Population of memory R710 with SR & DR


I have R710 with two processor E5530 and DIMM slots:

DR 4x2Gb

8x2Go SR

How to complete correctly?

now I have bad config with

A1 - a2 + b1 - b2 - DR

A6 - a3 + b3 - b6 - SR

Thank you very much


The question that you are running is with memory channel. Although SR & DR mix dimms is supported, you must always match the layout of dimm through the memory channels. As seen below, the channels cover 3 DIMMs per processor groups.

You have only 4 bars of DR DIMM, you wouldn't be able to fill in all three channels by hand. What I suggest is that you place the DIMM DR bars in slots, in that you have, so A1, A2, B1 and B2. With the modules DIMM SR if you place in A4, A5, A7, A8, B4, B5, B7 and B8. That should allow the server to operate correctly.

Let me know how it goes.

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    My R710 is already filled with memory module 32 GB of config (G484D) - DUAL IN - LINE MEMORY MODULE..., 4 G, 1066, 2RX4X72, 8, 240, REGULATION

    I can improve it with (A5008568) - 16GB 2Rx4 RDIMMS ECC 1333 MHz LV below optimizer mode configuration? Please suggest.

    In this way with this 16 GB modules if I be mixed with module 4 GB 1066 mhz previous cumulative total memory perfomance down to 1066 mhz? logic which is not suggested


    I propose to upgrade all R710 with (A5008568) - 16GB 2Rx4 RDIMMS ECC 1333 MHz LV... Certainly, I hope that it will work well with my server with processors E5520 and would also work with existing (G484D) - MEMORY MODULE... 4G, 1066, 2RX4X72

    It should work with the 4 GB DIMMs in 7/8. I edited a couple of my posts to clarify certain limits with the rank of quad DIMMS and the CPU 1.35v. I added two notes stating that grade quad DIMMS will operate at 800 MHz when filled 2 per channel, and 1066 MHz speed limitation for the CPU 1.35v to apply the dual rank DIMMS or higher when filled with a minimum of 2 per channel. As part of our conversation I do not think that it you confused, but I wanted to clarify information for future readers.

    Let us know if there are problems with the upgrade.

    Thank you

  • Upgrade a R710 with SAS 6/ir with a PERC

    I have a situation to come and advice/suggestions would be appreciated...

    I have a R710 with 6 x 3.5 inches disks chassis and populated with 6 disks (2 x 136GB and 4 x 300 GB) SAS
    The server was poorly specified before buying and bought with a SAS6/ir controller

    The server is an Exchange area.
    Operating system is on C:, which is a RAID-1 using the 2 x 136 GB SAS drives
    Data on D: which is a RAID 1 using 2 of the 300 GB drives
    The other 2 players are sitting doing nothing as the SAS 6/ir can support 2 virtual disks and only RAID 0 or RAID-1

    The problem is the volume of data is closer to capacity and I really need to use the replacement disks.
    After reviewing several options, it seems to me that the only viable solution is to get a PERC H700 and import foreign VDs but I read that import a SAS 6/ir VD containing a Windows operating system in a PERC H700 is not possible/supported.
    I believe important to the volume of data would be ok and then I could use RAID level migration and online capacity expansion to add replacement discs and convert RAID-1, RAID-5, air-conditioned and with minimal downtime.

    If importing an OS disk is a non-runner, is a server to rebuild the only option or miss me something?
    For example, can I run a SAS 6/ir beside a H700 leaving the BONES on the SAS 6/ir and leaving the H700 handle data?  If so, how it works in what concerns the installation of the additional card in elevators and wiring to the speakers?

    As I said, any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

    "BSOD with the STOP 7b junior Boot Device."

    This is because they use different drivers and the drivers loaded in Windows for the 6/iR do not talk to the H700.

    What you might try is to boot to Windows on the SAS6/iR, with the H700 inserted (but not connected to anything), let Windows detect the device to load the drivers for it, then try to readers the PERC.

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    1. Yes.

    2. Yes. Any newer version of Mac OS X 10.6.8 is likely to be sluggish on only 2 GB of RAM.


  • Tecra A4-109: is - this 1 GB PC2-4300 DDR2 memory compatible with this model?

