Pocket Media Drive bay for e9290f

I recently bought a new HP Pavilion Elite e9290f and is surprised that, among the best models, he had no drive for the HP Pocket Media Drive Bay.  I tried to find where I can buy the Pocket media drive Bay so that I can install (retro - fit) it in my office so I could slide the pocket of 500Gb drive that I bought for inside. Currently, I use a very little available USB external port to activate the reader, as well as having to allocate precious office for the unit space. Is that what someone is selling the drive Bay?  I tried to find it in the shop online parts HP nothing is done.  Any help in this regard would be highly appreciated.


Thanks a lot for your answer.  My computer takes the door Assembly #503156 - ZH1 and the Assembly Pocket Media Drive bay #505092-001, and I just got their share of a corporation in California.  I'll mark my query as "resolved". now but thanks again en your interest.

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  • Support of Pocket media drive Bay

    I have a Presario SR5262NX with an empty optical drive Bay, and a floppy drive Bay empty.  I also have a media player Pocket 160MO I use for backups.  I would get a Pocket Media support/adapter for the bay floppy drive so that I can put my Pocket Media drive in it and leave, rather than have it cluttering up my desk.  But I wasn't able to locate such a thing in the HP store or anywhere online.  I think that HP could sell such a thing, but maybe not.  I'm looking for something that does not exist, or just look in the wrong places?


    Call HP parts. (800) 227-8164

    You can ask them if it works with Compaq Presarios.


  • HP Pocket Media Drive

    Will be a pocket media player model HP PD3200Z 320 adjustment in the Bay of drive on my HP Pavilion Elite model of system BN515AV - ABA HPE-180 t

    Hello fishyhooky,

    Handheld readers come in one size fits all capacity. As long as your computer has a Pocket media drive Bay (who, it seems, he does) the multimedia Pocket Player must fit into the computer.

  • To factory defalts, reset Pocket Media Drive?

    I have a HP Pocket Media Drive PD6400z for my Pavilion Elite HPE.  I have used the Pocket Mdeia player several times successfully, but have encountered a small problem.  I have the files saved on the drive of Pocket irremovable and not found!  I can't access the files via the 'Control Panel' computers or handheld media players ' HP sure Store "progr. Is there a way to reset the drive to Moose Factory defalts with deleted lost files?  My total memory is 596,16 Go with 401,7 Go Go free, or 194.46 for HP software and lost files.

    If I understand your problem, you want to return the hard drive it is original, like new, condition. The 'lost' files are worthless. In this case, just format the drive. Here is a link to the SureStore PMD GUIDE and software

  • Can I use a HP Pocket Media Drive in my HP Pavilion Elite m9165.uk - was?

    I am in the United Kingdom - I have a HP Pavilion elite m9165.uk-/ Vista Home Premium. He has a personal media player which I use often, but it also has an a Pocket Media Drive Bay. I can not seem to find one to buy in the United Kingdom but could get one of the USA.  They would be compatible?

    Appreciate your help.


    Your share of HP m9165.uk - uses # 5070-3488 Mini Pocket Media Drive bay assembly, which is also used by more than 200 other HP products... which many are sold in the USA. I don't see why a Mini Pocket Media Drive of the United States would not work.


  • HP Pocket Media Drive PD5000x - drivers?

    I have a HP Pavilion Slimline s5280t, running Win7 Pro 64-bit.  I bought this in 2009 and just had to replace the hard drive for the 3rd time.  Since I'm out of paid support, I went to a local computer store and they installed a new HDD with Win7 Pro 64 - bit "and all the drivers."

    I forgot to tell the store that I also have a HP Pocket Media Drive PD5000x, which I use for backup, so they do not installed the drivers for it.  Among other things, that I want to save the catalog for my installation of Photoshop Elements 8 - it's a special program from Adobe that you need to run.  I reinstalled Photoshop Elements tonight and tried to restore from the backup catalog.  The program Adobe says:

    Unable to read the disc.  Contact the manufacturer of your disc drive and upgrade to the latest firmware available for your specific disc drive.

    I looked on consumer sites and companies from HP.  I can't find the drivers for this model of Pocket Media Drive.  Are there drivers that I could download?  Where are they?  Or is Adobe just broke as usual?

    I solved this with advice from an expert on the site of the Village of items (that I recommend to anyone using any product of Photoshop).  About drivers error message occurs when you try to restore a catalog of "original location" on a "new computer" (in this case a new hard drive) where the username that you install is not identical to the ID of the user on the computer that you have saved on.  It has nothing to do with the disk drivers and I had no trouble to restore the backup catalog on the 1 TB drive.

  • How to reconnect to a personal media drive Bay

    It was very stupid of me but I unplugged the cables for my Personal Media Drive Bay when I tried to remove the hard drive for maintenance.  I didn't really attention to where the white cable that looks like an audio connector is gone.  After his return from the hard drive, I can't find the connector of the personal media drive Bay.  If I had to install the external drive, I would use a USB port to connect the player to the computer, but I don't know where this subject is on the motherboard.  I searched the internet for help entered empty.  Help, please!

