Portege M200: Start-up of the SD in HDD external

"M200 Recovery using the floppy disk or SD card
Posted the: August 15, 2005 10:36
I am posting this in the hope that it will help other people seeking to use the CD/DVD recovery, but without a bootable CD. I want to thank the Toshiba of TabletPCBuzz.com forum


for the inspiration of how it was done.

1. you'll need a floppy drive or an SD card over any type of CD player. If your M200 is not working properly, you must also have access to another computer to prepare the floppy.

2. you will need to download a software: IsoBuster
and WinImage
or similar programs.

3. put the CD of recovery in any computer and start IsoBuster. Click on Bootable CD on the left and then on the right you should see a file .img size 1.41 MB on the right. On my CD, it's called harness Boot Record.img. Right-click on it and extract the file. Close IsoBuster

4. open WinImage and then file/open the .img file. This will be your disk with all the drivers on CD you need to boot. The disc, ensure that the floppy A: use is checked then Disk-write disc. Close WinImage

5. connect the floppy and CD drives to your M200 and boot from the floppy. It will take time to find the CD, but it will and you will eventually get the recovery screen.

That's all! If do not have a floppy drive, but have an SD card and a work M200 then Toshiba SD card program will put the .img on the SD card file and you can then start from there.

There is a good chance that this method works for other Toshiba laptops, but I can't verify this"
(author stephem)

This works!

What I want to know is, is it possible to somehow initialization of the SD card and instead of the CD player, it finds my external ide drive hard USB and boot off the windows on that?

Thank you.



I hope after a long time, you will end your problem. Compatible for your M200 Portege are:

(1) Toshiba, PA3352E-SCD2, CD-RW/DVD-Rom USB 2.0 drive
(2) Toshiba, PA3402E-1DV2, Rev.501, USB 2.0 DVD Super Multi Drive,
(3) Toshiba, PX1055E-1NST, (Freecom drive), with a PC Card (16-bit), II, PCMCIA, cable
(4) Toshiba PX1055E-1NST, (Freecom drive), with a BUS of the CardBus CARD, cable II

When you install recovery image remember that this external device has enough power. I recommend to use the external power supply AC for ODD (if available).

I also found some information, you can use:
one) Toshiba, PA3352E-SCD2, CD-RW/DVD-Rom USB 2.0 drive
(b) Toshiba, PA3402E-1DV2, USB 2.0 DVD Super Multi Drive

I hope that you will find on which is the best for you.

Good luck!

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  • Portege M200 - unable to access the recovery console


    Yesterday my software anti-virus let me know that a virus was trying to access my computer, had quarantined it and claimed a reboot of my Portege M200 to remove it completely. Restart, the laptop is not actually restart and just hung. It gets past the Toshiba window and crashes. I tried to start in safe mode but nothing helped. It starts to load files and crashes to a particular system file that is obviously now corrupt. I tried to enter my recovery console using Windows XP Recovery discs, but was unable to do so. The discussions on this forum have been useful, however I still have not solved the problem.

    I have my product recovery DVD-ROM, but I'm afraid to use it as the next warning with her said that reformatting will lose all my work and I do not know if it will automatically reformat my hard drive (which I have no back ups of my work) or I will give a choice? Also, I see BONES of your forums, that it will correct not actually of corrupted files. I've also seen queues to make an image ghost on a floppy drive but I don't have a floppy drive on my Portege M200.

    Can someone please provide me with the steps to solve this problem, as I am of 11 hours trying to solve this problem, but nothing helps!
    Thank you

    You are right about image recovery. Recovery image is designed to clean BONES only and there is no option for the repair of the BONE. What you can try is to get the disc of Microsoft WXP installation and Startup Repair option.

    I hope this will help you and you will be able to boot OS preinstalled. If it will work on the first back up all your important data.

  • My Portege M200 starts very slowly

    A week ago, my computer decided to go slow on me, it took five minutes to load upwards from when I walk, I thought that I could easily solve this problem using windows restore and go before that this was the case. (it happened after I defragmented my hard drive which was strange)

    Restore did not work and now some of the programs do not work as tablet pc Input Panel.
    Some drivers have gone haywire, my external floppy drive and CD - RW will not work now, (the cd is an ide to usb in an external case)

    I have a portege m200.

    is their anyway I can fix it these things?

    I want to reset the entire computer sing condition factory recovery CD but it won't start my Player external CD and i cant aford another.


    Well, if you want to retrieve the device you so you need a supported and compatible Toshiba external drive. Not all external drives are supported and work correctly.
    The Portege M200 supports the recovery through the BIOS (by pressing 'C') with the USB 2.0 card and PCMCIA (16-bit and Cardbus).
    As far as I know the discs, you can use:
    Toshiba PA3352E-SCD2, CD-RW/DVD-Rom USB 2.0 drive
    Toshiba PA3402E-1DV2, Rev.501, USB 2.0 DVD Super Multi Drive,
    Toshiba PX1055E-1NST (16-bit) PC Card Reader, cable II, PCMCIA

    Well, if you have n t not one so you can contact Toshiba. It should be possible to install the OS.

