Port number in Windows 7


I am trying to use my computer to program an Arduino and some photos, but I need to do, the port numbers.
I used to do this very easily on XP, but now I can't find the port numbers in Windows 7!

Thanks in advance for the help.

Amin Kassab Bachi


Hi Amin,

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  • Name of the resource does not COM port number


    When I connect computer Board, I use

    ResourceManager.GetLocalManager (). FindResources("?*")

    to get resource name ("ASRL11::INSTR") and use that name that I invoke

    A session = ResourceManager.GetLocalManager (). Open (Name);

    to get the session and get the value of the property HardwareInterfaceName of the session.

    The problem is that the COM port number in the property ("Com10") of HardwareInterfaceName does not match name the resource. The COM port number is correct, that it is the same, as noted in the Windows Device Manager. But why the name of the resource 'ASRL11::INSTR', it should be "ASRL10::INSTR".

    Does anyone have an idea?

    Thank you



    Port 10 is reserved for the parallel port


  • Is there a way to make the LPT1 port EPP in Windows?

    Original title: is there a way to make the LPT1 port EPP in Windows?

    I have some parallel setting in BIOS for EPP is selected. Device Manager he calls an ECP port. The device requires PPE runs correctly. Is there a way to make the LPT1 port EPP in Windows?

    Hi RonaldEchols,

    ·         What is the model number of the device (printer)?

    ·         You use what version of BIOS (Basic Input Output System) and the motherboard?

    Please provide us with more information about the issue so that we can provide you with the necessary assistance.

  • Alternative Outlook 2007 smtp port number.

    • Alternative Outlook 2007 smtp port number.

      Sending ' reported an error (0x800CCC80): "None of the methods of authentication supported by the client are supported by your server."

    • Outlook 2003 does not have this problem with the same mail server using the same exact account.
    • Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 with Outlook 2007 SP2 doesn't have this problem.
    • Windows XP SP3 and Outlook 2007 SP2 illustrates this problem.
    • Windows 7 with Outlook 2007 SP2 has this problem.

    We needed to move to another port for smtp 3535 25 for security reasons.  This is a wide spread question.  We are connecting to a POP3 "qmail" server to send and receive e-mails.  All systems work perfectly with the receipt of emails. Need a solution to this problem as soon as POSSIBLE please...

    Hi Swmyers,

    Here is a link to the Google Help article about connect Outlook 2007 to Gmail:
    Measures 8-11 show you exactly how to set up the SMTP port and the ports that they recommend that you use.
    Please let me know if I can be of further assistance!

    Cody C
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Change the Port number of e-mail outgoing "587" as required to use the Comcast e-mail

    When my email out through Comcast did not all Comcast more, technical support told me that I had to change the number of Port for outgoing in Windows Live Mail beta 110 to 587.

    Worked well, until I had a system crash.

    When I reinstalled Windows Live Mail, I could fine is no longer the 'Tools' button in the status bar and by result cannot change the port number.  So, I can't send emails from Comcast of Windows Live Mail.

    The inbound port setting is apparently correct already, as I had no reception bad don't mail... sending mail.

    I hope it will work for you.  I use Windows Live Mail 2009.

    If you look on the left side of the window, you will see the name of your e-mail account.  (Underneath there is Inbox, drafts, sent items, etc.)
    You'll want to right-click on the name of the mail account. (Right above where it says Inbox.)
    Then you'll want to click on properties.
    A properties box opens.  You'll want to click on the tab "Advanced" on the right side of the Properties window.
    The first area is the SMTP (outgoing) port number.  You just want to change it in 587.

  • What is my e-mail server name and port number

    Unable to send a scanned document because I don't know my server name and port number

    Your e-mail account provider has that information.
    They should have a help page on their Web site.
    If you tell us who provides your email account, maybe someone can help
    Dave N.
    MS - MVP (Mail)
    Windows 7 Ultimate
    "badrisk" wrote in message news: eec85ab4-ac81-44d 9-a285-8aec5cdf9cb7...
    > cannot send a scanned document because I don't know my server name and port
    > number

    Windows 7 Ultimate 64

  • By the way a specific port number


    My question is about the PIX515e. We have a Server Windows ISA firewall we want to retire. I need to move the ports that have been opened in this area of ISA for the PIX. On AIS, he simply says "send and receive port tcp 5510' for example. Is it possible on the PIX of this port is very simply to apply. Without having to create a static entry? A way to simply open a specific port number?

