Portege M200: How to start the installation of the OS?

I have a m200 and going in all directions, I don't think I'm technical enough to solve this problem, even with assistance.

I want a reset/install, but obviously I need a compatible external drive for what I can not afford.

I want to start on a SD card, I heard that I could do. Just copy the files from recovery dvd on the SD card?

Can I get another copy if I lost mine?


Well, to install the OS on this disc, you will need a compatible player (as mentioned)
Of course, the device supports the SD card startup BUT to use it, use the Toshiba SD Boot Utility memory which is preinstalled on your image.

This utility creates start-up just on the SD card files to boot into DOS mode.
It s a similar on a startup MS-DOS disk.

As you can see you can not use the SD card to install the OS: (unfortunately

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    Good bye

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    The manual doesn't really explain how to start a connection with the R930 broadband.
    I have a SIM card but not express or the smart card into the card slot
    Which one should I buy?

    The blue button on the touchpad is always turned on, but there is

    2nd question:
    The WiFi works, there is an Ethernet cable, if I want to use, then the - future - Broadband card.
    How can I manage when I'm close to a working WLAN pc does not use the link high pay rate, but the ethernet cable or WLAN radio link?


    The easiest way is to connect to an access point or wireless access point wireless.

    If the R930 is a modem 3G / 4G, you can use a SIM card.

    You must disconnect the connection 3G / 4G, if you want to use the WLAN.

  • Portege M200 - How can I change the BIOS battery?


    I have a Portege M200 and I want to change the battery of the BIOS but I don't know where it is!

    Can someone help me?
    Thank you!


    The BIOS battery is placed on the motherboard and to exchange it, you must remove a large number of parts and screws. It's a little tricky and that's why you should have experience in laptop disassembly.

    If you want a new battery of the BIOS, you must contact the nearest authorized service provider. Technicians can do for you.

    But why do you want a new battery? The battery will also be charged if you have the AC/DC adapter connected.

    Good bye

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    There is nothing wrong with the computer or the error messages

    Apologies if its been said before, but can someone help or I would like to know what is happening please?

    with deep gratitude


    Hello Mike

    If it worked in the past that I n t see the reason why it shouldn't still works one time, except the discs are damaged.

    Anyway, try this:
    Start your laptop and press F12 repeatedly to enter the boot menu
    Insert disk 1 into the optical disc drive
    In the list, choose the CD/DVD drive and press ENTER

    ODD must start to read the disc and you should see something on the screen.

    It works for you?

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