Portege 4010, HID not supported

He finds the mouse OK but fail to complete the installation.
I get "Human Interface Device (HID) profile is not supported in this configuration" when I try to connect my MS IntelliMouse Explorer for Bluetooth. I have the latest version of the software of Toshiba (SD) and battery on my Portege 4010. Using the USB MS Bluetooth dongle on another computer (of office) everything works fine.


Maybe this site will help you?


There are troubleshooting costs and info.

Bye Bob

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  • Satellite 5100, HID not supported!

    I have the problem that the MS Explorer Bluetooth Mouse is not supported by BT from Toshiba stack.
    Is there any way to make it work on my Satellite 5100?


    you updated the BT stack to the latest version?

    Toshiba had a clean section of Bluetooth can be reached at the www.toshiba-tro.de under Bluetooth.

    There, I found in "Testimonials" following the expression to MS BT Optical Mouse

    "The HID profile is not supported on the old Modules of SiW - BT and Digianswer PCCards"!

    Rudi Bye

  • Portege P3480CT does not support the CD and floppy drive

    Can someone help me with the following:
    If I start my Portege I get the message: lack of OS...
    I have tried everything to make him work, but it does not support my CD rom drive and a floppy drive.
    Does anyone has a suggestion how to get my protected work yet?

    Thank you very much


    as far I know the Portege has it a USB floppy and a map of PC CD-Rom.

    Have you checked the Bios of your laptop, especially here the boot priority settings?

    The Bootdisc for Windows 95, Windows NT and Windows 2000, do I have in my archives. I have that helps you, give me that send you an email so that I send you the Bootdiscs.

    Good bye

  • Portege R500 - error message "sound device is not supported" THotkey


    Whenever I have start up my Portege R500 I get THotkey message error "sound device is not supported. \
    The same error message repeats when I touch the volume icon. There is also no sound.

    Any idea what causes this? I have tried to uninstall and reinstall the driver most that can affect the shortcut key and the sound.

    Thank you


    Is it Vista or XP?

    Have you installed Windows yourself or it was preinstalled?

    Maybe the wrong driver was installed (of another model for example).

  • Portege R700 Bios update problem - this computer is not supported

    I tried the update for Portégé R700 Bios with Toshiba Service Station and by downloading the exe of the bios.
    Both say that "this computer is not supported", but the downloaded bios file is correct.

    What should do?


    Go to the page European driver Toshiba and download the BIOS package manually.
    Unzip the BIOS and try to run the exe file once more

    But why you need BIOS update? Have you noticed a few problems with the laptop?
    BIOS update is not required if you don t have problems.

  • Portege R30 does not SSD start after upgrade SSD and HDD


    I have improved my Portege R30 - A to add a second SSD (Crucial M550) replace the optical with the new SSD drive with caddy.

    But now the system does not start automatically from the original SSD.

    I could press F12 while turning on my laptop and make it appear the start guide. Here I can see my original SSD and I can boot from it properly.

    In order to boot in the BIOS, I see only the HDD/SSD, USB, ODD memory... It doesn't gives me the possibility to choose between SSDS.

    In any case when I boot in this way than getting blue screens after awhile in win7.

    I tried to install a HARD drive as the second drive instead os SSD and her resut is the same.

    Is that what I can do to solve this, now I have to use the second drive as an external USB drive.

    Thank you


    This ODD of SSD/HDD replacement is not always possible and in many cases, the BIOS will not handle and will not recognize the new HARD disk correctly.

    That I can remember some old laptops Toshiba Tecra and Portege that supported the functionality of Slim Select Bay were able to manage the 2nd HARD drive instead of driving WEIRD, but this was not possible due to the available selection slim Bay.

    In your case it looks like the laptop so that the BIOS does not support this function and, therefore, the additional SSD/HDD isn't recognised correctly.

  • Portege 4010 - after upgrading RAM, nothing happens

    A beginner very believed in that.

    I picked up some 512 MB PC133 SDRAM for my 4010 but when I put them in the slots and pressing the power button... Nothing happened.

    Would appreciate any help at all...


    Yes, maybe 2 x 128 MB modules were the original modules, that they were delivered with the laptop.

    I think you should try other modules. If you use the modules of noname, they could be possibly not work or problems as bluescreens etc.
    As far as I know that the Portege 4010 can be upgraded to 1 GB of RAM. You can use two 512 MB modules then you should buy RAM from Kingston of high quality for example.

    Here is the part number for Toshiba for a 512 MB module I founded with Google:
    PA3108U - 1 M 51

    Good bye

  • Portege R705 sees not to Micro SD card

    My Portege R705 under 32-bit Windows Home Premium, does not recognize the SD card when a MicroSD card is inserted.

    He has no problem see full size SD cards, but I have 2 Micro SD different cards of 2 different manufacturers, each with an adapter and the Portege does not recognize the card when it is inserted.

    The adapter and the map are fine and are recognized in a desktop computer.
    I reinstalled the latest driver for the SD card, I found here on the site, but that did not help.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you, Stephan


    Found some info on the supported cards.
    The Bridge Media location takes in charge the rest of cards:

    8MB SD - 2GB / microSD(with_adapter):512 MB - 2 GB
    SD - HC 4 GB - 16GB / microSDHC(with_adapter):4 GB
    miniSD (with adapter): 32 MB - 2 GB / microSD (with adapter): 512 MB - 2 GB

    The Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, xD Card, CompactFlash, SmartMedia and others * are NOT * supported.
    You can buy an external USB card reader to be able to use other cards

  • The Portege 4010 problems

    I recently bought a refurbished Portege 4010 and it works fine, except that pips sound a lot. It seems to be random, may occur as once in 3-4 seconds, or it may seem fine for a few minutes then * glitch glitch glitch *. Looks like the tempo of the sound is slowed and then catch upwards, and it sometimes makes a noise dry sound.

