Portege A100 - possible to upgrade processor?

Is Hey, also possible to upgrade the current 1.4 ghz processor to a much larger processor, such as a 3 ghz processor? If Yes can - that someone recommend where I could buy a chip... and I need a toshiba technician to fit?



Portege A100 is a tiny unit and the increase in the temperature and the cooling of the processor is very difficult on this laptop.
The biggest CPU will produce more heat, and this could lead to overheating problems.

I put t think it's possible to upgrade the processor to 3 GHz.
In any case, in most cases it of not possible to upgrade the processor and not advised to do on laptops.
Maybe you'll be able to install a stronger CPU 1.4 Ghz, but you're not sure that the OS will be stable after upgrade

PS: You will lose the warranty if you open the Notepad or remove all the parts inside the laptop

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    HP Compaq Presario CQ60-404SA is laptop possible to upgrade processor for AMD 64 X 2 TL - 60 will perform like now Vista premium 64.

    What CPU is currently installed?

    Download and run CPU-z as the quickest way to say.

    The following CPU is compatible with your system notebook\s card. The processor AMD X 2 QL-60 and QL - 62 are your best compatible options.

    AMD Turion Dual-Core
    (1 MB L2 cache)
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  • Portege M400: Is it possible to upgrade processor

    Hi all :)

    I have a Portege M400 with a T2300 and I would like to know if it is possible to upgrade the processor, a
    If so, what CPU are compatible and with what version of bios?

    Thanks in advance


    Usually the upgrade CPU or replacement on laptops is not possible or very difficult and risky. It could be possible that the laptop does not start or will not work stable after upgrading the CPU. The overheating could be one of the biggest problems!

    So, really, I do not recommend upgrading the processor! It s not worth risking damage only to get a small increase in CPU performance.

    But if you want to know which processor is supported by the chipset then the following ;)

    The M400 computer is equipped with a processor Intel Core Duo or Intel Core Solo processor. These processors include a mathematical coprocessor, a 2 MB L2 cache.

    The M400 comes with one of the following speeds:

    _Intel core Duo Processor_
    -1.66 GHz (processor number: T2300)
    -1.83 GHz (processor number: T2400)
    -2.00 GHz (processor number: T2500)
    -2.16 GHz (processor number: T2600)

    _Intel core Solo Processor_
    -1.66 GHz (processor number: T1300)

    I hope I could help!

    Greetings and soon my friend :)

  • Satellite L20-182: is it possible to upgrade processor?

    Hello. I have a Toshiba Satellite L20 - 182 and I want to change the CPU.
    My CPU is the Celeron M 380 (1.6 Ghz), and I want to install Pentium M.
    Can I do it?
    If I can, can what Pentium M I install on my motherboard?
    Please answer me.

    Sebastian K., from the Poland


    Well, in general it of not possible to upgrade the processor.
    Some processors are fixed mounted on the motherboard.
    In addition, the processors used in laptops are connected to the motherboard using a process called TCP (tape carrier package). It is a permanent connection method and is used in the interest of miniaturization and heat dissipation

    Just for info:
    I found some Satellite L20 units which are supplied with different processors.
    For example:
    Satellite L20-204 Intel-Pentium-M (Dothan) 750 1.86GHz
    Satellite L20-214 Intel-Pentium-M (Dothan) 740 1.73GHz
    Satellite L20-300 Intel-Celeron-M (Dothan) 370 1.5GHz

    Best regards

  • Is satellite L450D-113 - possible to upgrade processor?


    I recently bought the Satellite L450D-113 and I was wondering if it is possible to upgrade the processor.
    The vehicle currently has the AMD Sempron and its unique core, so how could I go all upgrade to dual core. Also how much is it going to cost and can I do it myself?

    Can someone help me and tell what I need to do to upgrade, or where I can buy a dual core CPU compatible?

    Thank you.


    I think this Toshiba FAQ might help you.

    You'll find the info that the upgrade is not easy and maybe it s undesirable.
    You can remove the CPU but there is no guarantee that the CPU will be compatible with the BIOS.

    See you soon

  • Is it possible to upgrade processor for EliteBook 8560p

    This EliteBook 8560p currently offers 1618 KBC Version 97.4 ch. card system, I updated the BIOS to Version F.29 68SCF and the current processor is i5 - 2520M to 2.5 GHz.  I think that it is a quad core - when I look in device under processors Manager I see 4 of them.   The chart is the Radeon HD 6470 M.

    Is it possible to upgrade the processor for this machine, and if so what would be the best processor performance to upgrade to.  Thanks for any help

    Page 90 of this guide details the processors that should work with this system with the corresponding CV part number.  The list seems to have controlled performance with the celeron processor is the processor down.  It also details the process to upgrade the processor.

    Review Erico document may be useful to consider before upgrading the processor, because he has some useful information.

  • Equium L10-273: is it possible to upgrade processor?

    Hi all
    I have ann Equium L10-273 with the 1.4 cel - m cpu. Someone told me you upgrade the CPU on these motherboards for pentium m - does anyone know if this is true and if so which models?

    Thank you

    In general, Richard is right, but as far as I know, there are some Toshiba models where the CPU replacement is possible. Unfortunately I can't tell you anything about L10. Try to contact the service and ask them.