  • Portege M200: Can't find the right driver for the TouchPad


    I have a problem with my Portege M200.

    Can't find the right driver for the TouchPad or a pencil,
    I read that it must be a Wacom Touchpad, but no driver I've tried has worked.

    I hope someone can give me a list of all the drivers that I need to use my pen on the screen!

    Thanks in advance.



    All the drivers are located on the European driver Toshiba page.
    Please check again.

    The touchpad needs an Alps Electric touchpad driver. It s is available on the page.
    In addition, you should the Tablet Pack (on the page too)
    This tablet PackMicrosoft Pack Microsoft Office XP for Tablet PC (Tablet Pack) allows you to write directly with your stylus in the documents of Office XP on your Tablet PC.

    By the way; You must use the pencil that was equipped with the Portege M200

    Welcome them

  • Portege M200 does not detect the Modem PCMCIA card

    I have the Portege M200, when I insert a PCMCIA card (LAN or wireless) the pc detects it ok but if I insert a modem PCMCIA ANY, as a standard 56 k modem, modem card v620 air verizon or a sierra wireless aircard 710, the pc does not detect any, nothing happens when I put it in or out.

    V620 Verizon is the card that I have to make it work as soon as POSSIBLE, others, I used for the test, it seems that modems do not work for some reason any on the PCMCIA.

    any help?

    If the WLAN card manufacturer supplied driver with this card please read manual how to install it on the right track. It is possible that the driver must be installed first.

    Sorry, but my opinion on the laptop PCMCIA port is OK and if you need support try to contact the manufacturer of the card. They should have enough experience with own products.

  • Portege M200 - bad scratches on the screen


    Question, is there a chance to replace the glass on the screen without replacing it? This is the right Tablet? It has been used for a while now, and the glass is a quote scratched in many places...

    Matrix is ok, it's just the glass...

    No one knows that I can do myself? or it should be done through service toshiba? any ideas where I can buy it?

    Thanks in advance.



    I guess something like thisyou need. Use the Portege M200 LCD mask as search terms in Google and you will find online shops where you can order the new part.

    What about replacement. After the maintenance manuals, you can exchange it only but these manuals is not a public document and I really don't think you can find it somewhere on the net. But you can try. Google all over the place. Maybe you will find something that can help you with the replacement.

  • Portege M200: big screen via the port replicator

    I have a Portege M200 with APR III. I realized that the DVI Jack does not work with it, even if for some reason any, even though they are not supposed to all other ports don't. EACH of them!

    What I'm asking today is how the hell can I get the laptop out on the big screen through the APR? I tried everything, it has the chipset nVidia go 5200 FX (which is able to output DVI according to nVidia)

    I just got a Philips 20 "widescreen TFT and got tired of watching her in the stretched standard resolutions.

    One of my friends has also Tosh lappy, but it's a Tecra 9100, which will be released on the big screen without any questions whatever it is standard, it appears as an option in the Billboard settins. In addition, nVidia say that this chipset is capable of custom resolutions, but I can't find it in the updated anywhere driver.

    Can anyone help?


    Well the Tecra9100 is not a Portege M200. Are completely different books.
    The M200 protected does not support these interfaces.
    This is a technical limitation, that the port of mouse PS/2 keyboard PS/2 port, serial port, I Link (Firewire) port and DVI port
    will be not supported on the Advanced Port Replicator III, if a protected M200 is moored.

    The following ports are supported and can be used:
    Line-in Jack, taken Line-out, USB port, port external monitor, parallel port, taken Modem, LAN jack, DC IN 15V, housing for security lock, locking the computer.
    In the documentation for the Advanced Port Replicator III is a 'fact sheet for III Advanced Port Replicator"sheet where this limitation is descripted.

  • Portege M200: Can't see the title bar of any application


    I have a toshiba laptop tablet series M200 and for a particular profile on this machine a cant see the bar title of all applications that are open. The Tablet Pc input titlebar Panel appears to fall within the taskbar which I think prevents any other title of the loading bar. I tried to put an end to some process to see if I can clear it but have not yet managed to erase the tilebar of input panel.

    Any ideas?


    Sorry, I'm not an expert but you please more specific on this profile that you use?
    The last possibility is to recover the operating system. Should be solved this strange issue.

  • Portege M200 - connection loose in the power cord


    After almost 5 years of intensive use (this is the 3rd battery which is currently begging for replacement...) my M200 still works fine - great device!

    However, the power cord has a bad connection for a few weeks now. The problem is located next to the DC plug. So, whenever I connect the M200 to food, I need to turn and bend the cable in order to reactivate the charge current. Friend of mine, a 2004 purchased another M200, exactly the same problem.

    Problem: The power cord is fixed on the transformer, and a new Toshiba 15V power is quite expensive (if you manage to find one, anyway...). Is there a solution to fix the cable (or get a replacement cable / repair kit) rather than buy a new power supply?