    Suggestions, ideas or advice greatly welcome,



    Which starts the connection, the interface of high security to low or low security interface to high? If she is brought down, do nothing, it will allow by default. If it is low to high, you must 1) of static type and 2) an access list. The acl is not reference IPs, but it should (security reasons - the whole point of the PIX). For example:

    (1) static (inside, outside) subnet to the x.x.x.x mask (or use a range of IP addresses)


    static (inside, outside) (if nat disabled)


    (2) access list 102 permit tcp any any eq 5510


    access list 102 permit tcp any host x.x.x.x eq 5510 (better)


    access-list 102 permit tcp host y.y.y.y host x.x.x.x eq 5510 (best)

    Access-group 102 in external interface

    It will be useful.


  • How can I open a port number

    Hi there I am in the middle of the implementation of an Internet Radio Station, using an external server, I have their port number, which I assume I need to open on my OS so that data can be streamed. How can I go about it.

    Thanks for all answers


    Read this post:


  • : Error: the port number you entered contains a non-digit character

    Hi all

    Nice day.

    After installation of the version 11g GRID on a Windows 2008 Server, now I tried to install the Agent on one of the servers which is a 64-bit solaris box.

    I read that silent installation is possible.

    I made the necessary changes in the additional_agent.rsp.
    The same thing has been changed in the staticports.ini
    Oracle Management Agent Port=4889
    The OMS_HOST contains the IP address where the grid and OMS_PORT is the port of the GRID.

    Then on run the below command, I get this error:
    -bash-3.00$ ./runInstaller -silent -responseFile /t5/oracle/grid_agent/solaris/response/additional_agent.rsp
    Starting Oracle Universal Installer...
    Checking Temp space: must be greater than 150 MB.   Actual 10602 MB    Passed
    Checking swap space: must be greater than 150 MB.   Actual 21941 MB    Passed
    Preparing to launch Oracle Universal Installer from /tmp/OraInstall2012-06-05_11-06-37PM. Please wait ...-bash-3.00$ *** Check for updates ***
    *** Select Installation Type ***
    *** Check Prerequisites ***
    *** Specify Oracle Management Service Location ***
    *** Customize Ports ***
    ERROR: Error:The port number you entered contains a non-numeric character.
    In the file journal below are comments:
    bash-3.00$ vi oraInstall2012-06-05_11-06-37PM.err
    "oraInstall2012-06-05_11-06-37PM.err" 16 lines, 1474 characters
    /etc/inittab does not seem to contain default runlevel information.
    oracle.sysman.install.oneclick.queries.AgentPortHandler$PortHandlerException: Failed to allocate free Enterprise Manager Central Console Port
    from Default Range 1830 to 1849. Please free a port from the Range and re-try the installation.
            at oracle.sysman.install.oneclick.queries.AgentPortHandler.getFreePort(AgentPortHandler.java:250)
            at oracle.sysman.install.oneclick.EMGCPortDlg.getPortDialogValues(EMGCPortDlg.java:388)
            at oracle.sysman.install.oneclick.EMGCPortDlg.m_createMainPanel(EMGCPortDlg.java:301)
            at oracle.sysman.install.oneclick.EMGCOMSConnectInfoForAgentInstall$PageValidationListener.wizardValidatePage(EMGCOMSConnectInfoForAge
            at oracle.bali.ewt.wizard.WizardPage.processWizardValidateEvent(Unknown Source)
            at oracle.bali.ewt.wizard.WizardPage.validatePage(Unknown Source)
            at oracle.bali.ewt.wizard.BaseWizard.validateSelectedPage(Unknown Source)
            at oracle.bali.ewt.wizard.BaseWizard._validatePage(Unknown Source)
            at oracle.bali.ewt.wizard.BaseWizard.doNext(Unknown Source)
            at oracle.bali.ewt.wizard.dWizard.DWizard.doNext(Unknown Source)
            at oracle.bali.ewt.wizard.dWizard.DWizard.goForward(Unknown Source)
            at oracle.sysman.install.oneclick.EMGCInstaller.prepareForSilentInstall(EMGCInstaller.java:952)
            at oracle.sysman.install.oneclick.EMGCInstaller.main(EMGCInstaller.java:1031)
    ERROR: Error:The port number you entered contains a non-numeric character.
    Please suggest how to


    A few things to check:

    -Check that the file/etc/hosts on the computer (agent) has a target entry valid for the host, especially its ip address. If necessary, run the following commands to cross check:

    Note: The recommended file/etc/hosts format is .

