addition, been

    playback ChipSet might need drivers or upgrade?  Don't know that much about this, but enough to get in trouble if

    I'm not "coached" through it all.  Low grade was the Visa MS HP accompanying MS XP Professional.                               Need a link or help find the Driver for the network card.

    Thank you.

    Thank you very much... which seems to do the job for letting me use the network card.  Once I installed the chipset you me too, my IE was able to get the net.  The only thing that happened that I wonder about, what I choose to accept or not something RAID, which I accepted and it seems to work with one small annoying side affect: I can't get Windows Update to run.  I get this error: 0x8024400a and I spent literally hours looking for and trying different solutions, which none have worked. Do you think that there is something that would change this Nvidia software which would cause that?   I get out to the internet OK and can go to any web page.  It runs a bit slow, but I thought it might be because I'm using a newly installed Win XP and it has only 2 SP.  My next step in getting this thing to work was to run Windows Update and anti-virus stuff set.   Any way, thanks again for your help.

  • helpp... I can't find the driver ATi Mobility Radeon HD 6470 1 GB for G4-1003TX?

    Help find the Driver ATi Mobility Radeon HD 6470 1 GB for Pavilion G4-1003tx pleasee! Why I can't find in the HP ATi Mobility Radeon HD 6470 support 1 GB, it's really disspointed for user HP!

    I read in several places so many people disspointed on the ATi Mobility Radeon HD 6470 1 GB for g4-1003tx research. Why in the HP support is not ready for this driver ATi Mobility Radeon HD 6470 1 GB?

    Pleasee help me solve this problem immediately so that I can use my laptop! for now, I can't use my phone because I can't find the driver ATi Mobility Radeon HD 6470 1 GB! THX


    The driver you need is on the link here.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

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