Portege 7200: Hot to get into the BIOS?


How is it possible to get into the BIOS in Portege 7200?

Thank you!!




I found the same info. Press the ESC key just after switching on the device.

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  • Cannot get into the BIOS on my Portege R700

    Hello friends,

    I have laptop Portege R700-1321.
    1 year a go, I was updating my version of BIOS to 2.20 and after that I have cannot get into the BIOS!
    try a passer-by but noway :(

    When you press F2 after you restart the computer nothing add and put it back again.
    try to change ro F10 boot order but still just restart :(
    I need to change the boot order to install the new OS fresh and of course my BIOS setting.

    Please help me.
    If any body had a same problem or know how to fix it :(

    First of all you n t need to change the boot order in the BIOS if you want to reinstall the new system.
    You can press F12 all turn on/off the unit.
    Then a menu should appear where you can change the boot device.

  • Cannot get into the BIOS on my Sat A30

    Hi all

    I have problems to enter the BIOS. I heard when I want to get into the BIOS I have to press the ESC key when Toshiba logo is shown in the startup.

    But nothing happens!

    Could someone help me?


    Hi Sammy23
    That is right. It's actually the ESC you press. But there is more to know. During the time where appears the Toshiba logo, that represents about 1.5 seconds or so machine "listens" for the ESC at the beginning.
    Means that you have to be quick like a cat to press ESC. I usually press ESC several times all the way to the market (until the Toshiba Logo is displayed). Try this. Another way to get into the BIOS uses Toshiba HWSetup (looks like a key any) in the in the Windows Control Panel. You can access almost all the parameters of the BIOS from there.



  • Tecra8000 - keys to get into the BIOS?

    Hi all, I am German, sorry for my English!

    I have a tecra8000 with win2000, but I lost my password, I'll install windows xp home edition now, how can I get into the bios. Wich keys must I push wen the computer is in boot mode?

    Thank you


    Hi Thomas,

    The normal to access the BIOS path will be to press ESC then F1 during startup. This will give you the BIOS menu. Some laptops use ESC to show the progress of the POST and F2 to enter the BIOS menu.

    F8 will allow you to start in safe mode.

    F12 to select boot device (disk, CD, etc.).


  • I can't get into the bios

    When I restart my laptop I have the HP logo with the small "leak of press to enter the boot menu. Usually, when I press ESC at this stage, it gives me options to go into the bios, change the boot order and enter the Recovery Manager.

    But earlier when I try to do it, by pressing esc it will start in the windows Boot Manager, giving me the boot options in windows or to do a test of memory and I don't see any option to get into the bios!

    Laptop model: HP Pavilion dv6 3030ee!

    OS: W7Ultimate Bit

    Please someone help me with this problem!

    Thank you

    Finally I solved it! I just took the battery and put it again! then my cell phone is ok

  • Satellite Pro 6100: cannot get into the BIOS and does not start

    I have a portable Satellite pro 6100, en I was trying to boot from an external USB hard drive. When I activated the second hard drive option in the BIOS it has stopped booting all in all, I can't even get into the BIOS Setup more. All I get is "In touch with tomorrow TOSHIBA" screen with the icons to select the method of priming preferred manually after it's just blank screen with a cursor blinking in the upper left.

    Press ESC or F8 before to turn usually results in fast beeps sounds.
    Press tilde (~) before turn is reflected in the remaining space screen (not even the home toshiba screen appears) and slow Zens sounds.

    Apart from that I can't really do nothing at all.
    I tried to reset the BIOS by disconnecting the battery CMOS/RTC (hoewever, we call it) of the motherboard for a while with no results.

    Turn on/off without the results of HD internal in a white screen with an ERROR 'IDE #0.
    I can always stop by pressing the power button, you don't have to bother on the external hard drive it past I don't even want it works more.



    I agree with Graeme. Your HARD drive is probably faulty. Sorry, but I don't think that you will be able to use the external HARD drive. The option in the BIOS is not for EXTERNAL HARD drive is just, I guess, for disk HARD placed in select Bay.

  • T530: Cannot get into the bios


    The issue of this link does not seem to be solved with the last update of the BIOS (or it's a similar question).