    I have a Portege 4000, which did explode a little sound each time than in quite awhile, but he appeared rarely as once every 30 minutes and was barely noticeable. On this 4010, it's much worse.

    I have all the Toshiba official drivers, running a twisted installation of XP SP2. I tried a clean install and the sound has the same faults.

    Right now I use ULi drivers I found on the Nvidia download page, they have helped a bit, the sound bugs are now more sporadically, but when they occur (once every two minutes or more), they are always as bad as they were at the start. Also, ULi drivers are sound drivers only I could find that have sufficient volume levels, with the drivers found on your site the wave volume distorts when turned over 20-25%, now I don't have to worry about that while she prepares to max as do some games, the sound will not be distorted. I had the same problem on my old Portege 4000, at the time I did not know the difficulty pilots and used a volume reduction program to force 'bad' apps and games to mix parameters.

    The 4010 is such a portable grand, when you use a second battery, he gets the same battery life of 5 hours of the 4000 and with more processing power. It's a shame that something minor like a sound chip of ruins all the fun. Yes, I know it's pretty old, but as long as he does his job, which is no big deal.

    So is there any fix I can try? Thanks in advance.

    Good job!

  • Keyboard on my Portege 4010 problems

    Out of the blue, I have keyboard problems on my portege 4010. I have bad start up and now that I have, I can't access some of the problems, the keys get stuck, funny noises... beeps all the symptoms of a questionable keyboard. What I can do, otherwise, buy a replacement keyboard (v.expensive) or use an external keyboard?

    I personally have not dropped something on the keyboard, so problems can just be from one day to the next, or should interogate my husband.


    Maybe your husband has changed something? ;)
    But seriously, if you have some problems with the boot and keyboard in my opinion, you should try to pick you up BONES. If the malfunction of the same images I recommend to contact the ASP for more information.

    Good bye

  • Screen dirty on my Portege 4010

    My portege 4010 were grey marks on its screen for a while. I tried various screen cleaning fluids and they don't spend. They seem to come from the contact of the screen with the keys?

    How can I remove these, or if I can replace the piece of plastic that covers the LCD screen?


    If you can't clean the screen with different cleaning fluids, it may be that those gray marks are not dirt but bumps!

    My suggestion is that if you don't clean it, you should contact a Toshiba Service partner (perhaps you warranty) and check it out! It may be that the teeth are caused by a keyboard set too high. This should be verified to avoid a higher damage.

    Goodbye Tom

  • WLAN card portege 4010


    I'm having problems with my card wireless integrated I own av Portege 4010. It seems to be allright in the properties of the device, but I don't see any network when I scan with the program integrated into 'control panel '. It should show a strong network'I'm 10 feet away from

    Its enabled in bios, the switch on the computer is on

    I think that the camera is Intersil Prism2.

    I use different wlan devices every day and I miss some software for this built in card - preferably software that shows in the systray


    I do not know who built in the program, you use, but please check in the properties of connection network wireless tab wireless networks if option called use Windows to set up... is disabled. It should be disabled if you want to use some other application or client for a wireless connection.

  • Sound on Portege 4010 problems


    I am the proud owner of a Toshiba Portege 4010, but the only problem that I couldn't solve is the sound.

    The problem occurs when I use MP3 reading program (Winamp / TRAKTOR DJ). Music moves for a very short period of time, perhaps some 20 milliseconds every 1 to 2 minutes (on a random date).

    I tried to change each buffer option in my mp3 with no result reading programs.
    I am running Windows XP Service Pack 2 with all drivers installed on the Toshiba site (including the Windows XP audio driver)

    The problem does not disappear if the laptop works plugged (best performance of the processor).

    If someone has encountered this problem and knows the solution, I would really appreciate it.
    I use this laptop for playing background music (I am a DJ).

    Best regards
    Mircea Bartic

    Hi Mircea

    It is not easy to say what may be the problem. If I understood you right this would happen only if the laptop is running on battery. Am I wrong?

    I assume that the processor or HARD drive maybe activity interrupts the music. Please try checking activity (Performance) CPU settings in the tool under the profile that is used if the device is running on battery.

    It is also possible that some applications (program antivir) forced the HARD drive activity. Please check all these aspects.

  • Portege 3500 will not start on PCMCIA - tablet PC 2005 installation

    Sorry for my English, I'm french
    I want to reinstall a tablet PC 2005 Edition.
    I have a portege 3500 with CDROM PCMCIA reader.
    Tablet PC does not start on PCMCIA...

    Help me


    I found a very interesting document of the FAQ on the Toshiba site:
    Procedure of product recovery and Bootdisk (FD) for the Portege 3500 Series.

    It should help you get started on the PCMCIA drive.

    In any case, this theme has been discussed a lot of time here in the forum.
    Please check other threads:

    Give us a feedback if you succeeded.

  • Portégé R600 (PPR61E) - update BIOS not supported


    I have protected R600 (accordint sticker and serial number, it is Portege R600-102, part number: PPR61E-00600CEN and I am unable to upgrade BIOS since its last version (1.6) to the most recent available on support & download site.)

    Namely, according to my criteria websipe presents 3, 00 - WIN version, which executable zipped contans called P006Bv300.exe; at launch it displays "this computer is not supported" message.

    Should which BIOS I use?


    Have you downloaded the right version of the BIOS of your laptop? Are you sure?
    Check this box!

    By the way: you change the motherboard or an authorized service provider?
    As I remember, I read a thread here on the same issue. The user reported that the n possible t after mainboard update Exchange. He went to ASP again and they guys would update DMI information. After that, the update was possible! :)

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