Portege M200 does not start

I have a Toshiba Portege M200 with Microsoft Windows XP Tablet Edition. When I turn on the computer, I get the following message is displayed:

PXE - E61: Media test failure, check cable of
PXE - MOF: Exit Intel Boot Agent
Insert system disk in drive.
Press a key when you are ready.

When I insert the recovery and Applications/drivers DVD Portege M200 Series, the same message will reappear.

What is my next step?

Thank you.


This message appears only if the safe portable couldn t of the other sources and tries to boot from LAN.

The question is; Why the Portege M200 doesn't boot from the HARD drive?
In my opinion, there are two possibilities; There is no OS on the HARD drive or the HARD drive died.

I think that this should be checked first

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  • Portege R100 does not start

    Can someone help me please. My Portege R100 does not start, when I turn the following text appears: in touch with tomorrow toshiba. After a few seconds a black screen with a blinking cursor on the left side of the screen.

    Thank you very much

    Hi Rehana,

    The Toshiba screen you will see first is the initial start screen is displayed while loading the BIOS. Once the BIOS has completed its process of loading, the system tries to boot the operating system and it is at this point that you have found the black screen with the blinking cursor in the upper left.

    Unfortunately, this indicates usually that the laptop can not load the operating system from the hard drive, or because the hard disk itself has not the contents have been damaged somehow.

    You might try to charge your laptop in 'safe' mode (press F8 during the initial loading of the BIOS) or you can try to boot your laptop from a bootable CD/DVD and hard drive.

    Finally, you can try to re - install your OS from the recovery CD.

    Kind regards

  • Portege R100 - does not start from CD player

    I have Toshiba Portege R100. I want to format and start all over again

    I use killdisk, excellent utility program, normally takes place the disc cd but the machine does not start from cd player, even when it is said in the bios, it says 'error of cable' & drive still works fine when the system is installed & running

    I want to remove unbuntu & just xp, thought that I would start plus-plus easy or simply to remove unbuntu?
    If remove unbuntu, how can I do this?

    Best regards, TIM

    Hey Buddy,

    If you want to have XP only, try to boot from a XP disc. You can format the drive HARD whole with XP disc that even Ubuntu is installed. I put t understand why you use another program to format the HARD drive

    Then boot from a XP disc and follow the instructions on the screen. If it doesn't work, it seems to be the material of your player to malfunction.

  • Portege 2010 does not start-> white screen


    I need help because my 2010 does not start. When I press the power button, the power light turns on but I get nothing on the screen.

    He worked when my brother used it until the mouse has frozen and then turns off. He then lit it back in which case only the power led came up with nothing on the screen.

    The hard drive was clicking while it worked so I don't have a gut feeling that hard must the disc are dead and causing the cell not to return as when I power it on I get no hard drive light shape or sound the HDD at all.

    Even I get nothing on the screen. Not even the Red sign boot Toshiba. So, it's worry in me as well.

    Thank you, Claude


    I put t think it is a HARD drive problem.
    If the HARD drive is dead, you will receive a message on the screen saying that the laptop is not able to find a boot device.

    If the Toshiba start screen does not appear I think that it s something wrong with the motherboard. I guess that the graphics card is dead. But to be 100% sure, verification is required.
    In my opinion, you should ask a partner or a technician for assistance.

  • Portege M200 does not detect the Modem PCMCIA card

    I have the Portege M200, when I insert a PCMCIA card (LAN or wireless) the pc detects it ok but if I insert a modem PCMCIA ANY, as a standard 56 k modem, modem card v620 air verizon or a sierra wireless aircard 710, the pc does not detect any, nothing happens when I put it in or out.

    V620 Verizon is the card that I have to make it work as soon as POSSIBLE, others, I used for the test, it seems that modems do not work for some reason any on the PCMCIA.

    any help?

    If the WLAN card manufacturer supplied driver with this card please read manual how to install it on the right track. It is possible that the driver must be installed first.

    Sorry, but my opinion on the laptop PCMCIA port is OK and if you need support try to contact the manufacturer of the card. They should have enough experience with own products.

