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I have developed on the beta OS2.0 playbooks and had no problem with the help of the web Inspector on the playbook.  I've recently downgraded in OS1.0.8.6067 and have found that I can not access any application remotely.

I find that when I try to load the debugger page it shows this:

  • Open...

and when I select open I get:

I use the "-d" tag when compiling and I use chrome to access.  Is there a problem with OS1.0.8 or it's me the cause?  I got in some cases the first page to say "AppName" (which is the name of the application), but it always brings me to the web Inspector broken even.


There is a problem with the latest versions of chrome, that they have changed their implementation of web sockets, which makes them incompatible with those used in our remote web Inspector. Youy can try in a different webkit browser?

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  • The tool inspector Web Developer disappeared :(

    I used to use the tools > Web Developer > inspection (or inspector, I don't remember exactly) tool. It was there without explicitly install me it and suddenly it is there more.

    That's happened?
    Thank you.

    You can set the devtools.inspector.enabled pref to true on the subject: config for the Inspector build-in page but I don't know how it works in versions of Firefox 9. Close and restart Firefox.

    See also:

  • undefined Inspector Web port

    I tested my webworks on alpha dev app.  using bbwp with the - d option, but when I start my app on the dev alpha, instead of getting a : for me to use, I : undefined.  I'm doing something wrong?  Has anyone encounter the same problem before?

    As a suggestion, moreover, he could not bad to upgrade to the latest version of OS developer Alpha Dev:


    This requires the download of an update for Desktop Manager, with drivers updated to the device so that might have something to do with what is now considered. It is a light in the water, but it might be interesting to try.

  • App Web Inspector difficulties Webworks help


    First of all, I would like to say that I am a new developer that started after hearing about promoting free playbook (thanks for this RIM btw).

    My problem is the following. I developed my application entirely using textpad, chrome and using a token of debugging to test my application on a playbook before submitting the app world. Now, I'm working on the optimization of the app as much as possible improve the performance.

    I've read the tutorials on how to daydream web Inspector and I did the following:

    1 permit web Inspector in the privacy settings for the browser Tablet (does not close the browser, just reduced)

    2 packed app using the following command:

    bbwp "c:\app3.zip" -d -o "c:\packagedApps\"

    3. it installed on my playbook by the following:

    blackberry-deploy -installApp -password  -device -package c:\packagedApps\app3.bar

    4. with the browser still open in the background, I launched my freshly installed app

    5. open google chrome

    at this point, I see two balls and that's all. Inspector Web seem to work fine when I run a Web page in the browser of the playbook. In this case, I saw the title of the Web page in chrome and another bullet below empty (which I can not click on).

    I'm doing something wrong? I thought that web Inspector was supposed to display the IP address in my application while it is running (but this is not either).

    Anyone have any ideas? I share my experience with my colleagues at work tomorrow and I'd like to be able to demonstrate this ability.

    Thank you!

    When debugging is enabled, the ports are open from 1337. If you build an application with WebInspector debugging and run, WebInspector will open at 13:37. However, if you have the browser open with WebInspector also good running, then your application will be in 1338, or vice versa depending on when you start each. The links in the list refer to your application of title in its html file, or to the title of the Web page in the browser.

  • HTML editor?

    What is software made by apple, I can use to write the HTML?

    Not to mention that Text Edit and Inspector Web Safari.

    Thank you.

    Hello ExpolsiveCow,

    Apple has no HTML editors elements. There are many 3rd party publishers. Simply choose the one you like the best.

  • Impossible to debug UIWebview with Safari 9.1

    Recently updated to El Capitan 10.11.4, it comes with Safari 9.1. Now, I'm unable to debug UIWebview on iOS Simulator (tested on 9.2 iOS and iOS 8.4. both don't work). In the setting of safari Simulator are as follows. Inspector Web is running, JavaScript is activated. Website fraud warning is DISABLED. In Safari for Mac menu develop appear, the entrance of Simulator appear when the Simulator was launched but only show JSContext. The UIWebview embedded in our application does not appear in the submenu of the Simulator. All the web pages in safari iOS does not appear as well. Is there a setting that I missed? It worked before the upgrade to 10.11.4

    Hello ahuang105,

    If you are a developer, you cannot act as a user.

