Portege 3010 won't power on

Mains or battery my 3010 starts, gets past the toshiba homepage & starts to load the operating system, and then turns off after 20 seconds. It doesn't seem to be connected os because this also happens in the bios configuration screen. Operation of the power switch then has no effect, however wait for 4-5 minutes then try to new & is the same thing. The world of ideas, its impossible to re-flashing the bios because the machine is not on long enough! A copy of the wiring diagram would be nice as well :-).

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Looks like the supply circuit is defective. Had a similar case with three different laptops from Toshiba, where random shutdown occurred, whether on battery or sector. Need to replace power supply circuits.

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  • Portege M100 - won't stand by

    I have a Portege M100. No reason he won't standby automatically if left on the battery. I checked settings power saver and they all seem to be ok eg standby after 5 minutes etc.

    Any ideas?

    Hi RogerGrand

    Will your laptop to sleep with connected AC/DC adapter, or it occurs only in sleep mode?
    Moreover, what happens if you choose the mode standby manually via start > stop > Eve. It work?

    In your case, I'll try to reinstall Toshiba Power Saver. You can find it on the page of Toshiba. AFAIK Portege M100 is in * archives * because it s pretty old book.

    Good luck! :)

  • Portege 3010 ct: Question about drivers USB under W2k

    Can someone point me in the direction of the Windows 2000 drivers for the CT 3010 Portege USB port? I can only find Win 95 and 98, and they do not seem to work.

    Thank you very much



    Usually it of not necessary to install the additional USB drivers for W2k or WinXP.
    I read on some sites that sometimes, the service pack update will solve driver problems. You should check if you have installed all SP for W2k.

    I also found this site:
    You should check it out.

  • Portege M200 won't start CD-Rom USB

    I tried used, pressing C, changing the Bios and F12 boot boot from CD-Rom. None doesn't seem to work, if anyone has any other suggestions I would be grateful.


    Unfortunately I can't help you much about it because I do not have this Portege but I found interesting news on the Portege M200 and support for recovery disks:

    The Portege M200 supports the recovery through the BIOS (by pressing 'C') with the USB 2.0 card and PCMCIA (16-bit and Cardbus).
    Readers and following (USB, PCMCIA) controllers have been tested successfully:

    one) Toshiba, PA3352E-SCD2, CD-RW/DVD-Rom USB 2.0 drive
    (b) Toshiba PA3402E-1DV2, Rev.501, USB 2.0 DVD Super Multi drive, SN: 5362870112
    (c) Toshiba, PX1055E-1NST, (Freecom drive), SN: 3431490096
    with a PC Card (16 bit) card, cable II, PCMCIA, Rev.043.242, SN: 18496 043 3999 0343 01093
    (d) Toshiba, PX1055E-1NST, (Freecom drive), SN: 3431490096
    with a CardBus cable II, MAP of BUS, Rev.136, SN: 16693 136 3999 0149 06122

    The drive used in conjunction with the Contoller PCMCIA or USB is not so important due to the fact that the driver in the BIOS should allow the controller first.
    There is a generic CD-ROM drive implemented in the BIOS for the connected player.

    Tested with:
    Toshiba, PX1054E-1NST, (Freecom drive), SN: 151192845
    Card CardBus, cable II, CARD BUS, Rev.136, SN: 16693 136 3999 0149 06122

    The "PC Card controller Mode" settings in the BIOS has been 'Automatic Selection '.
    This means that you have nothing to change in the BIOS, because it is the default value.

    It could happen, to connect the power supply in certain circumstances, for example:
    Battery is charged too less.
    The PCMCIA supplies unless energy location.

    If a player is used with a built in battery, please always connect an appropriate adapter.

    For the recovery of USB 2.0, 2 following drives have been tested successfully:
    one) Toshiba, PA3352E-SCD2, CD-RW/DVD-Rom USB 2.0 drive
    (b) Toshiba PA3402E-1DV2, Rev.501, USB 2.0 DVD Super Multi drive, SN: 5362870112
    (c) Plextor PX-W4824 TU, USB 2.0 CD - RW drive

  • Portege 3490CT - lack of power supply connector

    Well, I did something really stupid and tripped on the feeder for the laptop. He seems to have pulled the plug and gave him a questionable link. Does anyone know the less expensive/better way to solve this problem, because I don't really want to trade it yet he is very picky.