    I'm running 2.04 and since I have set to UEFI boot only I can't get into the BIOS. When I press Enter to interrupt normal startup the screen goes black, it seems to interrupt the boot but nothing looms on the screen. Starting continues after a few seconds (I guess that after the time-out of the screen of the interruption).

    There seems to be a problem with the code modesetting, because if I connect to an external monitor to the VGA port everything works correctly.

    Note that what is happening with optimus, as well as with only the active Intel card.

    Thank you.

    This seems to be fixed with the last BIOS update (2.07).

    Although a little more comments would be welcome.

    Thank you.

  • Occult video BIOS BIOS occult system and I cannot get into the bios?

    IT SAYS: System hidden BIOS Video BIOS with a shadow and I cannot get into the bios?  WHAT CAN I DO


    Why you try to go into the BIOS (Basic Input Output System)?

    For the problem with the BIOS (Basic Input Output System), I recommend you contact the manufacturer of your computer for help.

    Note: Changing the BIOS / chipset can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the configuration of the BIOS/chipset can be solved. Changes to settings are at your own risk.

    Hope the helps of information.

  • Pavilion P6-2378: Cannot get into the BIOS

    I've recently updated my BIOS to v8.19 on my motherboard of Jasmine using service pack SP67068 after seeing a security warning on my original BIOS on the HP driver update site.  After the update, I am unable to enter the BIOS and more!  I see more startup or other screen.  Here's what I've done so far:

    (1) I entered "bcdedit/set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy" (and standard).  No splash screen.

    (2) I momentarily pressed and also pressed the ESC key during several start ups.  No splash screen.  When I press ESC after turning, the drive just stops.  To continue, I have to press Ctrl-Alt-Del to continue, and it starts Windows normally without a splash screen.

    (3) I went to change the settings of pc and navigated at startup in the UEFI Bios, but after the restart, but the computer crashes just until I press Ctrl-Alt-Del, then it boots normally into windows 8.0, but without the boot (legacy or HP splash) screen.

    (4) I opened the discount to zero the BIOS jumper and removed the battery for 5 minutes, several times.  No splash screen and press ESC or F10 after that reboot causes hang until you press Ctrl-Alt-Delete.

    I wouldn't have updated the BIOS if it is not for the security warning, as it worked very well. Now, I can't get into bios no more.  Help, please.

    Hello!  Yes, your right, it's the graphics driver!  But I had already updated just before I had this problem, so I rolled back the driver and still had the problem.  But then I realized that my TV is connected to the computer when I upgraded and downgraded the graphics driver.  I've updated the driver with the TV disconnected and VOILA, I see the spash screens and am able to get into the BIOS.  The graphic resolution of boot has been masking splash screens.  THANK YOU for your help.  I am very grateful.

  • I have windows Vista Sp2. Cannot get into the BIOS. Computer does not start on the desktop. What can I do?

    Have Windows Vista SP2.  Switch on computer will go not on the desktop.  Tried to get into the BIOS, but get a blank screen.

    Someone at - it ideas. Thank you.

    Have Windows Vista SP2.  Switch on computer will go not on the desktop.  Tried to get into the BIOS, but get a blank screen.

    Someone at - it ideas. Thank you.

    Don't ned to start the Office before accessing the BIOS...

    The following tutorial is about changing the bios boot sequence.
    #1 step is how to get to the BIOS window. THIS show be what you need. You can skip the rest if they do not apply to you.

  • Cannot get into the bios of the start screen.

    Well I had run into trouble with my video card, and it had to be replaced. Before I do that but I was invited to try a system recovery to get rid of any possible program that was at the origin of defective symptoms of a video card.

    Well, I replaced the video card and everything has been fixed. But... because of the recovery of the system, some of my settings changed in Bios is returned back to default. I remember specifically in the Bios to disable the action keys (Fn + everything related F who did something).

    Problem is now I can't return to the Bios to change the settings once more.

