Portege M200 - bought on Ebay and frustration comes


I m new here and I want to ask for a warm welcome. I purchased a M200 on Ebay and he received two days before. The M200 hasn t had a DVD player and I have no recovery CD or software for my Toshiba. I have a Toshiba external slimline PCMIA CD-ROM, but more of him later.

I found a lot of information based on this topic, but really nothing has worked for me, that article why I ask my questions here. So far, I'll tell you what I tried...

I bought VISTA Home Premium and want to install on my M200.

On my M200 FreeDOS short.

I tried:

1. use my USB drive as a floppy using a HP tool that simulates a USB drive as a disc of floppy (FDD). I ve a copy all the contents of the Vista DVD for my USB. Then I ran the BIOS on the M200, select FDD as first boot option, but nothing happens, it still start FreeDOS.

What I'm doing wrong, Boot USB (diskette) works on the M200?

2. as there is an external Toshiba CD Player included in my M200, I thought the first installation of a Windows XP disk. In the first period the player seems to not work, but after some time, it worked and I put my Windows XP on it. He loaded the disc, and the typical blue screen for the start-up of the plant came. But after a few seconds he stopped and said "could not read the data xxxxxx.xx, error 7. I tried two more times and same error appeared, only that it was another file that could not be read, and another error number.

I read and I don't know if it's true:

I have red somewhere that I can only install Windows XP which was used on the recovery CD from Toshiba (that the CD was not included in my M200). So I can't use for OS install the recovery CD and any other normal XP CD?

Or is there an error with my external CD drive? Currently, it doesn't work again...


I have red the following link to install Vista on M200 by a PXE server:


and this one


The first link says I can go point 13 of the second link:

Umbrella and that's what bothers me. They tell me. Turn on your Toshiba M200 and press F2 to select the network. I press F2, but nothing happens, I see the Toshiba logo but nothing happens... If I press on enter, then come back to FreeDOS...

Also on the second link, I tried to start from the point 1. But in point 5, the word:

Unzip the contents of "BFD package full v1.0.7.zip" in a temporary directory. Open a command prompt and navigate to the temporary folder. Run the command "bfd msnet" in order to create the startup disk.

I don't have a floppy drive. They tell me to run bfd.msnet from the command. Cmd.exe command is? If Yes, what should I type in to get bfd.msnet run?

I knew that installation would be very difficult and I kindly ask for personal assistance. If you can speak German, it would be nice to answer in German.

Up to now




As you can see in this thread, you can install Vista on the Portege m200 and it works fine:

The point is you need a PCMCIA compatible CD/DVD drive to boot from the Vista DVD.

This thread will show you how to install OS without using the external CD/DVD drive:

It describes the procedure for Portege R100, but it should also works on an M200

Good luck

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    Anyone has any suggestions as to why it don't work?


    you have activated the service of smart card in the 'Services' in your "Administrative Tools" window which is in your "Control Panel"?

    Please check if the smart card service is marked to start automatically and check if all the service is started.
    Would appreciate some comments.

    Welcome them

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    Before all sorry for my poor English :-/

    I bought a Portege M200, installed DR - DOS and then Windows XP Tablet Edition.
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    1 - Toshiba ACPI common Modules for Windows XP (v6.02.00.TE, 31/08/2004; 2 M)
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    HID keyboard

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    Best regards


    Dear Ment0r

    what your BIOS Setup? I must say that the hardware is configured by the operating system.

    Normally XP tablet should discover the keyboard without problems. What type of keyboard you have, German or international (there the umlaut?)

    In Device Manager, (right-click on "My Computer", select Properties, then hardware, Device Manager), is a current keyboard? Try uninstalling (right mouse button) and then perform an Action-> Scan for hardware changes.

    I hope that you will be able to solve it, please let us know how you rate...

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  • How to get off the Vista of Portege M200?


    I inherited Portege M200 from my boss, and he has updated using an external DVD from XP Pro to Vista Ultimate. Slow as a slow thing, very few pilots etc, meant that I am determined to go back to XP Pro.
    I (128, 1 Gig and 2 gig options) SD cards and USB HP dvd1040e external drive, and XP Pro Tablet records.

    I tried to select the devices to boot from the toshiba start screen, selecting SD or external DVD, but nothing helped. I changed the boot sequence in the Bios (hit escape and F1 at startup screen spalsh) and tried all combinations. I copied the image file to $TOSFD00.vfd on the SD card.

    I managed to loop the machine, in all configurations, so that I just get support PXE-61 test failure, check cable PXE - MOF existing boot lines agent, then go to the Boot Manager Windows asks me to insert the windows installation disc as winload.exe may be damaged or missing. I removed the drive, checked that the winload.exe is present on the HARD disk, it is, and it is in its original version / size / format the date created.

    Someone at - it a suggestoin which stops me pulling my hair?

    Thank you


    If you want to start from the CD or DVD you need a compatible external CD/DVD drive! Without that player you will not be able to reinstall Windows XP from the CD!

