Portege A100 - where is the CMOS battery?

Can someone tell me where the CMOS battery is located in a Portege A100, please?

Thank you in advance.



Why, you want to know where is the CMOS battery? You want to exchange it?

I think this question can anybody answer here because it s only a user to user forum. Never saw here authorized technicians or anyone from Toshiba.

Regarding your question, you should contact the nearest authorized service provider. They can answer any technical questions and also to exchange the battery for you. ;)

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  • Re: Where is the CMOS battery in Toshiba NB100?

    Hi guys,.

    I disassembled my nb100 and have been to look at the motherboard for centuries, trying to find the CMOS battery.
    Basically, my netbook is not in the bios, it is just stuck on the Toshiba start screen.
    so I thought I would try to remove the cmos battery to see if that could fix the problem.

    So if someone could please tell me where I could the cmos battery?

    > Basically my netbook will not go into the bios, it remains just stuck on the home screen Toshiba.
    > so I thought I would try to remove the cmos battery too see if that would solve the problem.

    I doubt that this will help you solve this problem
    First and foremost the CMOS is soldered to the motherboard (in most cases).
    I think there must be a problem with a motherboard if the laptop is unable to pass the POST (power on self test).
    Basically, all that might be affected; RAM, etc.

    I think you should check the RAM first, if that is not enough, then an ASP should try to reflash the BIOS, otherwise the motherboard needs to be replaced.



    Hi groundflight5150,

    I enclose a link below for the user manual for series 8150B controllers.  I don't think that the BIOS is protected by default, so you may want to contact the person you bought it from to know what is the password.  However, there is information contained in the manual on how to remove the CMOS contents, then this might help.

    The PXI - 8150-B series user manual


  • Where is the CMOS on my HP G70-250US laptop battery?

    Someone would be so kind to tell me with images where the CMOS battery is on my laptop HP G70-250US PC so that I can change it myself.

    Thank you so much.


    Following 4-11 of the manual page shows you where & how change:


    Kind regards

  • Qosmio G20-106 - exchange of the CMOS battery

    Hi all

    I need to change the battery CMOS of my G20-106. Is this possible without having to disassemble the whole laptop? Where is the battery? Thank you for your help.

    Best regards



    No, as I know it is not possible to do
    As far as I know the CMOS is welded somewhere on the motherboard and you would need to disassemble the whole laptop. This can be really, really painful procedure.

    But why do you want to remove the battery?
    The CMOS battery is charged and it should be possible to load it again.

  • Compaq Presario SR5214x: Replacing the CMOS battery for Compaq Presario SR5214x desktop computer

    How to replace the CMOS battery on a Compaq Presario SR5214x desktop computer. What type of battery? Where is the battery? Thank you (deleted content)


    You will find how to do here.



  • W530 does not illuminate when the CMOS battery is connected


    I can't get my laptop to start (it blinks just 3 times battery icon, without to need laptop power (won't start even fan)) unless I disconnect CMOS battery, external battery and power first. Disconnected battery and CMOS battery, I can get the computer started connecting the AC (the computer then starts immediately without the need to press the powerbutton). Once the computer has booted, everything works fine (get warnings during start-up due to removed CMOS battery and must adjust date/timesettings every time in the operating system) and it is possible to restart without problems. I tried the following:

    Attempted fixes:

    (1) replace the CMOS battery and checked the required voltage is present using the multimeter

    (2) delete all memory modules. Has not made a difference, because it never reaches the verification of memory (where it would beep several times due to lack of memory) unless CMOS has been reset.

    (3) update BIOS of 2.57 to 2.63 without change

    (4) by pressing the button of power 10 times and then maintained for 30 seconds did nothing.

    I'm out of ideas after many hours of web browsing, so any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards


    It will be like this if the CMOS battery has failed and is in short-circuit. Try another battery CMOS

  • Did I lose my settings RAID if I remove the CMOS BATTERY?

    Server Dell Poweredge 1600.

    My server running, but I get no message, no video and no beeps because a disabled person the speaker in the BIOS.

    I've heard to see if the CMOS battery is dead, but we have important things that has not been saved to disk.

    I'm not an expert on server but I doubt that disabling the speaker in the BIOS, if these options are still possible, stop a post and video output. I do not see how a dead cmos battery stop post I have an iomega Server I play with dead circuits RTC so cannot keep time and I started successfully without cmos battery installed. So I would say there is something else with your hardware, you need to find flaws...

    As a first step, I would take the minimum system needed to post (2 DIMM, 1 CPU and none of the cards or HARD drive) and see if you can access the BIOS. Then put back one item at a time in the system and get to see if you can get into the BIOS with each addition... The issue that causes post failure corresponds to the faulty but if cannot post a minimum configuration, it may be the power supply, dimm or mobo, cpu...

    I also understand that the RAID configuration is actually stored as metadata on the HDD of the themselves, while the RAID card to know these specific HDD are inserted into the slots. As the RAID metadata is at the disk themselves, they can be moved to another (compatible) system where the HARD drive would be considered a foreign configuration. After you import the foreign configuration, you will have access to your data.

    But I haven't played with moving HARD drive between the RAID cards in other systems, so don't know the intricacies of the compatibility. If something is not that you can always loose DataUn so do not have a backup is to ask for trouble...

    (So now I should listen to my own words and go make a backup now )

  • Satellite Pro S300-120 does not start after replacing the CMOS battery


    My friends laptop - a S300-120 - was having a few problems.

    I replaced some parts about this before, including a screen crack with no problems.

    However, he began to refuse to start saying "out of battery CMOS, Press F1 to enter setup". Of course you would have to do this, set the date and time, except & restart only to get the same message. We have replaced the CMOS battery with a with the same serial number and now the laptop will not boot.