    I've had this laptop model Tecra A4 109 for a year and a half. I need to upgrade its 512 MB of memory by default. http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com/cgi-bin/ToshibaCSG/JSP/productPage.do?service=EU&action=SHOW_ATTRIBUTES&t ab = 1 & PRODUCT_ID = 102108 & Type = 2319 & family = 2328 & series = 100900 & model = 102108 & x = 98 & y = 14 #1
    from this site, I checked the memory compatible types.

    As this link says "1024 MB (1 GB) memory PC2700 DDR SODIMM (333 MHz), 1 GB PC2 - 4300 DDR2 Memory, 1 GB memory DDR2 PC2-4300" are the compatible memory. (But in the manual of the laptop that is present in the C:\TOOLSCD\manuals, the compatible option only is 1024 MB (1 GB) PC2700 DDR SODIMM (333 MHz) memory).

    I checked a few memories of laptop DDR2 by traders the but they actually wouldn't fit in the memory locations with ease. If I force it to adapt, it can insert into the slot. But there is a chance to have a broken and useless memory. Memory DDR work with 5 volt DDR2 memory work with 2.5 to 4 Volts AFAIK. Of DDR and DDR2 memory slots are also a bit different from each other. Now I'm confused.

    Official web pages of Toshiba says and what I found in the laptop manual are contradictory to each other. Who is telling the truth?

    I'd appreciate the help. Thank you...

    Hello kamel

    I can understand that you are confused, but it is not so complicated. I checked a few pages and here is the result:

    Tecra A4 comes in two different models.
    1 Tecra A4 - PTA40E-xxx (your model). Compatible memory module is 1024Mo PC2700 (PA3313U-2M1G)
    2 Tecra A4 - (PTA42E-xxx). Compatible memory module is DDR2 400/533 1 GB (PA3411U-1M1G)

    As you can see that the two hardware platforms are completely different. Copy the PA3313U-2M1G module. It is compatible with your Tecra.

    Good bye

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  • Dell PowerEdge R710 with windows server 2003 R2 is not start windows in normal mode.

    Hi Sir,

    Dell PowerEdge R710 with windows server 2003 R2 is not start windows in normal mode after upgrading the RAM to 64 GB.

    Arrangement of RAM is made 4 our 16 GB of RAM on 2 channels. I get no error message about the RAM configuration. It is booting in safe mode but not start in normal mode, his hanging during windows startup.

    Please give me guide to solve this problem.

    I thank & regards

    Ramanantsoa D

    Thanks for the reply.

    My version of windows is 32-bit Windows server 2003 Enterprise Edition Service Pack 2.

    Although I have not tried switching/EAP, I will try that and get back to you.

    And again something I have an idea of the installation of windows server 2008 R2 Standard version on this server, it will support? Please let me know Chris.

    Thank you.

  • Memory upgrade - Dell R710 with 1 GB DIMM


    My server before in the memory modules Ram 1 GB

    A1 A2 A3 B1 B2 B3 B6 B5 B4 A6 A5 A4

    I'm looking to fill all of the empty boxes with modules of 1 GB but when I did it an error of memory and does not start. I looked in the BIOS and the memory configuration is set to optimized (it does allow me to change that). It has also two CPU - FYI

    Thank you



    Unfortunately with UDIMM installed on the server, it is currently overexploited. This is due to the restriction of this population of DIMMs for UDIMM memory and quad-rows DIMM is two by way. So the 3rd dimm per channel will not be supported when you use the UNIQUE access.

    Let me know if this helps answer the question.

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    MY 16 GB iPad cannot be upgraded to a memory. Over the years MAIL takes 9.3 GB. I emptied all the files with no result. I installed with provider Scarlet of pop. How can I remove all these emails and do free memory?

    Thank you


    I have some IMAP so I'm fishing...

    You cannot delete individual emails in the Mail application?


  • HP Compaq 8200 Elite SFF PC: Population of memory HP Compaq 8200 Elite SFF PC

    What is the maximum RAM, this model can accept? 16 GB or 32 GB? in the manual it says maximum 16Gb and it says in another manual maximum 32 GB which is correct?

    What channel is the channel A and channel is channel B?

    In the manual it shows Dimm1 and Dimm2 for B and Dimm3 and Dimm4 channel for channel A, but looking at the BIOS, the details are different it shows XMM1 and XMM2 for channel A and Xmm3 and Xmm4 for Channel B, which is correct?

    Any help and the response is very much appreciated.

