Portege 7200 - HDD replacement/upgrade

I want to upgrade my Portege 7200 with the standard 12 GB of HDD to a 60Gb, my questions are:-
1. do I have updated BIOS?
2 Will fit a standard 2.5 notebook HARD disk drive 9.5 mm inches (for example 60 GB 2.5 "IBM/Hitachi Travelstar 7 K 60 ATA100 7200 RPM, 8 MB)
3. is special caddies or cable required.
4. someone at - it instructions or is simple.

Thanks in advance for your help.



regarding your first question:
BIOS update is useful, but I don't know how much GB the most recent BIOS for P7200 can handle! Try a test!
2. normally a 2.5 inch HDD fit. I don't know who the old we have size, but you can compare it with the OE ew!
3. no
4. normally the change of HARD drive is not difficult. The problem is "the BIOS detects the new HARD drive and the right size." But this only experience could help you!

Bye Bob

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  • Portege 7200 - HARD drive upgrade

    I have a Portege 7200. It was just given to me. There is therefore no documentation or manuals.
    I'm interested in upgrading his old 4 GB HARD drive to something more modern. Can someone tell me what could be done to it? I mean - if standard 2.5 "HDD is Ok, is there a limitation of the motherboard/BIOS card as to the maximum size, etc.. ?

    Thanks in advance!


    The manual can be downloaded from the Toshiba European page;

    Here, you should go to support downloads & -> user manual for Toshiba.
    In the upload form, you must choose;
    Archive-> Portege Archive-> Portege 7xxx--> Portege 7200

    Maybe you will find some info in the user manual.

    But I want to provide some details too.
    To my knowledge, several versions of BIOS supports a HARD drive size limitation. I mean that not every size of HARD drive is supported.
    I have goggled a bit and discovered that the Toshiba MK1214GAP HARD drive can be used with the Portege 7200. It s a 12 GB HARD drive that supports ATA-2/ATA-3/ATA-4 interface.

    Maybe you could test it.

  • The Portege 7140 (HDD, memory) upgrade

    I recently bought a second hand Portege through eBay. I did a little research and I feel that the 7140 has a Bay memory expansion in which I can put a stick of memory of 32 MB, 64 MB, 128 MB, or 256 MB. Toshiba sells only a maximum of 128 MB, but Kingston sells a key of 256 MB for laptop. The 256 MB will work fine?

    Second question - can stick any disk drive 2.5 "EIDE in the laptop? Is there a technical specification somewhere that lists the BIOS revision against the sizes of drive support?

    Last question - I have not actually received the laptop again and read the pdf data sheet it seems as if she isn't an internel floppy drive? If this is correct, the only way I'll be able to upgrade the bios is through the windows, is this correct? The only problem, if this is the case, it's that I use Linux not Windows. I might have to buy an external floppy drive.

    In any case thank you for any help or suggestions anyone may have.


    Hi Spinksi,

    Colleague of mine has the same machine at home. He put 256 MB of RAM and it works fine. Its RAM is manufactured by Toshiba. You can also use RAM Kingston.

    There's also a 20-GB HARD drive. It works fine. Before changing do updating BIOS HARD drive. You can find the latest Version on http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/cgi-bin under download BIOS. You'll find Toshiba BIOS update Description. Read it before you continue. It is very important.

    So I know we're no sort of spec where you can find data on the BIOS and disk sizes.

    Answer to your last question is: you're right. Portege had no floppy drive, and you need to update the BIOS. But I'm sure you can find cheap one by ebay.

    Good bye

  • Re: Need technical information about the CD/DVD with Portege 7200 series writer

    just to clarify my last post should have read: CD and DVD rw burner compatible with the laptop above.

    all the best john.

    The Portege 7200 cannot be upgraded with a CD/DVD burner (drive).
    You can buy a dock like [this one | 5QQcmdZViewItem http://cgi.ebay.ca/Slim-TOSHIBA-Portege-7200-Dockstation-Built-in-DVD-CDRW_W0QQitemZ170200420841QQihZ007QQcategoryZ14008] which provides a feature of CD/DVD drive!

    I m not 100% sure if this docking station can be improved with a CD/DVD burner, but you can try to contact the ASP in your country for details.
    Guys might provide information whether or not this player is available!

  • Update CPU Portege 7200 is available?

    Hello Toshiba-community!

    I have a Toshiba Portege 7200 with the following configuration:

    -P3 600 MHz
    -320 MB OF RAM

    However, the laptop works well, but the processor is pretty slow.

    So I tried _upgrade CPU_ with a faster P3.

    My questions are:
    Is this possible?
    What are the requirements?

    A lot, I searched the internet but I have not found a solution for this issue.

    Do you have a? :-)

    Thank you very much in advance!

    Usually these improvements are not easy, and in most cases to possible and undesirable.

    In most cases the different CPU can result in problems with the BIOS.
    In addition, the higher CPU speed would produce more heat dissipation that could lead to overheating.

    That is why it s not advisable to upgrade the processor

  • Portege 7200 256 MB RAM - where?


    Picked up a dirt cheap XP running Portege 7200, it currently has 128 MB of RAM, which I want to replace it with a 256 MB, where hell finding one that is not a price identical to a new portable computer?

    Thank you!



    The laptop is an oldie and all peripheral pieces are not more highly available!
    The laptop supports modules of memory SODIMM 144 pin PC100.
    I found a module for about £63

    See this page:

    I recommend you research some sites to shop online best offer or to get a second hand one from Ebay

  • Can Portege 7200 CT - I install Windows Xp instead of Windows 2000?