  • Portege M100 does not start - power light flashes orange

    Hi all

    I have a Portege M100.
    Since ysterday, the computer does not boot. When I push the power button, I hear the noise of the fan starts working, but nothing else happens. The power light continues to blink in orange.
    I removed the battery and tried to turn on the computer with the AC adapter is plugged in, but nothing changes.

    Any ideas on what could be the problem? I would appreciate help,
    Thanks in advance


    Hi mate,

    could possibly be the RAM, so please check the RAM modules and remove 1 module if you have 2 of them installed.
    Otherwise, I check if some another module of RAM is available and install the module of well known work. If this is not sufficient then I strongly recommend you to bring your machine to a service partner chartered for a balance of health/repair of equipment.

    Please give some information about your situation...

    P.S.: you can try to remove the battery and AC and leave the machine without power for about 24 hours. Maybe it helps?

    Welcome them

  • Product is complete recovery - Toshiba Portege M300 does not start


    I have a Portege M300 Toshiba I got again in 2006. It has progressively slower over the years, so yesterday, I thought I would use the product recovery CD to reinstall the factory settings.

    Put the CD in restarted with F12, selected CD player, follow the instructions on the screen, he went through unpacking process... but once completed and handed over to market get you the Toshiba welcome screen then it seems that it will start, but it blocks just with a white screen... nothing not even a cursor flashing.

    The hard disk does not even appear to be spinning?
    I tried this process now 6 times and I'm starting to pull my hair!

    Anyone got any ideas?

    > The hard disk does not appear still to be spinning?
    Well, it looks like a disc is defective.
    The blinking cursor is a typical sign of a malfunction of the HARD drive.
    I think that you need to replace the HARD drive and should reinstall the OS once more

    Good luck

  • Satellite M200 does not start after the RAM 4 GB upgrade


    I recently updated my RAM just to speed things up a bit as RAM is so cheap these days.
    I have a MEAC M200 T2130 Vista with 1 GB sticks (2 * 512).

    The new sticks are 2 * 2 GB Dane - elec DDR2 pc2-5300, when I put the two and restarted the hard drive light came briefly and then it is just options BIOS of Idol, no POST.

    I tried to use a single stick of 512 MB with two new sticks and they both work in a 2.5 GB configuration just not together that also this only works when the stick of 512 is in internal housing and not vice versa.

    So if someone has had a similar prob or can give me some advice that would be great, I'm not sure if the motherboard can support 4 GB?
    Thank you, Dave.


    There are two possibilities why your M200 doesn't not start after upgrading RAM.
    First the RAM installed may be not compatible or could be faulty or the computer laptop doesn't support 4 GB of RAM.

    I put t know what M200 do you have exactly, but you can check the installed chipset and could check on the Intel page if this chipset would support 4 GB of RAM.

    Welcome them

  • Portege R500 does not start from the XP CD

    My basic problem is the following - I have a Portege r500 with Vista on it. I'm moving from Vista to XP Pro, but when I put a bootable XP installation CD in the drive, it turns, looking around for awhile and then I get a blank screen with a cursor blinking on it.

    Now, I've done this before, so I know that something is supposed to happen, but nothing don't. And I tried 3 well-known installation CD, is not a problem of CD. Do I need some update BIOS/firmware to boot from the CD on this thing? Or am I missing something?


    Thank you.

    Often the Portege R500 should be able to boot from the CD/DVD drive and should begin the procedure of installation of the CD Win XP SP2 installation.

    But it is a tricky thing.
    The Portege R500 needs an Intel (r) Matrix Storage Manager (iMSM). This iMSM is necessary to recognize the HARD drive and install Win Xp on the HARD drive.

    I recommend you and create a new CD of Win XP starting with software called nLite to integrate the SP2 of Microsoft and Intel Matrix Storage Manager (iMSM) in Win XP.

    You can then use this CD for installation.

