Portege M400 - screen rotation utility does not

A week ago, I turned the screen to put in tablet mode and noticed that the screen does not rotate 90 degrees automatically as it normally does.

I then pressed the button of the screen rotation so that it would automatically adjust to the direction that the laptop was in. This had no effect.

I was able to rotate the screen manually by going to the graphic properties and you can set up hotkeys to rotate manually onscreen, but is no longer automatically adjusts. I ran the utility of toshiba manually rotation, but it doesn't have an effect either.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Hello kjames

Try again with the official page of Toshiba support under http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com > support & downloads. It's the Rotation Utility for Windows XP Edition Tablet version

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    I have a Portege M200 with the Gforce 5200Go. Since the last officially available graphics driver is the 46,44 I changed the 93.71 and installed. But the Rotation Utility does not work with this driver.

    When I use the driver nv for the rotation of the screen the tabletpen's is more synchronized: move the tabletpen left results in movement of the mouse to the top etc.

    Anyone any ideas?


    You must use the page of the Toshiba driver graphics driver and not the original on the graphics card manufacturing site

  • Screen rotation backwards does not work

    My z2 xperia phone does not turn on the screen when held upside down in position. In other words, it does not turn the screen 180 degrees from the normal position. 90 degrees each rotation is correct. This happens in safe mode as well.
    Is this a bug or a feature? Is there a cure?
    Thank you

    Hello and welcome to the community! Since you are new, please make sure that you have checked our Forum.

    The display can not be rotated 180 degrees, it can only rotate 90 degrees on each side.

  • Tecra M7: ESC/Rotation button does not work

    There is "ESC" key on the screen of the control panel (lower left corner). The other function of the button is to turn the screen if you hold for more than 1 sec (depending on the image and the manual).

    This should be handy in tablet mode. Unfortunately, the rotation function does not work for me. The button itself works because flight' does what it says. I don't mean to redefine 'escape' to 'spin', but there is not even this option.

    Someone has / had similar problem?


    This ESC/Rotation button works in the same way as the ESC key when struck or changes the orientation of the screen when pressed for more then second. That s right!

    Have you read the additional information in the user manual? I found some nice info in succession the orientation of the screen section.
    You can change the orientation of the screen on three different ways and one in this way is the use of the key ESC/Rotation!

    When Toshiba Rotation utility and Toshiba accelerometer utilities are run, the changes in the orientation of the top and bottom of the screen is automatically recognized by pressing ESC/Rotation for more than a second.

    So remember that the two utilities are run correctly!

    Best regards

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    Disk utility is not supposed to see the network drives.

    If it's a USB, connect it to your computer.

    If it's an Ethernet or wireless, using a utility specifically designed for this.


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    I suggest that you keep it simple.

    Your airport automatically analyze and choose the best channel to use when it lights up. So, if you have not done for some time, powering to the airport, wait a few seconds and then put it to the top.

    Even if you could change the channel... How would you know which channel to choose?

    Time Warner said that their modem did not support my most recent airport

    Time Warner will only support for a product they have received for you.  But this does not mean that a router from Apple will not work with their service. I've used Apple products for over 10 years with Time Warner.

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    Have you tried the airport utility in the iOS version... Download on the App or iTunes store and load... Works better than the Mac version.

    Other than what Mac running what OS do you use?

    This modem you have and how is the installation of TC on the network.

  • How to lock my iPhone 6's screen so it does not move between portrait and landscape?

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    Select portrait orientation lock.

    Swipe the top of your home screen to access the control center and select the icon with a lock and an arc around him.

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    Someone at - it the same problem? Any ideas on a solution?

    Thank you.

    Thanks for the comments.
    If you have questions try to find answer using the advanced search options.
    In this forum, you'll find helpful advice a lot or comments about so many different issues with Toshiba laptops.

  • EOS utility does not start

    Running W7, EOS Utility does not start. Worked fine for a few months. Already had some problems with the Wi - Fi connection, which is corrected after unistalling and install again. Now it starts (after editing a W7?). Works fine in another computer running W7. Any suggestions?