    You are the very welcome.

    That is right.  If 1600 MHz memory running on your PC, it will be fine and just run at 1333 MHz.

    If you were to buy an elite 8300 with a 3rd generation of processor core, memory would go to 1600 MHz.

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    I have a Satellite Pro A100-622 running MS Vista Home Basic Edition. I tried to use the card reader integrated with SD and Memory Stick card but cannot view the contents using Windows Explorer.

    In both cases, the laptop recognizes the card and try to install new hardware. Unable to do so, he asks the drive of the software provided with the cards. Any software not provided with a card and I cannot find drivers to make the drive work.

    The only application that I can find on the laptop that is associated with the player is a module of SD formatting, but I don't want to format the card (s) I want to just read the current content of them and add files.

    Any ideas?


    You can download the drivers (and especially in your case for the sd-card-reader) here:


    and here


    So the other point is the service of the SD card must be enabled in the start menu-> Control Panel (change to Classic view)-> Administration-> Services-> Chip card (at this point, you must activate the service and configure it to start at windows startup).

    If you have any other questions, just ask. ;)

    Good bye

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  • Memory leak with RS-485 visa

    I tried to find a slow memory leak in a large application Labview (2012f3). Using perfmon, probes and breakpoints, I could trace the source of the leak of a series VI communication employing a number of nodes VISA. I have attached a slightly simplified version of the VI leaking (serialCommand.vi), as well as a VISA vi initialization and a VI of container to test.

    Did anyone see any problems with the serialCommand VI that could possibly cause memory leak?

    After reading all posts of the forum that I could find on memory leaks and VISA error, I was still unable to stop the leak. SomeofthethingsI'vetriedsofar:

    -J' read VISA Close can cause leaks memory, so I disabled inside the loop (even if he was closing an event, not the port)

    -J' wrote extra carriage at the beginning of the VI returns, before rinsing the pads

    -J' was initially using VISA 5.2; After the upgrade to VISA 5.3, the leak occurred still

    -J' replaced VISA nodes with constant value placeholders, and the leak repaired (not a solution, but the confirmation that it is the location of the leak)

    It may also be worth noting that I don't remember when this leak memory in the previous development when I was watching for leaks, but a few days ago Labview executable generates started fails with the error 1, and the only way to get Labview to successfully build again should fix labview from Add/Remove Programs (Win 7 Ultimate) , so it could be related to a change of version in one of the packages that has been reinstalled.

    Thank you.

    Is there a reason that you use VISA events?  It seems that you expect just a character.  Why not to use playback VISA wait for a byte and use the timeout if the byte is not?

  • Help, please! Memory increases with Scripture PDM

    Hello guys,.
    I use a TDMS file to store the data of 16 accelerometers sampled 10KS/dry, you can therefore imagine the size of the files are going to be huge (more than 10 GB for 2 h or more registration).
    I want to be able to save a subset of the PDM file, or even the complete file to another file PDM. I'll have no problem writing in the file when you read of accelerometers.

    When trying to read the TDMS file and write a new, I'll have a lot of memory problems, so I read pieces of 5000 samples within a certain time the strand and then writing to the file.
    I have included the code.

    the code is attached. Please help as I was stuck with this memory problem for more than a week now!

    Kind regards

    I don't think that opening and closing of the case will make a difference.
    Have you defragged the original TDMS file?
    And I think that you can read in segments of 10 MB without problem.
    Why you put away the time anyway, your waveform will be information in real-time.


  • Edge of power R710 with MBE2147RC SAS 6 GB/s 146 GB, 15K RPM in a RAID5 configuration replace it with another disc?


    We have here R710 breaks with the SAS 5 hard drive MBE2147RC model in a RAID5 configuration and we need to buy spare parts, but here they say they only 12Gbps of 300 GB 10 k RPM sas

    My question is that these drives are compatible in a RAID5 configuration to use? or do I need another model?

    For example:


    Readers must be certified Dell, but do not buy them from Dell. Many authorized dealers carry Dell readers - their choice is often better and their prices are almost always better than buying directly from Dell.

    As long as readers are certified, so it doesn't matter what brand/model, you get... readers CAN be larger than the original. They CAN be slower (10K / 15K), but this is NOT desirable, because your table will be made according to the specifications of the most slow/smaller disc in the table.

Maybe you are looking for

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