    This means that you need to test the Apple software throughout each cycle of beta. You need to do this test on a complete ecosystem "burner" - iOS devices, Mac, Apple ID dedicated to the beta test. Along the way, so something that you develop breaks in all of this, you will be able to report a bug to Apple and to develop an alternative solution in case Apple releases with the bug.

    In the same time, another complete ecosystem production - Apple ID, Mac and iOS devices all dedicated development of production - needs to stay on the most recent version has no crippling bugs. For El Capitan, your guess is as good as mine what build that can be. 10.11.3 I guess.

    For now, I suggest to ask in the developer forums if this bug in particular is fixed in 10.11.5. I have seen engineers Apple recommends this build for Simulator in 10.11.4 problems.

  • BB10 - App appears enlarged

    I am converting an application WebWorks's PlayBook to BB10, and when I load on my Alpha device, everything seems very zoom-in. Ripple it seems in good condition.

    I tried



    var meta = document.createElement("meta");
    meta.setAttribute('content','initial-scale='+ (1/window.devicePixelRatio) + ',user-scalable=no');

    but in both cases, I get the below screenshot (taken the device with remote web Inspector running to display the dimensions of the image)

    Inspector Web shows pictures of a resolution of 175 x 254, however during the measurement in the screenshot it is closed to 395 x 575.

    So much worse... had to remove the HTML meta and then the JavaScript set one worked.

  • Browser blackBerry Z10 Z10 - development tools. Fashion desktop & Disk Cache

    Anyone with a knowledge of the Z10 would be able to explain if these options are for the ordinary user - like me?

    I do not understand the function of "Inspector Web"... Yet, I am curious to know if 'Disk Cache' is necessary so that the updated data browser caching to save me re - download the content from a Web site whenever I'm revisiting or even to refresh a page.

    Now, as far as I can see, "Desktop Mode" seems to ensure a full (non-mobile) version of site is loaded.

    Is there something that I am missing?

    Should I leave these parameters to the developers?

    Hello love.

    Welcome to the community of BlackBerry Support Forums.

    The Inspector of Web feature was designed to help developers of mobile Web site to inspect the contents of the mobile Web site that appears in the BlackBerry browser.

    Desktop mode allows the user to view the full website and not strictly the mobile version. However, some sites have rules different redirection for users to visit. With this in mind the desktop Mode cannot always redirect you to the full site.

    The Disk Cache allows the BlackBerry to cache browser information from websites visited on the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone.

  • BB10 webworks app broken after update OS

    My 10 Blackberry webworks app no longer works after the OS upgrade to the Version of the OS (4181 software version). I use BBUI. JS/CSS with my request.

    However, it still works in the Simulator with build At the opening of the application on the device it is just white. Nothing happens.

    Anyone, any idea what could be wrong?

    In the web Inspector, it seems that the bb.push does not work as there is no body.

    There may be some differences in timing between the two in terms of upload script.

    A recommendation is to build a debug version of the application and connect Web Inspector. Leave the application load and then in Inspector Web press CTRL + r to trigger a refresh and reload the application from the beginning. This ensures that you get the complete Console logs and it can check for errors.

    Some developers try to define document.addEventListener ('webworksready',...) before the load event triggered (i.e. just directly in a

  • GUI displays does not correctly

    My DBA is moving all the apps to a new server, so I just moved my app APEX from one server to another by using Import/Export and now the GUI looks all wrong. The background is no longer blue, the regions look the same as before and the tabs are not displayed.
    On the new server, all my pages are always based on the same model as they were in their original location, and this model is a reference to an updated CSS. I'm not sure exactly what went wrong and how to fix it. Can someone give me some advice on how to fix this?