  • Re: Portege M100 - does not start, second orange flashing LED

    My trusty M100 has developed a serious boot problem. It will not run games just the bios the second (on/standby) LED flashes orange and throw the fan. The RAM and CMOS battery tested OK (of a 2nd machine). By pressing ESC, F1 or F12 just gives a beep. No way to access the Bios Setup. All thoughts


    Nice work you have tested other RAM modules in your laptop Portege because that would be my first suggestion other testing modules RAM :)

    In my opinion it s a serious as the motherboard or the CPU but without diagnosis hardware malfunction special tools it of not possible to say more on this subject in particular on this virtual path. If you need to contact an authorized service provider and ask for help. The guys have good diagnostic tools and can help you get rid of this.

    If you don t know where the closest to the ASP's, take a look at the Toshiba page!

  • Portege M400 - does not start after a BIOS update


    Please help me with my portege M400, I installed a new localized version of Windows XP, then I started to download the drivers from the Toshiba Web site, and the first thing I did was to install the new BIOS update. I don't know what version it was. Then he asked me to restart, after I did the reboot of the device unbootable and I see only an orange flashing :(

    Please how can I reset my old BIOS? Is this the end of my Toshiba?
    I am now in a forign country and there are noToshiba service center near me

    Please is there any similarly to help me


    I think that in this case you must go to an ASP. I put t see another solution for this problem because I think the ROM module has to be reflashed or the card mother completely must be replaced.

    On the Toshiba site, you can search the nearest ASP:
    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com-online decision-making supported downloads & => find an authorized service provider

    And if you don t find an ASP in your country please contact an ASP in another country. I'm sure they will try to help you.

    Good bye

  • Portege R30 does not SSD start after upgrade SSD and HDD


    I have improved my Portege R30 - A to add a second SSD (Crucial M550) replace the optical with the new SSD drive with caddy.

    But now the system does not start automatically from the original SSD.

    I could press F12 while turning on my laptop and make it appear the start guide. Here I can see my original SSD and I can boot from it properly.

    In order to boot in the BIOS, I see only the HDD/SSD, USB, ODD memory... It doesn't gives me the possibility to choose between SSDS.

    In any case when I boot in this way than getting blue screens after awhile in win7.

    I tried to install a HARD drive as the second drive instead os SSD and her resut is the same.

    Is that what I can do to solve this, now I have to use the second drive as an external USB drive.

    Thank you


    This ODD of SSD/HDD replacement is not always possible and in many cases, the BIOS will not handle and will not recognize the new HARD disk correctly.

    That I can remember some old laptops Toshiba Tecra and Portege that supported the functionality of Slim Select Bay were able to manage the 2nd HARD drive instead of driving WEIRD, but this was not possible due to the available selection slim Bay.

    In your case it looks like the laptop so that the BIOS does not support this function and, therefore, the additional SSD/HDD isn't recognised correctly.

  • Portege M800 - noise and HWSetup does not start


    I use a Portege M800-116 under XP - SP3.

    Problem 1:
    Connection Line-Out to a stereo system and play music with Winamp or WinMediaPlayer works fine on battery.
    As soon as I connect the power adapter, a whistle loud high frequency and UM static disrupts the experience.

    Problem 2:
    Files WAV or MP3 recording with internal or external microphone produce mediocre results.
    The resulting files include a high level of high frequency noise and hum static.
    Connect the power supply increases the problem.

    Comparing the quality of the recording and playback with my old confidence Portege M100:
    My M800 is one not only of poor quality - it's plain unusable.

    Problem 3:
    Toshiba HWSetup does not start from the control panel.
    Have you tried the ONU - and re - installing nothing helps.

    Thank you for guiding me towards a solution.


    Hi, fly,

    I m not Portege M800 owner so I can t he test for you, but I think that if the problem occurs only when the AC adapter is connected, it s a grounding problem

    You have 3-pin or 2-pin AC/DC adapter?
    As far as I know in this case you need 3-pin AC/DC adapter and power cord.

    You should ask an ASP in your country. Guys can order a new AC/DC adapter and check your laptop to what the problem is exactly.

  • Portege Z30T-a does not start

    Hello, can be here can someone help me.

    After of unknown causes, perhaps after it was switchable to hot RAM or another, all of a sudden my laptop does not start Z30T-A. How to say, after the press, there is 1 or 2 second screen sound and black fan and autoreboot. After the reboot, I see bright screen with its strong constant cooler and no action in the future.