    Seems to work better if you can pull the plug upwards. I he had to open but could not see anything that obviously had been damaged.
    Any ideas?

    This looks like a connection jack power failure. Maybe the cable is lose.
    I think that it s not easy to solve these issues without any experience.
    I would recommend the service partner Toshiba asking for help.

  • [SOLVED] Satellite L300 wireless dead, suddenly stop, then won't power ON

    Well, actually, that this post is NOT a question that I already found the solution, but it took me much time searching through forums (and in fact I had not found response), so I decided to post it here to help someone in the same situation later.

    Ok.. I'm all new Satellite L300 laptop a week ago, which runs under WinXP SP2. First five days, everything was OK, but then I confronted the following symptoms:

    -Material Wi - fi could disappear suddenly. After the restart, winXP found the map of wireless as a new device, but could not accept pilots (who has worked on OK again a few hours before).
    -Notebook could stop 'tough' at any time and it is not in the CPU load. After that I could not turn on again than by pressing the power button only turned on CPU cooler. I had to wait for at least 30 min power turn on the laptop again.

    So, I started to search the forums, and as a result, I was sure the reason was overheating of the CPU to 115.337%. It was strange for me that I could not find similar reports for satellite L300 on the web and even all dust cpu overheating reports for other models Toshiba II found - they all have been written on popular laptops, but I got mine just a week ago.

    Since I didn't bring my laptop to the local service center and leave it there for a long time - I decided to locate the problem myself as much as I can and I finally found the reason:

    * He was one of the two Samsung modules of 1 GB of RAM installed in notebook.*

    As I removed a suspect (2nd) - all symptoms have disappeared. As I removed another installed back suspicious as 1st - I even haven't been able to turn on the laptop. So, I deleted completely suspicious module and now I had no problem with laptop computers running more than 2 days (except the performance decreased due to the loss of memory of 50%).

    Hope this is helpful to someone who has a similar problem whose symptoms may resemble the overheating of the CPU.

    Really great job and a very nice display!

    I have a Satellite L300 too but never had any problems with it. I'll put this in my favorites because it s very useful for people who have this problem.

    Welcome them

  • Portege M750 starts no-power light flashes

    I have an orange flash on my power light error code (1 long flash 3 short 1 long 2 short 1 long 1 short)...

    I have to take the power connector on battery and start battery to operate...

    I use image windows 7 Toshiba with all Microsoft updates (now I NEED many to verying reasons so don't grill me again... for example DON 'T SUPPORT MICROSOFT UPDATES blah blah blah)

    What does this code mean and y at - it a Bios Beta above version 3 for these things...

    Any helpful comments would be greatly appreciated...


    In short, 0, long ways 1.
    In your case, the binary code is 1000 1001
    Now, we must reverse the binary code because the most significant bit.
    This means that the code is; 1001 0001
    The HEXADECIMAL code means; 91 h

    Error code is 91 h but I n t know what that 91 h means and what role might be affected exactly!

    Eventually it s something wrong with electronic power supply on the motherboard, but only the ASP technician could provide more details
    However, in most cases, the motherboard is affected and needs to be replaced.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite L50 - B - 1 KG - won't power on


    I can't turn on my Satellite phone (L50 - B - 1 KG) since last night . After a few Win 7 updates, I restart the system as required, but it does not start...
    I try to press the power button, but does not change a thing...
    Also I've packed on the charger, the LED flashes in orange (charge mode), after a few hours, it's color changed to white (full charge).
    Of course I press, during the charge, also once the charging process is complete... but no luck...
    Any ideas?
    I'll try to take the battery for a few minutes to see what happens...
    Did anyone here who has had the same problem / problem? and if yes how was resolved?

    Thank you very much!

    I will try to take the battery for a few minutes to see what is happening.


    Hmm... next to the battery, you must unplug the power adapter and should also press and hold the power button / long 40sec.

    After this connect the battery and the AC adapter and try to turn on the unit by pressing the power button.

    If the laptop is not on, I guess that there must be some kind of hardware problem and I think that the technician should take a look at this unit and run a troubleshooting procedure to get more info on the affected part.

  • Portege 3010 ct start problems

    whenever I start my portege, I get a screen showing a picture of a portege and an arrow pointing to what looks like a hard drive icon.
    I can't not past that somehow that I can see, insert the disks when I start doesn't do anything either. does anyone have any ideas of how to slove it?

