-Pop-up message: insert the CDROM with the virtual truck program

When I start my computer, a message is displayed as below;
Please insert the CD-ROM with the virtual truck program. Looking for file: D:\installs\PaceEth\VTruck.exe
Can someone please guide me to get rid of him.


This application did not work for me but I google and found out that the virtual truck Installer is a program that enhances the Internet connection on a point to point protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) line.
This problem may occur if the virtual truck program that is installed on your computer is damaged or missing files.

To resolve this problem, use the following methods: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb; EN-US; 829714

I hope this helps.

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    You have one something or other HP connected to the PC? Check the CD-ROM that
    came with it. Otherwise, contact HP support.

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    Hi tokyoedo,

    Suggest you follow the instructions below:

    • Quit Photoshop
    • Go to the location - C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2015, find the file named sniffer.exe and move on desktop
    • Launch Photoshop and check again.

    Kind regards


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    (I hope I've inserted which may be useful, but I'm not sure about that.)

    Thank you


    Archive messages or move them to some other local mailboxes or mailboxes on the server. Don't know what you are trying to do because it appears that you have 2/3 of your hard disk.

    Why do you think archiving emails in 2 places? Where are you trying to save space to?

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    See if anything here helps you.


  • Satellite 2140CDS: message: "insert the disk and press a key".


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    I've got everything I can think but still can not do anything.

    Please can someone help?


    What do you mean with master drive? Do you mean the Toshiba Recovery CD or what?

    It seems that the laptop can not find a source of seed and so this message appears on the screen!

    If you use a FDD drive please check if the disk has been removed.

    You must simply insert your Toshiba Recovery CD and boot from the CD/DVD drive. That's all.

    PS: Check if the HARD drive isn't too bad, as if the internal HARD drive is malfunctioning you will not be able to reinstall the OS from the CD

  • Pop - up message says: "the following error is produced during importation SAM_0012.JPG the system could not find the specified path.

    I tried 2 different camera SD cards and the same message appears. I used two cards previously and it charged fine images, without any problem.

    It is said the message above with each photo and does not load anything.

    I tried 2 different camera SD cards and the same message appears. I used two cards previously and it charged fine images, without any problem.

    It is said the message above with each photo and does not load anything.

    If you insert the SD card into your Media Player and
    Reach... Start / computer... can you right click the icon
    for the removable disk that corresponds to the
    Media SD slot player and display the contents of the

    If... Yes... maybe you can copy and paste or drag and drop to
    a folder on your hard drive. John Inzer - MS - MVP - digital media experience

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  • recurring message on the entry owner program - will not stop after reinstallation of C4480

    Since I had to re - install the software for my C4480 I continually get messages on the screen asking if I want to participate in the program of user input.  No matter if I accept or refuse, he returned again and again, to infinity.  I tried several things to stop this and have had NO success.  I'm under a system i3 with 8 GB of ram and Windows 7 Home Prem 64 bit with SP1.  I hope someone can direct me to a solution.  He drives me crazy!  Thank you!

    Dave223Hello and welcome to the Forums of HP, I hope you enjoy your experience!

    I see that you are having problems with the participation of the user program pop ups. I would say by completely removing the software, using a L3 uninstall. If you have any questions, I've included the following steps:

    -Load your driver CD and go to the directory util\CCC on the CD
    -There should be a list of batch files
    -Run the uninstall_L1.bat
    -Run the uninstall_L2.bat
    -Run the uninstall_L3.bat

    Once the software has been deleted, I would suggest to reinstall the HP Photosmart C4400/C4424 all-in-One Printer series full feature software and driver.  Once you download and run the software, it wil give you an option of customization before installation.  Deselect everything, but the printer driver, and then install.

    Good luck and please let me know the results of your troubleshooting operations. Thanks for posting on the HP Forums!

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    Now I get these messages of connection warning me that the fingerprint is not enabled, every time I started the computer, make me when entering my password to start over from the first letter, so that my password is messy (if I had the password: 'password' that would make me write pass) , and then the popup would come, that I have to click down, and then if I write "word" it originally make my password 'wordpass' test, if you understand. So it's a manufacturer 'fault' I'm trying to fix. Any tips? Is the way to activate only the reader of fingerprints to be active during the connection and not when already connected. Or how to remove these popups WARNING when connecting.

    Hi there SimonWoss,

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    SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\VirtualDeviceDrivers. VDD. format of pilot of virtual device in the registry is invalid. Choose 'Close' to terminate the application.

    You try to run an old MS-DOS program in Vista?

    "16-bit programs are not supported on 64 bit versions of Windows Vista or Windows 7."

    Some 16-bit DOS programs and the command prompt does not work in mode full screen in Windows Vista and Windows 7

    If it is not something like the above, you may have to get clarification on what you try to do when you see this error message.

    http://www.Google.com.au/search?q=virtual+device+driver+format+in+the+registry+is+invalid&SourceID=IE7&RLS=com.Microsoft:-to the: IE-SearchBox & ie = & oe = & redir_esc = & ei = yCCMS_bsGoze7APkzKSzDQ

    How to troubleshoot a program that does not run as expected once it is installed on Windows Vista

    Make older programs in this version of Windows

    Windows Vista Compatibility Center

  • error message of the system or program in ps6 creative cloud...

    can any body help me I get this message disable me navigation opening/investment/savings... it's driving me crazy!  I have a new imac and raid storage g, so this isn't a storage issue.

    You should post in the forum here http://forums.adobe.com/community/photoshop/generalPhotoshop. They will be able to help you.

    Also provide more information about the error, either the exact text or even better a screen shot.

  • Error: "Please insert the disk:" - customer-delivery - ppd.xrm - ms ".

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    I installed FSX successfully a couple of weeks.  However, the activation code provided in the package was "invalid".  The activation of product in the FSX folder open-therefore, I have found a number of phone, but without opening the application, I did have an activation screen number.  So, I could play for no more than 30 minutes.

    I uninstalled FSX to try to reinstall and activate.  Now, when I'm in the installation phase, disc 1 is complete, and almost all of disc 2 ends when I get the following pop up: "Please insert the disk:  It is not a disc number, that's all just empty.  The file that it is stuck with trying to install is "C:\".... "Licenses\client-deliverance - ppd.xrm - ms.  (I have a Windows Vista activated, so I don't know why it's having a hard time to verify the license, if it, in fact, that this file is trying to do.)

    I did a system restore, and I still get the same message when installing.

    Any ideas or advice on fixing it?  Next steps?  And, I can't reinstall Windows.  I lost the software.

    X11creed, wait no response from MS, take a look at this:


    Look at the last message in cheezyflier. It works!

    The link for the cleanup utility does not work, but you will find with google or MS, do not mix when he says this is office cleaning uility or so. This works.
    Do so by following the instructions, my problems went away and I reinstalled just clean copy.

    See you soon,.


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    Any suggestions what can be causing this "error 126"?

    type cmd and click the black box for it...

Maybe you are looking for