Portege M700 and R400 Wacom penabled


I am very interested in these tablets... but I have little doubt that I could not find on the web.
Since I use photoshop and corel a lot, are the two PC Wacom penabled tablet?

From what I've read its device feature not only some driver thingy... it must therefore be taken manufacturer supported.
I would really appreciate recognition of pressure.

Thank you


I can confirm that this brief info posted by danydemaeseneire his Wacom permanently.


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  • Portege M700 and Windows 7

    Hi all

    I installed Windows 7 RC on my Portege M700, and everything was fine, except:

    -Intel(r) Management Engine Interface (show on the device as a PCI Simple Communications controller Manager);
    -Novatel Mobilink to the Novatel Wireless Broadband (3G HSDPA) SM-Bus minicards Modem integrated (EU870D) (list on the device as 4 Interfaces of data manager).

    I used the drivers on Windows 7
    http://www.CSD.Toshiba.com/cgi-bin/TAIS/support/JSP/modelContent.jsp?CT=DL&OS=&category=&MOID=1927814& rpn = PPM70U & modelFilter = & SelCategorie = 3 & selFamily = 10 73768662 and all fine wenf.

    I even managed to get the drivers for the Modem from Novatel minimap from a previous version and accepted Device Manager.
    But when I try to install the v2.02.27 from Novatel MobiLink available [here: http://uk.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/download_drivers_bios.jsp?service=UK&selCategory=2 & selFamily = 4 & selSeries = 157 & selProduct = 773 & selShort Mod = 684 & language = 13 & selOS = 26 & selType = all & yearuploa d = & monthupload = & dayupload = & useDate = null & mode = Chinas allMa & search = & action = search & macId = & country = 8 & page = 2 & startPage = 1] he justs roles back the instalation before it's over.

    Do you know if toshiba plans to deliver a version of Mobilink from Novatel compatible with Windows 7?
    And what of the Intel(r) Management Engine Interface? There will also be a compatible version?

    Thanks in advance guys...


    > I even managed to get the drivers for the Modem from Novatel minimap from a previous version and accepted Device Manager. But when I try to install the v2.02.27 from Novatel MobiLink available only here it justs roles back the instalation before it's over.

    The point is that you tried to install the driver on Win 7 OS Vista and this could be the problem. Seems the Vista driver is not supported with Win 7.
    Of course, some drivers Vista would go with Win 7 but not all drivers are compatible.

    I think you have to wait until the drivers Win 7 for the 3G module would appear.

  • Differences in hardware between Portege M700 and M750

    I have about 40 Porteges a mix between M700 and M750, I need to know the differences of hardware and driver between the two for the purpose of Ghosting.

    I think the only difference is that the M700 uses the chipset Intel Santa Rosa (9xx series), and the M750 uses the newer Montevina (4 x series) chipset.

    If you need to install a utility/driver Intel Chipset that supports both chipsets.

  • Portege M700 and Mobilink has stopped working

    This used to work before but stopped working 3 days ago and I don't know why. I have a USB with Huawei option or insert the SIM card under the battery then use Mobilink. He worked with both but now neither work. In Mobilink, he reports Radio Off and with the USB, it signals that the modem is already in use. WiFi works normally.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Have you tried to roll back OS to an earlier time using System Restore option?

  • "Insert system disk" message at boot Portege M700

    Hi all

    my friend give me his old toshiba Portege M700 and I have a problem with it.

    When he starts just shows toshiba logo and then it "Please insert system disk and press any key when ready.

    I do not have any disk where can I download the iso and then burn it to disc or something like that, I don't know really much about PCs and sorry for my bad English, please help me if someone can

    Thank you very much


    Unfortunately, it is not possible to download the image of Toshiba.
    Where you n t have recovery disc for your model mobile, visit this page to order this disc: http://backupmedia.toshiba.eu/landing.aspx
    But I don't very well if you'll be able to order the disc because of the age of the laptop of m

    However, the message: insert the disk system is displayed because the system is not installed on the Toshiba Portege laptop, that's why it asks for the disc.

    Of course, you can use the clean Microsoft Windows disk to install the system, the essential drivers are available on the page of the driver Toshiba UE Toshiba image is not necessary to reinstall the system, if you are the owner of a MS Windows disc

  • Re: Portege M700 - download link for the BIOS does not

    Tried to download the file to update the BIOS for Portege M700 on the Toshiba site with no luck. The file is 1: 60 - WIN. No luck. Is the link down or something? Could someone please try?