    I have an old Portege 7200, Pentium III, 600 MHZ, RAM 320Mo.

    I use Windows 2000, remains stable and running (you know, never touch a system running...)

    However, due to new software that will work with Windows 2000 (Internet Explorer, anti-virus, software video / Cam and a little more) I need an OS-update. I have an old Windows XP-license (SP 2) and the idea of installing WinXP on this laptop.

    The power system should be fine, however, I've not found anyone with WinXP on this laptop. Someone at - he live with that? It work? What I have to do a BIOS update? I have version 1.80 and found here in the care of the side a 2.0 zip file

    Thanks a lot in advance - Andreas

    Hi Andreas,

    Theoretically, you can install what you want on your laptop but I checked the Web from Toshiba site and it seems there are no XP driver for Portege 7200.
    What does that mean? Well, you can install XP but if you the drivers you need to collect these external Web sites, such as Intel or Realtek drivers. Maybe you will find all the drivers that you need.

    In my opinion the update of the BIOS should be one if it of necessary. This means that if the laptop works well, this update isn't necessary.

    I hope I could help a bit. :)

  • Internal memory Portege 7200


    the internal memory of the portege 7200 will serve if I add an extension of memory?

    Thank you


    Yes, the internal memory will be used also. So, you can spend a maximum of 320 MB.
    These are the modules of memory (SDRAM):
    32 MB PA3003U Rev 1
    64 MB PA3004U Rev 1
    128 MB PA3005U rev.
    128 MB PA3005U Rev 2
    256 MB PA3006UK (KINGSTON) rev.
    256 MB PA3051U - 1NME Rev 1

    Good bye

  • Portege 7200: Where can I get the display driver for Win2000?

    Under display/properties, the type of adapter shows VGA adapter and the max resolution I can get is 800 x 600, which do not use the max screen size. What is the graphics card in the Portege 7200 and where can I get the display drivers for Windows 2000?

    Go to the support home page > download > in the drop down menus select laptop and your model > display driver

  • Problem starting Portege 7200 - stops running and the light flashes

    I have a portege 7200 with the docker dock 2 dvd, no problems until this weekend, when it stopped starting.

    its plugged into the power outlet and it starts the first windows 98 after the screen time, works my virus checker then the screen goes black, computer stops and the led on flashes.

    ive tried to boot from a CD, using the battery, reinstall windows, all I can think about

    Thanks for your help.


    Have you tried to run the notebook without the docking station?
    If this isn't the case, then try it.
    Also, try to remove the battery for a while. Then try to start the unit only with the power adapter.

    But generally, if the LED flashes then this means that there is a hardware malfunction.
    The flash code can only be read by the authorized service partner. Guys are able to find the hardware failure.
    Well well, in this case, if the procedures described above don? help I recommend you contact Toshiba service partner in your country.

    Good luck

  • Portege 7200: Hot to get into the BIOS?


    How is it possible to get into the BIOS in Portege 7200?

    Thank you!!



    I found the same info. Press the ESC key just after switching on the device.

  • Portege 7200: DVD Dock stuck!

    I have a Portege 7200 with a DVD dock. After having docked and undocked several times without problem, the PC is suddenly stuck fast and catches will not move. Everyone had and solved the same problem please?
    Thank you

    Hello Jane

    Do not have this good old classic, but I've seen several times. It's really hard to tell what happens there, but according to your applicant, I presume that there may be simply mechanical problem.

  • Which display driver used with Portege 7200?

    I bought the Portege 7200 series machine and I have a huge problem with the display driver. According to the books of Toshiba, I should use Trident CyberBlade e4 - 128 pilot 3D. I have d/load (Win 98 SE) from two different versions of two different websites (display-win9x - 650554022icd.zip) and no joy. Can install it. Tried with Win 2000 and no joy either.




    Turn off your laptop around to find a label. There is the exact number of prodcuct and name!

    Please report it on the forum.

    What w98 version do you use? Win98 or win98SE?

    Is the operating system version of Toshiba OEM recovery?

    Goodbye Tom

  • Portege 7200 multiple problems


    It is my last ditch attempt to try and get some sort of difficulty for my Portege 7200.

    I will try to explain as best as I can, so this is.

    I had a system dual boot (Linux & Win98), did not want Linux HD so formatted and reinstalled Win98.

    Everything works except for a few problems that I hope you guys can help with.

    1. at startup (before windows logon) I am invited with cannot find VREDIR. VXD and a few other VXD files.

    2 screen dislikes the adapter PCI/AGP of Trident Cyberblade e4-128. Only the driver installed, that followed the instuction on the Toshiba tools and utilities cd-rom. keep getting invited to change my display at startup configuration. Once logged into windows screen does not match the entire screen (black border). Have used the companion disc one receives with the Portege to stretch the LCD. The screen is bigger, but the display quality is bad.

    Can anyone help as I am at a loss on any one of the above point.

    Kind regards


    P.s. If there is more clarification or information then pls let me know and I'll try my best to get it.

    most likely, these files are not at all. This message usually when these files become 'independent' in the registry, or when certain network/protocol device missing files.
    The problem with these files occurs generally when you install something in the network control panel that does not install correctly.
    If you have recently installed a network adapter or Protocol in your system, remove it and reinstall it.
    The IPX protocol is often also responsible for this message.

    Good bye

  • Portege 7200: Brightness and contrast controls in Windows_XP

    Please any lawyer how to drive contrast and brightness for laptop Toshiba Portege 7200 with system Windows_XP
    First of all thank you

    For as far as I know the Portege 7200 shipped with Windows NT 4.0, Windows 98, and Windows 95.

Maybe you are looking for

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