    I try to start without battery, only with adapter ac - same situation... without ram or ssd - same situation... i ' l reconnect adapter wifi, keypad and all hardware components - same situation - no start.

    After that, I'll give this notebook to my friend, who work in the center of laptop repair.
    After a few tries, he said, which can be a problem with the bios (bios can be deleted all of one or another error, which cannot provide no boot), or perhaps by this problem with CPU.

    I chose the update of the bios, because it's the cheapest option. My friend can desolder the bios chip and via special equipment download a new.

    But we don't have bios for Z30T-A.
    He said that all versions in part support on toshiba sites are inappropriate.

    It's ok if you refresh or download it via capable of mobile work. I try to get e-mail support for toshiba BIOS, but they only have version bin and my friend say that he needs another, not bin... of course, we can buy motherboard on ebay (in our country, it's no support computers laptop toshiba) but it's expensive.

    Also, my friend told me, he can download it via the bios from another laptop same special equipment, but we do not have it.
    Maybe somebodey here can help me.

    To be honest, I can't imagine how an EPROM of the BIOS could be deleted without performing such procedure previously.
    That's why I put t think that this laptop is problem BIOS
    Your friend could be the problem but anyway

    However, you are looking for the BIOS?
    All BIOS versions can be downloaded from the Toshiba U.S. page:

    The WinRAR ZIP file includes both Windows and disk based according to the BIOS update installation options.
    You should see the documentation included for more details.

    Here is the link for a direct
    BIOS version 4.00 for Portege Z3x (PT241x/PT243x/PT24Ax/PT24Cx/PT24Ex)

  • Portege 3490, Windows does not start no-how to reinstall?

    I bought a laptop portege flea market in US a few months ago. It was quite a good deal, but unfortunately it came without floppy and cd drives, only with the external network adapter.

    The problem is that now, Windows XP does not start upward due to some mess that I did with Acronis partition software-dos prompt just says:

    From Acronis Loader...

    The Acronis loader: no current configuration file.
    Press to restart...

    I guess that it is not really a problem if I had a floppy or cd drive. Although I would rather buy one just for unique operating system installation. (normally I use lan connection to transfer files between my computer).

    In any case, I would be very happy if you could tell me how boot/install OS using the LAN network connection (how to turn on my desktop pc into a CD drive on the server and dhcp on the network sharing, etc.). I tried to search the Internet to do this, but it is surprisingly bad comments on this topic, and toshiba so do not write on this subject in the manual...

    Best regards


    Well, I think that somewhere, there should be information that it supports booting from LAN (PXE). But since this reqiures some heave stuff behind the LAN, it might be a little difficult to tell the whole story in the manual.

    Anyway, the way I am familiar with this is that you can start the machine from the LAN (or rather install the machine of the LAN) If you have an available RIS (Remote Installation Server). This isn't something that people generally have in their homes. What it takes is a Win2000 / XP or Win2003 server with active DHCP server. You will also need to prepare a special 'image' of the installation media (but there is a guide to help you with this in Win2000 server at least).
    After that, it should be fairly simple. Starting the machine of the LAN, get an IP address and by accepting to download the bootstrap of the server, login and then it really looks as if you d╬śmarrez from a Windows Media.
    So in short - use it to Win2000/XP/2003 server and support for Windows of choice. Some LAN cables and possibly a switch/hub.

    If you can get your hands on a PC Card (16-bit)! CD Rom and can make a CD bootable, then that could be easier.

    Theoretical, you can also move your HARD drive to another PC and it is
    -install Windows on it


    make 2 partitions and copy Windows Media to the second to the first bootable with f.ex. BACK/Win9X, bring it and install Windows on the first partition when the disc is in the 3490.

    But these 2 varaints gives 2 potential problms as they are complicated to solve:

    If you only install BACK/Win9X on the HARD drive you will get probably the problems to start the HARD drive when you put it in the 3490.

    If you install windows on the HARD disk, you may both get HARD drive boot problems and also get windows to load correctly due to differences in the chipsets.

    Sorry for a lot of words :)

    Good luck!


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