Portege 3490CT - lack of power supply connector

Well, I did something really stupid and tripped on the feeder for the laptop. He seems to have pulled the plug and gave him a questionable link. Does anyone know the less expensive/better way to solve this problem, because I don't really want to trade it yet he is very picky.

Seems to work better if you can pull the plug upwards. I he had to open but could not see anything that obviously had been damaged.
Any ideas?


This looks like a connection jack power failure. Maybe the cable is lose.
I think that it s not easy to solve these issues without any experience.
I would recommend the service partner Toshiba asking for help.

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    I would not classify a Thermaltake PSU as a very good brand.

    Unfortunately, your desktop PC uses an exclusive style of PSU, so standard ATX PSU will not work.

    Upgrading the owners 300 Watt PSU 600W ATX POWER supply is not just going to work.

    Your desktop PC is one that is not very conducive to the upgrade.

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    Thank you



    This could be hardware related.

    I suggest you to contact Dell Support and check if there is no hardware problem.

    Please update with the State.

  • Upgrading power supply

    I recently bought a new video card and when I installed it, I got nothing but a screen empty. I was told that I may need to upgrade from my diet. I have a Compaq presario 6000 model 6ZPXE2 and it has a 220 watt power supply inside. I don't know what my card needs power is a NVida GForce 512 MB AGP and I was wondering if I can upgrade and what information and precautions I need to know. Is it possible to upgrade up to 300. 350 or 400 watts?

    Hello spunnie, I checked the specifications of your video Nvidia GeFrorce 512 MB AGP 6600GT card.

    It shows that it takes a 300W power supply minimum system for this video card.

    This lack of power supply of power can indeed be the reason that the system shows no video, but it could also be that the card itself could be faulty. I bought many items off of eBay that have delivered to me and prove to be defective.

    To be honest, I also received many items in good condition as shown.

    I would say at least a power of 400 watts, many being somewhat underated power supplys.

    You can search for a power supply with the 400 watt or capacity so that physically gets in your case.

    You may need to cut the existing power, at least enough to get some measures in this regard, without disconnecting the cables if you can.

    With all these devices installed on your system, now I'm really surprised, that it would not even start with the current power of 220 watts. You are just as, or even above the maximum of the existing 220 watt PSU.

    I hope this helps.

  • HP envy Phoenix: power supply question

    fact the hp envy Phoenix 810-430qe motherboard use standandard atx power supply connectors or connectors owners that I was told that it can use up to 900w but need to know for sure

    egaregolden12 wrote:

    fact the hp envy Phoenix 810-430qe motherboard use standandard atx power supply connectors or connectors owners that I was told that it can use up to 900w but need to know for sure

    Yes, it's a standard ATX PSU.  The description of the part for your current installed PSU is as follows: (746177-001) power supply - ATX, Picolit, IPS, 500W, EStar Bronze

  • 4870/GTX 260 in a m9600t. Will it work? (Worried about power supply)

    What I did the research, the PSU is 460W with 18 amps on each of the two 12V rails, but I have no idea about the brand or the quality of the PSU. That would be enough to run one of two video cards? I am mixes answers ask around.

    The power supply will also run:


    8 GB RAM

    I7 920

    HD 4870 or GTX 260

    Sorry... I was wrong.  There will be at least a 6 pin on OEM POWER supply connector. It would be probably easier if you open your PC case and take a look. There is no document, accessible to the public, I can find that show how many connectors 6 pins are on the block of power SUPPLY OEM.

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    Hello. I have a Dell power supply, model D235PD-00 number. I was told that it is a power supply owner and must be converted to improve. Where can I get a Dell converter to convert? These are the connectors.

    Power supply connector 1 x 24 - Pin ATX motherboard Standard

    1 x 4-pin ATX power supply

    2 x SATA power connectors

    1 x floppy drive power connector


    Dell D235PD-00 PSU is a unit owner, due to its body shape and size, not the wiring, it's why there are no converters available.



  • The Portege 7020CT power supply works with the dock?


