Portege 3500 didn't detect the HARD drive in the BIOS

Hi forum,

I go out the HARD drive, when I stick to the rear; the BIOS didn't detect the HARD drive.
How can I configure the HARD drive in the BIOS? The discs i/o isn't editable t option.

I need urgent help...

Thank you

Try to access the BIOS and set the defaults. Don t forget to save the changes. ;)

A friend of mine had a similar problem and the BIOS default settings has been the key.

So check it out

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  • Portege 3500: missing system32 - update the BIOS?

    Hello world

    I got a Portege 3500 PIII-M 1.33 GHz, which has been infected by a virus. I tried to reinstall Windows Xp, but the SYSTEM32 file is missing or damaged.

    I downloaded the BIOS driver and tried to install it via an external CD drive, but it did not work.
    Could you please help me at all?
    I am very concerned about the situation

    Can't wait to hear from you

    Thank you



    I can t believe that the virus may damage the BIOS!
    I think that you have updated the BIOS with the wrong procedure.
    Have you checked the BIOS update document?

    In any case, the fault of system32 has nothing to do with the BIOS and I don t understand why you started the update of the BIOS.

    The Portege 3500 does not support an internal hard drive, and so if you want to install the operating system, you must use a compatible external PC card reader.
    I assume you are using this player to start.

    If some error messages appear during the installation, you must first format the whole HARD drive and delete all partitions and then try again to boot from the recovery CD!

  • My mac does not detect my hard drive after the upgrade. How to solve this problem?

    My mac does not detect my hard drive after upgrading to Mac OS Sierra. How to solve this problem?

    Please provide more detailed information. You can read write an effective communities of Apple support question. Maybe you could open disk utility and take a screen snap so that we can see what you see.

    To post a screenshot

    1. Press command + shift + 4, that will change the cursor to the line of sight.
    2. Hold down the mouse button and the collimator allows you to select the part of the screen you want to capture.
    3. Release the mouse button and the image will be saved on your desktop.
    4. Click on the camera icon in the toolbar of the message forum Editor.
    5. Drag the image on the button select a file and click the Insert button.
  • the Windows xp Setup program does not detect my hard drive

    When I try to install Windows XP, it does not detect my hard drive which is visible in the bios.  My bios options are very limited, but I was able to use the bios to change the sata in ide.  It still does not work, and now he is not found with the disc of windows 7 I have.  This isn't a new pc.  He was working at a given time, but foolishly, I formatted the hard drive and have no drivers for my drive hard hitachi.  I bought a new seagate Mak, but now this disc hard is not allocated and is also not detected.  I have no way to get an operating system and I'm in a jam financially... Please help.

    SATA drives are not recognized by Windows XP installation disc.  Change the BIOS SATA ATA sometimes solves this problem and allows you to install and sometimes does not.  Microsoft's solution is to press the F6 key when you are prompted for additional drivers, and then insert a floppy disk (Yes, it takes a floppy) with the top driver.

    "Limited OEM driver support is available with F6 during installation of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003"
      <>http://support.Microsoft.com/kb/314859 >

    Several means have been formulated to work around needing a floppy disk.  You can view the following items:

    'Install Windovs XP on SATA without floppy (F6)'
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  • Boot failure: REM could not detect 2 hard drives

    Hello. I bought a HP Pavilion G6 series laptop (LX273EA #ABU) last year and he stopped to load correctly. When I click on "Repair (recommended)" I get an error messaqe saying "REM could not detect 2 hard drives. I tried to start in safe mode and it will not work.

    The laptop is two months out of warranty, and the only support option I found is a phone call from £30 with no guarantee of assistance. Any input would be appreciated.

    Thank you

    Michael McDonald

    You are welcome Michaelmcd85.

    The 305 error indicates that the hard drive has failed. You will need to replace the hard drive.

    This is an easy repair so I'll give you the information you need to fix yourself. It's your interview Guide &. It contains information on how to disassemble the laptop. The guide also contains information that will allow you to choose a replacement hard drive.

    If you do not want to repair the laptop you can contact HP Support directly to the 1-800-4474-6836 if you are in the USA / Canada. If you are in another country, you must first visit HP's Support around the world to find the coordinates for your region.

    I hope this information is useful.

