Port forwarding on several computers

Hi I just bought a Wireless Linksys WAG325N router. I usually about 2-3 machines on my network WIFI and I'd like to enable the port forwarding for each of them on a particular port. It is easy to do for a single exact machine - simply type the port number and IP of the computer to the configuration - but the problem is - I would do it for each other: example: enable the port forwarding XXXX for, 101 and 102. Help, please? Thank you in advance.


It is the application load in a sense. You can change the assignment of external ports to resolve the correct internal port on each machine.

Say for example using rdp that uses (port/protocol) tcp/3389 (RDP client) application actually allows you to change the external port to connect to, if you specify after the investigation period. If for example say we have rdp access to all 3 computers in the outside world. We can configure the port forwarding on every computer

(Computers)      (internal IP addressort)            (External IP/port)

COMP A 203.x.y.z:3389

Model B 203.x.y.z:3390

Model C 203.x.y.z:3391

It is the purpose of a router to create routing tables.

Of course, you will need to remember which ports are assigned to which device.

It is certainly dependent on the application. Find out if your application or service supports changing the port, ftp, rdp clients, tftp, ssh all do... Most of the 'Good' services are, as those who built it were considered in a NAT environment.

NAT network address translation =

Most of the things if not at the level of the applications, services even in windows are tweakable via the registry. I wouldn't say that that if you don't have experience relavent. You potentially make your workstation unusable if you're wrong.

I hope this helps.

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  • WRT310N - Port forwarding problems.

    Problem is that it doesn't.

    I have a series of 600 Zyzel DSL Modem/Router in passthrough mode.  Everything works well.   PC on the network have no problem out etc... but I have several webcams wireless I can't access from the internet.  LAN has no problem.  I've set up port forwarding and nothing.   I can't access anything whatsoever for that set up the transfer.  I've updated the firmware, I toggle etc etc and nothing seems to work.   I'll guess it's maybe something with the pull-out decision, but that's just a guess... gut feeling.  I had an older router on the network before but got this new, but he wasn't in passthrough mode, I just used it as an access point for the wireless.    I guess that I couldn't take off passthrough and test, but not at home so I can't do it right now.

    Anyone aware of issues like this?   Does not much feel... all eyes right configuration.

    And he who responds, you can talk shop, I'm a blade L3 technician and an engineer of SAN...  That is, I know my way around computers and networks.

    Figured it out... ID10T...   Problem was, indeed, the devices themselves.   Because of the way I had the network installation before that all wireless devices had the wrong IP to the new access point.  Once I fixed that the transmission was successful.

    In addition, I kept the DDWRT firmware, it's so much better than the version of Linksys, it's not even funny.  (Wonder if they delete this because of me saying that...) I had problems of resistance low signal 30 feet away from the other side of the House... questions to xbox 360 streaming.  Once I have updated the DDWRT firmware the intensity of the signal went to full and streaming on the 360 problems disappeared.

  • Port forwarding rules missing WNR1000V3

    I read a few posts here that may be similar, but they are so old, that threads are blocked. I'm trying to help out a local company add some rules to redirect to their server port WNR1000V3 more.

    They must have some configuration of port forwarding already because they are able to access an existing via RDP server so there is a rule somewhere for port 3389. However, it is has nothing listed in respect of port forwarding.

    My view on it after scratching my head for several hours, it's that there is either a port forwarding rules defined and running, but they are not displayed in the user interface, OR there is some screen that I have not found (was all!) where port forwarding is also configured.

    I think it's the first because there is no rule for the listed FTP, but if I try to add a new FTP rule, it displays a "conflict of Port with other services".

    Firmware is V1.0.2.62_60.0.87 although the router points out that there is an update.

    There is a known issue like this with this model? It seems a few years old.

    Thank you, Rob.

    Sorry, I would have given an update on that. I am aware of what means the error and it was probably that a rule on this port unless it was not displayed. I hoped that export Netgear configuration could be a human readable script (found on the Cisco routers), but it's not.

    After discussion about ServerFault and checking some of the suggestions there, it became clear that something was broken enough with the router. An update does not solve so I have taken note of all the settings and did a reset.

    That solved the problem. My theory is that some bugs in an earlier version of the firmware caused a bad record in order to be there for port forwarding. One that actually worked, but could not be displayed.

    Cheers, Rob.

  • Setting up Port Forwarding on both routers E2000 for the Slingbox PRO - HD

    I bought recently a Slingbox PRO - HD and the software of the iPad in HD mode on my iPad when I'm away from home.  When I install the Slingbox using their setup program web-based, he pointed out that I don't have my network configured to optimize performance for the visualization of the internet, which is what I need for the iPad.  I think that I don't have the port forwarding for port 5001 set up properly on my system.  I can connect successfully to my Slingbox away from home on my iPad and my laptop, but the performance is indeed poor.