  • Need driver Windows Vista WLan for Portege A100

    I have a toshiba portege a100 and have upgraded to windows vista and need a driver for my wireless card.
    the one I have does not work
    can someone help me
    Thank you

    Hello Jon

    As you know Vista isn't officially lounched and I guess on site of manufacturers of portable driver is still not available.

    If you can identify what WLAN card is inside your support page for laptop check manufacturer. Usually, they offer such things as soon as a manufacturer of PC or laptop.

    Good luck!

  • Upgrading processor on Portege 3410ct

    Hey, is also possible to upgrade the current 400ghz celeron processor to a processor of many bigger, how?


    I think that it of not possible to improve it.
    This laptop is a little older. Am I wrong?
    I found information that the Portege 3410 was shipped only with Intel Celeron 400 Mhz CPU.
    For example, the Portege 3440 was delivered with the PIII 500 MHz.
    Both devices appear to be very similar. But I don t think that it would be possible to use a PIII 500 MHz in Portege 3410. I'm not sure about the decision but the PIII produce more heat and this could lead to overheating problems.

    Furthermore you wouldn t really feel the increase in performance. Therefore, the upgrade don't make sense to me.

  • Is satellite Pro M70-235 - possible to upgrade the processor?


    Is it possible to upgrade of processor in this laptop (Pentium M 750-1866 MHz) Pentium M 780 2266 MHz?

    Thank you..


    Theoretically, it of possible to exchange the processor on your laptop, but nobody will be able to tell if the laptop works fine with the new processor or not.

    You mustn't forget that the BIOS and motherboard is designed for the preinstalled CPU and it s not tested with another processor. Normally a newer or faster CPU produces more heat and I don t know if the Assembly of cooling on your laptop is sufficient for this.

    If you still have the warranty of your laptop you will lose because Toshiba doesn't support the CPU upgrade:

  • Is satellite C660D - possible to upgrade the processor?

    Is it possible to upgrade the C660D processor E-240 to an E-350.

    1. the BIOS will accept the change?
    2 E-350 water supply?
    3. expected problems?


    Theoretically, it is possible to swap the CPU, but an upgrade is not supported by Toshiba. This means that you lose the warranty and no one can say if other types of CPU are supported or not because there is no list with other processors.

    Can also make sure that the current fan and cooling module is good enough for better CPU?

    => [Is it possible to upgrade the CPU or GPU of a Toshiba laptop computer? | http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/ann.jspa?annID=13]

    It s too risky, so you should forget it ;)

  • Is it possible to upgrade the processor in a Satellite M40 - 101?

    I have 479 pin provided Pentiuma® M 730 1.6 Ghz processor. It is insufficient for some tasks more. So I would like to upgrade CPU, but is it possible?


    Theoretically, it is possible to upgrade the CPU but practically it is not easy to do.
    The M40 comes with different CPU's.
    As far as I know, these processors has been used and are compatible:
    -Processor Intel Dothan (533 MHz)
    730 1.6 GHz
    740 1.73 GHz
    750 1.86 GHz
    760 2.0 GHz
    770 2.13 GHz

    It seems that notebook was shipped with the first.
    But believe me; No one can tell if the laptop can run successfully after the CPU upgrade.
    As you probably know the faster and more powerful processor produces more heat and this could lead to overheating of the laptop.
    In my view, this is a serious problem and you should be careful

    By the way: Please check this thread. The risk of upgrading have been described very detailed:

  • Is it possible to upgrade the processor on Satellite C660 64bits

    Can someone tell if it is possible to upgrade the processor on this model.


    Maybe this might help you:
    + Is it possible to upgrade the CPU or GPU of a Toshiba laptop? +

    So officially his unsupported by Toshiba but if the socket on the motherboard and the chipset would support the new processor then you'd have a good chance to get the new processor running on this device.

  • Tecra A4: Is it possible to upgrade the processor to a Core 2 Duo

    Anyone know if it is possible to upgrade the centrino pentium m 2.0 to a core 2 duo? I got contradictory responses from businesses of the model assumed in my area.

    I don't know who to believe and don't want my laptop massacred by a hack who thinks he can do something that is not possible.

    Thank you!


    No, it is not possible to s!
    Tecra A4 supports the Intel Pentium M (Dothan) and Intel Celeron M processor.

    This processor Intel Dothan (533 MHz) are supported:
    7301.6 GHz / 740 1.73 GHz / 750 1.86 GHz / 760 2.0 GHz / 770 2.13GHz

    and the processor Intel Celeron M (400 MHz)
    350 1.3 GHz / 360 1.4 GHz / 370 1.5GHz

    Upgrade CPU on laptops is always risky!
    Faster CPU will produce more heat and the temperature increases of higher level. The laptop could overheat!

  • Upgrade for Portege A100 wireless LAN driver

    Is my wireless Atheros AR 5001 X +. I received notification of upgrade of Toshiba for Intel Pro Wireless XXXX.

    Can someone help how to identify which Intel driver should I use for my system (Portege A100 with XP Pro)?

    Thank you very much

    Hi Max

    I wonder why you want to update the Intel WLan card driver.
    According to your first post you use card Atheros AR 5001 X + WLan and not Intel WLan card. Please don t mix Intel cards with Atheros cards.

    PS: If you want to check the version of your Wlan card driver you must go to the Device Manager.
    There, you have to select the WLan card and access the properties (right click).

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