    It does one of two things.

    It is one) seems to turn, turn to the top disk & CD player, cooling fan is 100%, then flashes the POWER ON led once, twice by orange, and then green to 1/2 second intervals, with no response from the keyboard or LCD.

    Or (b) turns on, turntable, does not turn up to cooling fan, POWER ON witness remains stable, no response from the keyboard or LCD.

    I re-assembled the laptop several times & can not find all the missing fittings or obvious signs of damage.

    The only thing I can think is that the motherboard has been damaged - somehow find replacements is delicate.

    Any ideas?


    (> It is a) appears to turn on, turn the disk & CD player, cooling fan goes to 100% and then flashes him

    POWER ON led once, twice by orange, and then green to 1/2 second intervals, with no response from the keyboard or LCD.
    Usually, if the voltage in abnormal feeding malfunctions when IN DC will be blinking orange.

    In my opinion, it looks like a problem with the motherboard :(
    Eventually, you will need to replace the mobo ;(

  • Equium A210 - replacing the CMOS battery possible?

    My Toshiba Satellite A210 - 1 4 seems to have a CMOS battery problem because it does not keep the BIOS settings.

    I bought a replacement battery and a/c mains adapter to remove the a/c power problems but the POST beaps and CMOS keeps a checksum error and once in the BIOS and save the settings, it starts successfully, but if the laptop restarts or is off this all over again. I've also updated the BIOS successfully is not of the BIOS chip. The only thing I can think is to replace the CMOS battery - is it possible?

    I read that some are soldered on? Would this laptop Toshiba service to replace the CMOS battery / audit failures - if so, how much would it cost, or someone else can do that the laptop is out of warranty.

    Advice please?

    Hi Emases2010,

    As I know some batteries are fixed/soldered to the motherboard and t is no substitute, but I think that only a laptop computer technician can give you a detailed response.

    Normally, you can load the CMOS battery if you leave the AC adapter plugged in overnight or in the best case 24 hours. After this, the battery must be fully charged.
    Check this box!

  • Adjustable 430CDT Pro - how to replace the CMOS battery?

    Two questions, if I could.

    1. the old new 430CDT - does anyone have simple instructions that go I would find the CMOS battery and replace it without destroying the computer in the process? I suspect that it is hidden under the keyboard, but have no idea how to do to remove that. (I'm not very super-friendly upward on computers.)

    2. How can I get back in to old posts and give points for helpful answers?

    Thank you!

    > 1. The old 430CDT yet - does anyone have simple instructions that go I would find the CMOS battery and replace it without destroying the computer in the process? I suspect that it is hidden under the keyboard, but have no idea how to do to remove that. (I'm not very super-friendly upward on computers.)

    I m not very well, but I doubt you could get access to the only keyboard removing CMOS battery.
    Usually it s placed on the motherboard but it s need to disassemble the whole laptop and believe me. It's really complicated and mostly impossible for some who never disassembled a laptop

    So if you ask my opinion: contact a technician in downtown and ask for help.

    > 2. How to bring back the old posts and give points for helpful answers?
    You must mark the post as answered, and then you can assign points to other users.
    Click on your username and you will get the list of your discussions.


  • Having a computer, HP mini 110-11 that I had to reset the cmos battery,

    I had to reset the cmos battery, now it asks for password. Need help to find one that suits. After that 3 trys happens with password check failed, fatal error... the system shut down CNU946C2FB


    Please try (all lower case):

    e9lovge78p (3rd tank is a tiny l).

    Kind regards.

  • Toshiba 5200/100 - replacing the CMOS battery for floppy drive work

    Device still works fine, Windows 3.1.
    Start now, by setting the time & date (CMOS battery).
    However, recently the floppy drive is NOT "ready".

    Would it be useful to replace the CMOS battery for the floppy drive works again?
    Please advise. Any advise welcome. T.I.A.

    NAP - Gent - Belgium


    Battery CMOS is needed to keep the BIOS settings.
    It seems that the CMOS battery is empty if you need set the date and time always in the BIOS settings. But the CMOS battery has nothing to do with the floppy drive.

  • Satellite Pro A40: location of the CMOS battery?

    is anyone the location of the cmos battery on the a40 sat pro that I need to change it.
    The laptop is a few years old, so I hesitate to send to the dealer for him as will be fairly high costs!

    Thank you

    I put t know exactly the place of the RTC battery, but you should see if you Remover keyboard and lid.
    To remove the RTC battery you need to disconnect the cable from the connector PJ8490 on the system board RTC battery and then Peel the insulators and remove the RTC battery.

    But note: When replacing the RTC battery, be sure to use genuine battery or spare batteries allowed by Toshiba. Battery wrong installation may cause a battery explosion, or other damage.

    PS: Just for the record: the RTC battery recharge takes about 8 hours

  • MS200 HP all in one computer - replace the CMOS battery


    Can anyone help with this please?

    Need to replace the battery CMOS but can't finy all information on how to access it.

    Can find information on how to access hard drive, memory, and how to remove the stand, but nothing on how to access the CMOS battery / motherboard. The rear panel does not seem to have clear access points to remove it.

    Thanks for your help!

    For the benefit of anyone with a similar problem, figured out how to remove the envelope which was really very simple (is always when you know how).

    To remove the Panel, you must first remove the stand. From there on, remove the cover on the back that conceals the hard drive. Remove the screws that hold the hard drive and a DVD burner in place.

    Slide the DVD drive, and then you can gently push the lid with a knife butter blunt or similar to push the housing into the slot of the dvd player . Once it begins to pull him out just gently work your way around the edge.

    Once the case is off, the CMOS battery is fairly easy to find.

Maybe you are looking for

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