    I have a modem cable and two routers E2000.  The first E2000 is connected to a modem cable into my home office and the second E2000 is in my home theater.  I used Cisco Connect on separate computers to configure two routers.  Here are the details:

    Cable modem:
    Scientific Atlanta
    Model DPX2203 series
    Part number 4006351
    "Ethernet" connected to the "Internet" Router 1 connection.

    Router 1:
    Cisco Linksys
    Model E2000
    Wireless enabled.
    'Internet' connected to the modem cable.
    Connections 'Ethernet ':
    1 Seagate drive network storage
    2 desktop PC
    3 desktop PC
    4. the Router 2

    Router 2:
    Cisco Linksys
    Model E2000
    Wireless enabled
    'Internet' connected Router 1 "Ethernet 4'.
    Connections 'Ethernet ':
    1 Slingbox PRO - HD
    2 desktop PC
    3 A / V Receiver
    4 Blu - ray player

    How to configure the port forwarding for Slingbox PRO - HD on port 5001?  Also, what is the best way to configure two routers E2000 so that I can use as wireless access points?

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

    I would recommend using the second E2000 as an access point only. Which simplifies and facilitates also the transmission much:

    0 unplug the E2000 second the first. Connect a computer to the second E2000. Open the web interface to
    1. change the address LAN IP of the second E2000 to on
    2. turn off the DHCP server on the same page.
    3. save the settings.
    4. disconnect the computer and son, one of the LAN ports of the second E2000 for the first E2000.

    For other ports LAN to get an ethernet switch.

    Now, all you have to do is to set up the port forwarding on the first E2000.

  • Port Forward question e4200

    I have an e4200 and love it.  Here's my question and I hope that the forum can help:

    Background: directly connected (LAN) is a ReadyNAS Pro 6 Server.  I have a share that is configured to be a very simple through the port80 Web server.  The router is configured to direct all port 80 traffic (for example, http) to the server.  Wireless connected via Port 81 is a dlink (DCS 932 L) camera.  The port 443 (https) is transmitted also to the NAS (admin functions).  To help debug the problem, I created a portforward (1357), also on the NAS for https.  Created static IP: and (for the camera).  I also have a name of domain created by TZO that is active.

    Other port forward: mydlink.com which is a dlink site that allows access to the camera dlink.  I also have a Plex Server (port 32400 I think) that works great.

    Questions: On my network local (inside my house), enter, either http://mydomainname.com or http://NAS IP address gets me to the Web server and the homepage.  With: 81 takes me to the camera; : 443 or: 1357 takes me to the functions of the administrator of the server.  Is... all the works I want it.

    Go outside the home: www.mydomainname.com takes me directly on port 81 and request the login/password for dlink camera (same for www.mydomainname.com:81 and www.mydomainname.com:80). https://www.mydomainname.com takes me to the connection of camera dlink, like https://www.mydomainname.com:443 

    https://www.mydomainname.com:1357 takes me on the server and the homepage and access for all functions.

    I suspect the problem with DLink and mydlink (uses UPNP).  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you.

    Thus, it seems that the camera works now. The Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) service in Microsoft Windows use discovery SSDP (Simple Protocol) Service to locate and connect to the services and network devices. There are security risks associated with these services, and on several occasions, these services were responsible for denial of widespread service of the host Windows campus. System and network security (SNS) recommend to disable UPnP/SSDP service on all Windows hosts and activation of the service only when necessary.

  • Problem setting up Port Forwarding with two routers.

    I can't set up by Linksys RT31P2 and routers port forwarding WRT160Nv3.

    My setup is Webstar Modem = RT31P2 = WRT160N = Mac OS 10.6.5. (No configurable modem and ISP do not prevent port forwarding. It comes with two Linksys routers).

    I had a Monty Python-going around with the support of Cisco cat; and follow up with telephone assistance in which the agent knew nothing about port forwarding and his supervisor expressed the view that it was not possible with two routers. Sigh.

    If anyone can help me with step by step specific and simple instructions to configure routers. I know that the basic procedures. I'm not clear, what exactly changes on routers.

    I read that portforward.com has to say and it does not work so I must be misunderstanding something.

    The ip address of my computer is  Are the last three digits of this speech concluded the two routers in the area on the port forwarding page? What other changes should be done what router?

    I know the port numbers that I use are OK because I can implement successfully if I connect to one or other of the routers (but not both), and my software of p2p shows port are open.