  • Portege 3500: OS crashes after the new HARD drive update

    I have a problem with the new hard drive - Seagate Momentus 100 GB 7200 rpm, ATA - and...
    instalator blue screen starts normally (from recovery CD or OEM CD) and when partitioning is startis - system is stopped...

    HARD drive is ok - tested on another laptop
    Laptop is ok? instalator and works windows, tested on 2 HDD (40 and 60 GB, two IBM)

    It is possible, that this new hard drive is not compatybille with this laptop?

    Please help, because it's my boss laptop :(

    P.S. - sorry for peut English


    Are you sure that the HARD drive is recognized correctly in the BIOS?
    Seems that the laptop does not support the new drive (100 GB, 7200 RPM).

    Perhaps because of the large size of HARD drive and the fast rotation value.
    I would try to use a 60GB 5400 RPM a 80 GB HARD drive maybe works but it seems that the 100 GB HARD drive is not compatible

  • Portege R500 - install Win XP - no hard drive detected


    I just bought a new Toshiba Portege R500 notebook - 12 H with Windows Vista, and I would like to format the hard drive and install Windows XP instead.

    I have a Windows XP CD (the one from my old PC), I insert the disk and start the laptop computer on the installation of the Windows XP CD to load, I get the screen asking me "push F3 to quit, entry to install XP" (as usual).
    But when I click on 'install', it says no hard drive has been detected, and I wonder if I have any additional drivers.

    How is it possible that my 120 GB HD is not detected? It is in a format that does not know Windows XP? Can I get a driver, how can I install it? Can I upgrade the bios?

    Please help me ;)

    Thanks for all,

    Missing driver SATA.
    Very good description how to prepare the CD of facilities, you can find HERE.

    This Toshiba document could be useful for you:

    If you have any other questions please let us know.

    Good luck!

  • Does not detect my HARD drive in the BIOS

    Yesterday, I bought DT01ACA300 of HARD drive and it does not detect.
    I've tried it on two motherboards (different ports and different controllers: AMD, Intel chipset JMicron chipset) with different powers and signal cables (which do not work with my player Samsung HDD and DVD SATA Lite-on), but it won't do no good...

    It seems that the only thing that might have caused it may be the power supply, but I can't check it out because I don't have a spare. I tried to disable most of the unnecessary controllers on MB to lower energy consumption, but it did not help.

    From what I've read on the Internet, it seems that it is not I can do by myself and it is very likely defective drive, but I still have some hope that I can make it work...

    It would be a big problem to return to calm: I'll have to send in another city in the authorized service center so that they would check it, and then only, I can get a replacement (if noone will fly it by then, which can happen...).

    Which machine do you have?

  • BIOS does not detect not hard drive for laptop after the setting of the default BIOS settings.

    I had my 14.04 installed Ubuntu in my laptop in a reader named «Notebook hard drive» a pre-installed Windows 8. Today I put the default BIOS settings in my phone and when I rebooted it and tried to use Ubuntu by pressing 'F9' key and choosing from the menu of the BIOS I found my 'Notbook HDD"option missing. My disk of Ubuntu is still there, but I have no way to access it. Is there a way I can get it to work?

    Try turning off secure in the BIOS and then start by restarting the laptop.

  • MacBook not detect External Hard Drive

    I have just started using MacBook 12 "with usb port c, I got with my mac usb c normal usb converter, I tried with the memory stick and it works not, but with my 2 external hard drives to detect anything or even show in disk utility, please help.

    Are external hard drives in the self-powered speakers, or are they

    power to operate the port need? You don't specify several items that can be

    useful for a response be searched; several answers may exist.

    You have this card?

    • USB - C Digital AV Multiport card

    Sometimes different adapters are needed; other times a hub with

    options, if you have more ports than the original; and all the

    would need primarily to use USB - C. Including the AC adapter.

    Not all power cards will allow the adapter 29W would be used; so

    Depending on the choice or availability of other versions, you can

    not be able to use the product. Also, not all USB - C for other type

    plug adapters are of equal or reliable quality. Check it out see.

    • Using the USB - C port and adapters on your MacBook (retina, 12 inch, early 2015) and later - Apple Support

    A memory stick requires no power to the rotation degree

    hard drives in external enclosures will be; so if these external HARD disk

    units have their own adapter, which should make a difference.