    I have a Toshiba Portege 7020CT (I know its old)
    I would buy a Toshiba PA3007E-1DST on eBay!
    In the description of sellers on eBay, it is written that a power supply is not included!
    So he lies to be included power supply? Or am I ment to use my laptop Portege of power?

    All responses are greatly appreciated!

    Thank you

    Eh, it's really amazing that someone still use this old machine Portege. I hope it works perfectly.
    If I m remembering well at the back of this port replicator is the DC power connector, so you should be able to use the AC for your Portege power cable and connect it to the port replicator.

    The connector must be the same.

  • HP Envy 700-230: cards graphics/power supply for my computer


    I have a hp 700-230, (http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c04058435

    I'm looking to get a new graphics card for games. What grapihcs cards are good and compatible with this computer given its components and power supply (only 300 watts)? The geforce gtx 750ti or gt 630 works with this computer? AMD radeon 7770 work? If I want to improve my diet, which ones is compatible with my computer? If I do the power ugrade, what is a good compatible with her graphics card?

    Thank you! (and sorry for all the questions)


    Without replacing your PC power, NVIDIA GTX 750 it would be a great choice, and it's the best of the lot that you referenced. Research the model NVIDIA GTX 750 that some models require a PCI-E power connector 6 pin auxiliary lacking the 300 watt power supply in your PC.

    These articles HOWTO HP should be useful.

    If you're running Windows 8 then note the information below.

    HP Secure Boot Windows 8 themes Computer does not start after the installation of a video (Windows 8) card  

  • 7000n: power supply for scanner HP 7000n

    Got a scanner 7000n with lack of power.

    Anyone who can give the plug for the power required?

    The connector is slightly unusual one, but that should be possible to work around.

    It has 3 pins - if someone can supply what voltage goes on which pin that would be outstanding!

    Or if there is a replacement part available HP which is an option too, have not been able to find that so far well.

    Thank you.

    Some additional Googling turned up this:

    Spare parts for the scanner HP 7000: http://partsurfer.hp.com/Search.aspx?SearchText=L2709A

    The power brick is part # 0957-2260 (32 VDC, 180W):

    ' 2260-0957: . "Power - input module voltage 100-240 VAC output voltage 32VDC, 180 watts - requires a separate 3-wire power cord with connector C13.

  • 29W power supply will work for iPad 9.7 Pro

    My iPad Pro 9.7 inches provided with a power of 10 watts. It takes about six hours is responsible for the depletion of the layer to be 100% responsible. I would like to be able to do it faster. I noticed that the iPad Pro with a larger screen has a 29 Watt power supply available in the Apple Store. I bought this with the cable Apple to convert USB type C USB 2, which I am connected to my Flash a USB cable.  When I try on my Pro 9.7 inch iPad it charges no faster than six hours. Anyone who has tried using a larger power and they have managed to improve the loading time?

    The smaller iPad Pro does not have lightning speed USB - C compliant connector which has the bigger iPad Pro, so the special USB - C cable and 29W power supply wiil lightning does not work with the smaller iPad Pro to load more quickly.

    Return these back to Apple for a full refund.


  • Compaq Mini 110: Polarity of power supply jack


    I have a HP/Compaq Mini 110 that was given to me because both the battery and the AC adapter was lost. I have a power supply of the correct voltage (19 VDC) and can get an outlet of the right size. I need to know what the polarity of the plug must be, for example, is the center of the end positive or negative? I also need to know if the computer will be also powered if one battery (even dead) is not installed. If it will power-up with the polarity a/c adapter, I'm going to buy a battery, otherwise I don't lose money. Shame on HP/Compaq to not show a pictorial of polarity on the camera body. If I can get going, have enough moxie upgrade to Windows 10? Thank you.

    Here is the Service Manual:


    See p. 54 on the hard drive. She straight plug the motherboard, but it shows a cart or make sledding which does not move there and the SSD is welded to a SATA connector. For some time I took one of these apart.