    Any help and suggestions most welcome.

    If you set up as I have suggested that you have only a single LAN that will be using in your addresses * 192.168.15 case. So in your case:

    1. change the address LAN IP of to WRT.
    2 disable the DHCP server.
    3. connect the LAN of the WRT port to port LAN of the RT.

    That's all. Disable the DHCP server will not affect whatever it is that you're connected LAN - LAN and DHCP server on the RT is still operational.

    After the change, previously the WRT computers may require a reboot to get a new address 192.168.15. *.

    Your computer to which you are transferring must have an IP static and not dynamic (or variable). Check the current IP information on this computer. It must have an IP address like, mask, gateway subnet and DNS server or maybe two other IP addresses instead. Note DNS servers if you do not

    Then configure a static IP address on the computer. Use something like, gateway and the DNS servers you found before.

    After this implement port forwarding.

  • On WRT54G port forwarding problem

    I have a strange problem with my WRT54G. I try then I go to the "port forward range" page to setup port forwarding. The "port range" is completely empty, so I start just enter my information in the first row:

    Application: NAS

    Start: 5000

    End: 5001

    Protocol: the two

    IP Addr:

    Activate: checked

    Then, I click on "save settings". The router says 'success' and I'm then routed to the page of "port forward range. To my surprise, the table is still empty! Where the hell is my settings? I tried several times with the same result. I tried to power off the router too. Without success.

    My router is rev HW 7.

    It has the latest firmware v7.00.4

    Before you make changes on your router, first you can delete your Internet Explorer browsing history and if there any firewall installed on your computer turn off, lower down your security IE, and after that try to make this change on your router.

  • Need help with the implementation of a VPN to bypass the port forwarding to access my web server

    Pretty much as the title suggests, but it's probably not clear enough. Let me explain:
    I want to host a Web site on my computer. Not another major, but something small and private.

    Before you set up a domain name, I want to make sure the site works - which it is not.
    I am currently using WAMPServer to organize it all.

    I put it so when I connect to localhost, I have access to all my files in the directory, regardless of whether or not I'm "online" or "offline" on WAMPServer (or not, others will have access to my Web page).

    When I turn WAMPServer 'on-line', it allows the connection of my WAMPServer homepage through both localhost and connection through the static IP address, I put in place, but only in LAN, meaning that only computers connected to my home network would have access to the page.

    My router cannot be configured to allow port forwarding for can I open a port to allow redirection to my computer, rather than the ambiguous router itself. As an alternative, I downloaded Hamachi to allow a computer to connect to the VPN (Hamachi) and, by extension, my IP for access to files in the directory.

    In theory, it should work, but it didn't. In my local network computers could still connect to the IP address, but the computer in the virtual private network, but not on the local network could not.

    Is there something I'm missing here, or is there any suggestions to make this work?

    My works of static IP as what it is, however, it is different from the IP address used in Hamachi. If I change the IP address used by my computer to access the site to the IP address that uses my Hamachi, would that work? As another suggestion, can I change my static IP setting is automatic and change one used on WAMPServer (from localhost, allowing the connection to bring) than on Hamachi? Or I do all three IP addresses the same?

    Thanks for all the help and solutions,

    Domain/server/business questions are best addressed @ Technet.  Answers is more connected consumer.


  • Port forwarding on the WAN IP unique vShield

    Hello, is it possible to do port forwarding "of the router outside the IP address' for the vShield Edge VM, or am I assume I have to add a second outside of the IP to perform port forwarding from a foreign port to worms a server in-house. Essentially, here's my problem:

    I want the vShield Edge IP, if I type the IP address of it on port 80, I want that it will to an internal server on this port. I am only able to do that if I add a SECOND outside address on the firewall. It is a problem because I don't want to burn two addresses by customer just to PAT. Any thoughts? It is an important situation. Thank you

    At the point where you need two survey periods to do this. Basically, the first IP address is dedicated to the NAT traffic.

    VCloud many users have requested to change this behavior, I hope that we will be able to use a unique IP address in the future. Even as a service provider with several available IPs, they are valuable, and it is a waste.

  • How can I enable port forwarding in the router of the time capsule

    Does anyone know how to enable port forwarding in router Time Capsule Airport please?

    Port Mapping on the time Capsule airport cannot be enabled unless you have the right type of modem on your network.

    Thus, we need the number of brand and model of the device you're calling your "modem" before we can move forward. Please post back this information.  We do not need a series number... only the name of the manufacturer and model number of the modem.