    I think maybe the hard drive reformatted but need I got things on what I want back.

    I have pictures if anyone needs to see what I see at startup, just message me and I can send them to you.

    Thank you

    Try to start your laptop with a Windows boot CD. Press C or F12 to get the machine to boot from.

    If it works, you can back up your data and then use the recovery CD to restore your system.



    I have a laptop HP PAVILION DM1 and don't know why is my battery does not work with my laptop.  Everytie I put it in the laptop computer shutsdown. I'm using the power of the AC adapter / CC always connect... but I want to bring my laptop outdoors... Please help me guys thanks a lot

    blulytman wrote:

    When I turn on the LED color is white...

    Please deliver me by providing answers to my previous questions.

    Have you tried using the UEFI PC Diagnostics component test for the battery?

    Press the power button and immediately press the ESC key to access the boot menu. In the boot menu, press F2 to invoke him lying Diagnostics. Choose the test component, and then click battery. If the battery of test run used, the battery may have failed.  If you plug the power adapter with the battery and battery, and he needs a charge, the led color should change to amber in most HP laptops. If it is not the case, either the battery or the motherboard has failed. There is a test of component systemboard which is part of the Diagnostics UEFI component tests. I suggest that you perform this test. It can be done without the battery installed.

  • Security Center Windows won't power up - error: could not start the Security Center Service

    Windows Security Center does not, when I try to turn it on there an error message says "Cannot start the Security Center Service". There is an icon on the bottom of my screen of windows security alert, I don't know if my computer has a virus, but I scan my Norton Antivirus full of the online system, but it has not detected any viruses. I hope someone can help me with my computer. It will be much appreciated.

    No, only the security accounts manager isn't Security Center.

    The next method is to restore the missing Security Center service.


    Unzip the REG file and then run it.

    Then restart.

    See if this will help restore Security Center application Services.

  • How to access the BIOS on Portege ct 3010

    I have a ct Portege 3010.
    When I had, it had Windows 98 installed on it, but I wanted to put Linux on it, so I could learn that.

    So I tried to get into the Bios to boot from my CD but could not get into the Bios or really do anything. Thus, in a final attempt, I reformatted the hard drive.

    Now, I can't not in what either.
    Can anyone help?

    I tried every button I thought me could get into the Bios and even tried to hit all, no one can seem to hit me.


    To access the BIOS, you must use and press ESC immediately after that Portege was the power upward.

    But if I understand you right, you want to boot from the internal CD/DVD drive.

    Well, you can also try to press the C key.
    This would allow the start-up of the STRANGE.

    On the other hand, pressing F12 button would you used to activate the start on-screen menu.
    Then, choose the CD/DVD drive to boot from the CD-ROM.

    Check it out

  • (Redirected) Power Supply for dell optiplex 3010 & optiplex 390

    Hi, may I know how much cost for dell optiplex 3010 & optiplex 390 power supply, because

    my diet already dead and how I want to order it... :(....

    Hi Nathalie,.

    Please repost this in the forum Office help.


  • Portege 3010CT continues to go into sleepmode/standby mode.

    I have a ct portege 3010 with 32 MB of ram and original hard drive...

    the problem is, it continues to go in stanbye after a few seconds. in this way I can't even install an os on the system...

    I've already replaced the RTC battery and have tried all the options in the bios...
    It seems that there is a problem with the power, or perhaps I should Flash an older bios?

    can someone help me?

    little kick at the beginning of the messageboard, this problem could be hardware or software partners?

  • No power MacBook Pro MagSafe dim

    No power, Sun magsafe MacBook


    Then 2 days ago, I bought a used MacBook Pro, model 13 "2012.

    I had planned to replace the hard disk drive for an SSD, wich I went to. and... Since then, it won't power, at all. I put the old hard drive, has nothing that I could think of, still no power. When I plug my magsafe (I checked that it was working with another computer) the only thing I see is a really small green light on the connector.

    Could someone help?

    Thanks :)

    The usual recourse is to perform a reset of the MSC. Please read reset the management system (SCM) controller on your Mac for the procedure. Follow all the steps, even if they seem inapplicable or trivial. Do not try to remove the battery from your Mac's battery is not removable.

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