    But the boss installed you the Vista operating system by using the external drive. Why you n t use the same drive to reinstall the XP?

    The install form SD card is not possible! And if you want to install the image using the LAN you must configure a server

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    I m wrong but AFAIK the Portege M200 already supports BT and it must be not upgraded with the add-on of BT.

    Check the bottom of the device, if there is a label of BT

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    To me, it looks like hat it is a certain hardware for computers problem stops at the screen of the Toshiba BIOS...

    It's really hard to say what could be the reason

    First of all, you must follow the instructions in this article and maybe it helps:
    [What steps must be followed if your Toshiba laptop does not start? | http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/ann.jspa?annID=21]

  • SDHC-Card-Driver for Win7 and Portege M200?

    ICH is not SDHC-Card-Driver for Windows 7 and the Portage M200.
    Either way... work the SD Card Reader in the M200 with linux (ubuntu) and someone has a link with instructions?

    Sorry for my bad English.

    You could try the Win7 driver card to a similar newer model reader, such as the Portege M400. Have a look here: http://support.toshiba-tie.co.jp/windows7/drivers_au.htm

    Also run WindowsUpdate Control Panel, it can find a driver automatically.

  • Portege M200 - WLan disappears and cannot be reconnected

    Hey guys,.

    I have a toshiba portege M200 computer laptop with Windows XP Professional and SP2.

    If I turn the WLAN adapt the WLAN network appears once and I can connect and use it without problem.

    If I disable and enable the wireless network adapter or it spend some time the WLAN network is not shown. A restart does not help.

    Can someone tell what is the problem?


    How do you disable the wireless network adapter?
    Did you use the switch on the side of laptops?

    Usually the wireless network must be enabled by using the FN + F8 option
    So if you your wifi does not work then you must use the FN + F8 combination keys to activate the WLan again.

    In addition, you should check if you are using the latest driver WLan...

    Welcome mate

  • Access keys stopped working after update Win XP on Portege M200 and M400

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    Since then, I've noticed as hotkeys that i.e. Fn + F1 - F12 has stopped working.
    Outside the windows updates, I only use and change a lot on the m200 so I am sure this has to do with the Xp updates.

    Can someone help me restore the m200 and m400 hotkeys?


    Try reinstalling the common module for Win XP edition filed.

    The common module for Poretege you can find on the European driver Toshiba page:
    Laptop-> Portege-> Portege M Series-> Portege M400

    The common module for Portege lies in
    * ARCHIVE *-> Portege-> Portege M series-> Portege M200

    Welcome them

  • Portege M200 - Can the chart updated from 32 to 64 MB and CPU?


    I have a laptop Portege M200 with a centrino 1.5 Ghz in - because of the modelrange, I know that there M200 with 1.8 centrino cpu is so I was wondering if it is possible to upgrade my M200 1.8 GHz with a change in cpu?

    The other question I have is that there are portable computers M200 with an interface to 64 MB but mine has a 32 MB. Is it possible that I can change the graphicchip upgrade to 64 MB?

    Thanks for your help!



    I have bad news for you.
    The two pieces of cell as the GPU (graphics card) and the CPU (processor) cannot be upgraded. These parts are not interchangeable!
    The layout of the motherboard specifications differ just as a motherboard for desktop PC

    Best regards

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    Method 1:

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    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7


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    There are chances that you bought a pirated version, esp from eBay.

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  • Can not install Windows on Portege M200

    I bought a Portege M200 opportunity. I discovered that the HARD drive was broken, so I bought a new one, plus a (160 GB)
    I know the problems Porteges can do when triing to install the OS on them, so I used this tutorial for installation of the network:
    [http://blog.ryantadams.com/2008/02/01/how-to-boot-from-the-network-pxe-boot-with-tftp-and-windows-pe/ | http://blog.ryantadams.com/2008/02/01/how-to-boot-from-the-network-pxe-boot-with-tftp-and-windows-pe/]

    everything worked well. then, my xp installation 'button' was grey, so I went with this tutorial:

    that worked well, too. The installer kopies some files and the desire to do a restart. So he brought me to Windows PE, I typed 'wpeutil reboot' as described in the second tutorial. My PC has started again and then nothing happens.
    I chossed "boot from HDD" and all I can see is a black screen with a small flashing underscore white top.

    IT IS REALLY FRUSTRATING. I also tried another method, for example the back of things (like I got [my R100 to work | http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?messageID=120473]), with the same result.

    Thanks a lot for your help!

    You have a smaller HARD drive you can try?

    The M200 may be limited to 120 GB HDD due to the LBA48 137 GB limit. More info here: http://www.48bitlba.com/

    Ultimately, you must use the original Toshiba Portege M200 recovery disk to reinstall Windows. You can order from Toshiba https://backupmedia.toshiba.eu/landing.aspx

Maybe you are looking for