    I agree with zuja.
    I tried to download the BIOS for Portege M700 and now it works.

    Now you can update the BIOS. :)

    Good bye

  • Re: Portege M700 - Media test failure


    I have a new Portege M700 and image of trees that I see when I start it is:
    PXE-361: tet media failure, check the cable of
    PXE - M0F: Exit Intel Boot Agent

    What does thatmean?
    Is there something wrong?

    Thank you

    It seems that the network adapter is configured to be the first boot device. Can you please enter the BIOS settings and change the boot order and make sure that the HARD disk is to be the first.

    When you start your laptop press F12 and tell us what devices are there?

  • Portege M700 - spin button does not not in Tablet Mode

    I have a Portege M700 and the spin button does more work when I turn in tablet mode.
    It works when it in portable mode.

    I have the rotation utility of going to secondary landscape and its switching is more and the button on the front of the screen won't it be more.
    I can go into the rotation software and turn it manually.

    Any suggestions on how to get the button works again?

    Oh and I'm under Vista business with SP 2.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    If you rotate the portable unit, the screen automatically rotates using the accelerometer?

  • Recovery DVD does not work on my Portege M700 - 1F-3FFF-0000 error


    I'm trying to restore my m700. However, whenever I try to use my recovery discs, I get this error with the text "this product is not supported.
    I tried to update my Bios Version 1.3 to 1.7 and had the same kind of message that "this product is not supported.

    What is the problem with my Portege M700, and how can I fix?

    (1) do you use Portege M700 recovery disks? Records of the other models will not work.

    (2) a laptop already under repair (for example, a motherboard replacement)? Perhaps the information system was not updated by the repair center.

  • Portege M700 Wacom does not respond after hibernation

    I've been using the M700 for two months and I met a very annoying bug. It is not mentioned in this forum so far, but there are other reports on the Internet who mention this problem too. (http://forum.tabletpcreview.com/showthread.php?t=16902)

    * Question: *.

    Tablet is placed in hibernation. When he wakes up, everything seems OK. When you use the stylus or the key functions, that the cursor does not move. Tablet and pen services have not crushed, but there is no link between screen/digitizer and software.

    + Technical support +.
    The series/USB connector is not reset after waking or hibernation is dead the serial connection

    * I tried solutions *.
    So far, I have reinstalled Vista, tried XP (and will stick to it because it's a better OS in many cases) and have reinstalled all kinds of drivers Wacom.

    * What we want *.
    Wacom has also seems to be aware of the problem but says it's a matter of Toshiba. I am impressed with the construction and the quality of the M700 (it is a replacement for my robust but now almost unusable M200 and I have a M400 too, but I never liked it) and this issue is the only glitch I meet.
    I would like to know if anyone else in this forum has experienced a Wacom-coma after the resumption of the hibernation or standby, and if so, if they have found a solution (apart from restarting their PC)

    And I would really like a response from a representative of Toshiba review of this question.

    Hey Buddy

    I m not a M700 owner and, therefore, I can not say much about this issue, but to my knowledge, there are a few different problems with Vista and hibernation mode.
    For example, device high definition audio, screen WLan failed after the resumption of hibernation.
    These issues were definitely Vista problems.

    Installed on Portege M700 Tablet d River was developed by Wacom, I wonder why the guy States that it is a Toshiba issue?  :| (perhaps because this Toshiba laptop s ;)))

    Anyway, you said that you have reinstalled the driver for the tablet of the Toshiba page and updated the Vista of the State. Check the BIOS updated maybe he could improve the functionality

    If this does not work I recommend you contact the ASP to find out if there is a known issue

  • Portege M700, Windows 7 and touch screen

    The Portege M700 was feature touch screen before I upgraded Vista to Windows 7. Now it does not, any more than the features of two fingers that W7 is supposed to offer. Any ideas on how to recover the touch screen feature?


    I think that you need to install the driver for the Wacom tablet.
    The driver is placed on the page of the European driver Toshiba
    The WACOM Dual Touch driver for the integrated tablet is required to use the features of the tablet.

    There is also the Extension of Tablet PC Package.
    This package installs a range of important public services.
    Utility _TOSHIBA of rotation: _ define the orientation of the screen by default as the system to be used in the transition from the PC to Tablet mode, or vice versa.
    _TOSHIBA tablet PC buttons driver: _ you can dedicate tablet buttons to perform common tasks so that you can easily use your tablet PC away from your workstation. For example, you can dedicate a button to open a program or to change the orientation of your screen.
    _TOSHIBA accelerometer utilities: _ these utilities are a set of material utilities that work with the integrated motion sensors you machine. With the accelerometer, your machine will be able to detect how you're holding it at one point. You can set the machine to perform a specific function when the device is tilted quickly left or right, either at the front or back. You can also take control of the cursor in some applications and move by leaning the PC in a certain direction.