    -Check if there is a restriction of firewall on the range of ports from 1830 to 1849

    Kind regards

  • change port number for the mobile server after installation

    I use windows 2003 server release 2, Server Oracle 11 g R2 and oracle database lite 10g R3. I installed successfully the mobile server with port 80, but when I start the mobile server I get an error message indicating that port 80 is already in use. Now, I need to change the port number of the mobile server. can someone tell me the solution.

    If the Oracle Lite installation type is INDEPENDENT, then to change the port number of Olite in any other available free port number, you must edit the file by default-web - site.xml or site.xml - web-http file present in $OLITE_HOME/mobile_oc4j/j2ee/mobileserver/config directory.

    You can at any time change the port in the file http web - site.xml and bounce services, the new port will take effect.

  • Required for each snap-in connection with software component excel port number

    We work closely with the excel add-in and whenever we want to connect to a server (ESBSHFM102), we are obliged to add the port number (: 3000). It does not save in the list server to the login window, but only the name of the server.
    If you try to connect without especifying the port the following message appears: "Network error [10061]: unable to connect to [Esbshfm102:1423]." The client timed out, etc. "It seems like to try with another default port number (1423). Is there anyway to make the port number, we have recalled the name of the server in the list of servers?
    Thanks in advance and best regards,
    Joaquin Castellano


    You need to upgrade to the add-in excel to because it solves the following problem

    Spreadsheet component software plug-in. In the Connect dialog box, Essbase was not store default port information.
    If Essbase was listening on a port that is not set by default, this information was not saved after
    successfully connected previously. During subsequent connections, it was necessary to re - enter the no default
    Server and port numbers; It was not registered in the drop-down list server. In addition, after a
    connection successful on a single sheet, re-login was necessary after the passage to another worksheet
    When a default port has been used. [7118611, 7298976]


    See you soon


  • Manually change the VIEW port number

    Our 11.5.9 system simultaneous report ADF, we have started a background service X at the Admin level for running report server. As the UNIX admin request, we must change the port number for X windows. Since it's the production, we have a lot of customization, I want to avoid undate the context file and run the automatic configuration service. Therefore, I tried to change the DISPLAY setting in the files of the environment on levels directly. However, it does not work. Does anyone know what I missed?

    Here is the list of the files that I hit.

    adcmctl.sh, adrepctl.sh, $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Jserv/*.properties on two levels, re - has bounced back after the application.

    Thank you


    This is Note: quick search 364838,1 - REP-3000: internal error from the Oracle package

    Good to know that the problem has been resolved.

  • Phone wants to know a port number. What is c? Their example. 0101

    I am going through the pain of installing my email on my phone. I was able to fill in all, but what is called a port number. The phone gives an example of 0101


    It's not something that I think is related to Firefox for Android, but I'll do my best to help.

    The e-mail on your application software a Port number to help it connect to your mail service. Each mail service provider has different settings, so I recommend you contact or have a look in their help files for orientation. This will usually lies in the sections to make the connection by using the third-party e-mail software.

    I hope this helps, but if not, please come back here and we can look at another solution for you.

  • Can I use the serial number of Windows 7 Home Premium to reinstall my system?

    Can I use the serial number of Windows 7 Home Premium to reinstall my system?

    If you mean the license key on the sticker cost of Windows on your computer, then Yes, you should be able to use it to activate the same hotfix version of via a retail disc. You * may * need to use for phone activation method accomplish, however.

    Kind regards.

  • Get TCP Service Port number name

    The TCP listen and the TCP create listener screws have an entry named 'Service name' base, once a listener is created in the LabVIEW application is it possible what service named is running on which port in an external application and query? The external application may or may not be developed in LabVIEW.

    TCP exits create listener VI the port number used, this is useful information, but I don't see any automatic method for an external application to get this information?

    C++ getservbyname function does not return the information given to the listener of LabVIEW TCP known, created and listen.

    The help of LabVIEW:

    name of the service creates a reference known for the port number. If you specify a service name, LabVIEW saves the service name and the port number with the of Service Locator OR.



    OR Service Locator:


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