Please specify the charging battery

I read about or-Cad batteries must be completely discharged and then recharged. NMH batteries suffer memory also effect, but to a lesser extent. Lithium-Ion battery do not suffer and do not need complete discharge.

I read somewhere on this forum, probably in the post of batteries with hundreds of entries which it is OK to top off the entire clip.

Is topping off clip still the recommended charge method?


The Clip battery is a Li-ion polymer FYI

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    Please specify the following license number

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    Thanks in advance

    Go back and read the definitions of licenses example OLSA (to oraclestore, for your country).

    First to know if the whole machine allows to SE or SE1 licenses. (And a quick guess the "520" depending on the type of machine/model, is max two Sockets.)

    Then check how the number of 'Oracle processors' is counted in your case, for example a what I said «...» When licensing Oracle programs with Standard Edition or Standard Edition in the name of the product, a processor is considered equivalent to a socket busy; However, in the case of multi-chip modules, each chip in the multi-chip module is counted as an occupied socket. "

    Hardware partitioning could make a difference, depending on how Oracle sees PowerVM partitions in conditions of licence.

    But, of course, depending on your specific situation, the business relationship with Oracle, etc., you will have the possibility to make a contract tailored to your specific needs.

    Published by: orafad on January 30, 2009 23:10

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    Hi guys, anyone know how to prevent the battery charge when the BlackBerry device is connected to the desktop via USB Manager? TKS!

    boldberries wrote:

    and I heard that it is bad recharge the battery when it is completely full.

    No good info. It is always good to overflow of a charge.

    Here's some good advice from loading, please read and you will see that many of them will be applicable to you.

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    I put the picture rear side of the box with DVD.

    Download your money back and report the seller to eBay.

  • Equium L10: Problem with the main battery and battery RTC


    I have the Toshiba Equium L10 and it is about 14 months old and I have problems with the battery and how much time it takes after a full charge. I also have problems with the RTC battery and an ERROR 0271: check date and time settings message when I turn on the laptop.

    Regarding the battery, I can fully charge it upward in about 3 hours, but when I start to use it, apparently in the last few hours around one and a half or so and then it needs to be recharged. I can have down for about 40 minutes and then turn it off and come back later or in a day or two. How long should I expect from a fully charged battery?

    About the batttery RTC, it really becomes a pain and I only started to get the message of the ERROR 0271 start-up, in recent weeks. I can charge the battery pack and then leave for a few days, but when I turn it on, I get the message ERROR 0271 on the date and time incorrect. Surely after a full charge, the RTC battery should last longer than a few days?

    The manual says that if the RTC battery is exhausted or becomes weak, you must charge the battery of the CCF for 24 hours, in a different part of this manual indicates between 24 and 48 hours, but how can load you for long when the sections concerning the charging battery pack status after charging the battery you unplug the power adapter because leaving connected will shorten the life expectancy of the Battery Pack. So, how we can charge the battery of the CCF for 24 to 48 hours if we shouldn't leave the AC adapter plugged in once the battery is charged - which is nearly three hours. Suggestions about these problems would be appreciated.

    Besides we all know that it is easy to change the CMOS/RTC battery in your desktop base unit, but is it easy to change in a Toshiba Equium L10?



    Hi Brave0,

    The normal recommendation for the CMOS (RTC) battery is to leave the laptop connected to the power supply at least 12 hours when the main battery is fully charged. The charging circuit is going to hijack the current to the load automatically RTC battery and no current will be forwarded to your main battery.

    Recommendation do not leave the power adapter is plugged in the main battery is fully charged is really only applicable to older laptops that used no batteries Li - ion and therefore they had to be completely discharged before recharging to avoid any effect 'memory' of the battery.

    With modern Li-ion batteries, it is quite safe to leave the battery when fully charged and still power the laptop from the AC adapter. The charging circuit will pass all the battery charge if it is fully charged.

    Kind regards

  • My battery doesn't charge, battery HP Pavilion dv6000 computer two years, when I stop power jack, the computer shuts down immediately. Can you help me please.

    I don't know what to write here

    If the laptop is still under warranty, call HP technical support and see if the battery is covered. If not, buy a new battery. If you are very lucky to have a friend with the same model laptop - and it must be the same - you can troubleshoot using its known working battery put in your laptop. If your laptop works with the borrowed battery, then just buy a new one for you. I found to be an excellent source for laptop batteries, adapters, etc.

    You can call the HP technical support in any case where they have a diagnostic routine they do to determine if the problem is with the battery or the charger on the motherboard component.

    BTW, it does not matter that the computer is only two years. Yes, batteries usually last a little longer than that, but things are what they are. MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

  • I use my MacBook Air as a desktop computer. Should I leave the charger plugged all the time or should I drain the battery and then recharge? What is the best for the battery?

    I use my MacBook Air as a desktop computer. Should I leave the charger plugged all the time or should I drain the battery and then recharge? What is the best for the battery?

    Keep the computer plugged in whenever possible.

    If you keep the computer always connected, make sure that at least twice a month

    Run it on battery until battery charge level falls to about 40-50%.

    Please don't completely discharge the battery. Discharge the battery completely will reduce wear and tear on the battery.

    For more information:

    Section: To optimize the battery life

    Citing at the bottom of the linked article.

