Please someone tell me why I get this error, as my D: recovery drive has 3 GB of space on 28, I don't know how to delete it and it may be the cause but I'm not sure, that's why I'm here :(

The error is the reference 0x00c91187
memory 0x47be01e0. The memory could not be read

Here is a link to the screenshot of my error

I don't know why I get this error and its very annoying, my hard drive has 3 GB of space for 28 gigatbytes, why is there so much space taken up there and how I delete it without hurting important files

It dose it when you try to run an apillication game. or other


Sorry for not being detailed

I hear by clear weather, how to free up space on my D: recovery drive?

and I am referring to the game app is soldier fonts 2, it gives me error when I start the game

and no, I only get this error with the soldier make game 2 application only

and here's a better link RII

Sorry for the inconvenience


Tags: Windows

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