    But all of these tools are released for Vista when perhaps they will work with Win 7 too check it!

  • Hibernation and Novatel Wireless Mobilink - Portege M700


    I have a little problem with my UMTS through Novatel Wireless Mobilink connection. If I establish a connection and my Portege M700 leads in the idle state (hibernation), I can't establish a connection after the idle state longer. It seems that the UMTS device would be disabled.

    The button to connect/deconnect-in MobiLink is disabled.

    Does anyone have similar experiences?
    Maybe someone can give me a tip?

    Many greetings
    Steffen Bischoff

    Hmm I m not a protégé M700 owner and I don t use the 3G connectivity, but I read about the problems of Hibernate with Win Vista and XP
    In my case I couldn't t connect WiFi after the reactivation of hibernation.

    My solution was; Windows update, updated the driver WLan, updating the BIOS and disable the option in the properties of the energy saving device.

    That's all I can suggest...

  • Portege M700: Device Manager reveals five peripheral generic HID-Compliant

    We have a M700 Tablet, which came with Vista, but came back to XP using supplied reinstall drive.

    The machine works fine for most, but sometimes suffers from a deadlock, which seems to be related to the touch screen.

    In device manager reveals five generic "HID-Compliant device" that appear to be duplicates for the other five entries in this section - the other entries seem to be the correct devices because they have specific names - Toshiba tablet buttons type "N" 'USB Human interface device', 'Virtual Driver Touch' "Virtual touch interface" and "Wacom Penabled dual touch"-if each device properties are inspected the settings under 'Driver', 'Détails' and 'Resources' are identical.

    I tried to remove redundant entries by deleting in normal mode and safe, but devices reappear.

    Is it possible that I can remove these entries and eliminate a conflict between these elements as a source of blockages.

    Thank you very much


    Normally it should t be a conflict for resources between these different devices.
    The Windows operating system should assign automatically different resources if it is needed.

    > I tried to remove redundant entries by deleting in normal mode and safe, but devices reappear.

    You can disable the device in Device Manager.
    You must first mark the device and then turn it off using the Disable option.
    It s a red circle with small PC.

    See you soon

  • Re: No display on Portege M700


    My son put his computer bag stuffed with his laptop Toshiba Portege M700 inside his office (just out of warranty).

    The laptop shows no sign of injury, but on turn it only "all the right noises", but there is no display on the screen. If the laptop is turned on with the charger connected and then some colored vertical bars appear, and then they fill with white, but nothing else.

    We tried to connect an external monitor and pressing Fn + F5 and the vertical bars disappear from the internal screen and it goes totally black, but nothing appears on the external monitor. Pressing Fn + F5 new returns the vertical lines at random on the internal display.

    We have also tried to start the laptop in the Mode menu without failure by pressing F8 during the initialization of the laptop, with or without an external monitor, with or without the Fn + F5, but you cannot get any video on the monitor either internal or external.

    Fact it seems that maybe a connector was dislodged by the shock of the fall, that you think that the laptop is now pushing up daisies?

    Any notice received with gratitude.


    To be honest I n don't know which connector you want to say but there is no pic on external displays to be a serious problem.
    It seems impossible to send the video signal via the video out port.

    It is not easy to offer an accurate diagnosis on this virtual path.
    What do you do now? Try to repair it or what?

    Maybe you should contact Toshiba service and ask for verification. They can run diagnostic tools and tell you what is defective, what needs to be replaced and how much it will be cool. Then you can do what to make the decision.

  • TrueSuite Access Manager on Portege M700 - 13p

    Whenever I start my new Portege M700 this program says that the drivers are not installed for the fingerprint reader and t testing install again. Install TrueSuite Access Manager starts and then it asks me to restart my PC. Every time. I'm currently ignoring this but it bothers me.

    I can connect with the fingerprint reader, which suggests that the message is bogus.

    Recommend a way to solve this problem?

    I'm tempted to remove the device from the hardware Manager and uninstall the software, then restart, reinstall the software and then redetect the hardware...

    Anyone got a better idea before that I'm wasting my time?

    See you soon,.


    I agree with you and I think that the first step, you can try to remove preinstalled software and install the latest version of the Toshiba support page.

Maybe you are looking for

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