    Thank you all. The problem was not an update to W7, but 2015 AVG antivirus. Windows restore feature has been blocked by the anti-virus. When the antivirus has been removed to allow the restoration of Windows to work probperly, EOS utility poped up and worked fine. Now, I have to stop antivirus when using EOS utility. I inform the AV manufacturer to find a solution.

    PS: With friendly assistance from support of AVG, I created a few exceptions (the files that are not checked by AVG) and included the EOS Utility in this list of exceptions. He now works OK!

  • The screen brightness setting does not appear in the mobility Center

    original title: how is the screen brightness control does not appear in the center of mobility?

    In the past the mobility of my laptop Vistas Center contained a slider to set the brightness of the screen.  My computer screen is dark and I want to adapt it to a brighter screen.  How can I get my rear screen brightness adjustment?

    Hi bigwaterboy,

    1. you remember to make changes to the computer, after which the issue started?

    I suggest updating the graphics card driver on the computer and check if it helps:

    Updated a hardware driver that is not working properly

    Reference link:

    Using Windows Mobility Center

    I hope this helps.

  • my computer told me to repair windows.and everytime I try I get a blue screen. It does not start in any mode without failure. I just get a blue screen. Thany you shane

    whenever I try to start my computer .a blue screen come often does not start in any of the modes security .He told me to repair windows recommended. can't do recovery or what he can be.wont start in safety mode.what can I do .thank you. Leonard.

    Hi leonardhurley,

    Since when are you facing this problem?

    You did changes before this problem occurs?

    What is the exact blue screen error message you received?

    Method 1

    I suggest that you perform the last good known Configuration


    Method 2: disable automatic reboot in order to collect the Blue error screen, so in case the blue screen just flashes and dries on.

    Method 3:

    I suggest you to follow the article below for the Blue error screen.


  • Clicking on menus in Muse causes screen to flicker, does not allow access

    Updated to 2014 Muse, running Windows 8.1

    By clicking on the part of the menu text font, the screen flashes and does not allow me to change the font.

    In addition, after you create a rectangle and you attempt to add a hyperlink, click the hyperlink box, causes the screen doesn't Flash and does not allow access to the text box.  A lot of similar problems and Muse is now unusable.  No other problems with far adobe products (Photoshop works very well)

    The menus seem not to be the right size because I can't see all the text in their breast.  It's like they're waiting for my monitor at a higher resolution, (change the resolution does not help)

    I tried to uninstall and reinstall.  I removed the previous version completely.  I rebooted several times.

    Help!  (Please)

    Thank you all.


    Go to control panel of configuration and the value Display zoom 100% or 150%. The release of 2014 of Muse is not compatible with how Windows 8 and 8.1 reach 125% zoom.

  • Portege M400: screen saver does not work

    Hi all

    like many of you, I think, I need the screen saver protected by start-up automatically when I let my M400 unattended for some time.
    Everything works fine if the bluetooth is introduced to the wide. Otherwise... the screen saver does not start automatically.

    Site Microsoft learns something about the problems related to (Microsoft mouse) wireless devices that do not allow the screen saver appears.
    The proposed solution is to kill a process called PCMsomething, or download an update windows named KBsomething and install it.

    I actually a bluetooth wireless (non-Microsoft) combined with my PC mouse, but no PCMsomething process is executed and, although my mouse is turned off, the screen saver organizers can't work until I turned off the bluetooth of the M400 too. In addition, windows update does not suggest a KBsomething patch to install (maybe because my mouse is not a Microsoft one?).

    Any idea to solve my problem?
    Thanks in advance.

    > when I let my M400 unattended for some time.
    For this application, Toshiba has designed the FN + F1 feature to lock your laptop.
    When you want to leave your laptop using FN + F1 and lock it.

    It is a lot easier than this solution with screen saver.
    Check it out.

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    What do you mean with doesn't seem to work correctly?
    What happens when you use this button after disconnection and switch to Tablet mode?

Maybe you are looking for

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