  • Why isn't my port forwarding of the opening port

    I have the latest version of the 3 terabyte time capsule. I'm trying to forward a port so I can access my security cameras and it does not open.  My camera 100 port needs to be open and it will report as not open on any port test sites. Any ideas as to why, I use a static ip address of the server for the security system.

    Testing websites are useless... test by plugging actually to the camera from a device attached to a captive phone or a friend...

    Port forwarding works only if you have the public IP address on the Wan of the TC... and it's the only router in the network... is this the case?

  • your external IP address for port forwarding

    OK, so I want to do a game server, but... There need Port Forwarding, so I called my InternetServiceProvider "Clear."

    Claire told me that "WE DO NOT support the external Ip addresses: then I was then told that I have to call HP because that's what my PC is under.

    I decided to go to the site and ask because they want a $ 60 million tax which is good, but... I don't have the money! This is why I need a server. In any case if you can please give me a video or tell me how do it in the response that would be LARGELY APPRECIATED!



    Go to portforward.com and use their tutorials.

  • Airport of Port Forwarding is more?

    So I'm pretty new to this network thing. I don't know the technical network terms then please do not use (or at least their simplification). So I managed to set up my ASUS RT - something something router. I also put in some rules to sink my Xbox One anywhere port forwarding. However, I had problems with port forwarding, so I just used the dmz for her service. However, given that I had to move my Xbox to another part of my house with worst network connection, set up a time capsule for the network. After a long time, I managed to do the work, but now I can listen to is no longer my Xbox. My guess is that the port forwarding rules are not carriers, as it connected via ethernet time capsule and the capsule is connected to another time capsule via radio and this time capsule is connected to my ASUS router via ethernet. So my question is: how to transfer the required ports to my Xbox?

    If both of your time Capsules are configured as bridges, the Asus router is the one that needs to be set up on port mapping. The port mapping is used only when a router is configured for routing. In other words, the NAT and DHCP services are enabled. This is the default value for any router.

    Just to make sure that I understand your current network configuration, the following is correct?

    • ASUS > Time Capsule > > > Time Capsule > Xbox, where ' > ' represents a wired connection, and ' > > > ' represents a wireless.
  • How do I port forward on apple airport? (READ ALL)

    I have an airport express from apple connected to an asus router via wifi and I need to know how I can portforward by airport to the router because my pc is connected by ethernet to the airport. Help, please.

    The express should be none not routing at all and therefore no port forwarding.

    The only way this can work is the express installation to the wireless bridge... Apple called client mode... There is no routing.

    BUT it can also have port problems... It is really unsuitable if you operate in questions.

    In any case all the transfer is possible on the Asus.

  • NETGEAR ProSafe VPN Firewall SRXN3205 and port forwarding?

    Hi, this is a long shot, but I'm pulling my hair out at this point and can be a bit over my head, as I am new on network

    Small short story, I have two servers, one is the NAS box (IE if I connect via the internet to the site via public IP network from home, I get it that site says 'my actions' I insert login and pass and get access to them.)
    That is, everything is peachy.
    The problem is when I try to connect to my FileMaker Server I'm not and instead, he takes me to the login NAS box. So I think ok, I need to port forward (5003 for filemaker) to go to different PC local LAN(192. etc)

    Security > firewall > Add Service entering:
    Service: fmserver
    Action: Always leave
    Send to LAN Server: unique address 192. etc is filemaker installed on (and different on a NAS)
    Definition of Port number: 5003<-- is="" this="" right?="" how="" else="" would="" you="" indicate="" you="" want="" all="" connections="" on="" this="" port="" to="" go="" to="" this="" specific="" lan="" machine="" from="" internet="" instead="" of="" default="" which="" seems="" to="" be="">
    rest is default, I click on apply.

    Here's what I don't understand. In the table of incoming Services, (security > firewall) I have two local IP in the list, a SIN, the other for Filemaker. But only the top works and can be connected to. I can move every top position and it will work, but they will not work at the same time, just the one that sits on the top of the sad Smiley page

    and yes I read the manual again and again and don't know how I'm screwing up the port forwarding on this point, even if I am brand new to probably something stupid Smiley Happy (our work IT guy is gone so tried to get involved through this somehow)

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Hello sinieq,

    There is a hierarchy on incoming service table, which is normal. I see 4 services added using "ANY" (ALL use any port number) you will need to remove/disable these because of the rule of the hierarchy on the table, all other services will be ignored when EVERYTHING is used. What is the port number used by the NAS Server? I don't see a port defined to access NAS. Try disabling services by using "ANY" and try again by adding the translation to the port number of the NAS.

    Let us know what happens.

    Thank you

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