    "The question is often asked:" should I disconnect my laptop from the mains when not in service? Under normal circumstances it should not be necessary because as soon as the lithium-ion battery is full, a properly functioning charger will stop the load and load the pad will only engage when the battery voltage drops to a low level. Most of the users do not remove AC power, and this practice is safe. »

  • The 6s battery first charge

    Hey! I'm very confused about the answers I found on the Internet. .. I just bought a new 6 s, and I don't know exactly which is the right way to load for the first time. I used it until the battery is dead (it's what they told me at the store to do) and now he is in charge while it is turned off. I don't know if I should allow more time on the charge or not. And after the first load, how do I load it properly? Help, please! Thank you!

    You can reload at any time, for any period of time.

    It is not possible to overcharge the battery.

    It is good to use the phone while it loads.

    Don't impoverish not several times the battery at a low level.

  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-ab15: is - it bad for the battery to always have the charger plugged?

    Sorry if 'hardware and upgrade' are bad advice for this question but I've not found a better...

    Is it bad for the battery to always have the charger plugged? 99% of the time that I have the laptop on a table and it's easier for me to leave the charger connected, instead of worrying about the battery percentage all the time.



    Please read this guide from HP battery care practices to obtain the maximum efficiency of the battery of your laptop.

  • Please replace the battery with the correct lenovo battery

    I have a Thinkpad L530 and bought a new battery and when I start it up I get this message (this battery installed is not supported by this system and will not charge.) Please replace the battery with the battery correct lenovo for this system

    buy a real battery. Press ESC to continue but the battery won't charge)

    I don't want to buy a new battery to another.

    I understand that this can be changed in the bios but don't know how.

    Now my battery is dead, and I'm unable to recharge it again.

    Ideas please

  • Randomly, the screen is blank when the charger is connected; generally very well during the execution of a battery

    We have a Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop.  When the charger is connected the screen will become black suddenly, and you can't seem to get the screen goes again.  It does not seem to close completely because when I press the power button twice (or more?) it brings back me to the password screen.

    This only occurs when you run the battery, IE. not connected charger.  I bought a new charger thinking that was the problem, but the same thing with the new charger.

    My only thought is that it could be the battery but unwilling to spend £60 on a new if it does not solve the problem.  And also the battery OK charges when the laptop is not activated.

    Help needed please!  Thank you very much.

    Hi Tiffany - Sorry a very very late thank you for your help on this.

    I've been very busy and have therefore been put off watching it.  We have been surviving off the battery and when he runs out to paralyze the system / sleep mode and reload.  It became quite frustrating and that's why I've decided that I really need to fix this problem.

    As you the advised, I went just through the safe mode and the problem occurred again glancing at your advice it seems there must be a hardware problem.  I had originally bought a spare power outlet, and this does not work then maybe it's the battery.  As you suggested, maybe a qualified support store is the best solution now.

    Thank you once more!  I am very grateful.

  • charge battery for the first time and the best practices for maintaining the life of the new PC laptop battery

    Received my first laptop as a gift today (Pavilion touchsmart 15-n287cl).  You need to know 1.  How long to charge it for the first time or first several times; 2 do you need to unload and reload between each use completely and how long should it take to charge an average before being used again.  3. Since no instructions is a good idea to leave it plugged when you use all the time or the battery should be removed to improve the conservation of life?

    Thank you in advance, it has taken a lot of time to migrate from the desktop.  Want it to be a positive experience.


    Modern batteries and chargers are now smarter than you.

    1. you can plugin and immediately to use the machine, the machine will stop charge when the battery is fully charged.

    2. No, we don't need to unload completely between uses, then as above. The recommendation is sometimes we run machine on battery until that up to 10%.

    3. when using AC is a way to protect the unit during the failure of current, all of a sudden, leaving battery on laptop.

    Please read the following article:

    Kind regards.

  • Lost my battery life while the charger is plugged!

    I had a lot of trouble with my Windows Vista Basic on my level of battery charge. Even when my charger is plugged in it does not, but stay the same % now im only to left %4 and maybe isn't able to return if I turn off my comp. Please ANSWER QUICKLY

    You are right.  This has nothing to do with the Office, this is not a good place to post.

    You should contact your PC vendor.  The charger, the battery or the motherboard (where the load circuit) has a problem.

    Brian Tillman [MVP-Outlook]

  • Battery does not connect to the charger.

    My battery works on its own. My charger works on its own. However, now they will not conncet together so I can't charge my laptop. He recorded the charger for about 30 seconds after annitional card (say Pluged in, no charging current), then it goes back to the battery panel normal despite the fact it is always plugged.

    I have a Hp Pavilion laptop g6.

    Please help, Fiona.

    Hello Fiona,

    Try the following.

    First, shut down the laptop, unplug the power adapter, remove the battery and then hold the Power button for 30 seconds.

    Now plug the power adapter without the battery inserted. Robinet tap away at the key esc that you start the computer to launch the Start Menu, and then select f10 to open the bios menu.  Press f5 to load the default values (sometimes it's f9, but the menu below indicates the correct key), use the arrow keys to select 'Yes' and press ENTER.  Press f10 to save the setting and still use the arrow keys to select 'Yes' and press on enter.

    When windows has fully loaded, open windows control panel, open Device Manager, expand the entry for the Batteries, click right on and the Microsoft ACPI compatible with battery control method and select Uninstall - do uninstall not something else here.  When the uninstall is complete, shut down the laptop, unplug the AC adapter, reinsert the battery, plug in the AC adapter and then start Notepad.  Windows will automatically reinstall the driver - Windows leave running for a few minutes then restart the laptop to see if it contributed to the issue at all.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • How can I view the status icon on the taskbar battery charge?

    Is someone can you please tell me how I can show the status icon on the taskbar battery charge? I can't find anywhere.

    [Original title: DadV_court]

    Take a look at:

    If you could not find, or highlight, try to restart your PC and check again.

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