Plugins updated but still get the plugin update tab

I get the tab to update my plugins, I've updated everything and I disabled some. If all the plugins I use are green now.

But everything I do, close the tab, restart, reboot, whatever... every time I start up Firefox tab plugin darn rises again. Also, I entered a new URL in subject: config, but I always hate to open 2 tabs.

This issue is underway for more than a year, it seems, as I read all the mozilla support pages. I can't believe nobody found any solution to this, and mozilla didn't do something to fix this in their new version.

I even uninstalled Firefox, nothing Firefox erased my windows registry and then installed the beta version of Firefox, and I always get the tab plugin update... really really boring!

Doesn't anyone know how to get rid of this?

This older plugin appeared on the topic: plugins page? The path revealed when you set plugin.expose_full_path incorrect?

Tags: Firefox

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