    On your motherboard, you should see a connector with 2 rows of pins together. One of the lines is missing in a hairpin bend on the left side.

  • HP M7246N Media Drive Bay Center

    I have a HP M7246N Media Center Tower, when I insert a HP Personal Media Drive in the Bay, the meter turns, I do not see that the drive listed with others my computer staff media USB keys. Where you see the player. I have to do something.

    I bought brand new M7246N a long time ago, he got out the box Update for the end of MS XP 08/04/14.

    It of a nice PC and works very well.

    I can try and push just alittle on the media player, it cannot be seated in the internal USB.

    I noticed the external USB card should alittle push-to-he...

    Thank you



    Hello CACTUS24,

    I understand that the HP Personal Media Drive is not detected by your computer that is running Windows XP, when you plug it in. I'm you provide a HP support document: Media Drive missing from my computer (Windows XP), which was designed to answer the precise question that you describe. I would recommend that review you the document and follow the steps to resolve this problem.

    Please feel free to re-post if you need extra support. Thanks for posting on the HP Forums. Have a great day!

  • What Pocket media drive model is compatible with my PC D5000t?

    HP Pavilion Elite d5000t ATX customizable Desktop P, windows 7, is a media player of Pocket still available for this model and if so what is the model number?

    Your right, there is a Pocket medis drive in this small slit. HP's best 160 320 and 500 GB. See the links I posted.

  • Size of hard drive bay for Thinkpad Edge E430? and vs SATA 300 600

    I'm looking to get a bigger hard drive for my Thinkpad Edge E430, and I have two questions.

    The current drive is a Toshiba MK5061GSY - SATA 300. This is 0.4 inches high. I'm looking at a WD Green WD20NPVX - SATA 600. It is high 0.6inches.

    1. What size is the HARD drive Bay? Fits in a drive that is 0.6 inches in height?
    2. A disk SATA 600 is backward compatible with SATA-300 port?

    Thank you.

    Ivy Bridge CPU in the E430 supports SATAIII (6 Gb/s) for the main hard drive and the optical drive Bay.

    The height of the E430 hard drive Bay suitable for 7 and 9.5 mm (do not know what this amounts to in inches).

  • Personal Media Drive Bay

    Can someone explain why HP abandoned the possibility of a drive Bay of personal media on their desktops? I have one on my desk, less than three years and I am totally satisfied. Were there any probems with them?


    IMHO the PMD has been made obsolete by the absence of need and the difference in speed.

    The PMD is a USB 2.0 and with larger internal hard drives (1 t - 3 t) and now available speeds (Sata300-600), the old need PMD became useless.

    Latest motherboards have ESata and USB3.0 external options

  • HP Pocket Media Drive - where to buy?


    I decided I want to fill up the drive empty bay in my p6109uk I've owned for several years.

    It seems that all the models/capabilities of these discs are abandoned as everywhere I looked online does not stock or struck out of the list of the product.

    Anyone know where I can still buy one in the United Kingdom? The only place where I found was Amazon US, but they wouldn't let me ship to a UK address.

    Thanks in advance.

    I just checked hp and parts surfer no longer sells long that model, however their Web page does show the part number you can search to see if you can locate it.


    Reference number: 505092-001



  • Pocket drive Bay installation media.

    We have a HP Pavillion A6710T a 32 bit with a HP Pocket Media drive Bay OS installed Windows Vista.  We decided to upgrade to a HP Pavilion HPE H8 - 1360T running on a Windows 7, 64-bit OS, the drive Bay can be transferred from the old system to the new, or will we just use the USB cable?

    Answered my own question.  After tearing apart the two computers, it seems, Bay Pocket Media Player can be moved from one system to the other.  However space is tight and would bring down the new system further than just an exchange of normal PCI card.  Much easier to just leave it alone and use the USB cable provided with the PMD.

  • Update the media Drive graphic verses pocket card

    I need help and am stumped.

    Windows 7 64 bit

    I just upgraded my HP Pavilion s3600t of a cracked fan Nvidia 9300GE graphics card 256 MB with a 9500GS graphics card 512 MB. Every thing went stellar including my 3.9 to 5.3 Windows experience index. Not a single problem until I slid the HP Pocket Media Drive in its base. For some reason it isn't recognized not even a green light. When I use the USB cord, it's perfect, Pocket Drive is recognizable and works perfectly. This update of the hardrive graphics card means it won't work anymore the internal section and I cannot use the connection of the USB cable or is there another driver, I need or is it a subtle compatibility on this upgrade problem?

    Thanks to all who can help me.


    You could hit a loose cable, install the video card. Open the PC and look at the back of the Pocket reader. The cable is connected?  Check the cable at both ends to ensure that it is connected.  One end of the connection should go to the motherboard.  Make sure it is correctly positioned.

  • Pocket pd3200x Media Player: pocket media pd3200x

    is compatible with windows 10 hp Pocket media drive pd3200x model

    Hello @abb1945,

    Thanks for the quick response!

    Plug-and-play, I mean that you should just be able to connect to the device, and it works without having to install or update drivers.  However, I don't see any official support for the product is upgraded to Windows 7.

    Kind regards!

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