    He's a regular SATA and the size limit, it's what is on the market, not the hardware, so you could theoretically install a 2 TB or a 2.5 inch SATA SSD. You could probably get one inch 80 gig SATA SSD 2.5 for a pittance and it would run as well as he is capable of running.

    The memory you have is DDR2-800, but the system he clocks up to speed DDR2-533.

    The power Jack is soldered to the motherboard and there is no way I know to stretch upward. A lot of youtube videos on the welding on a new jack and you can find the plug for a few dollars. It is not a work that I do, but I saw several times and I think you can probably manage it if you have the soldering equipment.

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  • HP ENVY PHOENIX CTO 810-135QE - 600 watts power supply Question

    In the near future, I would like to upgrade the video card in my desktop HP ENVY PHOENIX CTO 135QE-810 GT 640 default to something a little more powerful and I was wondering if there is any details about the default 600 watts power that will help me in my decision to the next video card.

    I know that some video cards require a number of amps on the 12 volt rail and all the information that I have found previously on the power of 600 watts power supply in the computer is not in that kind of detail.

    What I read, the power is a Petrus 600W e-star 5.0 Bronze, HP Part number 633186-002.

    Any additional details and details on this power to help me determine the next video card would be useful.

    On a side note the video card, I'm currently doing is one of the next Nvidia GTX 750 TI models, thoughts and recommendations on this specific map?

    Thank you



    Your PC has UEFI bios, so most video cards should work.  Some video cards will work in UEFI mode and others in legacy mode, that your PC is able to run.

    When the manufacturer of the video card and/or AMD or NVIDIA specify a minimum power supply size then it is best to stick to this recommendation.  Not all power supplies are built to the same standards of quality.  In addition the internal components, temperature, charges unknown and time that the PC will be placed under the maximum load are taken into account at the recommendation of minimum power supply is indicated.

    I have not seen a power of 500 watts with 12v rating of 18A, but this does not mean that there is not. And if that's the case, then the total power rating is suspect. A video card that requires an external auxiliary power connector will also draw power from the PCI-E slot.

    Are there cases where the minimum size of the power supply is insufficient? Yes, those who might be extreme but someone can have connected to power different connectors either to avoid buying a new power supply or maybe around just the food manufacturer minimum power rating. Some may do it thinking 'I'm going on fox the Fox ". It can work, but maybe the questions later start occurred.  I prefer to get the job done right the first time. You don't need a power supply to perhaps of overload and short circuit then internally causing spikes to the components in the PC.

  • Z640: Upgraded the video card to 1070 GTX. I have to upgrade power supply?

    My Z640 has a supply of poer 925w but the power plug 6 pins only I think remaining is not enough to feed my 1070 GTX video card in use heavt. It requires care supply 2 x 8 pins and adapter I installed is not always able to provide enough power. HP chat support wasn't any help. Do I need to install a new power supply that provides power sheets 8 pin pci-e?

    @MacTheSteve, welcome to the forum.

    This is Service and Maintenance Guide for the workstation.

    I contacted StarTech to see if they would have an adapter 'Y' which had two 8-pin power connectors.  However, those that they should be the following on your motherboard or the power supply:

    StarTech Brandon: basically, there are 4 SATA power or LP4 molex.

    I believe that your diet is enough power, but simply do not have the required connectors.  At least, I don't the seen on the diagram of the motherboard.  It seems that you need to upgrade the PSU.

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  • Satellite U500 - 11 C - power supply unit not detected


    on my Satellite U500 - 11 C, the power supply is no longer recognizes (the rest green LED turns off when I plug)

    I tested my diet and it's OK

    I disassemble my laptop to check the connector and the power is OK of the external connector to the connector on the motherboard.

    with my battery, the computer works normally (but the battery is not more)

    You have an idea on how to solve this problem?
    What can I check?

    > Do you have an idea on how to fix this?
    If the battery and the mains adapter are ok, while a single problem can cause this: faulty motherboard.
    Maybe there is something wrong with the electronic power supply on the motherboard.

    Of course this is only my personal opinion, but I put t see any other reason for that

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