    And if so, you may not have had a problem. There may be other

    problem behind the situation you are facing.

    There is a built-in to the computer in his OS X; diagnostic test but

    that can't help if the problem is a device adapter.

    Don't know what else to say...

    Good luck in any case.

  • Portege R830 - model with SSD or HARD drive?


    I am considering buying a Portege R830. I've yet to decide between the Portégé R830-10R (model with HARD drive) and the Portégé R830 - 10 p (model with a 256 GB SSD). To do this, I would like to know:

    -What is the SSD model assembled in the Portégé R830?
    -It uses a standard SATA connection or an owner like the previous Portégé R700 SSD?
    -Have someone replaced the original HDD to the Portégé R830 by a whole new SATA 3 SSD? Wich one? It works fine?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Hi MadVet,

    The SSD of Portege R830 - 10 p is a model of Toshiba 2.5 so it does not work in Portege R830. In addition due to the 2.5 form factor it uses SATA standard interface as normal hard drives.

    In my opinion, you should take the model with SSD. 256 GB is enough for the operating system and applications as well as for some important data. If you need more disk external HARD disk space use. SSDS are very fast and you will see the performance of the SSD HARD drive instead ;)

  • Portege M300 (PPM30A) - lost access to HARD drive recovery

    Portege M300 model PPM30A-02E001.
    At some point during the installation a Sony camera I lost access to my hidden partition (HDDRECOVERY) where I can make the recovery disks.

    I can see it in disk management tools, but the link is missing.

    Is there a way I can make the link? "Brand recovery disc" icon is gone as well.

    Please, I beg you.


    Wait a moment, please: why you write about on the hidden partition HARD drive recovery? I think you mixed up something!
    On Vista and Windows 7, there is a hidden partition, but it has nothing to do with the option HDDrecovery from Toshiba. This on the hidden partition is a feature of Windows, also called Windows recovery environment!

    Normally HDDrecovery files are stored on the second partition in a file of the same name. Can you access the second partition?

    If this isn't the case, I think the only chance is to order a new recovery disk. Therefore, you must contact the service provider authorized in your country.

  • Portege R500-100 - drivers after format HARD drive


    First post so go easy :)

    I reformatted my hard drive the other day, but the drivers for my laptop support is poor.

    The audio drivers are not working, I have several unknown devices in Device Manager in need of drivers, but I don't know what drivers to install.

    Anyone could point us in the right direction?

    Its a r500-100

    Hey Buddy,

    Why you are not satisfied with the Portege R500 driver support? I mean can you all the drivers on the site of Toshiba, and for most versions of Windows. Just follow the link posted by Al - eX.

    And you should install all the drivers you can find on the Toshiba site. After that, you use all the functions of your mobile phone and you get back to factory settings.

  • Satellite L40 - installation of XP cannot detected a HARD drive


    I want to install windows XP SP2 on a L40 but boot with the XP CD, Windows Setup does not detect the hard drive.
    The hard drive is a SATA drive.

    Please wat could be the problem?


    It is really hard to read these questions...

    The solution is pretty simple: you need the SATA drivers. At the point where your HARD drive is running in AHCI mode and so you need drivers. On Intel chipsets, is the Intel Storage Manager.

    If you want to learn more on this subject, please search here in the forum. There are already a lot of discussions about this, and I have that could be useful for you:

    Good bye

  • Buenas tardes mi problema're salio una ventana as dice, Windows has detected a hard drive probem

    Buenas tardes mi problema are what salio una ventana as dice, Windows detected a disk hard probem. > back up your files immediately to prevent the loss of information and then ask the computer manufacturer to determine if you need to rapair or replace the drive > in las ventanitas sale abajo luego.  Start the backup process > ask me later > there don't ask me about this problem (not recommended) > y retail fr.  Dice for immediate action.  Because a disk failure will make you lose all programs, files and documents, on the disk, you must back up your important information immediately. Try not use that you have repaired or replece the hard drive. > Which is a failure? The following hard disks are fault condition: disc name: TOSHIBA MK5065GSX. volume: C:\:D\ > este're mi probema espero can help me gracias are only soy nuevo in esto, todo lo copy are only no entiendo than of Frances y como dice el said (el ingles still no lo learn y el Español is to me esta olvidando) Gracias.

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