    Thank you!


    Hi mate,

    AFAIK there is no repair kit for this problem. You must buy a new Toshiba AC/DC adapter because a cable can t be repaired.

    I know it's so cheap, but maybe you can get another compatible adapter AC/DC to an authorized service provider. Many AC adapters are compatible to different notebooks, so maybe a cheaper is available.

    Here you can search for an ASP to give them a call:
    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com > support & downloads > find an authorized service provider

  • Portege Z30 - need to extend the display on two external displays

    Hi all

    I'm running Bloomberg and need the image to extend on the screens LCD HD complete two 24 ". Including my current laptop's built-in display, I use three panels at the same time. I can do with the Z30 1 CZ? Should I buy a docking station for that?

    Right now I use a ultrabook from another manufacturer but I'm not satisfied with the reasons that have nothing to do with the display. Currently, I use a docking station, where a screen connects by DVI and one VGA cable.

    Can I use the VGA and HDMI from laptop ports to get the same solution with the Z30?
    Best wishes

    To my knowledge the display function depends on the graphics card/chip.

    Usually, you can use a VGA or HDMI output.
    VGA (RGB) port provides analog, HDMI provides digital signals, and as far as I know, you can't use both at the same time

    However, you could buy a "hdmi adapter usb adapter allowing you to use two external monitors simultaneously.

  • Where can I find the drivers for my Portege M200 - I lost my recovery CD

    Where can I find the drivers for my Portege M200? Because there is none on the download page. The only drivers that you might find there are drivers for bluetooth, wlan and I think it is. Have no drivers for my sound card, my network card and all the other stuff.

    I need to download because I really really need to do a fresh install and my recovery disk is lost since the last time I moved.

    Naturally, I called Toshiba and asked if I could get a new one, or if I could download it some how, the response I got was "I'm sorry, neither we nor any of our partners have a.

    And because the windows license is only valid for the Windows XP Tablet edition with SP1 preistalled "Toshiba" and the only way I could get if I had such a drive.

    So the advice gave me support was to buy a new license windows and if I wanted to all work I must review the Windows XP Tablet edition 2005 or something like that.

    But since I already have XP pro license, I decided to install it because I almost never use the tablet properties more. And now when I did just that I can't find almost all the drivers my computer cannot function properly.


    > Where can I find the drivers for my Portege M200? Because on the download page, there is no

    What page of the driver Toshiba have you checked?
    I visited the page of European driver of Toshiba and found all the necessary drivers

    Please follow this path and you should get the European driver from Toshiba site:
    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com/-> support the Dowloads & -> support home page-> download Driver

  • Portege M200 - HARD drive replacement

    Hello world

    I bought a Portege M200 opportunity and replaced the 40 GB with a 160 GB hard drive.

    After about a week and a half of research, I managed to get almost everything and running upward.


    You have a question about your Portege?

  • Portege M200: How to rectify failed update Bluetooth Stack

    I was upgrading from the Bluetooth stack in my portege M200 with drivers on the Web from Toshiba website. in the end, my laptop has hung up. Had no choice but to resatart the same.
    Eversince that features bluetooth watch errors whenever I am train to reinstall or unisntall the incomplete installation, I get a message ' looking for Bluetooth Stack for Windows Toshiba.msi ' because there is no trace of installtion of the same.
    Now neither I can uninstall installation of half of the upgrade niether can I re - install the upgrade.
    I'm in trouble and need help?
    Is there a way to fix this problem


    try to reinstall the older driver. If this does not work, I think that you need to restore the system.

    Good bye

  • Portege M200: serial port does not work with port replicator

    I have a Tablet m200 and the top mentioned dock/replication PA3314-1PRP port.
    As the M200 has no serial port (rs232), I want to use the one on the docking station, but it is not recognized as a device on my tablet.

    Thew network connections and usb ports all work fine and the lpt port is shown in Device Manager. I have restored the Tablet and it still does not recognize the serial port.
    How can I get this port recognized so that I can use it.

    Thank you very much

    Hello Lee

    I just, I can confirm that when you use the Replicator port advanced III with Portege M200 several ports do not work. Problem is that Portege M200 does not support these interfaces.

    This is a technical limitation and the port of mouse PS/2 port keyboard PS/2, serial port, I.Link (Firewire) port and DVI port will not be supported when Portege M200 is anchored on the Advanced Port Replicator III. :(

  • New hard drive installed on Portege M200 but does not start

    I upgraded the hard drive in my Portege M200 from 4 GB to 80 GB using Parted Magic to clone the original disc. Cloning complete successfully, but instead of starting with the new drive, the M200 simply display a blinking cursor when turned on. Any help is very appreciated.

    TIA, update


    Maybe you can try one of the below to solve your problem:

    BUT! ALWAYS keep a backup!

    Boot the system with a flexible BACK (with fdisk.exe inside) to restore the MBR by typing


    This works even on a SATA drive. Start alternative all Win2k or XP installation CD, go to the console command and issure of recovery


    See you soon


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