Please tell me how to get my favorite of the tiles on the + new tab

I had bookmark tiles and there now this shit suggested sites or history. I tried to remove them, but it brings just links more upward. Is anyway to get my page back to the way it looked before? I hope of course. Thank you.

Hello angelleah, the new tab firefox default page has always shown your most visited sites according to the information in the history. However, you can also lock any site you want it by dragging and dropping it in a tile (either from your bookmarks or history).

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    I suggest you to post your questions in the forums 'Development of the User Interface for Windows Desktop' for better assistance.

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  • If we consider how help topics are listed in the NEW TAB page, it would not sense for her return to the old style, one that was simple and effective

    Suck it features 'NEW TAB', to say clearly in computer talk about the terms. With so many people asking how it works or how to get back to the old design, would it be better to compile all the negative comments and confusion on this new format, and reverse back to the old design? As the saying goes... "IF IT ain't BROKE...". DO NOT REPAIR. "I don't even use the NEW TAB page now that I have no desire to understand or read how get my links to be retained and which stored again. A lot of my links aren't there anymore and even visit the sites, is not put these links on the NEW selection TAB page. Honestly this just unwanted thing. Guys we need to stop changing things that work. Sometimes, when a thing is created... you were right the first time. Sorry, but are running out of Internet Explorer. They did not move, but... when they have did... it was just things that need an update or a hotfix.

    I also hate the new shit tab in 38.0.5!

    Open a new tab if you need with speed, it's much better all you have to do is write about: config newtab in the search box and and delete what has the newtab value, as you can see in the picture, I don't download.

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    I thought about it.

    I can't find anywhere in the manual where it says that Firefox must be set on remember the story so that it works. But he does.

    I put the tools-> Options-> life private Firefox Will: do not forget history

    and it works very well.

    I can understand why remember the story must be about to have FF build this list automatically. But why must it be to build this list manually?


    I recommend FF to update their documentation.

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    Expressing the height values explicit on containers is a bad idea because height limits how much the container can receive.   If necessary, use the min-height instead of the height property.

    3 boxes CSS - with margins and allegorical.

    You can eliminate box #2.  Do not forget to give your float a width.  And don't forget to clear the floats when they became useless.

    Nancy O.
    ALT-Web Design & Publishing
    Web | Graphics | Print | Media specialists

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    Click on the button 'Hide new tab page' in the upper right corner of the page

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    I don't think you can get back them now, but you should save them the next time.

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