    In order to dispel some of the suggestions more simple I tried already:

    Using another keyboard (allows me to enter the Setup program, reinstall system, diagnostics, etc. very well but not Bios)

    Unplug everything in the back, but the monitor and keyboard

    Erased from the memory CMOS, which led me to a screen saying that my Bios is set by default and to go to the configuration, press F10. But by pressing F10 led me to the single configuration screen and couldn't get into the BIOS.

    I carefully searched the internet to find answers for this problem, but I really hit a dead-end.

    I want to say I know that I've changed before setting on this computer it's just that I don't remember how. I mean I tried F1, F2, Del, Ctrl + Alt, and everything inbetween for shortcut keys enter the BIOS nothing helped.

    Thanks in advance for your reply eagerly to receive a response.

    Oh and I have a HP Pavilion Slimline s5260f, if that helps anything.

    Well fiddle with stuff I have solved my problem. Thing, it's actually, I couldn't have what I wanted through the BIOS screen. I remember he made on my friends computer to get rid of it, where their BIOS had more options.

    As for anyone with my problem (hit accidentally the Fn and the sleep button) I recommend that to go in Control Panel Power Options - then select doing nothing to hit the Sleep button.

  • Why won't my Microsoft keyboard work during the start sequence () trying to get into the BIOS)?

    When you start up/reboot my system, my Microsoft Natural Wireless ergonomic Kayboard 7000 does not work to thus preventing me the ability to get into the BIOS to make the necessary changes. Can do something about it? Before ask you, Yes, legacy USB support is enabled.

    This problem is usually a problem with the BIOS Setup.  Several BIOS can have different settings to enable / disable the USB keyboard / mouse access.  These tend to be listed as:

    Use USB legacy...

    Activate USB keyboard...

    It is a major problem with motherboards that have the old PS/2 ports for keyboard / mouse.

    Also, I found that if your keyboard is not directly connected to a rear USB port, you may have this problem.

    And according to the number of devices USB is connected to your PC, if you 'maxed out' device (all ports used), your keyboard is not working as it should during the windows "pre-seed" process (including the BIOS screens "P.O.S.T.".)

  • Re: Satellite C850D - impossible to get into the BIOS

    I'm unable to access the BIOS on this machine. I tried (a number of times) by pressing the FN and F2 and FN and F12 keys while the Toshiba logo is displayed. Unlike the Satellite A500, I have, no prompt for keys F2 or F12 doesn't appear at the bottom of the screen showing the Toshiba logo.

    I tried F2 and F12 keys without the FN key, but still no result.

    I need to be able to boot from the CD drive, but cannot get the BIOS to add this record to the boot sequence.

    Help pls.


    If you use Win8 you must make full stop at first. How to do that you can read on http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB2B03EY0002R01.htm
    After the full stop restart your machine and press F12 to get into the boot menu. There, you can choose which device can be used as first boot device.

  • PXE - E61: media test failure on 3500 Portgege but can't get into the BIOS

    I canoe get into my BIOS menu.
    I tried all the keys (ESC, F1, F2, delete, etc), but then I get the message: "PXE - E61: media test failure, check cable for.
    "PXE - M0F: PXE ROM of output. I tried everything, but I can not even access the BIOS menu.

    Turn on the laptop and hold ESC, then press F1 when prompted. By pressing F12 at startup should give you a start menu. (It's in the user manual)

    The PXE error means its trying to boot from the network, because it can not find an OS on the HARD drive.

    Test the HARD drive by using a HARD drive test. The Advanced test in Hitachi DFT is good. (google is your friend)

  • Satellite C660-1U4 - cannot get into the BIOS settings

    I tried all the usual "F2", Del and all othe buttons F including ESC, nothing works, I really need to get into my bios because my touchpad does not work.

    To be honest I n don't know what you want to do in the BIOS.
    If the touchpad won t work check if the touchpad driver is installed correctly and also do not forget the touchpad is not disabled. Use the combination of keys FN + F9 to toggle the touchpad.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hello, new to this! Satellite ProL seriesL20PSL25EWindows XP I ve never had a Lan Driver or the ability to connect to a WiFi network. I am currently using a BT voyager, but who has broken. Is there anywhere I can download Driver Lan or Wireless Lan D

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