    Published by: Prohan on May 13, 2010 12:56

    Check that the CSS resources are available: get the CSS URL of the source of the page and paste them into the browser's address bar to see if the browser can access. (Or use something like Firefox + Web Developer Toolbar or Firebug Inspector web extensions/Safari allowing you to inspect the loading of resources.)

    This facility use EPG or OSH/OAS? Is this one of these themes or a custom theme? If a custom theme is it provided from the repository file APEX or outside the file system?

  • Developer Web Inspector without Console


    As a developer, I use the Inspector (Tools-> Web Developer-> Inspector) a lot to find the DOM elements. And I work with several different screen widths, I like the inspector at the bottom of the screen.

    Since lately, I seem to have a very small window of the Console when I start the Inspector. It's a little hard to explain, so I added a screenshot.

    I remember (but I'm not completely sure!) that did not exist before, so I thought that it has something to do with an add-on. But disabling all modules and restart do not solve the problem.

    I went through all the options and Google search, but not luck.
    It's no biggie, but if there is a way to get rid of...

    See you soon,.


    You can activate or deactivate the Panel of the Console switch with the ESC key.

    There a button in toolbar "Toggle split console" available in the Toolbox Options to hide or show the console.

  • Any way to save and to enforce personal change of display of pages Web created via the Inspector?

    Some sites have annoying formatting options. I know how to block sections of specific pages using an available for firefox add-on. What I'm looking for, some is to create changes in how a page and save it. For example, suppose that a Web site has a configuration with three columns. The right column is a menu, the middle is content, and the right is advertising, help links, and others.

    I've already eliminated the annoying and other advertising items, that I will not display at all. Having done this, there is very little screen space unused I would use. I can change the page display in Inspector so that the "content" section is wider and fills the space, but it won't stay like this. Basically, I want to keep the dynamic content but apply my own opinion of the changes. Is there a way to do this?

    You may need to get creative with Stylish add-on.

  • I have a click with the right button on a web page and apparently active a 'node '. Now I have dimming and a long bar of 'Inspector options' above the status bar. How to remove?

    There is a long line of displays at the bottom of the screen of Firefox, all start with "div # ' or 'iframe.rr' or 'html' or 'body' - on the far right is a rectangular box with the word 'Style' and an 'x' next to it. The x will not close this bar even though it says 'Inspector close.'

    On the far left of the annoying chain is a gear/sprocket icon which is for 'options of the Inspector' which, when clicked, offers 'darken the node' or 'display information node '. I don't want a 'node' or even know what it is. I would like to just this bar at bottom of the page Firefox have disappeared.

    There should be a close X on the far right in the Inspector bar close the Inspector bar.

    See also Firefox/tools > Web Developer > inspect

    If you can not close the bar, then try to close and restart Firefox.

  • Web Inspector does not not with Blackberry OS 7 and Chrome Simulator

    I found a resolution to this problem, at least for the moment - I downloaded and installed a different Simulator (Bold 9900 OS  Previously, I was using the simulator that is included as part of the installation of SDK WebWorks  The Web Inspector feature is now available, for the most part.  I found a deviation from the documentation that I have been following (http://developer.blackberry.com/html5/documentation/enabling_webinsp_microsite_1987478_11.html), which tells the user to click on the "Sources" icon to start debugging.  In my case, this is the icon of "Scripts" instead. When you click on this icon to the user has the choice to turn on debugging only for this session or always.  Choose 'always' active debugger, at least in my case.

  • problem with connection to the playbook Simulator Web Inspector


    I get all the outputs to Web Inspector. I am able to properly connect Web Inspector to my application, but I'm getting no output to the console.

    This problem seems to have started when I upgraded my simultor OS 2.0 beta to version of the OS 2.0 gold.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you

    Solved by disabling the cache of Safari.

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